The Black Widow

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Morgana Tempest has been described as a bigot, an arrogant rich bitch, wandering thru a world of privilege and decadence. She was fiery, controlling and temperamental. She was an Alt-Right Christian, racist homophobe and a Fascist. Morgana lived in a palatial mansion on the outskirts of town, alone, except for two maid servants and a gardener. She preferred to be aloof, a recluse. She aggressively trampled upon and scorned fucking, as a form of worship, fucking for fun for adventure. Fucking as a sacrament a spiritual renewal. Unlike the sacred harlot, she sold her cunt to the highest bidders, namely three ex-husbands. Nonetheless Morgana is a very attractive woman with a body and other attributes to kill for. Somehow she respected and deferred to her friend and confidante Serafina Pudenda, in awe of her mysteriousness, sorcery, Clairvoyance and occult powers.

Morgana had refused to be identified with the feminist universe, it’s sense of humor it’s generosity, adventurousness, it’s unpretentious honesty it’s devotion to the pursuit of truth, of flesh lust; the ardent and intense SEX that leaves us glassy-eyed, elated sated. An endless abundance of joyous sex with no limits…She was rather secluded in the middle of her shitty, crazy bourgeoisie world of privilege and crass exploitation…While she was busy killing off husbands to amass wealth, pissing and shitting on fellow human beings, whole seasons of lust of witchcraft, the occult, hallucinogens, booze erotic experimentations and discoveries, devouring of life went on unabated. One morning she came over to Serafina Pudenda’s humble abode and to her surprise asked for help to find redemption.


I am Morgana Tempest. I became a widow for the third time at age 58. I just turned 60. For much of the past two years I have been celibate and a recluse. Indeed, I consider myself an outcast mainly because of my many shortcomings as a person. I am wealthy but that has not helped alleviate the pain of voluntary seclusion from the public and society. I am even called a Black Widow for obvious reasons. There are many potential reasons for becoming a recluse, mine are personal, philosophical and mystical religious outlook. It got to appoint that I had to seek help from an unusual source the sorceress Madame Serafina a woman about my age, who opened up new horizons for me over a period of intense counselling including meditation. Slowly but surely I began to reemerge from my physical and psychological prison. I have been intensely horny for a very long time. I needed to fuck very badly and Serafina agreed to arrange a rendezvous with a special dude for me.

“It’s not just sex. It’s not just love. It’s something more” said Serafina. But what could be better than sex? How about lovemaking that sweeps people into new realities, producing altered states of consciousness a thousand times more powerful than the most earth-shattering orgasm? Lovemaking so spectacular that it truly is a religious experience? That was something I could relate to. At my house Serafina gave me some hallucinogen for relaxation. We talked and drank for a while then we both stripped naked enveloped by the glow of candlelight and the aroma of frankincense. A cadence of mournful Gregorian chants filled the room. The atmosphere was hypnotic, dense.

One hour later the Ethiopian Immortal Sirenus appeared as planned in his naked glory. He was a good looking ageless Immortal with a beard and dreadlocks and a mammoth cock that had no end to it and super thick, hard as granite; a veritable weapon of destruction. I was shocked, my jaw dropped, almost frightened. “What the hell is that”!! I cried out. “This is Sirenus my friend” said Serafina. “He represents a divine force and is here to fuck you; bust you wide open and give you the most exquisite sexual pleasures you will ever know in your miserable life”, she said. “Oh my God, you are not serious Serafina” I muttered feeling disoriented and nervous gazing in awe at the cock. “Come, my lady, let me take you to the outer limits of sexual nirvana” said Sirenus with a smile. He led me trembling and mewling to my huge four-poster bed, like a lamb to the slaughter.

