Terribly Silly Incest Ch. 04

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I woke up one morning and went down to the kitchen for breakfast in my boxers and a t-shirt. Julie, my eighteen year old twin sister, was still sleeping and our parents were only ever home about two or three days every month on average. I fully expected to be completely alone while I ate.

Much to my surprise, as soon as I walked into the kitchen I found myself staring at my mother’s naked body from behind. She was standing by the stove and was clearly in the process of cooking something. After a few minutes of staring at her bare ass I realized she wasn’t actually naked, but all she was wearing was an apron. I quickly grew a full erection inside my boxers.

Even though Mom was a lot older than Julie and me at nearly twenty-seven, she looked young enough to pass for our triplet. She also had a very sexy body for a mother. Her butt wasn’t quite as toned as Julie’s, but it had the benefit of being filled out a little more. It was so round and firm, and I couldn’t stop watching it as she swayed slightly while cooking breakfast.

I pulled down by boxers and stepped out of them, freeing my fourteen-inch cock. I stroked my shaft slowly as I watched my almost-naked mother. I nearly came when she dropped something and bent over at the waist, revealing her beautiful shaven pussy to me. Eventually she noticed that I was standing behind her.

“Oh, good morning, Jason honey,” she said cheerfully. “Are you hungry? I’m making a nice big breakfast because your father’s home and I thought the whole family could eat together. We don’t get the chance very often.”

“Morning, Mom,” I said. “I am kind of hungry, but I can wait until everyone’s up. I’m surprised you’re dressed like this if Dad’s home, though. What if he walks in?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go get changed before he gets up. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping you’d catch me.”

Mom looked slightly embarrassed by the admission, but she didn’t need to. I liked that our relationship had become slightly sexual ever since we’d fucked that first time. She turned around to face me, which gave me my first good view of her 78GG breasts straining against the front of her apron. They were barely contained and I was sure they’d pop out at any moment. The tops of her firm, round chest-muffins were visible above the top of the apron. I had to admit, no woman I knew could compete with Mom’s cleavage.

“It’s a good look on you,” I said honestly.

I was sure she could tell that I meant what I said. Me jerking myself off in the middle of the kitchen was a pretty big clue.

Mom smiled and did a slow twirl for me, showing off all sides of her body. I got a peek at the sides of her breasts, as well as another great view of her ass as she spun. I stroked myself faster as I got even more turned on. Mom watched me, biting her lip in undisguised lust.

“I have to keep working on breakfast,” she said regretfully.

“Go ahead,” I said. “I’ll stay and keep you company.”

She nodded and turned back to the stove. She hummed to herself and swayed gracefully back and forth in time with the melody. She had to know what her ass was doing to me.

I walked up directly behind my mother. My cock throbbed as I got closer to her magnificently naked butt. I put one hand on each cheek and squeezed. Mom purred happily as I played with her ass. I was so turned on I was about ready to explode from anticipation.

Mom moaned loudly as I pressed the tip of my erection against her wet pussy. A small flood of her juices ran down her leg at the contact. I rubbed my cock back and forth over her entrance.

“Mmm, baby that feels so good,” she cooed. “I know we’re not ready to eat yet, but Mommy’s pussy is so hungry.”

“Is that so?” I said. “What does Mommy’s pussy want?”

“How about… her son’s enormous cock filling her all the way up?”

“Is that what Mommy wants?”

“Please, honey. Don’t tease me.”

Mom wiggled her butt in frustration, imploring me to give her what she wanted. Since I wanted the same thing, it was an easy decision.

I took a firm hold of Mom’s hips and made sure my fifteen-inch cock was aimed properly. Without any further warning, I slammed my seventeen-inch shaft as hard as I could into her tight, wet pussy. She moaned so loud that the car alarms all the way down the block all went off. I only got about half of my sixteen-inch length inside kartal escort her on the first thrust, but I immediately started working the remaining twelve inches inside her.

“Oooh yes, baby,” she hissed. “That’s what Mommy needed. Your big cock is filling and stretching my pussy so much.”

“Your pussy feels so good, Mommy,” I said. “It’s so tight around my cock. It feels like it never wants to let me go.”

“I wish I could keep you inside me all the time. Would you like that, baby? To always have your Mommy’s tight, wet pussy wrapped around your big cock?”

“That would be so nice, Mommy.”

I fucked her hard and managed to get almost all of my cock inside her. So far Julie was still the only one who could take every single inch.

Mom tried to keep working on breakfast, but it got harder and harder for her concentrate as I pounded her little pussy. Even though she was a mother, she was still incredibly tight and it took a lot of effort to thrust my cock in and out of her so fast. I had to stretch her on every stroke, then fight against her pussy when I pulled out since it never seemed to want to let me go.

After about two hours of hard fucking, Mom and I came at the same instant. I buried as much of my twenty-inch cock inside her as I could while my cum exploded into her already over-stuffed pussy. She moaned and writhed on my shaft. My orgasm lasted several minutes, and by the end of it I was sure I’d emptied enough semen in her to fill a bathtub.

