The Billiard Lesson

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His hands travel to her ass and as they move together, the neck of her low cut top is pulled down and reveals her nipples, hard against the sheer fabric of her bra. He grins deliciously and she knows he is about to do something daring.

He tightens his hold on her so she cannot move to fix her top. She can feel his cock stiffening and little tingles travel through her, making her nipples even tighter. He looks around the room with a raised eyebrow in order to draw her attention to how crowded it is, and then, when he knows he has her attention, he drops his head and flicks his tongue against her nipple.

Her breath stops and then rushes again and her heart begins to race. Her nipple cools in the open air and she finds herself wishing that people would look at them – see what he will do to her. She grins back at him so he will know it is okay to do whatever he wants. He moans and laughs gently as he pulls her to him and kisses her mouth.

She likes it and to make it even better, he knows she likes it. They begin to make out on the dance floor. She knows now that there are people watching – there HAS to be – it would be impossible to miss. Knowing this makes her even hotter than before and she shifts her position so she can better place his stiffened cock against her and now she is firmly pressed to him.

He leans forward over her breasts again and slips his tongue between the fabric and her nipple and she moans loudly. Her pussy is drenched and she is now aching to feel his skin naked against hers. She feels his hand cup her pussy and she gasps. He looks her directly in the eye as he slides her thong aside and strokes the freshly shaved lips of her pussy with his index and middle finger. She tilts her hips forward involuntarily at the sensation and he quickly slips his middle finger into her, never taking his eyes from hers. She feels the breath leave her body as if it was sucked from her and her heart beats in her throat…

Damn alarm. No time to get into the dream again either. She had two choices – she could retrieve her vibe from the drawer, or she could stay horny all day until she saw him that night. She decided on the latter – he was always better than a vibe.

All day, she worked while trying to ignore how horny she was. It never ceased to amaze her that just the thought of him could do that to her. She knew his response to her was the same, consequently, it was part of the reason she was so enamoured of him – in spite of all his control, he could not maintain it with her because he wanted her too much. The very thought made her head swim.

She showered after work and dressed in the outfit in her dream…. Black low cut top, black mini skirt, and black heels. Underneath… sheer black bra, matching garter and stockings… güvenilir bahis no panties. Knowing she was without panties made her very excited… knowing what his reaction would be when he found out, made her wet.

When she arrived she saw that he was standing in the shadowy back corner of the bar playing pool. She walked toward him like a cat, feeling lithe, and powerful – she had a secret… And she loved knowing he didn’t know and what his reaction to it would be when he found out.

He looked up and watched her walk toward him. She would wait for the perfect time to tell him, or even better – she’d let him discover it himself. The idea made her “mmm” quietly to herself. She watched the grin spread across his face and knew he was pleased with her choice of outfit. He kissed her deeply and languidly, not caring if anyone noticed or objected, and she melted against him. His willingness to openly show his feeling for her – to make himself slightly vulnerable by publicly showing she was his, made her feel desired, treasured, protected. It increased her attraction to him.

She deliberately shot a terrible game so he would have to correct her stance and shot. He stood behind her to do so and she arched her back and placed her ass lightly on his crotch. He bent them both forward, holding her hand over the cue. He leaned a little more and she bent further forward which firmly placed her ass on his crotch. She made a big show of shifting her position to get comfortable enough to make the shot, the whole time grinding his cock through his pants with her ass. The feeling of his cock twitching and stiffening against her rewarded her.

“Are you being a naughty girl?” he growled in her ear. The sound and the feel of his breath against her ear gave her goose bumps.

“Noooooo,” she drawled quietly and leaned into the shot.

“Uh huh,” he said disbelievingly as he helped her shoot.

She pressed back into him again as she stood up and he groaned – VERY quietly – almost imperceptibly, but SHE heard it, and it sent a rush of adrenaline through her. Maybe she finally had the upper hand here…

They bent to make the next shot and she tightly pressed her ass against his groin again. She repeated this process on the next two shots as well. On the last time she was rewarded with his moan as well as his hard cock pressing into her. He took a deep breath and held her tightly to his chest.

“THAT wasn’t on purpose?!?!” he growled in her ear. “Like hell it wasn’t!”

“What wasn’t?” she asked coyly.

“YOU are very bad little girl, trying to make Daddy hard in public.”

Her heart raced and she knew she didn’t have the control she thought she had. As always, the control was his, and as always the power was hers.

“Why would you want türkçe bahis Daddy hard in public? Unless it’s so he can fuck you right here,” he whispered in her ear. “Is that what you want? You want Daddy to fuck you RIGHT HERE?” he enunciated the last words succinctly and she shivered.

