Tater Junction

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It was a small town in Alabama. A town called Tater Junction. You may have heard of it? Well anyway, the folks there seemed friendly. Sometimes a little too friendly.

Bobbie Jo took a path down a dirt road. It led her to a little white or what looked like white farm house, with a few chickens out front, an old beat up tractor, an old beat up pick up truck in the front yard.

‘Well, this is the only house I’ve seen for miles. So I guess I’ll see if anyone’s home,’ said, Bobbie Jo. She knocked on the door, and there stood a woman with dark hair, and dark eyes, in her skimpy baby doll nighty. And with her hands folded under her quite ample chest, she said in her southern accent.. “Hey there, can I help you?”

“My car broke down a few miles back, and I was wondering if there was a telephone nearby to call a repair shop, if y’alls got one?”

“Well shoot lady, come on in,” Replied the woman. “We ain’t never turned a stranger that needs help away,” she said.

Extending her hand, then saying, “I’m Charlene, and this here is my cousins Jake and Luke.”

So I kindly extended my hand and said, “my name is Bobbie Jo.”

“My cousins here are good with workin’ on cars, maybe they can help,” Charlene said.

“Well what seems to be the problem ma’am,” replied dark haired cousin Luke.

“Well now, I don’t know, my car just died a few miles up the road, I was just looking for a telephone if y’alls got one.”

“Well that we do ma’am,” said Jake.

“Why don’t you go and help Bobbie Jo here, now Luke. And I’ll stay here with cousin Charlene, if you know what I mean,” said Jake.

“Luke here’s good at fixin’ up cars. Why he’s got every car magazine this side of Tater Junction out in that outhouse back there,” said Charlene.

“Uncle Haywood ain’t home right now or we’d introduce ya to him, ma’am,” replied Jake.

“Well that’s mighty kind of you folks, but I must be getting on my way. My folks up in Memphis, Tennessee are waitin’ for me. If y’all or Luke as you said can help fix my car, I’d appreciate it, so as I can be on my way.”

“Well, right this way ma’am, I’d take Uncle Haywood’s truck but he ain’t here, he’s out farmin’ the back 40. So if Ya don’t mind ma’am we’ll take the old beat up Chevelle.”

Luke ushers Bobbie Jo out the door. Before saying, “now you take care of cousin Charlene there, when I get back I want a piece of her now, ya hear?” As he winked at cousin Charlene and Jake.

I wondered to myself, just how much this family was lovin’. Or if this mysterious Uncle Haywood knows what goes on around his house between his niece and two nephews. Or if he’s into lovin’ Charlene also.

Luke helped Bobbie Jo into the Chevelle, then shut the door, and ran behind the car, and got into the passenger side, and started the engine. ‘God it purred loud,’ I thought. But I was gettin’ my car fixed, so I hoped.

We pulled up to where my car was, along the side of the road. We both got out and Luke popped the hood and took a quick look. Moving a few wires around and things.

“You need a few new parts for this a here engine, Ma’am,” said Luke.

“Oh no I replied, that could take a while couldn’t it?,” said Bobbie Jo.

“Well escort bostancı let’s see here…” as Luke’s voice trailed off.. He left Bobbie Jo for a few minutes and went back to the chevelle, reached into the he car and grabbed the CB handle, and started talkin’. “This here is cousin Luke, callin’ black sheep. Ya got your ears on, come on?”

“Well this is bah bah black sheep, what can I do for Ya, Luke?”

“Well I got this pretty little lady here stranded on the side of the road, looks like her car needs a few engine parts. Might need a tow.”

“I’ll be there in two shakes of Charlene’s ass.”

“Thank Ya good buddy, I’m out.”

Luke tosses the CB handle into the chevelle and walks back to where Bobbie Jo is standin.’

“Looks like we got ourselves a tow truck commin’ at ya.”

“What?,” said Bobbie Jo.

“What I mean here, is.. Jethro ‘J.P.’ Platz, will be here any minute to take a look at your car for ya ma’am.”

Bobbie Jo just smiled her thanks.

So Luke and Bobbie Jo waited for Ol’ J.P. to show up with his tow truck. And in the nick of time, Ol’ J.P. came barrelin’ up the dirt road, dust a flyin’ behind him.

J.P. stops his truck, and gets out. Walks towards Luke and Bobbie Jo.

