Tennis Camp Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Almost Jeannie

This story involves sexual play, sex, and drinking by young adults. Although the drinking includes individuals under age 21, this story is recounting a time when 18 year olds could drink legally.


Summers during my college years were the time for tennis camp, and a time when I could be king of my surroundings. I was a pretty good college tennis player, but to stay competitive, I depended on additional coaching during the summers. I had worked out a arrangement with the coach of one of the tennis camps for me to help out with the instruction of the youngsters, in return for his coaching me for the summer. As a result, he got a pretty good tennis player on staff to give credibility to his summer program, and I got to be a hot shot for the summer.

Near the end of my last summer there, we had a sexually charged party that I would remember for the rest of my days. Each tennis camp session was two weeks long, and we would get the full range of athletes from about 7 years old to 25. Generally there would be a few athletes who were legally adults. So, it was only a matter of time before I started a somewhat secret tradition of having a small party at the end of a two week camp session for the athletes who were old enough to drink.

At this particular summer session there was only one other athlete near my same age, a female named Jeannie. She had been on scholarship to a university, but had graduated the year before, and was just keeping her game up for regional competitions. Jeannie’s situation was similar to mine, she helped out with instructing the younger kids, but in her case, she would not stay the whole summer. She had been there for 6 weeks, and was returning home within a few days.

This party consisted of Jeannie and me along with four 18 year old kids, two boys and two girls. Of course, I did not know the 18 year olds nearly as well as I knew Jeannie. I had only known them for two weeks, and most of my dealings with them were as an instructor.

Back to Jeannie. She had a boyfriend back home, but that didn’t keep me from being interested in her. She had a beautiful smile to go along with a great sense of humor. She had relatively short curly blonde hair, and of course she was in great shape and looked it. She had a full figure with large breasts for an athlete, but she had been one of the better female college tennis players in the country.

For the last month or so, she was the only girl around who was about my age. I was younger than Jeannie, and I was kind of inexperienced compared to her, but I sure was interested. Even though she made it very clear that she had a boyfriend, I just could not help myself, and I flirted shamelessly with her. For the previous summer, and this summer, she had never been very interested in me. But during this month that it was only the two of us of that same age group, she seemed to notice me and we had just begun to date.

Since Jeannie and I were the senior athletes in the camp, and we were dating, the rest of the kids in the camp whispered about us and constantly tried to find out what we were up to. I kept my mouth shut, but Jeannie had a pretty close relationship with the two 18 year old girls, Becky and Elle. So far, Jeannie and I had been relatively innocent with each other sexually, but Jeannie apparently disclosed what little there was to the very interested girls after each date. I think that Becky and Elle were also getting an education about Jeannie’s sex life with her boyfriend, which was not as innocent. Of course, it must have made the girls especially interested knowing that Jeannie had a boyfriend, and yet she was also developing a closer relationship with me.

For the party, we had access to the house where the “boys” stayed. In other words, there was a house for the girls that Jeannie managed and a house for the boys that I managed. At this particular point in the session, most of the youngest kids had already left for home, with only a few of the younger girls remaining. But the boys’ house just had the two 18 year old guys Will and Tom, and me.

So it was going to be the four 18 year olds, Jeannie, and me at the boys’ house celebrating the end of the tennis session. The four 18 year olds wanted to see a movie first, so they arranged to go to a mid-afternoon feature. I gave them money to pick up plenty of beer for the party. They were delighted to pick up the beer, because all of them had only recently turned “legal”. Of course, I liked this schedule because it gave Jeannie and me some alone time first.

Will and Tom left the house to pick up Becky and Elle for the movie. And shortly after, Jeannie showed up. Have I mentioned what a real woman she was? It wasn’t just her full woman’s figure, but her attitude that was so appealing to me. She was not shy or giggly like the virginal girls. She wasn’t embarrassed about being sensual, and she liked to give me an occasional sly comment with adult innuendo. escort ataşehir Jeannie was confident, and gave me knowing looks as part of her way of relating.

