The Candy Store Ch. 02

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Checking her make-up in the mirror Kat started doing the nightly count out and close down while James, still breathing shallowly against the mirror, watched her. Kat gave him a casual smile once in awhile. She liked the way he looked at her.

James walked up to her after his breathing became regular again; “hey I need a cigarette,” he smiled.

Kat reached out and gently moved the hair out of his eyes, as she smiled and said, “I’ll be done in about ten minutes,” and let him out the back door. She quickly finished the count out and turned off the lights. She slipped out the door and saw James standing underneath a street lamp, leaning against a beat up old blue car. Damn he’s sexy she thought to herself.

James flicked the cigarette as he saw her leave the mall. He grew hard watching her walk towards him. He just couldn’t believe what had happened. He wondered what he could get to happen next. James reached out, wrapped his arms around her waist and backed her into the streetlight as soon as she was in reach. He looked into her eyes as he reached his hand under her bahis firmaları skirt shoving two fingers into her still dripping cunt. Kat quivered as she felt the invasion of her cleaned shaved pussy. Her mind went blank with pleasure as she let her body give in to whatever he was going to do. She wrapped her left leg around his thigh giving him a better angle. Kat ground herself against his hand as she felt another finger get pushed up inside her. She leaned the upper part of her body against the pole and rode his hand through half opened eyes, her mind a blaze with color as he rocked her body. His three fingers darting in and out of her quickly, he felt the muscles almost clench down on them but he kept the motion.

James let her have her fun for a few moments just watching the look of pure pleasure on her face, this animalistic creature that chose him some how. She gripped his shoulders as the pleasure lessened. Her mind was almost clear as she thought how did this happen? She looked and saw his grin; what was he up to? James pulled his fingers out and put them straight into kaçak iddaa her mouth where she sucked them clean. He picked her up around her waist and set her on the car. He dropped to his knees, drawing in the scent of her wetness. He slowly kissed the inside of her thighs; gently sucking and nibbling leaving small bruises on the delicate skin. His tongue found the top of her hood and he started swirling his tongue around as she pulled his head closer against her. Adding force he moved quicker covering her pleasure spot and making her ridged again. He started using two fingers and rubbed her clit as his tongue moved faster inside her. He moved his hands to her hip and looked up to see her body harden against the car and wisely started fucking her with his tongue, using his nose to rub against her clit.

Kat’s mind exploded again with fireworks as her body convulsed against James tongue. He licked more softly and finally stopped and blew lightly on her swollen pussy before softly kissing it. Her mind started working again as she grabbed him and pulled him on top of her. She looked kaçak bahis into his eyes and giggled. She kissed him on the forehead and then his cheeks and finally stopping on his lips. She parted his lips slightly with her tongue and felt him respond. His already hard member was pressed against her driving her insane. She slowly explored his tongue while he explored hers. James ran his hands down her body. The kiss felt like it lasted forever when it was only a few minutes. Kat wanted him now. She moved her hand to his jeans and slowly started to undo his pants when James grabbed her arm.

“No you little sex goddess, you can wait until we get to your place.”

Kat nibbled his lower lip gently and pouted slightly but then something caught her eye over his shoulder. In the distance but not to far a couple of drunkards most of saw everything. Their eyes gleamed as they stared.

“You’re right” Kat said as she lifted herself James moved aside giving the watchers full view of Kat’s glistening pussy. She pushed off the car and straightened her clothes walking around to the other side of it. She looked at the drunks and winked as she started into the car.

“Off to my house before I take you right here.” Kat giggled at the thought as James smiled.

“Lets Go.”

(To Be Continued)

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