The Cam Show

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“Let’s try it, it’ll be great!” Joy Adams said.

Her friends, Lisa Bowers and Allison Watson were a bit more cautious.

Allison asked, “Are you sure we won’t be recognized?”

“Yeah, no sweat, I’ve posted some racy videos of myself alone, and no one knows it’s me.”

Lisa said, “I gotta admit, it sounds pretty exciting. Thinking of horny guys watching us, maybe some horny girls, joining in with their own stroking.”

The three 18-year-olds could feel the building excitement. Yesterday, they had all gotten waxed, when Joy suggested it and said it would be perfect for what she had planned. A light well-shaped tuft of pubic hair was left above their openings, to show that Lisa was a natural redhead, Allison a natural blonde, and Joy was a natural chestnut color.

Joy said, “Let’s do it now! My parents won’t be home from work for another 2 hours, we can use their king-sized bed, we’ll all fit nicely.”

They trooped in, and the excitement started to build as they stripped naked. Just the idea of what they were about to do was warming them up, tight pussies were getting delightfully moist. Joy took the cam and set the tripod up.

“Ok Ally and Lisa, take the position, so I can get us all in the frame.”

They did so, and she was focusing on her 2 best friends, on their knees, heads lowered down to pillows, so no one would see anything but 3 tight teen cunts that would be exposed. She imagined herself joining them, feeling her pussy moisten delightfully, and pulled back the view to give it enough room to capture her. She quickly went over and held the remote control that would start the filming.

Once she was in position, she said quietly, “Everbody ready?”

At Lisa and Allison’s yes, she said, “Okay, here we go.”

She pressed the RECORD button on the remote, and they could hear a very soft whir sound as the camera started.

Allison was feeling prickles etimesgut yabancı escortlar of excitement, displaying her tight little fuckhole so wantonly, she ran a hand down and stroked gently along her tight pussy lips, letting out a soft mmmm as her fingers started to stir up the heated juices.

Lisa felt the same lust, her fingers slid down, swirling across her belly, seeking out the wet heat. Her pussy lips were swollen with sexual excitement, and she let out soft purrs of pleasure as her fingers slid over and over the moist, hot labia lips.

Joy was full of the rush, it had been hot enough to expose her tight little pussy to a camera, and masturbate by herself. This took it to a whole new level of heat, as she got into her favorite way to masturbate. She used both her hands and found her wanting labia lips. She gently rolled and tugged at them with the thumbs and index fingers on either hand. Joy could feel her juices flow, she dipped her right hand down, gathered some of her copious moisture, and spread it around her pussy. It was so slippery, she was so wet. Her clit was begging for attention. Joy brought her right index and middle fingers together, placed them on the outside of her right labia, and began to gently stroke her engorged clitoris underneath, it quickly rose up to her fingers. It felt more hardened than at any time in the past.

Allison could feel her clit rising up from its cover. She rubbed her clit softly with her finger before slowly inserting two fingers into herself. Her breathing was coming in sharp little gasps. As she got more into the rhythm of masturbation, she pushed her fingers deeper while she cupped one of her breasts and squeezed her nipple. When she pulled her fingers out, she could feel how dripping wet they were before plunging them back in again. She felt wanton and wicked as she wiggled her hips a bit, her ass presented ankara yeni escortlar to the camera’s view, as if beckoning for a rock-hard dick to take her hard, plunge into her soft, wet, pink hole.

Lisa was into her favorite rhythm, her right hand curling over to the center of her pussy, and with her middle and ring fingers, she gently caressed her enlarged clitoris. She stroked slowly at first, and after each dozen or so strokes, would slip these same two fingers into her opening and slide them in and out of herself several times. The lubrication made it even more delicious as her wet fingers slid over her clit, making it throb and tingle, as she repeated the process. She had started slowly, and as she got more into her session, she did it a bit faster the next time around. Her moans of pleasure added to the lust-filled soundtrack.

More cries and grunts of pleasure rose up, and the soft softs of nimble fingers plunging in, the wet squelchy sound of dripping wet fuck-holes being finger fucked joined into the soundtrack.

Joy wanted to take it to another level. With her hand coated with her juices, she reached under, letting out coos of pleasure as she rubbed the juices all over her tight little asshole. She had learned how to masturbate and play with her tight little asshole, the sensations were amazing, and her orgasms were power-packed explosions. With her tight little butthole lubed up, she poised a finger against her, and let out a loud squeal of pleasure as she pushed, driving her finger in between the rose-shaped pucker. When her finger was buried, she started to pump rapidly, finger fucking the tight little butt hole.

She whispered, “Finger your assholes, really put on a show!”

Allison was all for it. She discovered how good it felt when she had tried it out in the shower. The feeling of her tight little asshole being caressed was fucking sincan oral yapan escortlar spectacular, and she had masturbated wantonly, fingers pumping in and out of both her hot holes, barely able to hold herself up as her orgasm crashed down on her. Getting clean had never felt so dirty!

Now, whoever watched the video would see her doing it. Her fingers were dripping wet, she slathered the fingers all over the tight rim, she felt the rush of lust as she nudged a finger in, letting out loud moans of pleasure as her tight little asshole was breached. The well-lubed finger slid in as far as possible, and she started to finger bang her back door. Her moans and cries of pleasure mingled with Joy’s sounds as they worked over both steamy holes.

Lisa had never played with her asshole, she wasn’t sure she’d like it, but the rising tempo of sounds from Joy and Allison encouraged her. One of her fingers rubbed at the tight little pucker, she gasped, holy fuck, that felt so fucking great. She pulled the finger back, buried it in her soaking cunt to get it lubed, then drove it in, letting out a loud squeal as her asshole was breached for the first time. Feelings of crazy lust started to surge through her.

All three were simmering in lust, showing off their cunts and assholes, and playing with them on camera was beyond anything they’d ever done. Any man watching the video would have a raging hardon, pumping his prick as three 18-year-olds were masturbating furiously, fingers pumping in and out of tight little assholes and dripping pussies, cries, grunts, and moans of pleasure filling the soundtrack.

Joy was first to go, and she let out a full-throated howl as she exploded, her cunt was gushing, holy fuck, it felt like she was exploding.

Lisa went next, god, it felt so good having both holes being fingered, and the idea that horny men would be watching, and stroking off their stiff cocks to a happy ending while seeing them, she was squealing with pleasure as her cunt dissolved in a rush of hot juices.

Allison heard her best friends in the throes of orgasm, two more swift strokes, and ahhh, she went with them, her body shaking as her orgasm grabbed her and shook her in that grip of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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