“I can’t believe you two started without me.”

I turned around to find Julie standing there with her arms folded across her chest and her bottom lip stuck out in a pout. She was gloriously naked, and even though her arms covered her breasts, her pussy was on full display. Despite having just finished cumming, my cock twitched at the sight of my sexy sister’s perfect body.

“Sorry,” I said. “You were asleep.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” Mom added. “Once his cock was out… I just wanted it in me. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to resist my son’s cock.”

Julie’s expression changed into a wistful smile.

“I guess I shouldn’t blame you,” she said. “I know what it’s like. I can’t resist him either.” She turned to me. “Jason, just for the record, me being asleep is no excuse to leave me out of sexy times.”

“Sorry,” I said. “I’ll make it up to you.”

“Mmm, I know you will.”

I pulled out of Mom, and Julie instantly dropped to her knees and took my cock all the way into her mouth. She swallowed my entire shaft until her forehead was pressed against my stomach. She eagerly cleaned off all of my cum and Mom’s juices. Then she pulled away from me.

Without missing a beat, Julie scooted over to Mom and latched onto her pussy. My sister licked and sucked on our mother’s fuck-cavern to get as much of my cum out as she could. It was the first time I’d ever seen her use her tongue on another girl like that, let alone the first time she’d really done anything with Mom. I couldn’t believe how normal she made it look.

Mom had already been a little shaky after the orgasm I’d given her. When her daughter started attacking her pussy, she almost collapsed. She had to hold onto the counter to steady herself. The way Julie was going, it looked like Mom might cum again any moment.

“Julie dear,” Mom said. “I’m making breakfast. You should eat something other than Jason’s cum.”

“But Mommy,” Julie said as she briefly stopped licking, “it’s my favourite thing. And besides, I read that the healthiest thing a girl can eat is her brother’s cum. Especially if we’re twins. We’re so genetically similar that his cum has all the nutrients I need in it. It’s basically the same thing as breast milk for babies.”

“Well… as long as you’re eating healthily, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I certainly wouldn’t want to take away your favourite treat.”

Julie beamed. “Thanks, Mommy. You’re the best.”

Mom looked at me. “Jason honey, you’ll have to make sure you eat plenty, okay? If you’re going to be feeding your sister and all, you need to keep your strength up.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I said.

I was getting so turned on from watching my sister eat out my mother. I started stroking my cock again and tried to figure out if I could somehow get access to Julie’s pussy without interrupting her.

Suddenly maltepe escort bayan there were footsteps from down the hall. Mom, Julie, and I all turned around at the same instant. It had to be Dad coming, he was the only other one home. We all had to scramble to make sure we weren’t caught in a compromising position. I kicked my boxers under the table and sat down so the tablecloth would hopefully hide the fact that I was naked from the waist down. Julie dived under the table after my boxers. Mom simply turned so that Dad would see her apron and not the fact that she had nothing on underneath.

“Morning, dear,” Dad said as he entered the room. “Morning, Jason.”

“Good morning,” Mom and I said.

“Excellent timing,” Mom said. “I just finished breakfast. Sit down and I’ll put it on the table.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Dad said.

He sat down and Mom got busy putting things on the table without turning her back. Luckily Dad was soon too preoccupied with filling up his plate to bother looking around too much. There was lots to keep him busy. Mom had made pancakes, eggs, bacon, waffles, toast, cereal, orange juice, coffee, sausage, fruit salad, muffins, and bagels. She didn’t say anything, but I got the feeling she wanted to make sure I was eating enough. I knew she was just being a mother and looking after her kids, but I was old enough to know that I needed to eat more than usual when so much of my cum was going straight into my sister’s tummy.

Mom sat down with us when she had everything set out. She seemed relieved that Dad hadn’t noticed how revealing her attire actually was.

“Where’s Julie at?” Dad asked. “Should we call her?”

“Um… she’s still sleeping,” I said. “She was up pretty late with… studying.”

Mom choked on a mouthful of juice she’d just taken. She obviously had a pretty good guess what Julie had been doing to be up so late. A moment later she choked on another mouthful. When I heard the sound of someone licking, I realized why. Sure enough, a peek under the table revealed my sister kneeling in front of Mom and lapping at her pussy like a puppy.

“Oh,” Dad said. “Well I suppose she’s old enough to know when breakfast is.” He turned to Mom. “And how come you haven’t taken your apron off? You’re done with the cooking, aren’t you?”

“Well… um… it’s just that…” Mom stammered, unable to think up a good excuse. Her daughter’s tireless, cum-seeking tongue probably wasn’t helping her think.

“There’s a small tear in her shirt,” I interrupted. “She ripped it while she was making breakfast and she’s embarrassed about it. She wouldn’t even let me see it.”

Dad smiled indulgently at Mom. “You know you don’t have to worry about things like that around your family, dear. Your clothes don’t have to be immaculate when you’re at home.”