With his very long tongue, Sirenus lapped my cunt to three glorious orgasms. Then he began to shove his prodigious cock into me slowly. I whimpered and mewled and moaned; I cried out and grunted; I screamed and wailed in exquisite pleasure; I writhed and thrashed as the cock soared into my entire body until I was completely filled with it. OMG, My cunt was being stretched every which way and I loved it. Serafina watched in astonishment. For two hours Sirenus fucked me and fucked güvenilir bahis me in a variety of positions and in all my orifices…My orgasmic screams could be heard miles away, my silk bed sheets totally soaked with my gushing juices. And still I screamed and screamed, farting sporadically as I was fucked and fucked mercilessly, endlessly by Sirenus. Serafina left at some point. It was absolutely stupendous; Sirenus fucked me all over her house, continuously round the clock, and still I wanted more, more, seemingly saturated with orgasmic ecstasy, having cum a thousand times. For three days and three nights I was fucked mercilessly, losing consciousness sometimes. And he came many times flooding my insides with a deluge of cum. Sirenus disappeared at dawn on the fourth day while I slept soundly after many wonderful orgasms. I’ve heard of and read about Immortals but never thought I’d meet one in the flesh let alone fuck him.

Five days later I asked Serafina to find Sirenus for me. I needed him desperately, my cunt screamed for him. I needed to fuck him. I was willing do anything pay any amount of money to have him back, but to no avail. He was gone. The irony was not lost on me; there was a time when I looked down on Black folks, now I was willing to give my right arm to have one close to me. Truly amazing how an act of awesome sacred sex can transform a woman like me. Serafina agreed to help me out of my misery. A week later while I was in atonement for my pervious transgressions she brought two young stalwart Black studs Gary and Eros to me. “A belated birthday present” she said. I laid out lavish refreshments for them.

Later as they brandished their hugely erect 12 thick inches very hard dicks, Serafina looked sexually excited…I detected in her an inner flame composed of amorous fervor a need to be fucked…Then it was time to cast the spell of renewal at the new moon, with joyous sex…Serafina sang a lovely lilting song with unfamiliar words as she lay back on the bed, sybaritic legs opened wide, invitingly, her hairy cunt awash with juice. Eros slid between her thighs, his hard cock rubbing against her vulva for a long time. She cried out, her dark intense eyes softening, hazing. The welcoming moisture of her deep, well-seasoned cunt excited him…He moved within her twat relentlessly, stoking her fires, slurping in and out, making obscene sounds, on and on. Her arms and legs were vines around him. Meanwhile Gary stroked my clitoris while I fondled and squeezed his granite-hard dick.

We watched them excitedly, while Eros moved in her twat skillfully…It was simply fascinating watching Eros’ hard ass and thigh muscles ripple as he pumped Serafina’s cunt with deep, strong thrusts…She moved sinuously in tandem and moaned like reeds, her cunt pulsing with hunger. She offered him her delicious, succulent flesh with abandon…her hard nipples pointing skyward, her juices dripping onto the silk sheets. I felt so fucking horny watching them, my cunt dripped gooey juices. Eros pulled out of her cunt briefly to drink her juices and suck her clitoris. She screamed for him and for herself, as the steely cock sailed into her again, making her howl sacred songs then Eros exploding, erupting a geyser of hot semen, her womb sucked it all up. Her orgasmic cry darkened the sky as they are carried away on a magic carpet of total orgasm, leaping headlong into other worlds.

Gary turned his attention to me, his dick so fucking hard. He placed a pillow under my ass. I was soaking wet after a lengthy foreplay then he pressed his huge hard cock into the silky liquid of my slippery cunt until he was completely engulfed by my drenched pussy. Serafina watched with amusement…Oh Goddess, he filled me totally and very tightly and we fucked and fucked. In ripples of unending pleasure. We fucked again and again. Man into woman and back again. Cock into Cunt. Gary drew my many orgasms out long and slow while I screamed with abandon, until I felt the hot cum rush down the shaft of his dick and exploded inside my twat which jerked in spasms, eagerly soaking up the semen, every fucking drop…Serafina left at sundown, the two dudes stayed with me for two days fucking me senseless in a variety of ways.

