Teacher’s Descent into Ecstasy Ch. 04

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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The slap echoed in the empty corridor followed by the sound of stiletto heels as Ms. Carnale strode away. The Phys-Ed teacher was left standing in the hall, nursing the red splotch on his cheek.

How dare he speak to me like that, she thought. As if I’d have anything to do with his tiny little dickie! THIS is only for real men, she thought as she glimpsed her reflection in a hall way mirror.

As she paraded down the corridor Ms. Carnale was aware of how her tight skirt stretched and flexed over her butt. How the hem stopped closer to her hips than her knees. Two months ago, before meeting Mr. Manhorse, she would never have worn such an outfit. Now she could not remember why not. After all, the stares of the men and boys in the school were her due! There wasn’t another woman like her. No one else had her sexual attraction. No other woman filled a blouse like she did. No woman could handle the sky high heels that she constantly wore! She accepted that all the men she met wanted her. And many of them had had her. None were the equal of Mr. Manhorse. But she enjoyed the teasing, the titillating interaction that she took part in with them. Letting a man get a glimpse of her bodacious body, letting them dream of the time when they would be able to fondle her and enjoy the many fruits of her body.

And then. Oh, yes, and then!

Letting them plunge again and again into her tight, moist pussy. Letting them think that they were in control until she was ready to take over. When she bore down with her hot moist pussy the men would soon realize who was in control. She could coax any man to ejaculation within a few strokes.

Or she would roll him over and ride him. Letting him watch her gigantic titties rise and fall above him. Too big for him to corral or control, her boobs would bounce and shimmy while she took all that he had to offer and then demand more.

More than one man had had to rest for days after Ms. Carnale had had her way with them. Only Mr. Manhorse could keep up.

As she tap-tap-tapped down the hall her magnificent bosom wobbled and shook in front of her. The medium weight bra she wore allowed her breasts to shimmy and shake. They powered forward and to the sides as she minced down the hall. She loved that any one who saw her was immediately transfixed by the movement of her gigantic juggs. So large, so firm, so fucking sexy. Some men had ejaculated at the first sight of them in their naked glory. She didn’t mind. It made her proud! And she loved to bring her lovers back to a full hard on. Faster than most thought possible she would have his dick fully hard and sliding down her throat or between her tits where they would cum again in minutes! She demanded stamina from all of her suitors. The first load of cum would be deposited on her huge boobs or into her vacuuming mouth and throat before she would permit her partner to experience her amazingly responsive cunt.

She loved the sexual power that she commanded. And the way she could dominate men. Well, most men.

Ms. Carnale was on her way to meet with the District Superintendent. He had requested the meeting, to discuss “disturbing reports of a personal nature”. She was pretty sure that those reports had come from that prudish Ms. Munford. The constant looks of disapproval that Ms. Mumford sent her way had never bothered Ms. Carnale. She knew jealousy when she saw it.

As she entered the office where the meeting was to take place Superintendent Chalmers glanced up and then did a double take when he saw Ms. Carnale as she stood just inside the door.

Five inch stiletto heels lifted her up and emphasized her curvy ataşehir escort bayan legs. As she turned to close the door he took in the sight of her magnificently tight and toned butt. Wrapped in a dark blue skin tight mini skirt, her butt flexed as she moved. Every detail was on display. Her matching jacket did not go low enough to cover her ass. Instead it stopped at waist level.

Ms. Carnale turned to face Superintendent Chalmers. His gaze flickered over her sultry face, with its expertly applied make up. Something that few teachers bothered with. But then, inevitably, his eyes dropped, running slowly down her body.

The jacket, which failed to cover her taut buttocks, also failed to cover the vastly protuberant pair of breasts encased in a skin tight white sweater. The single button was buttoned but nothing could be done to hide how huge Ms. Carnale was. Her breasts swooped far, far in front of her. In addition, they pushed the lapels of her jacket to each side. Rather than impede the view of those gigantic globes, the jacket framed and emphasized how far those magnificent breasts jutted in front of her. Just how freakishly big her boobs were.

The large golden circle attached to the zipper that split her sweater glinted in the light. Pulled part way down, her zipper revealed just a few inches of her cleavage, it was only a fraction of what she could show when she wished.

Recovering himself, Superintendent Chalmers gestured to the chair beside the desk.

