The Adventures of Kimberly: Caught!

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I couldn’t get my father’s cock out of my mind.

In slow motion I pictured my Dad beating his dick with a look of ecstasy on his face, his meat shiny with Heather’s pussy juice, wagging in front of my girlfriend’s upturned face, his huge balls bouncing up and down. Then, the eruption, cum as thick as syrup arcing out of his cock and landing on Heather’s face and running off her chin and onto her heaving tits. Especially hot was the moment when he turned his spewing member to me and hot stream of cum hit my face. Every time I let my imagination run, my pussy was soaking.

Our relationship from the outside was normal. He went to work, I went to work, we had dinner together, rode our bikes at the beach, normal Dad and Daughter-kind of stuff. He even started dating, a woman named Susan. She was a real MILF, with shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, a small waist and full hips and breasts. Also, she had a son, Ryan and I had a crush on him immediately. He was younger than me, but he was a cute college boy. I was always a bit boy crazy. Between Ryan and my Dad, Kimmi’s little pussy was getting needy. Luckily for me, we wouldn’t have to wait long.

I came home from work late one night, and my Dad and Susan (who had moved in with Ryan by this time) had gone to bed. I took my shoes off and started up the stairs and down the hall towards my room. Ryan and I had bedrooms at one end of the hall, and my Dad’s was at the other end. As I walked towards my room, I noticed that Ryan was still up, and there was light coming from a crack at the door. I walked towards it, thinking we could watch a movie and as I got closer, I heard the sounds of sex coming from within the room. I stopped in my tracks. My breath got ragged and I started to get turned on, thinking that Ryan was fucking someone in his room.

I peeked through the crack between the door and the doorjam and to my surprise Ryan had a porno on his TV, the sounds soft, but not completely silent. He was naked from the waist down and lubed lubed up his prick and was beating it to the movie. I LOVE watching men masturbate. I think it’s so hot.

I quietly snuck into my room, stripped down and put a halter top on (no bra) and some thin shorts that all my boyfriends love because the bottom of my apple asscheeks hung out. My nipples were clearly visible through the halter, and my pussy was wet with the anticipation of what I was about to do next.

I snuck back over to his door and peeked in. He was lazily moving his hand up and down over his greasy prick, his eyes half-closed in fantasy. I swung the door open quickly and said, “Watcha doin’, little brother?”

Ryan jumped up and tried to cover himself with his bedspread. I glanced over at the TV and some lucky slut was getting cumshot after cumshot from a group of men.

“Kimmi, I didn’t know you were home!” he managed to blurt out.

I stepped inside his door and closed it behind me. “Clearly. No need to stop on my account. I’d love to watch you ataşehir escort beat off.” I smiled and pinched my nipples. Then I turned around shook my ass, it’s fullness jiggling in the shorts. “You like my outfit?”

He took the bedspread off his lap and said, “Fuck yeah!” His hand returned to his hard dick and he started stroking again.

“Easy Tiger. First some ground rules.”

“OK.”, he said tentatively.

“First off, you’re not going to tell a fucking soul about this. If you do, I’m going to tell your friends I caught you in here with another guy.” He stopped stroking. “Second, this has to work for both of us, I need to get off too.”

He smiled, changed hand positions, and resumed his stroking.

“No problem.”

“Ok. Stay on the bed.” I pulled down my shorts, and showed my step- brother my pussy. I started rubbing my clit with my index finger. “I want a closer look, scoot to the edge of the bed.” His legs were hanging over the side and I sat with my legs spread on the floor in front of him. I was masturbating in front of my soon to be step-brother, I couldn’t believe it. He was stroking his glorious cock right in front of me. I was in heaven.

“Faster.” I said and he started beating his cock at a medium pace right in above my head. I was rubbing my clit with one hand, and reached under my ass with the other and inserted two fingers into my sopping cunt.

I got up on my knees and said, “Lean back, I want to suck it.” One thing you have to know about me: I loved to suck a man’s cock. I love putting it in my mouth and feeling it grow in there and harden. I also love the moments before they cum and how big it gets right before they jizz. I consider myself something of an artist at this. My boyfriends say that I give the best head they have ever had. I guess it’s easy to be good at something you love.

I took Ryan’s impressive member into my mouth and took it all the way down to his balls. God, how I wanted to do this for a while! That got his attention. He gasped, and I grabbed it at the root, squeezing hard, and bobbed up and down. I opened my mouth wide and relaxed my throat so I could do it fast. I heard the porno on the TV behind me. I took his cock out of my mouth and said, “Turn it off, I don’t want you to be distracted.” He fumbled for the remote and instead of turning it off, the sound jumped up REALLY loud. He immediately turned it off.

“Jesus, are you trying to tell the whole world what we are doing in here?!” I said, slightly annoyed.

“Sorry, it’s off now.”

I waited for a moment to see if he’s woke up my Dad and his Mom. I didn’t hear anything.

“See no one heard anything.” he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock back in my mouth. He started fucking my mouth while he held my head. He was thrusting his rock hard meat into my mouth. I didn’t mind. Like I said, I love this. The feeling of being helpless only made it hotter. I started to masturbate again while he fucked kadıköy escort bayan my face.

“Oh fuck. I am fucking your mouth, so good…”

I couldn’t really say anything, since my mouth was full of cock, so I just moaned around it. My clit was standing almost straight out, and I rubbed it like I was putting out a fire. Which, I guess, I kind of was.

