That’s What Friends are For

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Let me tell you about my loving wife. We’ve been married for eighteen years. Some of those years were really good and some were really tough. When our son was six I lost my job and money and tempers got short for quite a while. It was tough on all of us. She never gave up on me or on us. In the good times or the tough I’ve always been able to count on her support and love. I’ve always hoped she felt the same about me. Last weekend I found out how she felt about me in a way I never expected.

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. We hadn’t made any plans that I knew about. I figured we’d stay home, kick back, relax, sit out by the pool, and maybe do a couple things on the “Honey-do” list. I was wrong.

Friday at work some of my co-workers said we should start the weekend by going to lunch at a nice place. I said I’d drive. When we got to my car there was an envelope on the dash. My car was locked and the envelope wasn’t there when I locked it that morning. It had to be a note from Sara. I put the envelope in my pocket and noticed there was something in it besides a note.

After we had ordered at Chili’s two of the group took off for the men’s room and I thought, “Why not?” I took the envelope out and opened it. A key fell out, clanked once on the table and then fell to the floor. I had successfully gotten everyone’s attention. Brad all but crawled under the table to retrieve the key and when he handed it back he asked, “What’s this for?”

I read the first line of the note that came with the key.

“Honey, I have a surprise for you this weekend at our cabin.”

I stopped reading out loud as the guys hooted and made noises about my weekend at the cabin. In less than a minute Brad noticed the intensity of my reading and asked me to share. I did.

“Honey, I have a surprise for you this weekend at our cabin. Here are your instructions: After work you are not to come home. Drive to the cabin. Don’t bring anyone with you. I know it’s a big cabin but the surprise I have planned won’t happen if you bring or invite anyone else.

Stop along the way and eat. I don’t want you to arrive hungry for food. Drive carefully and make sure you don’t arrive until between seven and seven thirty.

When you arrive shut off your cell phone and leave it in the car. You will find another envelope under the doormat of the cabin. Follow those instructions and I promise you a weekend we won’t ever forget.

I love you, Sara”

There were the jokes and jibes about me needing to take Tuesday off the recoup from a weekend in the woods, about how Sara had decided to kill me and the way to do it and avoid prison was to fuck me to death and even a request for the address of the cabin so they could visit and bring me Viagra and vitamins.

I told them the cabin was in the mountains outside Idlewild and I made up an address. Our cabin is near Big Bear Lake not Idlewild.

Back at work I found I wasn’t getting anything done. Sara had surprised me before but never anything so dramatic. I knew sex was a big part of the surprise but what was she planning?

Finally it was one minute after five and Brad stopped by my office.

“Decided to work overtime tonight?” He asked.

“Yup. One full minute.”

We walked out to our cars and Brad said, “You know every guy at lunch and every guy we told about your surprise hates you.”

“Hates me?”

“Damn right! I am alone this weekend. Not even a date. And you are off to a weekend of sex and love with one of the most attractive, sexy women I’ve ever met. I hate you and I envy you. Enjoy it for all of us who don’t have your life.”

He got is his car and drove off, leaving me standing in the parking lot watching him go. He thinks Sara is sexy. So do I. He envies me. So do I.

I did get in my car and as I drove to Big Bear Lake I thought about what Brad said. If I accepted the challenge I had a heavy responsibility to the guys to really get with the program and enjoy every moment of this weekend! OK! I could do it!

I had dinner in the car. Having been on the road with my job I think I’ve had as many meals behind the wheel as I have had sitting in a restaurant. I followed instructions and drove very carefully. When I saw a rest stop about half way up the mountain I pulled in, used the porcelain facilities and threw away the evidence of where I’d had dinner. I arrived at the dam at Big Bear Lake at seven. Fifteen minutes later I was at our cabin and had my second surprise. The first was the envelope.

The second surprise was that Sara’s car wasn’t parked at the cabin. I parked and went to the mat. The porch light was on and the envelope was there. Near our front door is a bench made of a fallen log. I sat and read.

