Tamarindo Beach

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A loud POP rang throughout the boys’ bedroom followed by several lazy, wet slurping sounds.

“Zoey, I think we’ve figured out our master plan,” Jaden said calmly as she looked up at him naughtily. He had been working on his laptop as she playfully pulled his cock out of her mouth and lightly smacked herself in the cheek and then onto her outstretched tongue. She bathed his cock with her wet tongue from balls to tip . . . and back.

“With the inevitable big move, we have decided to start a webcam show…. And you’ll be the star,” he said. Jaden outwardly played it cool as he gauged Zoey’s reaction.

She pushed the 10″ brown cock all the way down her throat and held until another POP rang out as Zoey removed it from her mouth, replaced with a big smile.

“I LOVE it!!” she cheered, “You two always have the BEST ideas! . . . . . .uhnnnnmmm,” she moaned as Jaden’s fraternal twin, Jake, pushed his own impressive girth into her from behind.

The twin brothers still shared a room together at their parents’ house, but they had managed to convince their parents to buy a king size bed after Zoey started “cumming” around. At 20 years old, she was built like the pornstar Mia Khalifa (5’6″, 36DD, brown hair). Zoey grew up in a life of privilege, but she finally ran away from her parents after her third failed marriage arrangement. Each time she snuck in to her betrothed’s room, she was dismayed that they could never physically match her. Now, after finding Jake and Jaden in SoCal, she couldn’t pry herself away from these well-hung brothers.

“So it’s settled!” said Jake as pounded his shared girlfriend harder and faster with his monster cock, “if we’re good, sex will be the only work we do for a long time…” He alternated short and long strokes as the brothers shared Zoey between them.

“Mmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmm,” Zoey hummed as she returned to bobbing on Jaden’s dick. Jaden slowed her with a touch of his hand to her head and grabbed her hair so that he could throat fuck her. “Gwah gwah gwah” sounds filled the room as Zoey repeatedly took it all the way down her throat and back. Jake, previously fucking Zoey with long strokes, had stepped away to grab his phone, his dick slick with Zoey’s juices as it bounced along.

“Let’s get a little preview for our future fans,” he said starting to record.

Zoey’s eyes stared into the camera as Jaden continued the throat pounding. He pulled his giant cock out so that Zoey could catch her breath and lay down on her back as Jake’s phone followed the sticky strands of saliva from her mouth to Jaden’s dick then down to her huge perky tits. Their girth flowed outward as she lay down so Zoey pushed them together and, already well lubricated, Jaden began titfucking her. His cock slid smoothly through her squishy funbags thanks to the healthy amount of drool she already contributed.

“Want to taste your sweet pussy?” Jake asked slyly. Not one to miss an opportunity (even when filming), Jake pointed his 10″ dick at Zoey and she quickly gobbled it into her mouth. She sucked her cheeks in hard, furiously bobbing her head. After a few minutes, Zoey pulled her mouth off of Jake’s schlong and practically purred as she urged them on.

“You like fucking my mouth and tits?” she asked, staring at the camera.

“Use me with your big, powerful dicks,” she spit onto Jake’s cock and continued, “cover me in cum . . . I want you to cover me in your yummy cream!!”

With that, Zoey alternated plunging Jake’s cock in and out of her throat with gusto and popping Jaden’s cock into her mouth while he continued to fuck her tits.

After a few minutes, the boys were ready to blow.

“Ok babe, get ready for a spunk shower,” grunted Jaden pounding away between her massive tits. He had been squeezing them together around his cock, with his impending orgasm he let go and Zoey slipped down to the floor on her knees as she prepared for the fun mouth open, tongue out.

“Ahhhhhh yeaaaaaa,” cried Jaden as his big dick exploded sending rope after rope of cum up towards and over Zoey’s chin. Several covered her left eye, but most of it glazed her chin, neck, and between her tits. Jake was jerking his ten incher next to her face. Zoey had barely enough time to turn before she caught Jake’s “vanilla icing” (their words, not mine) in her mouth until it overflowed and cascaded down her chin and over her breasts. Still shooting, Jake splashed her right eye and several thick strands across her nose and cheeks until his orgasm calmed down.

“Cum watch our show,” said a smiling, eyes-covered-and-closed Zoey to the camera. Jaden bent down and flicked her clit with his tongue.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, fuck, Fuck, FUCK!!” Zoey threw her head back and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her cum soaked body. She felt pure ecstasy as she rode several powerful waves ripple through her. It was exactly what she wanted. Her body was meant to be used like this. Jake continued filming until she finished writhing and moaning, bostancı escort bayan splashing cum everywhere. She would do whatever her cock slavers wanted, she thought to herself, she truly was dickwhipped.


