The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 02

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Margaret opened her eyes realising she was still in the bathtub. She looked at the window, it was still dark outside. The air was heavy with a strange smell, a strong musk that she wasn’t familiar with, at least not yet. It wasn’t a particularly good smell, but Margaret couldn’t stop herself from enjoying it. She felt sticky and dirty, she could see the dried cum on her skin. It was all over the bathtub, partially dry in some areas forming these small patches of goo. She had the urge to lick it. “Disgusting”. She thought as the reasonable side of her brain won that battle with the instinctive part. She stood up and stepped out of the bathtub.

The shower was turned on with full power, Margaret closed her eyes as the water fell on her face, back and shoulders. She carefully rubbed off all of that crust of dried cum. The warm water never felt so good before, relaxing her entire body. Her hand went down to her crotch almost as as a natural impulse. But instead of feeling her pussy she felt something else. Opening her eyes Margaret looked down and gasped. She had a penis now, and it was getting hard, throbbing wildly.

She could feel it move and grow, rising before her eyes. Fully erect it reached impressive twelve inches, a perfect porn-star cock. Not that Margaret would know, she had never watched any porn. But she remembered her husband’s size, and her cock had to be at least twice as big. Margaret felt a mix of confusion and elation, her heart beating rapidly. She felt the water hit her cock directly and the sensation was amazing. Hesitantly, she wrapped her fingers around it with one hand. A shiver went up her spine as she squeezed the appendage. She felt its power, HER power. That cock belonged on her body as much as any other part. It felt so much like her, as if she had been missing it all her life and only now felt complete.

Fighting the urges, she pulled her hand back, panting and stopping herself from stroking it. “Masturbation is a sin!” Was the only thing in her mind. She finished washing herself, realizing that some of her towels had been used and now lied on the floor. She had a flashback of sister Morgan drying herself on those towels and walking out. A brief scene of her glowing eyes and horns at the edge of the bathtub also came to mind, sending a shiver of fear up Margaret’s spine. She grabbed a clean towel and dried herself, her hair would take a while though, still wet for now. Margaret leaned on the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. Her fingers danced over her face with fascination. Age marks that she had before were simply gone, she looked at least ten years younger. Her skin had never been so beautiful, so soft. She examined the rest of her body and saw the same effect all over. Stretch marks were gone, it was as smooth as ever, no sign of any imperfections.

Taking a wider view of her body in the mirror, Margaret cupped her breasts. They were more perky, definitely bigger, capable of easily feeling her hand when she grabbed them. Her body still felt the same, but her curves were much more emphasized. She had gained some padding on all the right areas, her hips were a bit wider, ass cheeks perkier and juicier than ever, her thighs were beautifuly shaped. She had the body of a magazine model, almost as if she had been photoshopped in real life. Even her long, light brown hair looked shinier and more beautiful, her light blue eyes were emphasized and her skin had a light tan that she always wanted to have but could never maintain.

The big cock and the pair of testicles underneath it completed her frame perfectly, hanging from her crotch. She turned around to see her back side and spread her ass cheeks. She was happy to see her asshole and her pussy intact, right behind her scrotum. “Just like she promised.” She whispered to herself, realizing that Kristanna had delivered on her side of the bargain, and then some. Those changes were more than welcome, she felt better than she had ever felt in years. Like she had gone back to her old self, before having Vanessa, but with all the wisdom from her true age.

Wearing her robe, Margaret sat on her bed. She was still in disbelief, shaking her head and letting out a chuckle. This whole situation was so… miraculous, for lack of a better word. Whatever happened to her, however Kristanna managed to change her body, it had to be supernatural. While being a woman of faith all her life, Margaret was certainly inclined to belief in the supernatural. In her world God performed miracles all the time. But none of them were so clear and obvious such as what happened tonight. No miracle had ever affected her so directly like this.