Suddenly out of my peripheral vision, I saw a flash of movement, by the door. Ryan’s eyes were closed and his head back, so he hadn’t seen it yet.

I turned my head and saw the door wide open. My Dad and Susan were standing there. But there was something else. Susan was pressed up against the side of my father. She had fished his monster cock out of his pajamas and was stroking it. He had his arm around her neck and had his hand inside her Baby Doll nighty and was grabbing her big boob while she jacked him. They both were looking at us with turned on expressions on their faces.

“Jesus David, look at your slut daughter, sucking my son’s cock.” Susan grinned as she said this. Ryan snapped back to reality, rigid, but upon seeing the state of our parents, he relaxed again.

“She is a dirty girl. Think we should let them have all the fun?” He looked down at Susan.

“Hardly. I want to see my son fuck Kimmi.”

“That sounds about right.” My Dad walked over to me, put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me down to my back. “Ryan, why don’t get on top, here?”

Susan stripped off her nighty, her pendulous breasts and hairy pussy exposed. “I think I am going to enjoy this.”

Ryan got off the bed and stood up. From my vantage point on the floor, his cock looked huge. It stood out proudly straight from his pelvis. He knelt down and opened my knees and rocked them back. I was wild with excitement, my pussy was so wet I could feel it in my ass-crack. I was absolutely on fire. He slipped in so fast, it took my breath away. He started pounding furiously. I could feel my tits bouncing, and I was scooting inch by inch across the carpet.

“You like sucking Family cock, slut? Well I think there’s one more dick in this house you have to take care of.” Susan said. With that, my father knelt, knees wide next my head and started to rub his dick on my face while my step-brother pounded my pussy.

“Open your mouth Kimmi.” Susan had moved over to where Ryan was and openly rubbing and fingering her pussy. Her heavy breasts were hanging, swaying over Ryan, my Dad and I. My Dad’s cock head was so big, it almost covered my entire mouth. I opened wide and did what I had longed to do ever since I had seen Heather do it, suck my Daddy’s fat dick.

It was hard to get a good rhythm going on my Dad’s prick, since Ryan’s fucking was bouncing me all over the place. My Dad grabbed his dong with his hand and started pushing it in and out of my mouth. I was gagging a little, but I was determined to master his huge cock.

“Choke her with your dick, David!” Susan leered.

My escort maltepe Dad thrust in a little farther and I gagged hard on his massive member.

Watching me choke on my Dad’s cock was too much for Ryan, I him get bigger and even harder, if such a thing was possible in my cunt.

Susan was paying attention. “Don’t you dare cum Ryan.” Ryan looked up quizzically. “That belongs to me. Come give your Mother some love.”

Ryan pulled out of me and went over to his Mom slipped in between her legs. She laid back and I had a front row seat, watching his cock disappear into his Mother’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck Mommy, baby.” Ryan resumed his pounding, but this time on his Mother.

“Oh, Mom, I can’t…I’m gonna cum!!”

“That’s right, baby, shoot your load into Momma.” And he did. Ryan let out a grunt, almost a roar, really, and I could see his dick spasming in Susan’s hairy pussy. Cream ran out of the bottom of her cunt and a thick, white dollop ran down the crack of her ass.

My Dad was watching too. He took me and maneuvered me onto all fours, right in front of Ryan’s ass and Susan’s cunt.

Ryan, exhausted, rolled off of Susan and laid beside her.

“Finish what your started, Kimmi.” My Dad said. “Clean Susan’s pussy.” He pushed the back of head towards Susan’s vagina. I could smell her excitement and Ryan’s load mixed together. Susan got up on her elbows while lying back to watch. I had never licked woman’s private area before. I had tasted my own pussy while masturbating before, but this was a first. The hair was wet and matted around her pussy and when she got up a little, Ryan’s cum started flow out of her. I started to lick. Not bad. I like the taste of cum, and pussy seemed, well, natural enough. It wasn’t bad at all. Susan started to get hot all over again.

“Yes, you little slut, lick my slit. Eat your brother’s cum.” Just as I started to lick, it felt like someone shoved a baseball bat inside of me. My Dad.

“Fuck her, David. Fuck your little slut daughter.” I could hardly take it. His cock was fucking massive. I cried out as my Dad grabbed my ample hips and pounded into me. I couldn’t feel his balls on my pussy, he wasn’t even all the way in. My Dad was taking it easy on me.

“Damn Kimmi! You are so tight and wet.” Whenever my Dad thrust into me, my face buried in Susan’s gooey snatch. She was rubbing her clit as my Father fucked me.

“Oh David, I’m gonna cum!” and Susan squirted all over my face. I think I must have had a stunned look on my face. I had just been bukkaked, by my step-MOTHER. When this happened my Dad’s meat had reached ridiculous proportions. I thought he was going to tear me apart. Then, it stopped. My Dad stood up behind me, walked around to my face and began to cum. I tried to catch some of it in my mouth, but the first squirt went right down my throat and I began to choke. The rest of it blasted my face, in my hair and even down back. Between my Dad and Step-Mom, I was covered in cum.

We all collapsed in a heap. We took a group shower and washed each other and talked about what had just happened. We all agreed that it must be our secret, but we also agreed that it wouldn’t be our last time together.

But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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