Taking the Scenic Route Home

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The sun is glowing golden like most spring or fall evenings. I feel the coolness of the breeze stir the hairs at the nape of my neck. The grass is cold on my bare legs, and the crinkle of the leaves as the wind rushes gentle through them make me shiver with excitement. The soft pink anticipation of sunset is just starting to creep up on the horizon in the same way your arousal creeps across your cheekbones and up your neck.

We were pulled over on a country backroad. It is Saturday evening. We have been to dinner – a quiet back alley cafe with a little jazz duet in the corner, and some light food, and a little bit of sweet wine. I’m in my black dress with the little pink and yellow flowers on it – the one that gives me great cleavage, the one that cups my breasts so tightly and perfectly that I don’t have to wear a bra, the one that only comes just above my knees, so I have to move my hand across my ass every time I sit down to make sure it’s still behaving itself.

The car is pulled off along the road. There are few travelers on such an evening in such a remote location. We took a walk in a field near the car, and disappeared, out of view behind some rocks and flowering dogwood. I’m kneeling in front of you, my eyes looking up into yours, filled with lust, desire for you. You see my desire. You know it well. It makes you weak in the knees, makes you crave me in the pit of your stomach with that fluttery feeling. You know how much I want to fill myself with you.

My curly red hair is pulled up softly in some silver clips, and your hands softly finger the curls, trace them in outlines, touching my ears softly with warm fingers, running lightly down my neck, making me shiver with pleasure. I chance your zipper with my fingers, and pop the head of your warm, throbbing cock out into the cool air. The coolness only serves to arouse you and you’re aware of how exposed you are to me, to any passerby who might crane her neck and catch a glimpse of our intimacy.

I bite my lip seductively, and look up at you, into your soft brown eyes. Oh god, I want to taste you. But, I’ll make you enjoy the anticipation. I bring my face close to your crotch and inhale your sexy scent. When you were getting dressed this evening, you must have indulged yourself with some attention, because I catch a slight hint of aftershave that somehow strayed to your crotch. I imagine you rubbing your hands on your cock while getting ready, thinking about the evening. My clit throbs at the thought of you touching yourself in anticipation of being with me. I breathe warm breath on the head of your dick, and feel it stir slightly in response. I bring my soft lips close to you, and brush them on the underside of the head of your cock. You throb at the light touch. The skin on your member is so soft and warm and smooth. I love the way it feels on my lips. I love feeling you throb, feeling your desire pulse through you.

I take you in my right hand, gently, with a light grip. I begin teasing your tip with some little kisses, with my fingertips, all the while looking into your eyes. Soft, soft canlı bahis skin. I smell the sweetness of you. I want you so bad. I feel so empty, and crave you in me. I lick my lips, and swallow hard. God, I want you. You are dizzy with desire for my mouth around you. You won’t rush me though, so you steady yourself by putting one hand on the back of my neck. Your hand is warm and soft. My pussy throbs to feel your strength, your desire, in the way you so gently possess me. You look down at me, eyes full of lust, wanting me to put my mouth around you, feeling me just millimeters away from doing this, but waiting, making you wait. Your cock throbs. I let out a little noise of pleasure. I want you. You want me. The tension is incredible.

I crave you. I lick my lips. I breathe again, my warm breath on you, and kiss your cock with my lips. Each time I kiss you, the kiss is a little harder, pressing the head of your cock backward gently in my hand. I salivate for you. My lips wet you with a little slipperiness. The tip of my tongue lightly teases the underside of your cock, in that place where it is the most sensitive, making you pleasantly slippery.

You exhale sharply through your nose, and I wrap my little mouth around the big head of your dick. In your shoes, your toes are curling to feel my warm hand grasping you, my warm mouth embracing you, and the cold air on your balls, just cool enough to remind you of your exposure to me – not enough to be unpleasant. My pussy and clit throb at the thought of how firm you are, how hard you are for me – how much you desire my mouth around you. I let you penetrate my mouth, just the tip at first. I lick you, stroke you with my hand, tease you with my lips, each time taking you a little deeper, sucking you in just a tiny bit, my cheeks moving inward, and I’m tonguing the head of your dick while you’re inside my mouth.

Soon I’ve got you in my mouth as far as you can go, and you feel your head breaching the tightness of my throat, feeling me squeeze around you, half swallow you. I crave you. I need you. You fill me. You satisfy me. I breathe through my nose, rhythmically letting you fuck my mouth, breathing when you withdraw, tensing my throat around your cock when you thrust, salivating for you like you’re a delicious dessert, pumping the lower half of your shaft with one hand, filling my own mouth willingly with the rest of it, sucking on you gently, letting little animal-pleasure noises come up my throat as you fill me.

Your cock is so big that I can get a whole handful and mouthful at the same time. Your hand on the back of my neck tenses, you work your fingers into my hair at the nape, loosening a few curls. You look into my eyes, and it makes me weak with desire. My heart races. You thrust in me, and I draw you in, over and over, each thrust sending hot arousal through you. Your head tilts back, and you breathe hard through your mouth, and you even moan a little in a low, melodic tone.

I bring you to the brink, and then I stop, and take you out of my mouth. You swallow hard, and there’s that sex flush on your bahis siteleri cheeks. I look up at you. You are looking down at me, pleased and annoyed at the same time because you love it, but you aren’t ready for me to stop yet. I lick the tip of your cock. I tease you. You want more. Maybe I’ll give you more. Maybe I want more too. But you’ll wait until I’m damn ready for it.