Walking back to the bathroom, Margaret turned on the light to assess the real damage. She could see the mark of dried cum on the side of the bathtub’s internal wall, she remembered practically drowning in it. There were also dried stains on the floor around the bathtub, some on the walls. How was it possible for one person to produce canlı bahis so much cum and fluids? She was reminded of the delicious taste it had, flashes of her exhausting indulgence in that sea of cum came to her mind. And then she realized. “Oh my Lord! I’ve masturbated!” She looked down at her flaccid cock and how she had denied herself of pleasure during her shower, thinking she was being a good christian. But forgot that in her excitement and frenzy she had literally rubbed her cunt until she passed out last night.

This was no time for self judgement and pity, though. What’s done can’t be undone. Margaret finally got what she wanted, after all. As she turned on the water in the bathtub and began cleaning up her bathroom, her mind ran with plans and possibilities. The sunrise came to visit her, and by six in the morning Margaret was already dressed, makeup on, proper breakfast in progress. She took out all the pantihoses she could find, remembering how sister Morgan seemed to be concealing her massive black member under that habit. Margaret had no shortage of long skirts, so she managed to find something discrete enough. Today was the day! She was going to walk down the street and talk to that neighbor, introduce herself, maybe schedule something or invite her to the book club! There was no time to waste anymore!

As she walked at her front lawn, Margaret’s mind kept running with possible scenarios. The more she imagined, the more she doubted and questioned herself. She realized how much she didn’t know about her new body, how much was new. She remembered the bad experiences with sex that she had with Mark. How he was clumsy, careless and just overall bad at it. And in contrast she remembered how last night had been with sister Morgan. Margaret had felt more pleasure in a few minutes of oral sex than she had ever felt in her life. It was like feeling alive for the first time. Like being awakened into a world she had always neglected. She had never once gotten so lost in pleasure, given up so much control. And the nun had barely even touched her!

Her walk ceased, Margaret looked back at her front door, then to the neighbor’s house. She saw the light was on through her window, the woman was probably getting ready to go to work. That’s right, people who weren’t filthy-rich still had to work, what was she thinking? “I can’t go to the neighbor just yet, not like this. I need to build up my confidence, get to know myself.” Margaret realized this was the first time in her entire life that any sexual thoughts didn’t automatically feel heavy with the burden of sin. Perhaps facing death had given her clarity, allowed her to be bolder and less burdened with the duties of a christian woman. Or perhaps she was just loving the sin, as it is so common with sinners, and she would burn in hell for it anyway. Regardless of the reasons, she just ignored them for now. This was her life, and she wasn’t going to end up sick in a bed, having lived nothing of it! Margaret focused on the undeniable fact that she needed to get better at sex, and to feel comfortable with her new body before she even approached the neighbor.

She walked back in her house, removed her clothes and put on her robe once again. Sitting on her bed while drinking some tea, Margaret grabbed her laptop. Her heart was racing with fear and anxiety, she was about to do something so wrong, so forbidden. She took a deep breath, placed her mug on the nightstand. Doing her best to push her conflicting thoughts away she went on the search field and hesitantly typed “porn movies”. A variety of sites came up.

Margaret had no idea where to begin. She clicked the first site and was bombarded with several different categories of porn. One of them was “Big Cocks”. Considering what was between her legs, she clicked that one. She was surprised to find that those men weren’t quite as big as she was, even though some came close. As she watched these hung men violating much smaller woman, Margaret’s cock quickly raised to full mast. She took a deep breath and grabbed it again with one hand, letting out a moan. She gave it a stroke and the skin peeled back, revealing the head. She continued to do it, watching the screen as a black man with a huge cock bent a young woman over a counter and pounded her from behind.

Soon Margaret’s other hand had joined the fun, precum began oozing out of the tip of her cock, making it all wet and slippery. Margaret stroke faster, she felt the most sensitive spots of her dick with her finger, gradually understanding what felt good for her newly acquired cock. She focused on the video as her hands moved up and down her shaft in a blur. She began moaning louder, her entire being feelling hot, shivers constantly running through her body. For the first time Margaret found out how good it was to feel actual pleasure. Never before in her sex life it had been about pleasure. Sex was all about having a family, reproducing, pleasing the Lord. Pleasure was sinful, never good, bahis siteleri the temptation of the devil. But now she struggled to admit to herself that If she knew how it felt like, her life would have certainly been different.

