The 69er

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I waited in our motel room, wondering what Jo would be wearing when she came to me. There was a knock at the door. Opening it, I saw Jo standing there, dressed in a tight, sexy black dress, the low cut top showing off her gorgeous cleavage. I immediately took her hand and invited her in, admiring her sexy stockinged legs as she passed. As soon as the door was shut I had Jo in my arms, and kissed her deeply, my tongue eagerly probing her mouth. She responded, pulling me closer and sliding her hands up under my shirt to touch me. My hands were all over her back, and I found the zip to her dress. Sliding the zip down as far as it would go, it allowed my hands to touch her bare back, and I also discovered her bra strap…and her suspender belt. “Oh man that is hot!” I thought, and I took hold of the dress sleeves and gently pulled it off her shoulders.

As the dress passed her chest I could see her sexy black lacy bra, barely hiding her hard nipples. Down her dress went, exposing her knickers, and of course that erotic suspender belt! Her dress fell to the floor and I stood there, openly admiring her. Her sexy black patent high heels, her legs clad in those beautiful black stockings, all the way up to where they ended and her bare thighs began. I must admit, that look is güvenilir bahis so hot, that section of naked thigh just above the stocking tops! She noticed me checking her out big time, and she circled slowly for me, and I admired her hot arse in her sexy little knickers. The gorgeous bra she wore was just as hot, also in black lace, barely covering her obviously erect nipples. I’ve always loved how a good bra cradles a woman’s breasts, holding them delicately like a lover’s hands.

She looked so good I just had to have her! I embraced Jo, pulled her close and kissed her passionately as I ran my hands all over her back, and then her firm arse. The flesh of her beautiful derriere yielded just enough, not too soft and not too hard, but just right for touching, caressing, squeezing. Unclipping her bra, I removed it to expose her firm tits, which after but a moment’s hesitation, I gently caressed with my hands, sensually enjoying the feeling of them. They felt so good, so erotic, I wanted to taste them as well. I kissed my way down her neck and onto her gorgeous breasts, sensually licking them both all over, then pressed my lips against her hard nipples, taking each into my mouth and giving them a gentle but firm squeeze. I rolled her nipple around with my tongue, feeling how türkçe bahis hard they were, and feeling her squirm a little as the pleasure spread throughout her body.

I laid Jo down on the bed, and quickly removed my clothing, freeing my already hard cock. I climbed on top of Jo and kissed her again, my cock pushing hard against her flimsy knickers. Resuming the journey my lips and tongue had started from her mouth again, I had worked my way down over her tummy and found myself between her stockinged legs, and pushing her knickers aside, I exposed her pussy, which was already so hot and wet, and primed for my tongue! I parted her lips and thrust my tongue between them, tasting the sweet nectar of her pussy. The intense pleasure flooded her body and she moaned and arched her back. My tongue traced a path from her clit, down her smooth labia, so slick with her juice, probed firmly into her pussy, causing her to moan louder, and then back up to her clit again. I continued licking her pussy until she was dripping wet. She was so enjoying what I was doing to her and I wanted to enjoy the same beautiful feelings, so I pulled back and gently pulled her wet knickers off completely.

Then I lay on my back and before I could say anything she was on top of me and were about to mount güvenilir bahis siteleri my hard cock. I watched as her dripping pussy slid over the head of my cock and engulfed me in her body. It felt so good, Jo riding me, her pussy easily sliding along my hard rod. Suddenly she stopped again and said “I want to taste myself on you” “Of course” I replied “Do it baby!” She slowly lifted herself off me, my cock wet from her pussy juices, and turned around and arranged herself in a 69er with me. As her pussy came within reach of me I thrust my tongue back into her very wet pussy and at the same time I felt her warm mouth engulf my rock hard member.

The feeling was electric! She expertly worked her mouth along the length of my cock which felt like it was about to burst! And I was licking and sucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow! Together we brought each other closer and closer to our own orgasms, and I grabbed her arse cheeks and I licked her faster, going deeper and deeper into her vagina and bringing her closer to climaxing. Soon though, she did cum, her whole body shaking with her deep orgasm. As Jo moaned with pleasure, the vibrations from her throat tipped me over the edge and I came too, squirting my load deep into her mouth. As she eagerly swallowed my cum, I gently licked her pulsating pussy until we had both relaxed again.

We then lay in each other’s arms, gently caressing and kissing each other for a long time, and slowly but surely we knew we were going to make love again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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