“Please have a seat, Ms. Carnale. I’m glad to meet you at last. I’ve heard quite a lot about you. Principal Fitz tells my that you are one her most promising young teachers.” His voice betrayed a hint of disbelief. His eyes continued to flicker from her face to her other features.

“That’s so nice to hear,” Ms. Carnale purred. She had had a short conversation the previous afternoon with Principal Tits, um, Fitz, between bouts of double teaming Mr. Manhorse. The Principal had promised that she would say good things to the Super.

“On the other hand, I’ve heard some less than flattering things from some of your co-workers.” he continued.

“Probably that stuck up snob, Ms. Munford.” Ms. Carnale murmured.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss confidential conversations, Ms. Carnale. But I can see for myself that some of the comments seem to be true.”

She knew what some of those comments had to have been. Ms. Munford had not been shy in expressing her disapproval of Ms. Carnale’s new mode of dress. Ms. Munford was a skinny, unhappy, harpy who lived to make other people’s lives miserable.

“You mean the way I dress? Well, I don’t dress like a schlump the way so many teachers do, that’s for sure.” She smiled confidently. She was sitting up on the edge of the chair. And Superintendent Chalmers was still unable to maintain eye contact for more than a few seconds. The rest of the time he was trying to memorize her legs and thighs or peering down her cleavage.

She had heard that Superintendent Chalmer’s wife was a skinny, bony woman with no sense of humor. And best of friends with Ms. Munford. Ms. Carnale wondered if the Mr. and Mrs. Chalmers had a satisfying sex life. From the way Superintendent Chalmers was looking at her she doubted that they did. She decided to test her theory. She might get in trouble, she knew. But she was already in trouble and it would be fun to test her theory.

She leaned toward him. As she did one breast was pushed against the desk causing it to bulge beguilingly.

“So, tell me. What is it that you have heard?” she purred. “Have you heard that I like to wear skirts instead of pants? Have you heard that I prefer sweaters to baggy sweatshirts or over-sized blouses? Maybe you’ve noticed that I would escort kadıöy have a hard time finding something that would BE over-sized on me?” She chuckled.

“Look”, she directed as she stood up.

Smiling at the Superintendent she doffed her jacket and stood proudly in front of him. Shoulders back, her amazing bosom was thrust into such prominence that he flinched back before he could stop himself.

Still smiling proudly down at him Ms. Carnale reached forward and carefully, slowly, lowered the gold pull on her zipper until it was just at the farthest outreach of her bosom’s projection. Over a foot from her rib cage it glinted in the light.

She reached out and grasped his hand in hers.

Smiling still, she drew his fingers to the gold circle.

“I know that some people think I should cover myself up. But I don’t agree. I have no shame about how I look! I think my body is fabulous. But I’ll let you decide, Mr. Chalmers.” She took her hands away, leaving him grasping the pull.

“Go ahead Mr. Chalmers. Pull it up. If you want. I wouldn’t mind if you pulled it down. I kinda think that you really want to pull it down. I won’t tell.” She shimmied. “Have you ever seen anyone like me before?”

“My wife wears a B-cup,” he responded. His gaze never left the sight of her massive chest, the smooth flesh quivering in response to her every movement. Just a portion of her canyon like cleavage on display. Literally at his finger tips was the most enormous set of knockers he had ever dreamt of. Bigger than he had ever dreamt of.

For a moment she didn’t know which way it was going to go. Then, as he stood up, his hand pulled down and down until, at last, the sweater half’s snapped apart! Her over burdened bra cups shivered as they were freed from the sweater’s confines.




Mr. Chalmers gasped.

“Here, honey”, she cooed while placing his hands on either side of her majestically large bra. “Squeeze, ’em, honey, I love to have my big, big, tits handled!”

With a maniacal look in his eyes he pushed her tits together and pulled his hands away to watch them bounce and shiver to a stop. Again he watched as her huge breasts bounced and quivered in their bra, inches from his face. His eyes were glazed with lust!

Her hands joined behind his head and she pulled him forward to bury his face in her unfathomable cleavage. With a giggle she shook her shoulders while pulling him deeper and deeper.

His hands came up to hold her massiveness to each side of his face. Pushing harder and harder, his ears disappeared from view as he shook his head back and forth. As he kept pushing himself, shimming her immense tits, Ms. Carnale reached back to release herself from the confines of the bra.

