Teach Your Children Well

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My son was leaving for his first year of college at University of Arizona tomorrow. He was nearly 20 and more than capable of taking care of himself but I worried about him because he was blind.

He was only 12 when he lost his sight. I knew college was a big step for him and it would be his first time out on his own. I’ve avoided talking about the birds and the bees with him, but it was time. And there wasn’t going to be a lot of talking.

When I heard him in the shower I took my robe off and put on my best satin panties and matching bra with silk blouse and linen slacks.

I came into the bathroom just as he finished his shower. He knew I was there. “Mom, I’m naked!”

“I know,” I said. “You’re going off to college in the morning so I thought it was time for our ‘sex’ talk.”

“Mom, I know about sex.”

“Sex is more than masturbating into your mother’s panties. And I do wish you would use my dirty panties instead of my clean ones.” I didn’t mention that I liked finding the sticky cum filled panties when I got dressed for work in the morning.

I led him to my bedroom and told him I was going to teach him about women.

I put his hands on my chest and said, “A woman’s blouse opens opposite from a man’s. The buttons are on the left side.” I moved his hands to the top of my blouse and told him to remove my blouse.

As he unbuttoned my blouse his hands kept sliding over my breasts making my nipples stand up and pay attention.

Clumsily, he undid the button on my pants. When he pulled the zipper down it felt like a siesmic event. As he slowly unzipped me I felt each and every zipper tooth vibrate through my pussy.

I stepped out of my slacks and placed his escort bostancı hands on my breasts.

“Bras usually have a catch in the front or the back, but some, like sports bras, don’t have a catch. The bra I’m wearing catches in the front.” I showed him how the catch worked.

“A woman’s breasts and nipples are more sensitive than a man’s and women like them to be caressed.”

He gently rubbed my nipples. After a moment they were hard as bullets. I said, “They get hard when a woman is aroused.”

It took a bit of effort but I moved his hands down to my waist and told him to take my panties off.

As he slid my panties over my hips I said, “Most women’s panties are like this, but women also wear thongs. Thongs are like these but instead of material covering the buttocks the have a thin strip of fabric that goes down the center of the butt. Women wear thongs mostly to hide panty lines.”

I moved his hand down to my pubic area past my clitoris and pushed two fingers into my pussy. I said, “This is the main physical difference between men and women.”

He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and asked, “Don’t women have pubic hair like me?”

His fingers were resting on my clit but I was able to reply, “Yes, but my pubic hair is so bushy and out of control it sticks out the sides and top of my panties. It’s easier to keep it shaved than to keep it trimmed.”

“Do a lot of people see you in your panties?”

I turned about 50 shades of red but was able to say, “No, but I feel better about my pubes sticking out.”

When I guided his fingers back into my pussy he pushed his fingers in deep and rested his thumb on my clit.

It took all my ümraniye escort will power to keep from humping his hand when he moved his finger in and out of my pussy while rubbing my clitoris. He even took his fingers out of my pussy a few times to rub my pussy juices over my clit.

He was catching onto this sex thing pretty fast.

I pulled his fingers out of my pussy and moved them to my clit. “This is the woman’s clitoris. The clitoris is the most sensual spot on a woman’s body.”

When he pressed down on my clit my knees got shaky and I almost collapsed but was able to sit on the edge of my bed.

Reaching over to my bedside table I picked up a condom. “This is a condom” I told him as I put it in his hand so he could feel it. “It’s a thin latex sheath that covers a man’s penis. Its main use is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases but also helps prevent unwanted pregnancies.

I tore the wrapper off the condom and placed it on the tip of his penis. As soon as I rolled it down over the tip of his dick I felt his cock throb and saw the tip of the condom fill up with his creamy white cum.

“Don’t worry about that,” I told him. “Premature ejaculation occurs occasionally. Besides, this gives me a chance to talk about oral sex.”

I took the cum filled condom off his cock and said, “Oral sex is like masturbation but having someone else do it to you orally. It’s called cunnilingus when it’s performed on a woman and fellatio when done on a man like this.” I took his cock in my mouth.

When he was hard again I got another condom off my bedside table and put it on his cock, rolling it down the length of his shaft.

“There are three main styles kartal escort bayan of intercourse or fucking. The first is the missionary style where the man lies on the woman who has her legs spread and puts his penis in her vagina.”

I sat back on the bed and pulled him down guiding his penis into me. After a couple strokes I reluctantly made him pull his penis out of my pussy.

“The second kind is doggy style where the man enters the woman’s vagina from behind while she is bent over.” Bending over I once again guided his cock into my pussy. “This was your father’s favorite way to fuck. He said he felt like he got the deepest penetration when he fucked me from behind.”

He pushed his cock into me a couple times before I pulled away. This wasn’t the right time to have an orgasm.

“And the third kind, my favorite, is cowgirl style where the man is on his back and the woman straddles his waist and lowers her pussy onto his penis.”

I pushed him back on my bed and climbed on him lowering my pussy on his rock hard cock. After moving my pussy up and down on his dick a couple times I was about to climb off not wanting to actually have sex with him. But he grabbed my waist and held me while he rammed his cock deep into my pussy.

I saw stars. The only thing missing was feeling his cum in me. Damn those fucking rubbers.

When I climbed off him I said “We shouldn’t have done that.” But I snuggled up to him and said, “All women love to cuddle after sex.”

I was enjoying the afterglow of sex when he said, “Mom, you know Amy, my study partner?” I mumbled something. “Well we’ve been fucking each other for over a year now.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had just fucked my son thinking I was teaching him about sex. But I forgot about that when I felt his cock growing between my legs, looking for my pussy. I spread my legs a little and reached down to pull the condom off his cock.

I was getting wet thinking about Thanksgiving weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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