The Turners arrive at the Costa Rican beach house

“Wow, this place is beautiful!” exclaimed Zoey as she, Jaden, Jake, and Jessica arrived to find Jerome already at the beach house. Jerome bought it while on the job in Costa Rica for the past two months. With his job nearly finished, and a big payday imminent, he splurged on the beach house and waited to surprise his family with its luxury. It was truly a tropical sanctuary, he thought.

They entered through the front door to the living room. To their left was a living room area with two couches and a TV. To their right, a hallway led down to two bedrooms on each side and a full bathroom between them. In front of them, red-orange tile typical of Central America lead straight towards a railing and balcony that overlooked the kitchen. The kitchen was at the back of the house and afforded the luxury of a beach view. Before it however, was the piéce de résistance, a small open air courtyard containing a pool. The pool sat back towards the hallway wall. This allowed them to fit a cascading waterfall to run out of some well-chosen landscape rocks. Bamboo support poles were positioned around the courtyard and pool area. Past the courtyard, another hallway led to the master suite and a second door that allowed one bedroom to connect both here and to the front hallway.

Jessica hugged and kissed Jerome before pulling him off down the hallway as the others explored the house.

“How did we afford this place?” she asked in a hushed whisper.

“Baby, this place can solve all of our problems, trust me,” said Jerome.

“The job is very front loaded. A lot of work now, but once everything is up and running, we’ll have extra time to ourselves for whatever we want.”

“Whatever we want?” Jess asked with mock innocence.

“Whatever. Whenever. However,” said Jerome as he pulled his wife close and kissed her passionately.

After the kiss, Jess dropped to her knees and pulled at Jerome’s waistband. Out bounced his semi-hard, shaved black cock. Jessica’s giant tits heaved as she laid its girth across her face and just breathed in her man’s scent. She soon began quickly licking and sucking. Soon Jerome’s pole was fully engorged to its maximum 12.5″ length. It was the largest dick that Jessica had ever encountered. She had admired it, and its owner, so much that she married Jerome consequently becoming the stepmother of his two adult sons, Jake and Jaden.

“Ahhhhh, I’ve missed this,” he sighed, Jessica sucked hard and fast so that they wouldn’t get caught. She used both hands to stroke the shaft as she bobbed expertly taking about one quarter of it in and out of her mouth.

Just then they heard footsteps approaching.

“Hey Jess, you HAVE to see the view of the beach from the kitch–,” Zoey said excitedly as she bounded around the corner and stopped abruptly. She stared at Jessica on her knees mouth open with the biggest cock she had ever seen pointed at her face.

“Hot damn, that thing’s HUGE!!” Zoey exclaimed before regaining her composure and talking fast.

“Uhh, I guess you two haven’t seen each other in a while. No, no don’t stop on my account, I’ll just be on my way,” she said as she turned on her heels and disappeared.

Jessica and Jerome shared a look and a shrug. “Oops” muttered Jerome, while Jess was already back fervently sucking again. They were hornier than ever thanks to their recent long distance relationship. There was no way they would stop now.

Meanwhile, Zoey ran over to the find the boys.

“Guys, come quick and be quiet,” she whispered.

They approached the hallway, but stayed around the corner. Like a Scooby Doo cartoon, they all peeked around the corner to watch.

They had a perfect side view. Jessica’s massive tits spilled out of her top now and she was using both hands and her mouth to satisfy Jerome’s massive organ. This wasn’t a regular blowjob; Jessica was shamelessly worshipping her personal big black cock. She stretched her cheek out obscenely with it until it popped out audibly and smiled up at him. She lovingly slurped at the underside of Jerome’s mushroom head licking him from tip to base. Then she sucked each ball into her mouth before fucking her own throat to please her man as she “GWAH GWAH GWAHed.” Jerome, previously head tilted back in ecstasy, noticed the three peeping Toms and gave them a wink.

“Yeah babe, get you some DICK,” he exclaimed as he looked down at her. He knew it was time to put on a show so he grabbed two handfuls of hair and began furiously pumping his mammoth cock down his wife’s throat.

“GLUK GLUK GLUK GLUK,” Jerome pulled out his cock and held it there over her face. A ümraniye escort mess of spit strands stretched upward from her lips to his shiny, black fuckpole. Jessica gasped for air and gazed up at it with pure lust.

