The Beach is Hot

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Dizzy me with my hands cupping her small pert tits; her, guiding my hands with her own, my oily palms dragging over her erect nipples as they’d massaged them in slow circles; or the couples either side of us, pretending not to look at our show from behind their shades. We’d been giggling about which of them we thought would first slink off for a quick one. She’d even put her small hands on mine to ‘help’ me. As if I needed help, her soft little moans were guide enough. Encouragement too, the way this was going I was prepared to give all a show they’d never forget, she would have been my leading lady.

Now lying close beside her, I reached out to feel her butt, tracing the wonder that it was, soft she, her hips, me, my arm. A partnership; her goal being the pleasure generated by her nerve endings, mine an emotional satisfaction that comes from being in the captain’s seat.

I stilled my hand, and shhhh’ed her, and didn’t need to tell her why. I eased my third finger against the other two, making a tight triangle, as close to a circle as I could get them, as near to a round peg as I could make for her round hole. I took the bottle again & squeezed more oil onto my fingers, it ran down, running into her ass to guide my fingers. A corkscrew motion took them in, into her, deep into her, where my cock was going to go, where I was going to fuck her. She moaned as they entered, to the hilt, my lover pleasured in triplicate. She brought her hand to her bikini, pulling a bow, and I was liking her enthusiasm. It must have been an American g-string, because our two yanks were all that was needed to get it off.

Or just one aroused Englishman. As I tossed it aside I felt her fingertips brushing mine, and I just knew that she had to be absolutely dripping. Against mine I felt her pushing her finger in güvenilir bahis deep, then drawing it out to make space for another. She searched out my fingers, stoking hers against them through the thin dividing wall.

“I love this. You know I do, don’t you?”

I loved to feel her like this, feel her fingers inside her pussy with my fingers in her ass.

“I love to do this to you Babe, to fuck you like this, to make you moan. You make me feel like a God!”

“Then I’m your Goddess. Feel how wet you’ve made me, you did that, your fucking fingers did that.”

“Where am I fucking you, Hon, where are my three fingers, tell me where they are?”

“They’re in my ass. Oh God, they’re in my ass, and it feels sooooo good. Like I’m turning into water, you’re making me melt.”

“And what will I do now, my Goddess?”

In answer she pulled me to her, finding my mouth with hers, kissing me, her arm tight around my neck.

“Oh, just do it,” she moaned “I want it.”

How could I refuse? I’d heard if from her own delectable mouth, that instruction & expression of desire.

Fingers still in her, I pulled my trunks down from the back. My cock was so hard that it refused to come out, holding up the material like a tent pole, but she came to the rescue. Her hands fished inside & pulled out her prize. She ran her hand along my length, back & forth, slowly massaging it. Then guided it as my fingers vacated her oily arse. They slid out so easily, as easily as my cock was going to slide in. I let her lead me, the eye on my cock was unseeing. She gave me a tour, using my cock like a dildo, rubbing it along her lips, teasing, asking if I wouldn’t prefer to fuck her there. My answer was to put my hand on hers & guide it higher, guiding it to it’s waiting haven.

“Relax, Baby,” as much türkçe bahis reassurance as an instruction. She help my cock at her arse, it’s shiny head against her oily hole, as I pushed gently forwards. Momentarily she too moved forward with my force, but then, composing herself, she pushed back, holding my cock tight so it would not slip out of place. Tiny bit by tiny bit her arse dilated to allow the engorged head in, slowly, so slowly.

“Unggh…” she moaned, lying her head on her towel, “Oh yeah, ummmm…”

So tight, but opening up for me, such a different feeling from her cunt. For her too, this felt more out of body, deep in some place so out of her consciousness, the feelings were almost remote. But intense, like nothing else, not like fingers, or a toy, this was the real thing in her, mine, and now hers, all hers.

I never ceased to be amazed at how her tight ass opened up for me like this. I always had to push firmly, but it never felt like I was breaking down the door or anything. Just a bit of resistance & I was sliding in, steady, watching my cock disappearing into her ass. I was groaning, but she moaned. Oh! How she moaned…

She was in her favourite position again, hands and face on her towel, back arched, and ass up in the air. I’d say for all to see, but there was no-one, we had the place to ourselves. She’d told me how she loved this, feeling how deep I would go, feeling like I was going to come puncture her belly. She would always remain still, trusting me to be proceed gently, until she felt comfortable enough to start matching my slow strokes. This evening was no different, but the location put a special spin on events. A beach, before a stunning sunset, that was a first for us, and I vowed to make this a memorable fuck.

She was vocalising her spreading arousal, güvenilir bahis siteleri both in voice & movement. Matching my thrusts with her hips my grunts with her moans. Each slap of my loins jiggled her pert ass, juices and sweat mingling. Our primeval lust & thrusts accompanied by the ancient percusssive beat of the surf. One clear instruction, and I had no trouble following it. Just a simple “Fuck me! Oh, Mark, do it!” I’m just a simple guy, I appreciate clear instructions. And not too many at once, this one was all I needed right now.

And I was fucking her, long deep strokes, watching my cock disappearing into her depths unknown, then coming out as shiny as Excalibur. I’d need the strength of Arthur to pull it out completely though, her tight puckered ring was a stop. My cockhead was so swollen, and her assring was so tight, she had me like the proverbial monkey.

And this monkey knew he was on to a good thing. A beauty on the streets, but a beast in the sheets, this one really was a keeper. The beast in her was calling now, as loud as big game in the nightime, and I joined the chorus. They were sounds I knew well, and they were only going to get louder.

“Oh, Fuuuuck!”

Was that me or her?

“Fuck me, Baby!”

That was her

“So fucking good. I’m gonna cum…”

That could be either of us.

An oiled machine in perfect synchronization, I slammed into her ass as she slapped it back against me. Faster, deeper, my balls slapping against her hand as she frantically rubbed her clit. I was on the edge as her scream told the whole world that she was plunging over, free falling into an abyss of orgasmic pleasure. I followed, into a blackened world where all that existed was my cock twitching & squirting it’s load deep inside her.

When I came to, nothing had changed, she was still on her knees with my cock buried inside her, but her scream had become a purr. She eased herself forward, and down, me following her and seeking out her lips with mine.

“So bad… yet so damn good Baby…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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