The pleasure reached its summit, Margaret felt like something was about to erupt inside. She felt afraid, anxious and excited at the same time. It got closer and closer, she trembled, clumsy strokes on her cock. Until climax hit her and the cum flew out of her cock. The first jet splashed her right in the face with power. She was scared by it, pulling back her face in a reflex. The second jet squirt on the underside of her tits. Margaret lied back on the bed, she lifted her hips in the air and her cock rested along her belly, she continued shooting jets of cum all over herself. The woman trembled for a several seconds as she came. Some of the shots of cum flew over her head, she couldn’t focus enough to aim properly, too lost in the pleasure of it. And then it was over, she just lied on the bed, panting, still gripping her cock as if it was an animal out of control.

Realizing the orgasm was over, Margaret sat back up. She cleaned her own cum out of her face and looked around. The silk sheets were splattered with several ropes of cum, her belly and tits were covered in it. Even the screen of her laptop had some cum sliding along it as the video still continued. Obviously this wasn’t a “bathtub worthy” orgasm like the nun had delivered last night, but still it was a massive amount of sperm, much more than Mark could ever make in several orgasms. Margaret had a sudden idea.

In a rush, she opened her drawers looking for something she hadn’t used in a while. It took her several minutes to finally find a pack of condoms she had bought years ago, Mark was still alive back then. She wasn’t sure if they were still good, but she wasn’t going to have sex with anyone anyway. Sitting back on her bed Margaret opened a condom package. She put it at the top of her throbbing, already hard cock and began rolling it down. The rubber circle at the end of the condom felt very tight around her girth, but it still fit. As she rolled the condom down to the end of it there was still at least a couple inches of dick uncovered. It didn’t matter.

Continuing her browsing, Margaret found another video in the “big cocks” category. She began stroking herself again, this time more confident, understanding a bit better what she did. Her balls churned inside her sack as they rested on the silk sheets. She stroke and moaned, using both hands. Kristanna’s sentence from last night came to her mind. “If you massage my balls I will cum faster.” So Margaret reached down to her ball sack and rubbed it with one hand while stroking herself with another. It felt really good, she let out a louder moan. Her eyes opened wide, fixated on the video. She stroke her cock in the same rhythm that the man pounded the pussy of that woman on the screen. Even with the condom numbing some of her touch, it took her no more than three minutes to feel the orgasm approaching again.

Margaret groaned and rolled her eyes, she once again fell back on the bed, not even realizing that she had kicked her laptop to the floor in her delirious ecstasy. She lifted her hips up in the air, cumming in that condom. She felt it pulling on the skin of her cock and moving up with the pressure of her cum jets, the tip filled up and grew rounder. The weight almost pulled the condom off of Margaret’s cock, she had to hold onto it firmly to keep the condom on. When she was done cumming she pulled it out, the condom was like a huge water balloon, about to burst at any moment. Margaret held it in front of her face, watching it jiggle. Her jaw almost hitting the floor when she realized how much cum she had made. It had to be a gallon in that thing, on a single orgasm! She tied a secure knot on the condom and placed that balloon carefully on the bed next to her.

Time began to fly, as she shifted from one video to another. Looking at the thumbnails that seemed the most exciting, discovering what she liked the most. The favorite angles, the types of actresses most attractive to her. Finding out about this new world was exciting and fun. She was practicing the use of her cock, to be ready to finally talk to her neighbor and be able to please her. Her hands moved like a blur over her cock, the amount of cum balloons only grew as the hours passed. Margaret took breaks to go eat some snacks down at the kitchen, drink some water, then right back into to the bedroom.

The air in the room was warm and heavy, a mix of sweat and cum. Margaret just kept browsing, each new and exciting video would immediately cause her cock to rise and grow hard again, no matter how many times she had already reached orgasm. Somehow she always came a lot, filling up those condoms with ease. She went through an entire package of twelve condoms, finishing what she had in stock. At this point she began to just bahis şirketleri not care anymore about containing her cum. She grabbed a few clean towels from her bathroom and just tried to cum in them, then cleaned up quickly and continued. In her excitement sometimes she would even forget the towels and not even clean up until she was done with the video.