I think one reason Jeannie was so secure was that she came from a stable and somewhat wealthy family. And one reason for her confidence around me was probably that she had total control of our relationship. She was the older and more experienced one, and I was perfectly happy to follow her lead.

When she walked through the back kitchen door of the old wood house, I just stood with my back against the living room doorway admiring her. The sun was behind her and I could see the outline of her legs through the sun dress she wore. Even as appealing as her figure was, it was her smile that made my heart skip a beat. Jeannie and I had not talked about what we might do before the party, and as she walked toward me I hoped that we would have time for something sensual.

Neither of us said a word as she maintained eye contact, walked up until our bodies touched, and gave me a long moist kiss. Her hands were on my shoulders, and my arms circled around her waist. As she leaned into me, my hands caressed the small of her back and her waist.

I was beginning to understand that this kiss of greeting had turned into something hotter. I placed the heels of my hands on her hips, and slowly pushed her up against the other side of the doorway. Those hip bones felt terrific against my hands as I nestled the rest of my body against her and lowered my face to the side of her neck. I breathed deep with my lips below her ear, while she lightly touched my chest with both hands, then continued her light touching down my sides to the outside of my hips and upper thighs.

I returned my lips to hers, and we lightly touched tongues. Her hands came across the front of my thighs to my newly hard front, and she moved upward with her hands while caressing my penis through the shorts. I responded by reaching as far down as I could, and lifting her dress until I could reach her rear end through her cotton panties. At that point I bent my knees then pressed upward against my shorts and her panties so that the head of my penis was pressing against the opening of her vagina.

We stayed like this for a few seconds, and I noticed that her eyes were closed. Jeannie opened her eyes, smiled, and then pulled slightly back from me to say, “Well, hello there!” These were the first words either of us had spoken. All I could think was how nuts I was for this woman.

She continued, “I could use a drink after that kiss!” and she slowly turned toward the kitchen as I stepped back. Damn that was hot! Jeannie went to the refrigerator while I realized that I felt a little silly standing there with a hard-on, and I said, “I’ll move as soon as I can focus my eyes again.” She came to me with two bottles of beer and offered one to me, but not before pressing the cold bottle up against my erection and joking, “Let’s see if this will cool you off.” It actually felt kind of good.

We moved into the living room to talk about the upcoming evening. We didn’t have to do very much to prepare for a party, there was a stereo with plenty of music, and the kids were in charge of replenishing the supply of beer. We figured we’d better eat something.

Through the time we prepared supper, we were constantly being affectionate with each other; nothing serious, just an occasional short kiss or a pat on the bottom. The fact is, we had never come very close to having sex, even though I was sure interested. I was happy being around her because I felt a little outclassed by her, and because she made things interesting. And, I understood that she was trying to be loyal to her boyfriend, so I couldn’t really get upset with her.

But we were getting a little more sexual each time we got together, and sometimes it was a little kinky. Once we got hot and heavy in the parking lot of a police station. Another time we got caught partially clothed by the owner of a store in the middle of the night, behind his parking lot under some bushes, and he had even pointed a gun at us. Even though I was an active participant in some of the strange sensual activities, I think she led us into it as a way of distracting us, and especially herself, from getting more sexual.

After we had eaten, turned on the music, and had a couple of drinks, we got over on the couch together. Jeannie sat leaning against the beanbag located on one end of the couch, and I sat leaning against her and the back of the couch. We kissed and I caressed her through her summer dress. I lightly touched her bra contained breasts, which were large and set a little wide on her healthy torso. I moved my hands down over her ribcage onto her flat belly and hip bones, and this felt particularly good through the light material of the dress.

During this activity, Jeannie just laid back against the beanbag relaxing, with her eyes closed and a slight smile kadıköy escort on her face. Then she opened her eyes and leaned into me with her hands on my chest, until I was only leaning against the back of the couch. She slid her hands under my T-shirt and stroked my bare chest and stomach. Meanwhile, I reached my arms around to touch the small of her back, passed over the dimples at the top of her butt, and finally lowered my hands to lightly cup her beautiful round bottom.