“You like stuffing my face with your cock?” she asked, “I want MORE!” She slid his cock down her throat in one smooth motion until her nose touched his abdomen.

“Mmmmmffggffguck fbnmeee” she managed. Jerome obliged and continued to assault her throat with fervor. Zoey, Jake and Jaden were frozen around the corner as they watched their depraved stepmother worship their father’s cock.

“Uhhhh, get ready baby,” he groaned not so quietly. Jessica moaned around his cock, but her eyes widened as he pulled out and began squirting his balljuice all over her face. Her first reaction was to worry about the mess and others, but her desire betrayed her as she watched her husband cum.

“Mmmmmm yes Daddy, cover me with your sweet cream,” Jessica purred. Jet after jet poured out of Jerome’s monster.

“Gahhhhhhh that’s good. . . still fucking got itttttt,” he managed. Soon, Jessica’s eyes were completely covered and her face was glazed, but her mouth was still open trying to catch the rest of the cum still spraying out of his Cockasaurus rex. It was dripping, no, running off her chin onto her tits and shorts in copious amounts.

Once Jerome finally stopped cumming, Jess sucked out the last few drops before he helped her stand up.

“Baby,” he whispered with a smile, “the kids must be outside checking out the patio or the beach. I’ll guide you over to the master bedroom’s shower.” Jess nodded and Jerome led her slowly towards Jake, Jaden, and Zoey at the hallway entrance. Jerome put a finger to his mouth to signal ‘shhhhhh’ and led Jess back down the hallway and around the corner. He then stopped her about a foot away from the silent onlookers.

“Hmmmm, which way is best? This big ass house is still new to me” Jerome asked himself aloud, turning Jessica back towards where they had come from and then back around. In this way, Jerome showed her off completely to the other three. They had a close up view of Jerome’s art: his dick was the brush and Jessica was the canvas.

“Hurry, we can’t have them see me all messy and covered in cum,” Jess implored her husband.

Jessica’s makeup was streaked through and smeared with cum. Her hair was in disarray and her naked tits bounced distractingly as she clutched Jerome’s arm to lead her through their new home. It was exactly how Jerome wanted his boys to see their cock hungry stepmother.

Ever daring, Zoey reached a finger out and caught a blob of Jerome’s man goo sliding off of Jessica’s glazed left breast. She teased it between her fingers before holding her hand up in the air to let it drip onto her outstretched tongue then shot a sexy look at Jerome.

“I suppose this way,” he said as he winked at Zoey, gave the other two fist bumps and continued walking Jess towards the shower.

Jake, Jaden, and Zoey then snuck out to the patio deck. It was recently refinished, part deck part stone. The deck was quite large. It had a large glass patio table with eight chairs, along with a separate sitting area consisting of several hammocks and a coffee table, all covered by a red metal awning connected to four wooden pillars. The deck stepped down towards the beach to a stone patio, which had a fire pit and chairs surrounded by a half stone wall.

“He’s the MAN!” said Jake excitedly.

“That was CRAZY!” exclaimed Jaden.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen,” said Zoey, “and his cock is even bigger than both of yours!”

“Like there’s really that big of a difference from 10″ to 12.5,” said Jake.

“Well, I think it’s hilarious that you even know your Dad’s precise dick size!” laughed Zoey.

“We’re GUYS, we talk about these things” said Jaden, “Especially when we’re all hung like horses.”

“Exactly, thank you Daddy-O,” said Jake.

“I’d LOVE to try it out. I’ll tell you if there’s a difference,” Zoey said smirking.

“I’ll tell you what I’d like to try,” said Jake.

“Jess?” said Jaden, “damn is she fine.”

“Bingo,” said Jake “and here’s how we can do it…….”

And the three of them set to work brainstorming their plan.


Several days later… July 14th to be exact.

This morning, Jerome had gone to work early as was his usual currently. Jessica was cooking breakfast, wearing a tank top that barely contained her large titties and shorts that hugged her pert, round ass cheeks when Zoey wandered in, poured herself some coffee, and sat down . . . . completely nude. Her exotic mocha skin made her even more enticing. She was followed by a tanned Jake and even darker Jaden, both naked also. The three “good morning’d” her as they filed in.

“Buenos di—wh-what’s going on??” Jessica stammered as she looked up from escort kartal cooking.

“Oh, we’re just celebrating a holiday, Jess” said Jaden to his step-mother.

“It’s National Nude Day!” said the ever bubbly Zoey, her equally large tits bouncing wildly with the exclamation.