“Hey J.P. this here is Bobbie Jo..”

“Callahan, Bobbie Jo Callahan,” she said, as she stretched out her hand to J.P.

“Well ain’t you a pretty thang, there Ms. Callahan,” replied J.P. as he shook her hand.

“Jethro ‘J.P.’ Platz is the name.. But you can just call me J.P.”

“Well hi there, J.P.. Ya’ll think ya can fix my car here?”

“Well I sure am gonna try ma’am,” he said.

“Well look here Bobbie Jo, you ride with me, and J.P. will take your car here back to the garage, and see what he can do to fix it.

“Sure thang,” said J.P. “I’ll have it done in a jiffy.”

“I don’t know how to thank ya, ya’ll been so kind in all.”

“Awe shucks, weren’t nothin’ ma’am,” said Luke.

“Common, I’ll help you into the car.”

And as he did, J.P. hoisted Bobbie Jo’s car onto his truck. Got inside and started the engine. Backed her up and turned her around, and headed into town. With Luke and Bobbie Jo trailing behind.

Once in Tater Junction, Ol’ J.P. pulled his truck into the garage and let down Bobbie Jo’s car. Luke and Bobbie Jo got out of the chevelle, and headed towards J.P. By then J.P. had the hood up and was lookin’ underneath.

“What y’all think?,” replied Bobbie Jo.

“Well ain’t sure just yet,” But I’ll know soon enough, lemmie take a look here again.”

“Well I hate to leave a pretty little lady and run, but looks like you’re in good hands there Bobbie Jo. I gotta get back to the farm, before Uncle Haywood gets back.”

J.P. looked up with a smile on his face that shown as bright as the Tater Junction sun high in the sky.

“How’s that fine piece of ass doin, these days?,” said J.P.

“Well you know cousin Charlene, always ready to give, real friendly like.”

“Oh Lord don’t I know it,” replied J.P. As he shook his head. “That woman’s got some piece of ass. The kinda ass y’all can sink your teeth into, if Ya know what I mean.

“I sure do, J.P. but ümraniye escort I oughta get back to the farm, Uncle Haywood’s fixin’ to get home any minute and I wanna get a piece of cousin Charlene before he gets home,” said Luke.

“I hear Ya,” replied J.P.

“Thanks, nice meetin’ ya, Bobbie Jo, take care, ya hear?”

“I will, Luke,” said Bobbie Jo.

Luke walked back to the chevelle, and hopped in the car and started the engine. It again purred loudly. And off he went.

With in minutes, Luke and the chevelle arrive home. He shuts off the engine, and hops out of the chevelle and heads inside. “Jake, Charlene, y’all in here?”

No answer. So Luke headed towards cousin Charlene’s room, and slowly opened the door, and there was cousin Charlene leaning up against the wall, with her back towards Jake and Jake thrustin’ his 8 inch cock inside cousin Charlene’s pussy.

“Well if that ain’t a sight,” said Luke. “Now don’t go usin’ cousin Charlene all up now ya hear? I wanna piece of that ass too ya know.”

With Jake thrustin’ his 8 inch cock up Charlene’s pussy from behind, her hands splayed on the wall in front of her. She mentions, “come here cousin stud. Bring that 10 inch cock here, I wanna rub my hands up and down it’s shaft real nice like. Now common stud, get over here now.”

Without hesitation, Luke does as cousin Charlene says. And walks over to where Jake’s thrustin’ his cock inside Charlene’s pussy. And unzips his jeans and pulls each leg out of them, one at a time. And tosses them aside. Then reaches his boxers, and throws them aside also. Workin’ his cock as he does so.

“Com’ere stud,” said Charlene.

Luke again did as he was told. He stood next to Charlene, and pressed his left hand against Charlene’s right breast, massaging the aureole, making a nipple. Meanwhile cousin Jake still thrusting inside Charlene’s hot wet pussy, his right hand on her right hip, and his left hand cupping her left breast. Cousin Charlene went for cousin Luke’s 10 inch cock for all it was worth. Her hand gliding up from the bottom to the tip, paying extra special attention to the tip of his cock.

Meanwhile cousin Jake mumbles a few groans, that almost rises from his toes. Then he says, “Oh sweet mother, God, dang it, Charlene’s pussy is so tight around my cock.. you’d never know she was fucked before.”