“Hi Honey. You made it! I’ll bet you are full of questions and anxious to get this weekend started. However, I want you to take your time and read this carefully before you take the key out of your pocket and use it. I want you to do me a favor. I have never asked for a favor this big pendik escort before. I had you drive all this way in hopes that you would do me this favor. Read what the favor is and decide. I love you either way, but I want you to do the favor. You are the best lover any woman could ask for. You always make the fireworks go for me and just snuggling with you makes me wet. I have a friend, no; we have a friend who has never had the kind of loving that you share with me. In the eighteen years we’ve been married I think I’ve had about seven thousand orgasms. She’s never had one. The favor I want is for you to spend this weekend giving her the gift of being loved the way you love me.

She is inside the cabin wearing a new nightgown. At five thirty she showered and shaved and has been getting ready for her lover. She heard your car and poured you a glass of wine. The bed has new linens on it. Everything is ready for you. Take off your tie. Take out the key and use it… if you are granting me this favor. If you aren’t then drive into town to the market and park there. Turn your cell phone on and I’ll call you.

I love you, Sara”

I read the note three times. My wife was asking me to go inside and make love for the weekend to another woman! She didn’t tell me who. She did tell me I knew her. It took me a while to get my head around this favor. When I did I stood up, took the key from my pocket and opened the door.

I stepped inside and closed the door. There were five or six candles burning in the living room. The cabin was very quiet.

“Hi Honey, I’m home.” I called out.

“I’m scared.”

The voice was like that of a young girl and was coming from the kitchen.

“Do you have a glass of wine for me?”


“Drink half and count to ten.”

I waited what I thought was long enough for her to do that and I said, “I’m gonna sit on the couch. When you’re ready come sit with me and give me the half you didn’t drink. I need it.”

I sat and waited. I heard her move and resisted the urge to turn and look. She sat next to me and held out a full glass of wine.

“I refilled your glass.”

It was Kelly! Of all Sara’s and my friends I would not, did not, think it would be Kelly. She is sexy and sensual. Her short red hair was shining in the candlelight. The sparkle in her eyes showed that she was both excited and scared. I looked beyond her face and saw a very sexy nightgown that covered but did not hide her body. Her C cup sized breasts were visible and my attention was drawn to her dark and hard nipples. They were conical, puffy, as though swollen with lust.

I took the wine from her hand and swallowed half. Then I put the glass on the end table and turned back to Kelly. I slowly put my hands on her face and drew her to me.

Our first kiss was soft and slow. Not tentative, but gentle and slow. I thought about the words in Sara’s note. She’s never had an orgasm. I need to go slowly, gently into this dark night, I thought.

She didn’t resist but didn’t participate very much either.

I kissed her again and again, my hands still holding her face. She was beginning to warm up. At first she was holding her breath as we kissed. Now she was breathing and pressing her lips against mine. A few more kisses and she parted her lips just a little. I pressed in with my tongue just enough to touch her lips and run my tongue along her lips.

When that kiss ended I let her face go and stood up. I took her hands and helped her stand. Then I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again. I wanted to go faster. I resisted. Sometime in that kiss she wrapped her arms around me and began kissing back.

Many kisses later I had explored her back with my hands and she had explored most of mine. I had wanted to cup her ass but hadn’t, yet. She broke the kiss and said, “Please don’t disappear. I have to go.”

As she ran to the bathroom I saw her naked behind through the filmy nightgown and my erection grew harder. I looked at the couch and where she had been sitting there was a small wet spot.

I finished off the glass of wine. I had reached my limit for the evening. I thought about taking the glass into the kitchen, but the door opened and Sara came back.

“Feeling better?”

“Yes, and I’m not as scared.”

I reached out and pulled her close. I moved slowly wanting her to always think she was safe.

Kelly looked up at me and wordlessly asked to be kissed. I did. We did. And we repeated the process often over the next little while. Eventually, I wanted to sit down or lie down.

We sat on the couch and Kelly turned in my arms so she leaned across my lap facing me. A couple kisses later she put my hand on her breast. I kneaded the entire breast and felt the nipple respond against my palm.

When my fingers grasped her nipple she moaned into my mouth and her tongue plunged deeply into my mouth. Oh, it had been almost twenty years since I held another woman’s tit in my hand. Oh, how sweet it felt.