After some time exploring each other through our clothes, Jeannie leaned back against the beanbag and began to unbutton the front of her sun dress. The buttons went the full length of the dress, but she stopped at the top of her panties, and then undid the front clasp of her bra. With a couple of shoulder shrugs she was laid out on the beanbag completely nude from the waist up, smiling devilishly at me.

This was the most nudity I had seen from Jeannie. Even though we had gotten to where we felt comfortable kissing, petting, and groping each other, we had always been reaching under clothing in dark places like a car. But I knew what to do. First I reached back behind my head to grab the top of my T-shirt and pull it off over my head. Then, with my hands on her hip bones, I lightly slid my chest up her torso until I could lightly kiss one nipple and then the other. I continued sliding up so that we could feel the sensation of our bare chests touching, and kissed her with some pressure while I moved my body side to side to enhance the feeling of our skin touching.

I pulled my face back and slid my hands up Jeannie’s torso to her bare breasts. As I caressed her I admired her face. She was fully flushed, and her lips were a shade of purple I’ve never seen except on her. She was no longer smiling, but her expression showed that she was enjoying the sensations. She lightly stroked my sides, from my upper torso down to my thighs, and then her hands lightly touched and kneaded my butt.

I moved one hand down her side caressing the curve of her waist, hip, and thigh. Then I moved my hips to the side enough to run my fingers across the front of her pelvis. I thought about just stroking around her thighs, but she raised her hips to me, signaling that I should go on. I cupped her mound through her dress and panties, rubbing lightly up and down but pressing enough to feel the indentation of her opening.

Jeannie wiggled her hips grinding herself up toward my hand. At the same time she reached over and began running her fingers over my thighs, stomach, and groin. That kind of stopped my breathing for a second, and I slowed down what I was doing with her. She pushed her pelvis up against my hand again, and I focused more on her.

I still stroked her breasts with one hand, but then with the other hand I moved my fingers up to the waistband of her panties and lightly felt her stomach as it moved up and down with her heavy breathing. I placed my fingers inside her panties and slowly moved down to the point of touching hair. Just knowing I was this close to her naked vagina was making the blood pound in my head.

Meanwhile Jeannie continued to stroke my groin through my shorts, concentrating on the outline of my penis, sometimes using her fingernails against the fabric. I moved my hand down to the opening of her bare vagina, and as my finger brushed across her clitoris she flinched in my arms. I let my middle fingers explore the wetness of her opening, and then I came back to the clitoris.

Jeannie reached over and undid the clasp on my shorts, and I helped her pull them down over my aching member. She made sure to look as it came into view, and she smiled, saying, “Ohh, that’s nice.”

Then she said, “Let’s do something different today.”

And I replied, “You know I love it when you say that.”

“OK, you strip and sit on the other end of the couch facing me. I’ve never really seen you totally naked so I want to get a good look at you.”

That sounded good to me. I hopped up, jerked my shorts and underwear off with one motion, swung them over my head and let them fly. Since I was barefooted and I had already ditched the shirt, I was now totally nude and sporting the best erection I possibly could. I hopped on the other end of the couch lifting one knee into position so that I could face Jeannie.

She smiled and looked briefly at my penis while she said, “Now touch yourself.” I happen to be an expert at touching myself. I began to lightly stroke myself with one hand, and touched the inside of my thigh with the other. I stretched out my foot to touch her, but she said, “No touching each other, yet.”

Man this was intense. My body was crying out to be up against her, but it was worth it to exercise patience in anticipation of what might happen next. She watched me for about a minute with an amused expression, and then she began to unbutton the rest of her dress. When she had unfastened the last button, she opened maltepe escort bayan the dress up so that it was spread out and she was laying on it. She leaned back into the beanbag, with her legs stretched out toward me, naked except for her panties.