“Now y’all know that ain’t true,” said Luke. As Charlene’s workin’ his 10 inch cock with her hand.

They both went silent for a moment, Luke with his head tilted back enjoying his 10 inch cock being stroked by cousin Charlene. His hand still enjoyin’ her right tit, pulling and pinching the now hardened half round, half square nipple. Jake continued to thrust his 8 inch cock in Charlene, except now he was thrusting it in her sweet tight ass. With his right hand on her right hip and his left hand with three fingers up her pussy. With each thrust up her tight ass with his 8 inch cock, his three fingers thrust in up her pussy. And with one last thrust, Jake let out a yell that all of Tater county could hear. Then he went limp inside Daisy’s tight ass. His fingers still fingering Charlene’s pussy. Charlene begins to scream, “Fuck me, fuckkkkkkk me, Oh kartal escort bayan shit, I’m gonna cum, fuck me cousin Jake, fuckkkkkk me.” Cousin Jake continued to finger fuck Charlene’s pussy as she began to come all over his hand. When her body stopped writhing, he let his slick 8 inch cock side out of her ass, the end giving a sweet pop as it exits. Then he let’s his fingers slid out of her sweet wet pussy with such ease.

Jake slides off Charlene and falls back onto Charlene’s bed. Luke turns Charlene around and begins to kiss her, their lips meshed together, their tongues entwined.

Meanwhile, A car door was heard being shut. Jake hops off the bed and slowly peers out the window in Charlene’s bedroom. “Oh, shit!,” he exclaimed, “it’s Uncle Haywood.”

“Well, go distract him, until Charlene and I are done,” said Luke.

Jake grabbed his jeans, and quickly put them on, then placed his hand on the doorknob of Charlene’s door, and slowly turns it, then opens it. Jake exits Charlene’s room and shuts the door behind him, without making a sound. Uncle Haywood hollers, “Someone want to help me with these here groceries? Jake, Luke, Charlene?”

“Uhhh, I’ll do it Uncle Haywood,” said Jake.


“Now where’s Charlene and Luke?,” said Uncle Haywood.

“Ummm, he’s in Charlene’s room giving her lessons in French,” said Jake.

“In French?, said Uncle Haywood.

“Now what in tarnation is Luke teachin’ Charlene French, fer?”

“Beats me Uncle Haywood,” said Jake.

“Well you put these here groceries away, whilst I go check on Luke and Charlene.”

“Uhh, Uncle Haywood, now, you wouldn’t want to disturb them?”

“Outta my way,” he says, as he shoves Jake out of his way.

“What is goin’ on in there, you two?,” he says, as he opens the door, and finds Luke on cousin Charlene’s bed, and Charlene mounted on top, riding Luke’s 10 inch cock for all it’s worth.

Luke’s hands were cupping Charlene’s tits, pulling on her sweet half square, half round nipples, and Charlene was moaning and groaning some pretty foul words at Luke. “Now listen here, you mother fuckin’ cousin with a 10 inch cock , you fuck my pussy good. Fuck me harder, harder,” as her tight little ass rode her cousin’s 10 inch cock. Now Luke had his hands on Charlene’s hips. Her tits bouncing furiously underneath Lukes hands. Her head arched back. Luke and Charlene were so into each other, that they didn’t even notice Uncle Haywood standing there, until he said “heh hmmm. What the fuck do you two think you’re doin’?”

“Why, were fuckin’, Uncle Haywood,” said Charlene.

“Yeah, were fuckin’,” said Luke.

Uncle Haywood speaks up and says, “not without me you don’t,” and begins to strip his cloths. Heading in Charlene’s direction. Uncle Haywood takes Charlene’s hand and places it between his legs, and says “now fuck me, damnit, fuck my cock for all it’s worth, you slut!”

With Uncle Haywood’s tone of voice, Charlene knew she better fuck Uncle Haywood’s cock, and fuck it good. Charlene was still riding Luke’s 10 inch cock, up and down, and up and down his shaft she went. Her tits bouncing furiously in the air, and her hand milking Uncle Haywood’s cock for all it was worth. He may have been old, but he still had a pretty good cock to fuck. Charlene outta know. See there’s somethin’ y’all didn’t know, Jake and Luke weren’t the only ones fuckin’ cousin Charlene. Uncle Haywood was gettin’ his fair share of ass every now and again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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