I had maltepe escort been going slowly and now moved the pace up a notch. I leaned forward and took that nipple onto my mouth, through the nightgown. She moaned again.

As I ministered to her nipple and breast my hand caressed her arm. I felt the goose-bumps on her arm and realized that she was getting cold. I was the one dressed. I released her breast and helped her sit up so I could get off the couch. Her eyes went wide.

“I’m going to start the other fire in the cabin.”

I used a wooden match and started the kindling and logs in the fireplace. In minutes the room had a warm feeling and glow. I went back to Kelly and kissed her some more. The goose-bumps were gone. She was warming to the situation and so was I. Over the years that we had known Kelly I had danced with her a few times and had worried that she always noticed my hard-on when we danced. I always noticed the firm press of her breasts against my chest and the way she molded her hips to mine. I had seen her in a bikini a few times as well, but never this revealed.

One of the times we came up for air in our lip-lock competition I asked, “Are you ready to go a little farther?”

Kelly looked at me with the firelight in her eyes and said, “I’m about to faint if we don’t do more than kiss! I love you! I want you to love me!”

“That may be the easiest request to give in to that I’ve ever heard.”

I stood up and helped Kelly stand.

“Close your eyes.”

When her eyes closed I grabbed the hem of her nightgown and lifted it over her head and off. My hands went to the tiny triangle covering her pussy and as I lowered it I could smell her juices. She stepped out of the thong when I got it to her ankles. I turned my head and slowly went face first into her slit.

Kelly was freshly shaved and smooth as a baby’s butt. My tongue slid easily into her wetness. I felt her knees weaken so I wrapped my arms around her legs and helped her recline on the rug in front of the fire.

As her head gently hit the floor I parted her legs and slid between them. Just before my tongue touched her again I said, “I’m going to lick, and suck, and nibble on you until you cum all over me. Take your time. There is no hurry. We have all weekend.”

Kelly’s response was to grab my head with both hands and spread her legs even wider.

I used my hands to part her lips and I touched my tongue to her slippery interior. Kelly moaned and said, “Oh God, that feels so good!” She was right. She felt fantastic!

Slowly I licked her from bottom to top, pausing for a single flick across her clit at the top. She twitched when I touched her clitoris. When I came back to it on the second pass it was peeking out from its hood and she jerked hard when I touched it. Kelly’s hands were holding my head tight and she was moving beneath my face like she wanted to somehow get all of my face into her pussy.

Using my hands I put her feet on my back and reached around her legs to her breasts. I rubbed circled on her nipples with the palms of my hands and felt them tighten as the quality of Kelly’s moans changed.

“Oh God! Oh God! I’m shaking! Oh God!”

She was getting closer to that first orgasm. I knew she wanted it badly and that only a sadistic bastard would back off when she was this close. I don’t want to be thought of as sadistic so I sucked her nub into my mouth and pressed my face into her slit.

Her reaction was instantaneous! She screamed, thrashed and flooded me with her cum! Her heels pounded on my back. Her legs clamped on my head and her hands grabbed handfuls of hair and pulled. I had thoughts about suffocating and what Kelly would tell the paramedics when they came to get the body. Those thoughts went away when Kelly relaxed enough that I could again get breath.

My eyes watched her breasts as her breath calmed a little. I pushed myself up and folded her nearly in half. Kelly looked at my face and I placed my cock at her open and ready entrance.

“I want you,” I said.

The instant her mouth opened I pushed into her all the way. Whatever it was she was going to say was lost forever in a long “Aaaarrrrruuuugggghhhhh.”

My cock throbbed I was so hot for this! I held still at the deepest and then slowly stroked in and out. Kelly met every thrust with her own. Her hands grabbed my sides and tried to pull me to her harder and faster. I paced my strokes and gradually increased the pace and the power of the hit when I reached bottom.

The sound of her pussy and my cock slamming together was met with the sounds both of us were making with our mouths. This was not making love this was animals fucking with abandonment!

I felt my cock swell and my cum propelling itself into her depths. Her walls gripped me and her juices flowed onto both of us as we came. We were panting and held as still as we could while we came down to earth again. I rolled off to Kelly’s side and kissed her.

At the end of the kiss kartal escort Kelly looked at me and said, “Please Sir, when you’re able, may I have some more?” and she giggled.

