Temptation Pt. 02

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Jeez, what a dumb-ass I am. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I should-a known better. Should-a known she wouldn’t come. Should-a known the moment I spoke to her today and that goofy-dumb smile she gave me.

‘Sure Jack. See you there …’

But what a goddam smile – and the way she flicked her hair behind her ear when she said it. Shit, Jack you really got it bad you old dumb-ass.

And why the heck did I tell Helen I was having dinner with the young Asian girl from work? That must’ve made her feel real good. Why didn’t I just tell her I was going out with the guys?

‘Said she wants to talk to me about something in confidence’ I told her.

Smart move, Jack ‘Dumb-ass’.


So I’ve been sitting here for like twenty/twenty five minutes and the penny’s dropped. What’s a dumb-ass guy to do? Text her, that’s what.

‘Where are you?’

But there’s no reply.

So I wait another ten minutes before I pay for my drink and walk out Luigi’s.

I get in the car, start it up and ease out into the sparse night-time traffic feeling confused. What the heck was I thinking, asking her out? Should-a known she wouldn’t come. Sure, I’m disappointed but you know what, kind-a relieved too. Obsession, that’s all it is Jack, I tell myself. Crazy to think a young chick like that would go out with an old married guy like me.

And then the phone pings. I steal a quick glance at who it is. Jeez, it’s her.

I turn off Main Street, glide to a halt along a deserted sidewalk, pick up the phone and scan the message.

‘Hi Jack. I’m sorry’.

That’s it? I’m sorry? That’s all she got to say?

‘Sorry about what?’ I text back in a flash hoping she picks up on my vibe.

‘Dinner …’

I let out a big dumb-ass sigh.

‘Hey no problem, truly’ and I mean it.

She’s a cute girl and I got the ‘hots’ for her, that’s all. I’m not the first and won’t be the last I tell myself while the engine ticks over. Just go home and forget about it. Go home. Go back to your wife. You got a great wife. You love her. Thirteen years. Remember? Jeez, Jack, what the heck are you playing at?

Then the phone pings again.

‘Jack … it’s not dinner I want’.

Jeez, my heart literally just leapt into my mouth. My head’s suddenly buzzing. Must be the blood I can feel pumping through my veins. She doesn’t want dinner. What does she want, something else, sex maybe? My mind’s jumping.

I let out another big sigh, not quite such a dumb-ass one as the last.

‘What is it you do want?’ I reply after a good minute or two, glad I don’t have to wait so long for her next message.

‘Just talk …’

Talk. She just wants to talk.

‘Sure, talk anytime. No problem’

‘No – just talk now’

I scratch my head. Jeez I think to myself, talk about what? Before another thought enters my dumb-ass brain she sends me another text.

‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Sure …’ I say, thinking ‘here we go’ … some lame ‘do you think I’m pretty?’ kind-a crap coming my way.

But when it comes, after a long three minutes of silence, the question is plain and to the point.

‘What would you do if I told you I was wet for you escort ataşehir (which I’m not btw)?’

Jeez, my eyes nearly pop out of my head. And the snake in my pants suddenly needs somewhere bigger to stretch out, y’know? I stretch round and sneak a look out the rear window, glance forward, left and right. Street’s deserted. I ease open the button on my pants and ease off the pressure.

I give it a few minutes. Don’t say anything stupid or crass dumb-ass. Jeez, what a chick. And she’s wet for me? Ha, goddam!

‘If you told me you were wet for me, which you’re not, I’d probably get a massive boner – which I haven’t – and want to fuck your brains out’ I send back.

Keep it real.

A whole four minutes go by. I sit back, close my eyes thinking maybe I said the wrong thing. I think of those almond eyes, her cute ass, that goofy smile. Four and a half minutes before my cock finally starts to droop and the ache in my balls dissipates. I should get out-a here while the getting’s good. Go home to my wife.

Just as I get over being amazed by the whole thing the notification light of my phone blinks at me. Jeez, how come I didn’t hear it? I pick it up and read.