She kept on finding the next video, moving to another category. Her selection got increasingly exotic as she checked out more extreme categories, longer videos. She developed a taste for more violent porn, women with their makeup running on their faces, choking on cock. Some gang-bang and orgies, double penetration, and finally the one she enjoyed the most, double-anal penetration. When she found those hot videos she came so fast sometimes that she could reach two or three orgasms watching the same ten minute video. She would pause it to rest, but after a quick break she was good to go again.

Margaret woke up again as she heard a door knock. She opened her eyes and suddenly sat on the bed. The smell was of pure cum and sweat, she felt it on her skin, her tits and face, a strange “deja vu” feeling from when she had woken up earlier in the bathtub. She heard the muffled voice coming from the other side of the door. “Mrs Gregson! Are you ok? You didn’t come down for lunch. Are you sick? Do you need me to bring you anything?” It was Rosa, the maid. Such a good heart, always worried. Looking around Margaret was basically lying in a small sea of dirty towels , tissues and cum-filled balloons. They were on the floor, on the bed around her. Her silk sheets were ruined with cum stains. Her laptop still had a video opened on pause, the keyboard was sticky and the screen stained with cum. She saw the clock displaying “3:38 PM”. It was the middle of the afternoon already.

Guilt weighted heavy in Margaret’s heart as she realized she had masturbated all day. The memories of what she had done in that room were in each towel, each filled condom. Reminding her of how much she had indulged in her own sin, how deep she had sunk. She closed the video on the screen disgusted by it, then smashed her laptop shut. She shouted back at the maid. “Uuh… I’m ok Rosa, just stayed up late last night, decided to have a nap. No need to bring anything, I’ll go down soon. Just need a good shower.” The maid shouted back from behind the door. “Ok ma’am. Just remember you have that diner with Mr. Jones at 6PM.”

Of course, how could she have forgotten! Vincent was coming tonight, they had scheduled this over a week ago. She let out a frustrated sigh at the idea of having diner with him. That man was so sleazy, she only tolerated him because he was an important business partner. After Mark died he didn’t even hide his intentions and came onto Margaret hard. He was obsessed with her. Every time they met to talk business she spent at least half the meeting deflecting his shameless advances, pushing him away and keeping the conversation professional. But it was hopeless, the man was determined to marry her. Of course he was also interested in the business side of it all, merging his empire with Margaret’s. He wasn’t the only man trying to score the rich widow, but he was certainly the most insistent, and therefore the most annoying.

Taking another shower, Margaret once again cleaned up after her mess. She took away all of her bed sheets, all the tissues and towels filled with cum, practically glued to each other. She put them to wash herself, making Rosa feel puzzled and surprised by her boss’ sudden helpful mood. The condoms she just had to empty, dump the cum in the toilet and then throw them in the trash. Margaret put a beautiful dress with a loose skirt, making sure she would conceal her member well. She got ready just in time for the dinner with Vincent Jones.

The doorbell rang, Vincent was eagerly waiting on the other side. When Margaret opened the door he immediately opened a big smile, the surprise was evident on his face. “Oh… wow… you are even more beautiful than last time we met. If that is even possible!” Realising he was not handing her the bouquet he quickly extended his arm, almost shoving it on Margaret’s face.

She grabbed it and open the door fully, “T-thank you, Vincent. Please come in.” As she walked to the dining room Margaret almost felt bad for how much she hated the guy, he was so well meaning. She placed the flowers on a vase by the table and quickly moved to her chair. Rosa was dressed more formally now, she adjusted the chair for Mr. Jones and left the room, preparing the food in the kitchen.

Vincent literally stared at Margaret with a silly smile to the point of making her seriously uncomfortable. The man should be in his fifties, same age her husband would be if he was still alive. He had short and well groomed black hair, which was now mostly grey on the sides. A squared jaw and overall handsome traits. He wasn’t really fit, sporting a small belly, which was more than common for a man his age that wasn’t effectively into sports or physical activities. With his money he could have any young girl out there that was looking for a sugar daddy. But he wanted Margaret, apparently.

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