I kiss your dick again, softly, playfully, a spark of flirt in my eyes, a smile at their edges. I run my tongue along your shaft, the entire length. I lick you. I lick you again. I take my time. I’ll make you wait to have more. Make you slow down a little so I can build you back up. Your arousal in your crotch cools a little, and you shiver as my saliva dries in the breeze, remembering that we’re outside, and if there were people around, they could see us.

I look up at you. Your eyes are glowing. You want me. I want you in my mouth again. I lick my lips, and kiss your cock head, and finally take you in my mouth, little by little, licking you with my tongue, embracing you with my lips, until you cock is either in my hand, or in my mouth.

The hotness of pleasure is washing up from your groin again like I’d never stopped. I let you thrust in me. I half-swallow you. I feel you, so big in my throat, holding it open. I almost gag. I stop myself though. I don’t want to force you out. Stay in my mouth. Fill me with your cock. I take you rhythmically for a while, my tongue moving on your dick while you’re in my mouth, my throat around the head of your shaft, squeezing you so pleasantly and tightly.

You’re on the brink of climax again. You’re on the brink, and you’ve got that little sweat going, and your toes are curled, and your mouth is dry, and your head is tipped back, eyes squeezed shut. You think I’m going to make you come, right there, and let your hot load rush past my tongue and down my throat. You think I’m going to let you come, but I slow you down, pressing you back with my hand, slowing each thrust, and then taking you out of my mouth. I will not be so cruel as to make you beg for it, but I will not let this encounter end yet.

Oh god, I want you. I want to be filled by you. You satisfy me. But I won’t let you be satisfied so easily. I want to be filled completely.

“Get on your back,” I demand. “Lay down on the ground. This is not over. I need to be filled by you. I need your cock inside me.”

You lay on your back, your zipper open, your erection standing straight up in the cool air, even your balls exposed. I straddle your waist. I am conveniently wearing this dress. You wonder if I have anything on underneath. Your cock leaps at the thought. I squat down and lower myself over you. The skin of your cock is so smooth, and my pussy gets damp in anticipation of feeling that skin against mine. I have indeed been wearing a thong for you, black and lacy, but it is easily pushed aside.

You can feel the heat of my slit radiating onto your erection. I lower myself slowly, and feel you between my pussy lips. God, you’re so hard. You throb. I’m warm against your bahis şirketleri cock. You feel how wet I am for you. You feel my tight pussy yielding to you, as I put the head of your cock at the entrance. This is my favorite part.

I slowly let you slide in me, and gasp as you fill me. This is the best part, the part where you first enter me. I bend my face down toward yours, and let out a little yelp of pleasure in your ear, breathing warmth onto your neck. You are acutely aware of how cold the grass is, and how warm I am on top of you. My dress hides our act, but anyone who might see us knows exactly what we’re doing. There are no onlookers, but the potential is always imminent.

I thrust on you, grasping you with my pussy, squeezing you. You moan. I bite your neck. I nibble your earlobe. I kiss your lips. I hold your wrists above your head. I thrust on you just a little, just to tease.

“Fuck me,” I say. “God, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

You take my hips, grabbing a hand full of ass in each palm, and thrust deeply into me. Oh, deeply. I throw my head back. This is pure pleasure.

“Oh, deeper. Fuck me deeper!”

I thrust against you, with my legs wrapping under your hips, holding you up against me, strong, pulling you in me. You press yourself up into me deeper, thrusting quickly, our breaths coming hard and fast, panting. Despite your large dick, I can’t get enough of you. I want to be filled by you. I crave you.

“Oh, more! Harder!”

I bite your neck, I’m so hungry for you. Every thrust just makes me hungrier, makes my pussy hotter for you, makes me clasp my muscles rhythmically around you faster. I’m dancing on you, up and down, and you’re pushing up into me with your back arched, and your dick is so far in me you’re buried to your balls.

“Don’t stop. Don’t slow down. I want you. I want your come in me. I want you to give your come to my pussy. Fuck me.”

Deeper, your cock is ache-burning with arousal, hot white pleasure spreading in your groin, and you’re on the very edge. I kiss your mouth, gently prying your lips with my tongue, biting them softly, invading your mouth, breathing my nostrils into yours. You’ve got your hands clamped around the small of my back, and you’re thrusting so hard and fast it’s like you’re trying to pound me into the night sky and pull me to earth at the same time.

You fuck me so good. We’ve given up all modesty, and my dress is around my waist. I kiss your earlobe, and bite your neck, and feel you as your entire body tenses, which is my second favorite part, when you’re at your hardest – when your cock throbs hard, and you are just about to come inside me. Your back is arched, your breath comes hard in my ear, and your melodic ohhs and growls of pleasure are sending desire up my spine, and I ache for you to fill me with come. I love that feeling. I wish it was not so fleeting – when you fill me, empty yourself into me.

You explode in me. I see stars. You come so hard you’re shaking afterward. There’s sweat on your brow, and your eyes glow with the release of your orgasm. I feel the last few spasms of your dick inside me, and your warm come starts to run down my legs. You pull out, and I lay on your chest, feeling the cold of night seep in, feeling you warm under me, feeling you hold me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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