We snuggled together on the rug until the fire was simply embers and the room was starting to get cold.

“Can we go to bed?”

“Sure. I’d love to sleep with you. I’ll get the central heat going and meet you upstairs, OK?”

“I’ll wait for you.”

Kelly sat on the rug and waited while I started the heating system and made sure the doors were locked. I took her hand and we walked up the stairs together. At the bathroom Kelly pushed me inside and said, “Maybe we should shower. One of us got a little sweaty.”

She said it with a big grin. I didn’t argue. The water was hot and soaping her delightful body gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore her and enjoy the feel of her. She returned the favor, with particular attention to my cock and his two close friends.

She dried me and I dried her, although I don’t honestly believe she ever got dry. We turned down the bed and got in. When I get in bed with my wife after sex she needs a little time before further activity. Kelly got in, pulled up the covers, grabbed my cock and began a slow stroke towards heaven.

As she stroked we kissed and talked. It was difficult to concentrate on the conversation.

“Those orgasms are my first.”

“I am surprised. I would have thought you were having O’s quite often.”

“Jack never believed a woman could have orgasms. He thought you had to have a dick.”

“Almost makes me wish we had made a video so he could see what he missed out on.”


“Yeah. Almost. Truth is I don’t want to share any part of that with anyone. I am honored that you and Sara picked me for this honor. Any man worth calling himself a man would love being with you.”

“I’m thirty four years old and no man has treated me like you just did. Why?”

“Not to change the subject, but, are you wet?”


“Give me a taste.”


“Dip your finger into your honey and give me a taste.”

“It’ll cost you.”


“If I give you a taste you have to fuck me again.”

“That was the idea. Only, I think you should fuck me.”


Kelly’s hand released my hard cock and seconds later came out from under the covers sparkling with her nectar. I sucked her fingers and flipped onto my back.

Kelly threw her leg over my body and opened her pussy as she settled down over my cock. Her hands went to my shoulders after she aligned my shaft with her entrance, then she sat down on me. Her pubic bone against my skin, with grinding.

Kelly must have practiced for the rodeo because she rode me like there was a prize for ridding hard and cumming often. I held her hips for a while and then held her tits and pulled on her nipples and she never stopped! She said she was cumming. She screamed! She threw her head back and damned near fell off the bed. But, she never stopped until I filled her cunny with another load. When I came she raised up off me and bent over to watch our combined juices flow out of her and drip onto my belly.

She bounded out of bed, got a wash cloth and used it and her mouth to get us both clean. Five minutes later at least one of us was asleep.

When my eyes opened the sun was up. On of the reasons we bought this cabin was that the windows in the master bedroom faced away from the morning sun. Some light still came in but not the blinding sunlight of dawn in the mountains. I was on my side and spooned against Kelly. My right arm draped over her chest and my right hand held her breast. I wasn’t aware of what the clue was that I gave her that I was awake but she knew. Very softly she spoke.

“Did last night really happen?”

“Reach into yourself and see if you feel differently from most mornings.”

She moved a little and brought her hand up to her mouth. Two fingers went in and I heard a slurping noise.

“It did happen! Thanks!”

“May I remind you of something? That was Friday night. This is Saturday, then we have Sunday and a nice drive home on Monday. We have lots of time together.”

“From what I feel pressed against my butt I think you might want more of what we had last night. Is that how you want to start the day or can I offer you breakfast?”

“Kelly, I want both. First, I want more information. You came easily last night. You were wet and willing and it seemed the most natural familiar thing for you to cum. Why do you think you haven’t cum before?”

“I think I never felt safe enough before. I also think it was the anticipation. Sara offered this weekend to me almost a month ago. We talked about it almost every day. She went shopping with me for the sheets on the bed, for the nightgown I wore last night and for the two you haven’t seen yet. Sarah told me what you like. She and I went shopping for food and we picked out the CD’s so we could have music. Damn, I was so nervous last night that I forgot to turn on the stereo.”

I tightened my grip on her breast and said, “I think the music we had was quite nice.”

It did get loud a couple of times!”

“So do you think it would take that kind of build up for you to cum again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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