I said, “You are absolutely gorgeous”, and she was. She just smiled at me while I admired her. She had large breasts, but not oversized, and they had a slight sag that was perfect. She had that tanned athlete’s body, with the firm stomach and thighs, and she also had the curves that come with a grown woman. I had never seen her like this before, and I was blown away.

Then she lifted her hips up, and placed her thumbs in the band of her panties. I watched hypnotized as she lowered the panties down her legs. My first thought at seeing her naked vagina was, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of hair.’ My next thought was, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of hair, and I like it!’ She set the panties aside and positioned herself against the beanbag with legs extended toward me, and slightly parted.

I had stopped stroking myself, having placed all of my energies into inspecting her, and I was especially intent on inspecting her vagina. She gave me a raised-eyebrow look, and I got back to my self touching. Once she had me going again, she began to touch her breasts and her stomach, the whole time watching me stroke myself. Then she lowered one hand to her vagina and began to pass her fingertips across her opening. She inserted a finger in her vagina and then brought the moist finger back up to her waiting clitoris.

She used one hand to spread the lips of her vulva, and the middle fingers of her other hand to slowly stroke her clitoris. I was learning something here about how to handle a clitoris the next chance I got. I was leaning forward, and wishing I could participate in the activities on her end of the couch.

Jeannie looked into my eyes and asked me if I knew how to find the G-spot. I told her the truth, I did not know but I was sure willing to learn. She placed her middle finger in her vagina about an inch and pressed upward, “It’s right here, and it feels like a button just inside the opening of my vagina. Would you like to come over to this end of the couch now?”

Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I didn’t say that, I just nodded and got on all fours on the couch to move toward her. She was still in total control of the situation. I had no idea if she would actually have sex with me, but I was going to be happy with whatever happened. She held her arms open to me, and I gently lowered myself onto her. Wow! The feeling of all that skin was fantastic! We lay like that for a few seconds just enjoying the first contact between two naked bodies.

I rolled to one side and touched her breasts with one hand, and caressed her thighs and hips with the other, as before. But this time we were both nude and I was so excited I could barely think. It was a little tough to stay straight on the couch but we managed. Her hands went all over my torso, and then she slowly placed both hands on my penis, moving her fingertips upward from my testicles to the tip. With that I let out the statement, “Nnguugh.”

I managed to move my lower hand to her groin. That hair around her vagina was beautiful. The hair on her head was blond due to the sun and probably a little bottle. This hair was dark brown and somewhat thick, and impressed me as being very natural. She made a slight move with her hips toward me, and I responded by moving the fingertips of my lower hand around the opening of her vagina. Jeannie moaned in anticipation as I began to stroke with my middle fingers all the way from her moist opening to the top of her clitoris.

It was hard for me to receive a hand job, and still concentrate on stroking both her breasts and her clitoris. I chose to concentrate on the clitoris stroking with one hand and using the other hand to separate the folds of skin surrounding the clitoris, as I had seen her do. She seemed to enjoy this, but she didn’t forget about lightly stroking me.

After a while I got curious about that G-spot. I continued to stroke her clitoris with one hand, but I inserted the middle finger of my other hand in her vagina. First I sank my finger as deep as I could to explore her depths, then I withdrew it to a point slightly inside her opening and felt around. I looked up at Jeannie and she had her eyes open watching what I was doing. I said, “Tell me when I find the G-spot.”

“You’re right there, just see if you can feel it.”

After a few communications back and forth, I was able to detect a small wrinkle in the top of her vagina that she consistently liked. With that, I worked with one hand on the G-spot, and the other on her clitoris.

I was dieing to climb on top and place my penis in the middle of all this action. But I knew that our mutual masturbation was probably all that would happen tonight, so I decided to be patient and appreciate whatever happened.

At some point, I inserted my second middle finger to help stimulate her G-spot, and Jeannie started bucking her hips up and down. Every now and then I would lean over and take a nipple in my mouth, but I made sure to keep my mind on what was happening at her pussy.

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