‘Are you somewhere private?’

‘Parked up on a street off Main Street’

A whole twenty seconds drag by. Then another message pings in.

‘I’m wet for you’ it says.


‘I’ve got a massive boner thinking about that …’ I shoot back quickly, no word of a lie.

Ten seconds.

‘I’m so wet’

Goddam cock is so hard again it’s giving me a big ache. I glance around pull down the zipper on my pants. Street’s still deserted.

The next few texts rally like a game of pro tennis each shot going for the kill.

‘I really wanna suck your breasts’

Seven seconds.

‘Hmmm … suck them’

‘I wanna run my tongue down your body and lick around your fingers while you touch yourself’

Twelve seconds …

‘Eat me’

‘I wanna tongue you all over your pussy ‘n taste you’

Twenty five seconds.

‘I want you to fuck me’

Jeez I pull my cock out my pants and pull myself off a couple times with the thought of it.

‘Turn over on your front’ I command with my next message.

‘OK!’ she says, and the way she writes it in capitals gives my boner sudden added steel.

‘Kneel with your forearms on the floor and yr ass in the air’

‘YES … SIR!!’

‘Spread your knees wide. I want to eat u again from behind’

‘WOW … 🙂 🙂 :)’

‘Like that, huh?’


Jeez, the thought of her wiggling her cute little bottom up in the air waiting for me to poke her and that cute goofy-smile face turned on its side, a look of ecstasy flushed all over it. I gotta calm down a while.

‘Jeez … my cock is so hard’

I’m so into this now I don’t care if anybody walks by or not.

‘Push it in me’

‘All the way’

‘Fuck me hard’

‘You feel so good. I’m running my hands all over your back … do you like my hands on you?


‘I’m sliding my hot cock in and out of you … in and out, in and out. Do you like the way I’m screwing you?


‘Do you want me to churn kadıköy escort my cock inside you?’


‘You love being fucked like this, don’t you?’

A minute and a half of resounding silence echoes around my grunts as I fist my prick to my thoughts. No reply.

‘Hey, where are you?’

Another half a minute drags by.

‘Hey, sorry … I couldn’t … I was having an orgasm!! :):)’

I laugh out loud.

‘LOL … I’m happy for you. But my balls are aching like hell. Help me out …’

‘You were churning inside me and suddenly … bam! My whole body went into a spasm. I’ve never properly cum before. It was sooo amazing, like my pussy was sucking on my fingers. Thanks!’

‘Yeah, that’s good …’

‘I want to make you cum too’

‘Be my guest …’

‘Slide your cock slowly in and out of my mouth’

‘My pleasure’

‘Feel my tongue on your cock while I look at you’


‘Push your cock to my throat’

‘Almost there’

‘Grab my hair and tell me you’re going to cum soon’

‘I’m going to cum soon’

‘Cum in my mouth … make me swallow it’.

Goddam it, I pull up my shirt just in time and just far enough to avoid the streak of jizz that spatters my lower chest. And then another and another. Jeez Jack.

I look around quickly – forgot to check if anyone was around. Jack you dumb-ass, what the heck are you thinking?

I smear the goo into my skin and wait for it to dry off a little, open the window to get some air. The phone pings.

‘Did u cum?’ she asks.

Ha, did I cum? What a chick – those goddam almond eyes looking up at me.

‘Did I ever. Thanks’

‘Me too, thanks’.

The light from the phone fades away into darkness. Now the silence hits me. Suddenly I feel … lonely, guilty. Suddenly I feel like I’ve just … been unfaithful. Suddenly I feel like the sleaze-ball I really am. But before I can gather any more of my senses the phone goes again.

‘I know I’m a bad girl. I’m sorry. I know you’re married. That’s why I didn’t come to the dinner. Because we work together’

Then she hits me with another.

‘I’m a bad girl. Just like dirty talk. Don’t want anything else. Most guys don’t understand. Please don’t tell anyone, promise?’