She couldn’t speak to answer him.Was that what she wanted? She had thought she would turn him on, tease him a little – give him a taste of his own medicine, and they would go elsewhere. It hadn’t occurred to her that he would fuck her right there.Wouldhe fuck her right there? Really?

“Hmmmm, no answer? Well then, lets first see if you areready for Daddy to fuck you, shall we?” Without another word, he reached under her skirt and cupped her pussy… there to find that she was totally without panties….

“OH FUUUUCKKK!” he hissed, “you ARE a dirty girl. MMMMMMM”

She leaned back against his chest and his one hand traveled up her ribcage and the fingertips brushed her nipple. She arched her back and inhaled sharply.

“Mmmmm,” he said against her ear. He ran his other hand across her waist and held her tightly to him. She couldn’t move now if she wanted to; but she wasn’t sure she wanted to.

“Shall I fuck you right here, kitten?” he whispered to her. “Right in front of all these people, who will see us if they just turn around? Is that what you want?”

“No Daddy,” she moaned. He had run his hand back down her ribs and slipped it under her skirt again. Now he was stroking her clit as he whispered to her, sending sparks shooting through her. She KNEW she was dripping and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.

“You sure?” he teased.

“No, Daddy.”

“You’re not sure?”

“No, I’m not,” she felt like she was melting into him, and she was now grinding his hand like a wanton slut.

“10 more lashes for my lil slut for saying no to me.” He had said it quietly but she knew from his tone what the only answer was.

“Yes Daddy.”

“How many is that now?”

“25 Daddy”

“Good girl.”

She nearly came hearing him say that. He growled it in a sexy way that never failed to make her instantly wet.

“Do you like being Daddy’s little slut, kitten?”

“Mmmm, YES!”

“Let’s see how much,” he growled and in one movement he leaned her forward over the pool table and she felt his cock thrust into her.

She opened her mouth to gasp but he stopped her with his fingers to her lips and a growl.

“NOT a sound, kitten. Silently.” Then he grinned and added, “Let’s not get arrested tonight.”

He pulled his cock out until the head was resting against her clit. She pressed backwards and heard his gasp as his cock thrust back into her.

“Bad girl,” he whispered fiercely. “DADDY will decide when you will feel güvenilir bahis siteleri him inside you again. Not you. Understand?”

“Yes daddy,” she whispered. He continued to thrust into her and withdraw almost completely. Deep thrusts but slowly and rhythmically.

“5 more lashes. How many is that now?”

“30,” she managed to choke out quietly.

“Hmmm. VERY good.” His voice was becoming strained. She moaned quietly.

“Are you going to cum, my lil brat?”

“YES Daddy.”

“I don’t recall you asking.” He whispered sharply

“Please” she begged instantly, shamelessly

“Good girl.” He hissed.

He thrust faster now and she thought she was going to scream. How was she going to STOP from cumming? But he saved her.

“Cum my lil slut,” he panted.

“Cum for me.” Another deep thrust.

“Cum hard for Daddy.” Another thrust.

“Cum all over my cock.”

She lost all control. She shook and bucked, nearly convulsing.

“YESSSSSSS” he hissed and he thrust into her throughout her orgasm.

As her breathing began to return to normal she realized he was still incredibly hard. She ducked down and his cock slipped from her.

“What are you doing?” he whispered, puzzled

She grinned smugly and turned to face him as she dropped to her knees.

“Cleaning Daddy up. I made a mess.” With that she slid her tongue along the underneath of his cock from balls to head. His head dropped back and he moaned quietly, “VERY good girl.”

She stroked his balls with her tongue, lapping her juices from them. Everywhere she could find her juices she lapped them up with a quiet moan. Sucking him off ALWAYS turned her on – he had such a beautiful cock.

She took the head until just past the rim, into her mouth and sucked hard as she tugged on his balls. After a few strokes she pulled back and thrust him into her mouth driving the head into the back of her throat. She moaned in satisfaction as he laced his fingers together in her hair. She knew what he wanted then. She opened her throat and let him fuck her mouth in quick, deep thrusts.

“YES!” he whispered fiercely and she looked up at him and into his eyes. He stared into her eyes for a moment and his head dropped back again and he closed his eyes. She felt the tightening of his balls against her lips and knew….

She took him deeply into her mouth again just as he stiffened and she felt his thick, hot cum shoot into the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop as he moaned quietly.

As she stood up, he put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him so they were facing each other. He grinned widely at her and she at him and then he spoke quietly against her ear.

“I think we should go,” he told her and she knew it wasn’t really a suggestion.

“If you say so,” she purred.

“I say so…. We still need to get YOU cleaned up,” he grinned warmly as he kissed her forehead.

“YES,” she agreed quickly, and they made their way out, almost totally unnoticed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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