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We embrace each other in your bedroom and begin to deliberately undress. We strip each others clothes off layer by layer -kissing and fondling newly exposed bits of flesh all the while.

When we are both naked you push me back on your bed, straddling me in the process, and tell me it’s your night.

We kiss passionately. You begin to kiss your way down my body. You kiss my each of my nipples. You look up at me as you roll each nipple between your finger tips. When our eyes meet you pinch them both and tell me I’m to do as you say tonight.

I’m already hard from the thoughts of what is to come and as you lick the tip of my manhood I grow and swell for you even more! You firmly grasp my shaft. You again pause, look up at me, and wait for our eyes to meet. When they do you squeeze my cock and tell me I will submit to you this evening.

You slowly ease my cock into your mouth wrapping your lips around the shaft. You suck my cock into your mouth. Very quickly my entire cock is moist with your saliva. You suck each of my balls in your mouth one by one all the while you stroke me with your hand…

You return to the head of me slathering it with your tongue. As you do this you grab my hand and guide it to my cock. You tell me in a husky sexy voice to stroke it. I hurriedly comply. You return your attentions to my sack. I feel you licking the insides of my thighs ….. I feel you slowly working your tongue down …down….down.

I revel in the feeling of your hands lifting my legs over your shoulders and spreading my cheeks as your tongue seeks my rear entrance. I feel your tongue enter me. I feel you lick and suck and tongue me as you burrow your head into me. This causes my cock to weep it’s sweet nectar from pure carnal excitement and pleasure! All from you tonguing my ass!

You stop and raise up enough so you can see me eyes and as I feel a finger toying with my behind you tell me you will take me this night. You return your mouths attention to my rear. Quickly one finger turns to two as you lick and tongue my rear. You begin to work your fingers in and out of me. I feel yet another finger entering me, then another, canlı bahis şirketleri and then I’m sure your fisting me! You drive me wild with your tongue along the top rim of my anus as I feel you opening me wide. Your actions make my full of desire. My cock is a rigid pole from all this attention! I let it go and grab my legs behind my knees so that I can open myself even more for you.

You pause briefly to retrieve something from beside the bed. You tell me to relax, lay back, and allow you to do as you desire because this is your night. I soon feel you pressing something cool and soft yet firm against me. The wetness you’ve created allows the something to slide in easily at first. As what ever you’re penetrating me with gets wider and thicker I feel you push with more and more effort until I finally feel it pop inside me-filling me!

Just as I realize you’ve placed an anal plug in me you thump the plug with your finger sending tremors through my body.

You tell me to let go of my legs, and to lay flat on my back You work your way up my body and lower your sex to my lips. My first lick of you rewards me with a flood of wetness. You too are very aroused from all this play. You lower your body lower allowing me to tongue fuck your pussy as a lay beneath you. After just a few licks and probes of my tongue I feel your legs stiffen. I feel your thighs tense. I drive my face up into your pussy pushing you into your first climax of the night!

As you come down from your orgasm you remove your wonderful playground from my lips and again rummage for something beside the bed. You return with a double-edged dildo with one end being fairly normal and the other having a short bulbous head off set a bit. You straddle my stomach and kneel over me. You reach between my legs and apply firm pressure on the plug you put in me…pushing it against me; again thumping it. Again giving me erotic feelings of pleasure I’ve never had before. Again you tell me you are going to take me!

You return your attention to where I lay before you. You begin to put on a show for me sliding the bulbous head of your silicone toy up and down your canlı kaçak iddaa glistening lips. You caress your nether bits with it, and then slowly push it against your swollen wet poutty pussy lips. You push your hips forward taking it inside you. Once the bulbous end is inside you the odd look of the double-ended-dong shows the cleverness of its design. The bulbous end fills you wile the other traditional dong just out in front of you like a fake cock.

You knee walk forward — the end of you silicon cock bouncing in front of you- until the head of it is inches from my face. You tell me to kiss it, to lick it, to take it in my mouth, to suck it! Of course I do. I’m so caught up in the moment I will do anything!

You push my head back, pulling your dong from my mouth. You tell me to roll over. As I do you force me to my hands and knees. You tell me to prepare myself as you caress my rear cleavage with your fake dick. It seems your caught up in the moment as you try to push into me- forgetting you’ve already filled my rear void. You back off a bit, and playfully tug the plug out.

You briefly reposition yourself to remoisten my back door with your lips and tongue. You sense my readiness as I push my hips back into your tongue. I feel you place the tip of your dong against me you tease me by making circles around my hole. You slide one wet finger in me to open me enough to get the tip in. You work slowly at first. You move against me steadily pushing your new limb inside of me.

You continue at this slow pace making me feel as if I’m being split in two. I thought the plug was huge but compared to the plug what you are taking me with now is enormous! You drive me towards a point where I think I can’t take anymore.

You lean forward as I feel the front of your legs pressing against the back of mine and whisper into my ear that you’re fully inside me. The feel of your hot breadth on my ear drives me wild.

As you get used to the motion you start to develop a rhythm as you pump me from behind. I feel you grasp my cock and begin to stroke it as you fuck me. The totality of all the stimulation drives me towards the edge. canlı kaçak bahis As I get used to you pumping me I start to push back into you, matching your rhythm. The feeling of your breasts on my back drives me further and further into the oblivion of sex!

Feeling this, you stop cold causing me to slam my ass into your thighs taking your fake cock deep in my ass all on my own. You run your fingers through me hair, and grabbing my head force me to look back at you. You tell me to tell you I want it. When I hesitate you pull out of me and force me on my back. You place a pillow under my ass to elevate it and align it so you may enter me.

Again you tease me at first before sliding inside me. As you do so I look up at you and see you again for the first time. Your body is glistening in sweat. Your full breasts heave with your effort and sway with your rhythm. You reach forward and grab my cock like a control stick in an airplane. As you grasp and stroke it you tell me to tell you I want it.

“I want it” I say.

You ask me if I need it.

“I need it” I say.

You spit in your hand and stroke my cock faster as you ask me what I want.

“Fuck me” I say.

You say you can’t hear me.

“Fuck ME!” I yell.

You say you still can’t hear me.

“FUCK ME!” I yell.

You tell me louder.

“FUCK ME!” I yell.

All the while you’ve been increasing the tempo of your thrusts into me, gripping my cock harder and pumping it faster.

I’ve made romantic passionate love and fucked you so hard so many times. The realization that you –the women- I’ve been inside so many times – is fucking me — the man – in such a taboo way has me oblivious to everything but raw pure sexual lust..

“I’m going to CUM!” I scream.

You point my cock at me and I loose control releasing a torrent of cum that shoots out of my cock. My cock spasms and shoots wad after wad of cum over my stomach onto my chest and shoulders

When you see me cumming your body shudders and you utter a primal scream as orgasm grips you as well. Your body has thrown you into an orgasm so hard you seem to be in the middle of a seizure between my legs. As your body slowly unlocks you slump forward and lay against me.

In my orgasm clouded mind I slowly let go of the hope you will force me into another first- that is tasting my own seed. Maybe that will be the next story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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