Taking On A Step Daughter Ch. 01

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the first time

After years of being a husband and step father, things were changing and he did not like the changes in his marriage bed. His wife was spending more and more time away from home. His sex life was slowly going down the tubes. She seem to have an excuse everytime he wanted her. A headache, or her time of the month, or something. No sex in six months, going on the seventh when he started noticing his step daughter.

A few months later he was in her room looking for something when he noticed her computer on and he went to look and see what she had been doing, and got a shock of his life. On the screen was a erotic story about a father fucking his daughter. As he continue to look, he found pictures of older men in different positions with young girls. He sat at her desk and jerked off to the pictures and the story.

His wife away from home more, he would catch his self watching her, and wondering what it would be like to be bursa escort with her. He would crawl into bed with his wife wishing it was her daughter there instead. He knew he needed to do something to help him so he went online. He found the web site where the story came from, and found hundreds if not thousands of stories on dad’s and daughters. He found one author that he like, when he read her bio, he found that the author was female and she live in the same town. So he sent her and email letting her know just how much he liked her stories.

As the months pass, he and the author were emailing each other daily. In her last email she had asked if he would send a picture of him naked with a hard cock. and in return she would send him a picture of her naked. He arranged to have his taken in many different positions. He sent them off to her. Then he opened hers, and was shocked. It was his step daughter. He turned off the computer and went upstairs to her room. bursa escort bayan He did not knock on her door, she was at her computer looking at his pictures and playing with her pussy.

He locked the door and went over to her. She turned and saw him coming towards her. He stop in front of her and her face was inches from his hard cock under his robe. Her hand reached out and touched his harden cock. He moaned, and press him self into her hand. Her other hand slip inside his robe and found his naked, hard, hot cock, pulling it out she licked the tip, then taken it in her mouth she sucked him hard, and fast. within seconds he was cumming deep in her throat. She pulled him over to her bed and push him down and climb on top of him taking his cock in her pussy. He flips her on to her back and lifted her legs to his shoulders and slammed his cock into her hard and fast. Not even five minutes later she was screaming.

“OH FUCKING GOD DADDY I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!” escort bursa she screamed.

When he return to normal, and saw what he had done he ran form her room, and the house. Weeks turned into months, and now on his fourth year of marriage he was planning a party for his wife, hoping against hope that she would let him have her. After the party ended, she told him she had a headache, and they ended up in a big fight that night. Once again his step daughter stood before him naked and pulling his head to her. Closing his eyes and his hand on her warm body, his cock grew hard, and he found his tongue slipping between the folds of her pussy. Pulling her onto his desk, and pushing open her thighs, he buried his mouth on her pussy till she climax in his mouth.

She kneel down in front of him and sucked his cock letting him fuck her mouth. Her finger found his ass hole, and she slid a finger up his ass, as her thumb rub behind his balls. He jerked, and pulled her closer to him, then she felt his cock swell and exploded into her waiting mouth.

Once again he left her alone for the next few months. He had to, he could not control his self around her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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