They fucked me separately and in a threesome, fucking all my orifices at the same time. Our bodies quivered with burning currents of pleasure; melting, dissolving into incandescent, suspended ecstasy. My cunt my asshole, my mouth were fucked methodically, relentlessly. I savored the delicious fucking, the limitless span of the ancient, eternal act of sacred sex. It was the unification of bodies and with the universe; a healing that türkçe bahis is far beyond pleasure. “That’s just what I needed, pure, heavy, juicy fucking” I whispered to them as we lay in a puddle of sex fluids, Gary’s cock throbbing inside my cunt, Eros’ dick in my asshole. The sun began to set over the horizon…


Into other encounters

Serafina’s friend Ayesha set me up with her brother Russ a very handsome young Black guy an actor; actually he does some porn work on the side by the name of Cochise. It turned out Russ has a thing for older women especially an alluring one like me…”Older women are the embodiment of all that is sacred about sex” he’d said. My head spun when Russ unleashed his 14 inch timber-like cock and OMG it was so fucking hard it could drive a nail thru a brick wall. I sucked on it for long moments. Then I was on my back, my thighs spread knees raised. He climbed between my legs and slowly rubbed his cockhead thru my thick, soggy hairs up and down my vulva, torching the wet, hot meat of my big clitoris. Stroking it up and down, eliciting whimpering sounds from me. I cried out as he drove into me to the hilt, pounding me with firm circular motion. My cunt was so tight around the mammoth dick. Our bodies glistened with sweat. “This is some lovely pussy, so fucking tight and juicy” he said to me. I felt the heat from his cock; so hot and hard and wet with juice thrusting powerfully in and out of my pussy.

My body convulsed repeatedly in multiple orgasms, flowing constantly with fluids, wrenching my very life-force from me each time. My own cries of ecstasy echoing his…Gasping for air, he grasped me to him as he gushed forcefully torrents of hot semen into my womb. Russ stayed with me for two days fucking me in a variety of ways endlessly, relentlessly; it was fucking elevated to another dimension, totally.

Ayesha took me to an Underground Queer night club called “The Cave”. It was wall to wall with women, mostly younger ones: Dykes, bisexuals, a few hets. The dress code ranged from leather outfits to near nudity. An explosive array of pussy of every size, color, complexion and nuance. A large poster on a wall proclaimed:

“We want you perverted; Fuck any way you want to. Where you want to. Who you want to. Break all the rules. But FUCK!!”

It is one of Ayesha’s favorite hangouts. There were also a few gay men and transvestites who kept looking me over. An attractive younger 40 year old Hispanic woman called Perla and I became mutually attracted to each other. She stroked my braless nipples as we talked; she pushed her leathered thigh against my crotch while she caressed my ass cheeks as we slow danced. She kissed me fully on the lips intermittently…I was in a trance; it was all new to me. But I was so high from the booze and pot I let myself go and enjoy the moment.

“Let’s go home and fuck” she said finally as her fingers foraged within my vulva. Perla’s apartment was a few blocks down the street. A very nice cozy pad. We were fully engaged, in close quarters, intimate in no time. I was amazed. “You’ve turned me on tremendously Morgana” she said gulping down her drink. “When it comes down to desire, I tend to follow my basest instincts and try not to be discreet about it” she said. Perla’s sensuality was overwhelming, filling me with raw desire. I lay naked on the bed watching Perla undress and OMG out sprung a very big, very thick 10 inch cock.

“Holy shit are you a Trans or what” I blurted. “No I’m a She male, the cock is real the boobs are not” she said. A lazy knowing smile spread across her full lips. The look in her eyes was easy to read. The guitar music of Enrique Granados filled the apartment. Perla walked over to me and I grasped the dick. “God, it’s so hard” I whispered. Then she kissed me hard on the lips as I squeezed her cock. “I suspect you’re quite a slut” she muttered in a low throaty voice. She slid her hand between my legs and felt my very wet cunt. “Cunts are sacred to us She males” she said, then she ate my pussy voraciously and made me cum. Moments later she was balls deep in my cunt and fucking me vigorously.

She fucked my very soul, lavishly with a compelling need. I was startled by her dedication to the heavy fucking. She never restrained herself, making me open myself wider and wider to her powerful thrusts, her thorough possession of my very being…I came and came violently. She fucked my asshole for a long time to my total enjoyment. I screamed and screamed in ecstasy, my whole body quaking, rocking, shaking powerfully as I wavered on the edge of consciousness and a deep bonding passed palpably around and thru us. Then she was back güvenilir bahis siteleri into my cunt fucking me passionately until another powerful orgasm seized me and I cried out loudly as Perla shot a big load of hot cum into my bowels. At daybreak while Perla was sound asleep I slipped out with semen running down my inner thighs into my car and drove home.