“It’s what? That doesn’t mean streak around here without giving me a warning,” said Jess with a laugh. She had turned away from the eggs on the stove to look the three of them over. She couldn’t help but admire the toned, muscular boys and their busty, exotic friend.

“We were going for the surprise factor,” said Jake with a smile, “we figured you’d laugh it off anyway.”

“Here, let me finish cooking breakfast this morning,” said Jake as he slipped past Jess and manned the stove, his half-mast cock brushing her thigh as he did so.

“Well I’m surprised. Surprised at how.. uh.. grown up you boys have become and damn, Zoey, you’re an absolute knockout!” said Jess.

“So will you join us?” Zoey asked. “I bet you look great, I’ve noticed how fit you are in your bikini.”

“Thank you, but I don’t know…,” said Jess. “It might be a little weird for the boys.”

In her mind Jess thought otherwise, ‘Oh god, this is crazy hot. I can’t believe this is happening.’ Her brain raced through a series of outcomes, trying to anticipate this unforeseen conversation. Quite a few outcomes betray Jessica and her panties reflected this.

“Yeah, they might not be able to keep their boners down,” said Zoey and they all laughed.

“Seriously, it feels great to let your inhibitions go a little bit,” said Jaden “we’re on vacation and you’ve been in a bikini all week anyway.”

Jake added with a laugh, “Plus, we can all see your nipples through your pajamas right now.”

He was right; Jess thought as she looked down at her nipples, were completely hard and poking out from her white tank top. They betrayed her attempts to downplay her own arousal. National Nude Day was, after all, her absolute favorite holiday. She had already celebrated this morning with Jerome and planned more for later.

“Ok fine, I’ll play just this once, but don’t tell your father,” said Jess. Her pussy was soaked with her arousal as she pulled off her shirt and exposed her luscious breasts. Jake and Jaden stared in awe at her still perfect tits. Then she bent down and pulled her shorts and panties down together and stepped out of them.

All three stared and complimented Jessica’s body. They also noticed a visible sheen left on her pussy lips. She was only 32 and she had nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, Jake and Jaden frequently told their father, Jerome, how much they loved having Jessica around. This was, in part, because she was young and fun to party with, and because their shorts tented with only a glance at her.

“Jess, that wasn’t nearly as hard as we thought it would be,” Jake deadpanned as they sat around the table eating. Everyone laughed. He and his brother were extremely pleased by the opportunity to freely ogle the perfect tits of Jessica and Zoey, which practically rested on the table as they ate breakfast.

“Wellllll,” Jess’ inhibitions were fading as she felt the free air on her body, “I shouldn’t tell you guys this, but I LOVE to be naked. I played dumb about National Nude Day earlier. Truth is, I celebrate it every year. Last night, your father and I slept naked and I made him stay naked all morning after he fucked me with his mammoth cock before he went to work,” she totally just blurted out. The other three smiled and pretended to be shocked. Their plan was working so easily and this was literally the best case scenario.

“Oops, TMI guys, I’m SO sorry I just went off like that,” finished Jess, a little red in the cheeks. Jess was still frazzled by the sudden exhibitionism of these three. Which now included herself, too, as she sat completely naked with her stepsons and their girlfriend.

Seizing the opportunity Zoey cut in quickly, “You got carried away thinking about his big, black dong, didn’t you? I know the feeling…. dealing with these two’s ten inchers; there’s nothing else like it.” Zoey reached out and squeezed each of their cocks and was surprised to find them standing stiff in their laps.

“Aha!” Jess exclaimed, “I always knew you both were fucking her!” “You are one crazy girl, Zo.” “And you boys are damn lucky! Zoey could pass for a pornstar with that body. She’s the total package.”

“Jess, you didn’t answer Zoey’s question,” said Jaden sternly, “what does my Dad’s big dick make you do?” All three were looking a Jessica now. She was blushing and trying to keep her desires in. Then she noticed that Jake and Jaden each had their own big, hard cocks in their laps and she broke.

“Alright, you’re right!” exclaimed Jess standing up, “his giant black cock makes me crazy! I want to worship it. I want it to fuck me to sleep every night and I want to suck it every morning that I wake up! I can’t get enough of his cum in my mouth, it’s absolutely delicious! I want to use my body to please it and him as much as I possibly can and right now he’s working all the time and. . . . and . . . .,” she choked back tears, “and I’m not satisfied!” she finished, her breasts heaving as she panted for breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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