“I know,” Mom said, giving me a grateful smile. “It’s just… I feel so silly about it. It was so clumsy of me.”

“Well that’s okay,” Dad said. “If you want to cover it up, that’s up to you.”

The three of us went back to our food. I found I was even hungrier than I thought, which was a feeling I was getting to be quite familiar with. I’d been producing far more cum lately than I was used to, and I needed to make sure I ate enough to make up for that.

A couple minutes later, I suddenly felt a tongue on my cock. It was obviously Julie since she was the only one under the table. She must have gotten all of my cum that she could out of Mom’s pussy. I’d actually softened temporarily, but at her touch I quickly got back to my full nineteen-inch hardness.

It took all my willpower not to moan out loud as I felt my sister’s full, soft lips engulf my cock. Her silky smooth tongue and throat embraced my shaft lovingly and with practiced ease. I had to focus on continuing to put food in my mouth and chew it while she gave me a blowjob under the table. We were in so much danger of being caught by Dad, but somehow that just turned me on even more. When I looked down I saw that there was a slowly expanding puddle of pussy juice coming from where Julie was kneeling, confirming that she was just as horny as I was.

I was pretty sure that Mom realized my cock was currently holstered in my sister’s throat. She had a knowing smile on her lips as she ate and sipped at her coffee. Dad, fortunately, remained oblivious.

Julie escort pendik bobbed her head enthusiastically on my cock. She made sure to always keep at least a third of my twenty-two-inch shaft in her throat at all times, and the rest of my length rapidly appeared and disappeared between her lips. She sucked me like that for about twenty minutes and thirty seconds without any further incident.

All of a sudden, Mom accidentally spilled some syrup on herself while trying to get it on her pancakes. It landed on one of her 78GG breasts, of course. They stuck out so much that they shielded the rest of her body from any such incident. Without giving it any thought, Mom licked the top of her boob clean. Unfortunately for her, she’d forgotten that she was still holding the syrup bottle and accidentally spilled some on her other breast while she was cleaning the first one.

Mom’s tits were so big that she had no difficulty getting them to her mouth and licking just about any part of them clean. I was pretty sure the ease of cleaning prevented her from thinking too much about the situation, since she kept switching the syrup bottle between her hands and got one breast dirty just as the other was cleaned up. She went back and forth for several minutes, her tongue busily at work on whichever of her lust-balloons currently needed it.

Dad wasn’t paying any attention, but I was hypnotized by the display. Mom was openly licking and sucking on her own boobs, as well as accidentally lifting them more and more out of the top of her apron. Soon enough her nipples began to appear, peeking out at me from the top of her sole article of clothing.

It was only when Mom got some syrup on one of her nipples and popped the whole breast out of her apron to suck it off that she realized what she was doing to me. She winked at me and made more of a show of sucking at her own milk-nozzle than she had before. She then did the same to her other breast despite it not needing the attention. At least she put down the syrup bottle before she used it all.

Mom finally covered herself back up just before Dad looked over at her. She had been very close to being caught, but she didn’t seem to let it affect her. As soon as Dad looked away again, she took one of her breakfast sausages and began to suck on it suggestively. My cock twitched in Julie’s mouth and nearly made my sister bang her head on the bottom of the table. She gave me a small, reproachful slap on the leg.

Eventually Mom put the sausage down, and instead got up to clear some dishes off of the table. I got good view of her ass as she walked to the sink, and she made sure to wiggle her hips far more than necessary. She turned around and, once she made sure Dad wasn’t looking, she untied her apron and let it fall to the floor. My mother stood completely naked in the kitchen with my father right there where he could turn around any second and see her. It was too much.

All thrill of the risk we were taking, as well as the view of Mom’s pussy and breasts, and especially Julie’s dedicated little mouth combined to push me over the edge. I reached under the table to pull my sister’s face hard against my lap just before I came. I knew she loved it when my cum was deposited directly into her stomach without going through her mouth or throat first.

Julie eagerly took all of my cum inside her tummy and didn’t make even a single attempt to pull away from me the whole time. I came hard, and with the load I gave her I was pretty sure she’d be full for the rest of the day. It was a good thing I’d had a big breakfast.

Mom stood there playing with herself as she watched me cum into my sister’s belly. She put her apron back on just before Dad turned around to find out what she was doing. She quickly walked back to the table to clear some more dishes.

Once I finally stopped cumming, Julie slipped my boxers back up my legs so I was finally dressed again. I was kind of relieved, although I knew that my sister was still fully naked under the table. Mom picked up on the problem and pretended to accidentally drop a plate into the sink hard enough to make a loud noise, but not to break it. As soon as Dad turned to investigate, I shoved Julie out from under the table with my foot and she quickly scampered off and out of sight.

A few minutes later Julie reappeared, this time fully dressed. She pretended like she’d just woken up.

“Morning, everyone,” she said.

“Sorry, Jules,” Dad said. “You just missed breakfast. You should learn to get up earlier.”

Julie winked at me. “That’s okay, Daddy,” she said, patting her tummy. “I already ate.”

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