Teaching My Family Ch. 01

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It was Bianca’s 18th Birthday and the party had just finished. All the invited guests had gone home leaving just Bianca, her 22 year old sister Catherine, her mother Joanne and me, her father James.

The four of us sat down on the couch in the living room and relaxed after a long, but fantastic, party. Joanne reached across to get the remote control for the television but as soon as we all realised what she was doing we asked her to stop, nobody else wanted it turned on.

I looked at Bianca, she was a short chubby lady with shoulder length blonde hair and very attractive, and asked her what she wanted as a present from her parents.

“I’m legal age and really want to learn how to have sex.” She stated matter of factly. Her honesty took us all by surprise. Her mother was the first to react,

“Would you like us to hire you a male prostitute?”

“In this town? Everyone would know by that night!” Bianca responded, she did have a point as we lived in a small town an hours drive North of Adelaide.

Bianca looked at me,

“No, I think it should be Dad who teaches me, at least he won’t go around telling everyone.” She had a point, there was no was I would be telling everyone I just screwed my own daughter no matter how good looking she was.

Joanne looked at Catherine and asked,

“Are you alright with that? I mean, we didn’t exactly get you anything like this for your 18th.” Catherine had a current boyfriend, who had a 13 inch penis, so she knew all about sex; her mother and I could hear her scream some nights although she tried to keep her voice down.

“If she is doing that then I would like to take this opportunity to experience lesbian sex.” Catherine replied.

“With me or your sister?” her mother replied.

“With you Mum, I’m not a lesbian!” Bianca replied with a laugh.

“I’m happy with the arrangement if you are dear.” Joanne asked me as she looked at my face to read my reaction.

“Why not? I would rather they both learnt here than anywhere else.” I replied.

Bianca reached down and rubbed my penis through my pants, she moved her face close to mine and, with here eyes closed, whispered bursa escort “teach me everything”.

Our lips touched but my eyes were wide open as I watch my wife and our eldest daughter, Catherine, start their own kiss. I suppose I really should really say what they looked like apart from the fact that they were both hot! Catherine was tall, skinny with shoulder length jet black hair; she always dressed in black. Her mother was short and chubby like our youngest daughter, but she had short dark red hair.

It only took 2 seconds before Bianca’s rubbing made my penis go hard as a rock, and she new this as well as she stopped kissing me and looked at it.

“Oh daddy, this is going to be the best birthday present ever!” She reached down and rubbed it, making it even harder, something I didn’t even realise was possible. She leaned down and kissed it,

“Is that a blow job daddy?” she asked me.

“No Bianca, for a blowjob you have to treat it like a lollipop and suck it.” I replied.

She looked at it, and then put it in her mouth, stopping to get used to it before she started to suck on it. It was fantastic. I put my head back and enjoyed it, just having a quick glance at my other daughter and my wife. They were still kissing and now Catherine had put her hand under my wife’s shirt and was playing with her breasts under the silky material.

Bianca sucked and played with my penis until I finally came after about 3 minutes; I told her I was coming and she wouldn’t take her mouth away, leaving me no option but to explode into her mouth. The taste was obviously new to her but she swallowed it with ease.

“How was the taste?” I asked,

“Salty, but I think I can get used to it” she replied as she leaned over and grabbed a glass of water. As she drank she undid her blouse, I could easily see the white lacy bra which made my flacid penis twitch.

When Bianca finished drinking we both looked over at her sister and mother. Catherine had managed to undress her mother and had popped a breast out over the top of her bra, she sucked on that breast like a newborn baby did. Joanne was leaning back in the chair with her eyes closed, bursa escort bayan loving this new experience.

“Mom, dad and I are going to my room.” She told her mother as she stood up..

“Okay dear. Catherine and I will go into my bed.” was the reply. Bianca turned and looked at me,

“Come on daddy, there is so much you have to teach me.” she said while holding her hand out for me to grab. I took her hand and stood up,

“Okay Bianca, lets go.”

We walked towards her room hand in hand.

When we got into Bianca’s room she let go of my hand and started to undress, I watched as the most beautiful body I had ever seen was slowly revealed. Bianca was chubby and had very full breasts, but they were the right proportions. When Bianca finally took her white lacy bra off her breasts nearly didn’t move and had no sagging.

She lay on her back as I took my shirt off, all she wore now was a pair of white socks. Her pubic hair was neatly shaved and blonde.

I finally had my shirt off when I moved forward onto the bed and put my mouth over her vagina, I had gone done on my wife enough times and made her scream so I simply did the same thing to my daughter, my tongue went in little circle on her clitoris. Bianca enjoyed my tongue, she worked out very quickly how to move her body with my movements and let out small moans of delight.

My penis was rock hard again so I kissed gently up her body, moving upwards till I reached her delicious breasts, I sucked on one breast for a minute before I spent another minute on the other.

Finally I positioned my penis at her vaginal opening, this was it, this is when Bianca was going to lose her cherry. Bianca herself didn’t want to miss this moment so she sat up on her elbows in order to get a good view of her pussy.

I moved my penis closer and rubbed it up and down her pussy. Bianca bit her bottom lip. I then slowly put the tip of my penis in, after making sure this didn’t hurt her I pushed it in a bit more. Bianca reached down and grabbed my penis, helping me put it in further and further until finally all 5 inches were inside of her.

I pushed her onto her escort bursa back and then began to rock to and fro, pulling my penis out until the tip was nearly visible and then thrusting it back in, Bianca’s eyes were wide open as she stared at the ceiling, I don’t think she realised that it was going to be this good.

After 5 minutes of this I decided to change positions, so I slowed up.

“What’s wrong daddy?” she asked.

“Nothing Bianca, we’re just going to try another position.”

“Oh god, I hope it’s just as good as that!”

“It will feel different but it should be just as good.” I told her as I rolled her over onto her stomach. Her skin had not one blemish mark on it I noted as I looked over her body. I put her knees together and moved behind her.

“Pull your cheeks apart.” I asked her, she reached back and spread her butt cheeks for me. I could see her anus which looked perfect, ‘I’ll lick that one day’ I thought to myself.

For now I moved my penis forward and it went back into Bianca’s vagina, it felt like it was home again as it thrust into a warm place.

I thrust back and forth again and listened to Bianca moan while her breasts swung beneath her. After a minute of this I grabbed her by the back of the shoulders, lifting her back to me. When Bianca started to move back under her own weight I moved my hands around her and grabbed her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She leaned her head back on my shoulders and smiled at me.

I thrust into a few more times while tweaking her nipples while we looked at each other, then we kissed. It was a fantastic kiss and I felt my balls starting to erupt.

“I have to pull out, I’m about to cum again,” I told her. Bianca simply smiled and put her hand on my balls, stopping me from pulling out.

“I want it inside of me.” she whispered into my ear. That was the final straw, I blew my load for the second time in 20 minutes, this time inside her.

We finally untangled and lay down next to each other in her bed. We gazed into each others eyes, proud of what we had both just done.

If we had any doubts of what the other two were up to there was no doubt as I could hear my wife screaming in orgasm in the main bedroom.

Bianca reached down to my flacid penis and stroked it,

“Will you teach me everything daddy? Please?” she asked,

“Of course I will Bianca.” was my honest reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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