And then another …

‘Cool. See you at work’.

The come-down hits me. I got a depressed look on my face. I smell of spunk. Shit I got some on my damn shirt. My pants are all sweaty. Boxers got cum stains on them too by now. And it’s early. What the heck am I gonna tell Helen? She’s gonna ask me all sorts of questions. Didn’t look too happy when I left the house earlier either. God, I’m such a dumb-ass. Just tell her the truth Jack I tell myself. Never could lie to her. Not big lies anyways. Shit, Jack, you goddam loser.

I zip up my pants and pull down my shirt, rev up the car and drive home trying not to think too much. Try not to think about her or what just went down. Try not to think about what I’m gonna say to Helen. Try not to think about anything.


Helen’s sitting in the lounge in her white bathrobe when I get in. She smells nice. Funny how that clicks in my head even maltepe escort bayan though she looks serious and just says ‘you’re early’ as I walk by. I feel like a louse, wanna get out of these clothes.

‘Something wrong Jack?’ she asks and I stop in my tracks. I can’t lie to her. Not after thirteen years.

I let out a dumb-ass sigh. I know I can’t ignore the question. I open my phone, pass it to her and tell her she can read it while I take a long shower.

‘You married the biggest dumb-ass in the world’ I say as I walk out the lounge and up the stairs to the en-suit. ‘Read all of it though, before you decide to kill me …’.


I shower for like twenty minutes or something. She must’ve read it at least twice over by now. I can hear her moving around in the bedroom. Jeez, I’m in trouble.

I turn off the shower, get out and wrap a towel around me. Face the music time …

Helen’s standing right outside the door to the shower room when I open it. She’s got the phone in her hand and a kind of ‘what the hell’ look on her face. I look at her like the dumb-ass I am. I can’t find any words.

‘Jack, there’s nobody in the world that hasn’t masturbated about somebody they fancy’ she says in the dim light, all matter of fact. ‘Though usually they kind-a keep it to themselves and don’t do it in the street where there’s CCTV and people and cars going by’.

‘I’m sorry Helen’ I say like a naughty schoolboy.

And then I notice something else about her. She’s got her hair all piled up, kind-a messy, with a pair of chopsticks through it all, holding it all in place. Looks kind-a cute.

She hands me the phone.

‘You should tell her she’s not a bad girl’ she says ‘and tell her you’re cool with it all’.

I take the phone. Still can’t find the words.

‘But listen Jack, if she ever wants to talk to you ‘in confidence’ again … you better do it here, with me. Ok?’

I nod in the affirmative.

‘Now go dry yourself and come to bed. I’ll be waiting for you …’ and with a quick glance at the phone adds ‘… so better not take too long’.

And then that goddam dumb-ass strikes again.

‘Wait for who Helen, Jack … or Tom?’ I say like a dick, thinking about that name she throws into the ring sometimes when we’re making love.

And then Helen does something I’ll never forget. She throws her head back and laughs an almighty guffaw, real quick, before jerking her head back to face me – all serious again. In thirteen years I’ve never seen her do that. I swear. And then she takes a slow step backward, looks me straight in the eye and loosens her robe.

‘That’s for you to find out … SIR’ she says with a hard emphasis on the sir.

Still looking me in the eye she takes another step back, then another. Her robe’s fallen open all the way and the dim half-light falls seductively over her curves, those fantastic naked womanly curves. I start tapping out the message I should-a sent an hour ago, struggling not to take my eyes off Helen who’s now at the bed. I catch it all as she sits, runs a hand slowly over her breasts then lies back with her arms splayed out and one stretched-out leg pointing straight up to the ceiling.

‘I’m so wet for you Jack’ she says in a voice that’s all matter-of-fact – and sexy as hell.

Jeez. Thirteen years and it feels like only yesterday.

‘Jack’ I say to myself with a smile on my face ‘Maybe you’re not such a dumb-ass after all’.


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