Teaching Mom About Orgasm Ch. 06

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I decided to write this epilogue because I had received a few requests for the address to the site where mom’s pictures were posted. Unfortunately, the site has since closed. That’s too bad because the pictures were exquisitely arousing. Not only because they were pictures of a beautiful pussy, but because it was my mother’s beautiful pussy.


It was the first time seeing her cunt. And as any man who has ever had erotic thoughts about his mother will tell you, seeing her vulva, her lips, her clit for the first time, well, there are no words to describe the feeling or the intensity of the arousal. Sure you get an instant erection, but it’s more than that. This is the woman you’ve known and loved the longest. It’s the woman you first had any kind of relationship with. It’s the woman you’ve been totally heart to heart with. And if you’ll admit it, it’s the woman you want to experience the bliss of completion with.

You’re not just looking at her pussy, she’s openly showing it to you. She’s inviting you to gaze at the seat of what makes her a woman, what makes her a mother. She’s encouraging you to have sexual feelings kartal escort bayan for her. And she’s entertaining the suggestion that some day soon you’ll be touching it, licking it, sucking those gorgeous lips into your mouth, teasing your tongue around her clit till she explodes in orgasm. And because it is HER pussy, the thought is not far from her mind that your cock is hard and she longs to feel that hardness plunging into her. She wants to feel your cock thrusting in and out of her till you erupt in orgasm spurting your cum deep inside her. And as you do, she’ll cum too, her pussy contracting and milking every drop from your cock. And unless it happens to you, you can’t imagine the thrill of making your mother cum.

I didn’t mention it in the story, but we took a lot of pictures and videos. She loves to watch them and masturbate when we’re not together. Often she’ll call me and describe what she’s doing and what she’s watching. She particularly likes the videos of me masturbating and ejaculating on her pussy. She says she likes watching my cum spurt. She says she always orgasms looking at her semen coated escort maltepe pussy lips.

She told me she also likes the videos of us making love, but only the ones that show my cock thrusting in and out of her. She loves watching me speed up as I’m ready to cum. She looks into my eyes then into the camera and says, “Fuck me, baby. Cum in my cunt.” I grunt, groan and scream as I cum in her pussy. She wraps her legs around me as she screams her own orgasm. You cannot believe how hot that is watching it. You’ve all seen couples fucking and cumming, but there is nothing like watching you and your mother fuck each other and cum together.

I can hear the requests now. But, no, those pics and videos stay with us. I’m sorry. Guess you’ll have to make your own.

However, since the original site was removed, at the very least, I owe you a description of Mom’s pussy. First, it’s a thing of absolute beauty. It is completely devoid of hair. At first she shaved it, but has since taken to having it waxed. The smoothness lasts much longer. She says the initial pain is well worth the pleasure that’s sure to cum (pun pendik escort intended, naturally).

Her mons is prominent and large. Her lips are puffy and plump. And when aroused, very wet and swollen. Mom said that since her sexuality has been awakened, her lips seem to have become more full. She says she can almost feel them slide together when she’s walking. Her lips join together to form the most delectable, delicious slit. I love to lick up and down that slit and make her lips part, revealing her delicate pink inner lips. They rise to the top of her pussy where they meet at the center of her pleasure. Her clit is slightly large and very sensitive. She said when she masturbates she can cum within 10 seconds if she wants. When I tease her clit with my tongue, fingers, or cock I’ll make it last a lot longer. When she does cum, it’s earth shaking.

As I’ve been writing this, Mom has been on the bed in front of me. What I’ve just described is what I’m seeing. Her legs are spread and her fingers are stroking her full plump lips. Her finger slips between her labia to touch her clit. Her hips are rising off the bed as she revels in her self-pleasure.

She’s stopping. She’s whispering to me that she wants my cock. My clothes are off. I’m hard. In moments I’ll be inside her pussy, thrusting, filling her, knowing once again the bliss of completion, the joy of mutual orgasm with my mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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