Pulling himself away from her, he glanced up.

“I can’t do that with my wife,” he exclaimed.

“Here’s something else you can’t do at home”, she replied as she gracefully sank to her knees.

He had no idea when she had dropped his pants to the floor and the question vanished as he felt his erection become engulfed by her massive tits!

“Oh, God! That feels so good!” he exulted as his hips began to churn. Pumping his hips, he felt his pre-cum begin to lubricate the passage between her mams.

She grinned up at him as they worked together. She was squeezing herself tightly around him as he worked. She enjoyed the look on his face and the fact that she was fully in control as she flexed and mashed herself against him.

“She can’t do this, can she?”

“Wouldn’t if she could. It’s probably ‘dirty’. She doesn’t do ‘dirty'” he gasped as he began to squirt his release between her massive breasts.

He collapsed back into the chair, panting with his release. She was maltepe escort pumping his last dribbles onto her breasts as he recovered.

“Well, if she doesn’t do ‘dirty’, she probably never does this either, does she?” she asked. She dipped her head. Catching his semi hard cock between her lips she soon had him back to full strength. Almost eight inches and nicely plump, she drew him entirely into her mouth while her tongue went wild. Caressing his cock with her mouth, lips and tongue she had him on the verge of another explosion in just a couple of minutes while he watched spellbound.

“Oh, hell, no! She doesn’t even like to touch my cock,” he complained.

“I love’em,” she told him. “You’ve got a nice one, too!”

She stood up before him, naked from the waist up, her tits shivered and bounced as she moved. Skimming out of her skirt she straddled him as he sat in the chair.

“Now, you just suck on these huge tits of mine while I take care of everything else, honey!”

As he dipped his head to encase himself again in her bounty she settled into his lap. His dick slid smoothly between her pussy lips. She took him to the hilt in one easy movement.

Shifting her weight, flexing her hips she soon had built up to the speed and power of a paint shaker. Her tits surged and shook as she worked, forcing him to hold on tighter and tighter as she worked. His hand prints began to show on the smooth flesh. Her nipples jutting out in excitement drawing his lips to them. He licked and sucked, licked and sucked while she pounded herself up and down, left and right, back and forth on his erection.

“Oh, that’s so good,” she exulted, “so FUCKING good! Let me ride you, let me pull another load out of your balls, honey! I love to fuck, I love to have you play with my gigantic titties!”

He had no response, he was focused on playing with her boobs and trying not to cum too quickly. It felt too good. He really wanted to cum but he knew that he would never get another chance like this one. He wanted to prolong it any way he could. He loved having this big busted vixen riding him while letting him play with the larges breasts he could imagine. Until now he hadn’t know how much he craved big tits! There was no way he was going to let her get fired. His wife and her prissy friend could go to hell, he thought.

And like all good things, it came to an end. Just a few minutes later he clutched her hips and held on as hard as he could while he pumped another big load of cum into her clasping pussy.

“Fuck,” he sighed, “you have a job for life as far as I’m concerned,” he told her as he licked her nipples.

“Thanks, honey! I just have one little favor to ask,” she murmured in his ear.

Coda: Superintendent Chalmers

His tryst with Ms. Carnale was life-changing. He could no longer deny his affinity for big boobs.

Six months later he was divorced. He began to hang out at “The Rack Room”, the local big tittie strip club/bar. He struck up a friendship with one of the club girls, a grad student in Sociology at the local university who was working her way thru school using her all natural G-cup titties for all that she could get.

Within another six months they were married. Ms. Carnale was one of the few people invited to the ceremony at “The Rack Room”. At the reception afterword the Bride showed off her skill as a pole dancer. And the guests were invited to do so as well if they wanted to. Ms. Carnale was a huge hit!

As a wedding gift they combined a trip to Brazil with her surgery. Having the largest set of “silly string” implants that the doctor could stuff into her she emerged from the clinic with tits that rivaled Ms Carnale. And they were going to keep growing.

The couple moved to Las Vegas where Linda became a Titanic Titted Dominatrix while he posed as her butler/assistant. Dressed only in a leather harness and small shiny leather short shorts he served her every need.

And every night they fucked each other silly.

And they lived happily ever after.

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