Taboo: Generations Bk. 13

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It is funny how something that seems so important for so long can be so easily forgotten when life continues to happen. I am speaking, of course, about my intentions with this book, that I just found after over fifteen years. I suppose I should do some kind of update since it has been so long since I last wrote in its pages, but there really is not too much to tell.

I continued my education, receiving first my Bachelors, at Brown; then my Masters, at Harvard; then a Doctorate in physics at MIT. I returned to Brown as an instructor and wrote several papers, all of which were published and received with high acclaim from my peers. I was able to meet my heroes, such as Tyson and Kaku. I met Hawking as well, but he was … Well, he is Hawking. Nothing more to be said.

Ma retired about three years ago and sold her business for quite the tidy profit. A year later, Dad followed suit and sold his insurance company. The number of clients he had guaranteed that he would walk away a very comfortable man, if that had not already been the case. pendik escort As it stands, with the monies accrued from the sale of their individual businesses, plus the $250k I paid for the farmhouse, their net worth has surpassed my own.

Aunt Linda is still out doing what she loves most: filming oceanic documentaries. I asked her once how long she planned to keep at it and she responded, “Till I get tired of it, or it gets tired of me.” She’s a regular Jacque Cousteau. I suppose anyone not my age will have to google that name—ha-ha. I was actually with her on assignment when she told me this. She was documenting a fish called a “pacu” that is indigenous to New Guinea. The reason for her filming is that the fish is currently undergoing an evolutionary change.

The pacu is a cousin to the piranha, only where piranha have sharp teeth to rend flesh from bone, pacu have rounded teeth, like human molars, because their primary source of food comes in the form of nuts that fall from overhanging trees. Due to a series of cyclones over the past escort pendik few years, the trees that bear these nuts have been damaged, thus there is not enough to keep the pacu fed. The end result? The pacu have taken to attacking the locals who dare to swim their waters. Furthermore, the teeth of the pacu are becoming more pointed and sharp. The pacu are literally becoming piranha.

It has been twenty years since the last entries were collated. Ma and Aunt Linda, both of whom are now in their early sixties and still sexy as hell, continue to make the occasional trip here, and we do still enjoy sex with each other. No real need to go into any particular event as it all pretty much consists of what has already been revealed in previous entries.

Ma told me about ten years ago that Dad confronted her and told her that he knew she and I were still having sex; he never showed me any indifference, for the record. She said that he seemed okay with it, simply because it wasn’t a matter that his libido had fallen any, quite the opposite. Ma took pendik escort bayan this time to tell me that she, Dad, and Aunt Linda still enjoyed the occasional threesome. I suppose I could have been hurt by this, but I have matured to the point that I am just grateful that I still get to see Ma and Aunt Linda on a regular basis. Not in a threesome, mind you. They were adamant about the one-off, and I am fine with that.

I am in my early forties, and I never married. Hell, outside of the time I spend with Ma and Aunt Linda, my classes and my writing keep me pretty busy. I guess I consider Ma and Aunt Linda the only women in my life, and truth be told, I have no desire to be with anyone else, especially seeing as to how Ma is here at least once a week and Aunt Linda about every month. For the record, Ma still cusses up a storm every now and again during sex, but for the most part she has really mellowed out.

So, this is it. The final entry into a book that will more than likely be destroyed before my death. I did not go back and reread it. I guess I romanticize my past and have forgotten just how terribly Gram treated me in the beginning. That is fine, though, because I choose to keep only the good memories anyway.


Jason Montel Saunders

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