Serafina insisted on taking me to the Takama Sect Voodoo Rituals in the “Little Haitian” neighborhood… “Voodoo, meaning spirit, may be one of the world’s oldest ancestral, nature-honoring traditions”, she’d said over and over. “Participation in voodoo rituals reaffirms one’s relationships with ancestors, personal history, community relationships—and the cosmos. Voodoo is a way of life,” she added. Those particular rituals scheduled for the evening of the full moon was to celebrate the Goddess “lwa” of love, sensuality, and feminine power; the spirituality of sex. Well I wanted to check it out…To say that I was carried away would be an understatement…The hypnotic chants, dancing, the sensuous performances; the throbbing drums which resonated deep in my cunt had me spell-bound. Around midnight Serafina introduced me to the High PriestTakama in his apartment-like sacristy. He is a Creole, tall and athletic looking with dreadlocks and a goatee. He wore a sheer caftan that clearly outlined his massive cock, the sight sent a shudder thru me. We had some refreshments as we talked about sacred sex of which Takama is apparently an expert. “He will take you to bed and fuck you till you forget your name and dissolve into oblivion”, Serafina offered as she undressed me. My thong was totally soaked and my clitoris throbbed. Takama unleashed his 14 inch very thick heavily veined erect cock and mounted me on the bed.

“You are a sacred whore with a deep magical cunt; a churning vortex like an undertow. A warm, deep, comfortable animal between your legs that beat rhythmically” chanted Serafina as she stroked my body. Takama guided his hard cock into my pussy diligently, watching the dam inside me burst and overflow, spilling down my thighs. Iridescent juices that smelled sweet and salty…”Yes, deeper baby, deeper…O God deeper”, I wailed my breath coming harder, my moans and groans louder as I watched the massive, hard dick, move in and out of my stretched cunt, with precision and I opened wider and wider. Then I exploded, and came and came non-stop crying out, my cunt juices all over the sheets. Takama fucked me extravagantly, plowing my cunt, turning it inside out swimming in the current of my twat, in my warm pools of fiery volcanic rush. He was tireless, he was so fucking strong his cock getting harder as he fucked me and fucked me and I kept coming nonstop. Then he exploded a huge load of hot lava of cum, flooding my insides. After resting for a while

I pushed Takama onto his back and mounted him, swiftly engulfing his still hard cock in my heated cunt. Soon we were locked in an embrace as old as earth-spirits. I showed no mercy. Fucking for all my worth. Serafina looked on approvingly. With smooth agility I settled down to strong rhythmic thrusting, fucking him passionately… The room smelled of cunt and incense. I felt the hot wetness of us blending; my pussy streaming juices as I bit into his neck. I smelt my Amazon scent as I moved in perfect syncopation. I savored the fantastic moment. The incense smoke swirled around us; cries and forest sounds and strange music surrounded us. I held Takama’s cock tightly inside the heat of my cunt, muttering an old song into his ear. Joyously our sacred bodies entered the spiritual merging with all of life transformed…Serafina left us to fuck the young Priest, Takama’s assistant.

I amazed myself with the strength of my fucking, my rare sacred sexual capacity. Finally coming in an enormous orgasm, groaning like a jungle cat, my cunt flooding the bed noisily, with spurting liquids. Takama’s own climax bursting forth with mine and he collapsed beneath my heaving body, his face buried between my breasts. And that was just for starters… Takama fucked me like a demon lover the rest of the night. I gushed juices screaming and howling with pleasure…”Serafina was right about your cunt. What she didn’t tell me was that it is also a fiercely hungry, man-eating cunt” said Takama stroking my wild hair.


In a short period of time and with the guidance of two awesome women, I Morgana Tempest, learned how to meditate and to find my spiritual self; and I learned about the meaning of the transcendent divine force of sacred sex soon thereafter. This is a story about love, sex, redemption and transformation; living in the heart and how I experienced my own Divine Being. All of these experiences came into my life with perfect and unexpected timing, and I just went for it. It is a deeply personal story of the alchemy of spirit.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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