The Chair Ch. 12

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He had met her on his first day of work after graduating college. She had been the department secretary for his department. Marie was a beautiful 5 foot 2 inch blond with brown eyes and weighing in at 110 pounds. Her breasts, while not overtly large, were very well proportioned for her body. He had always regretted not meeting her earlier as he later heard stories about how wild she was. But she had then recently started dating another employee who was a born-again Christian and she had changed.

He had left the company for several years and returned a little over a year ago. Marie also had left the company and she had just returned a couple of months ago.

He was working late one Thursday night and so was Marie. He ran into her in the hall on the way from the vending machines. Being it was after hours and very few people were around, they took the time to sit and talk, catching up on old times. They discussed people they had worked with long ago and what had happened to them since. He found out that she was now divorced (from someone other than the born-again Christian). He joked with her that he was still single because he couldn’t choose just one woman to settle down with.

It was now getting late and Marie asked him if he wanted to go out and get a drink. He told her that he would love to but that he was meeting someone at a bar. (That was true, he had previously promised the redhead that he would stop in to see her tonight at the strip club.) Marie then surprised him by asking if she could come along too. He now was caught in a quandary. Should he tell her he was going to a strip club (not knowing how she would react) or should he make up some lie as to why she couldn’t come along? He opted for the truth. When he told her, expecting either disgust or at least a withdrawal of her self-invitation, she surprised him again. She told him that she had always wanted to go to a strip club but had never had the nerve. He told her that many clubs were “couple friendly” and she asked if she could go with him. He told her that he had no problem with that and then he gave her directions.

On their way to the club separately, he called the redhead to let her know that he was bringing a female friend from work and that it would be her first time at a club. The redhead sounded very excited. They arrived at the same time and as the valet parked their cars, he escorted her inside. He asked the doorman that they be seated at a booth with a good view of the stage. Almost before they had gotten seated, the waitress came and got their drink order. As they waited for their drinks he watched Marie as she looked around, taking in every detail of the club. He noticed that she would occasionally glance covertly at the girls on stage. After they had each taken a few sips of their drinks, he asked Marie what she thought so far. She said that it wasn’t anything like she had expected. She told him that she had expected some sleazy dive with loud, obnoxious, rowdy men leering at the half naked girls on stage. In actuality most of the men were quiet businessmen and many were hardly even watching the girls on stage.

As Marie grew more comfortable in the club setting, she began to watch the girls on stage directly. She paid particular attention whenever one of them was performing some pole gymnastics. Either when spinning around one of the brass poles that extended from the stage to the ceiling or when hanging by their legs and swinging from a horizontal pole secured about 8 feet off the stage. She also noticed that there were several other couples seated around the club.

It was about that time that the redhead came over, gave him a peck on the cheek, and sat down beside him. He introduced Marie to the redhead and sat back to listen as Marie questioned the redhead about the club, dancing, and anything else that popped into her head. The two girls had hit it off instantly. Marie then mentioned that she had noticed that several times some man would get out of his seat and follow a dancer into the room located behind the pool table. The redhead explained that that was the VIP room and the men were getting lap dances. Marie wasn’t shocked, but she did ask the redhead to describe exactly what a lap dance was. The redhead smiled and told her it would be easier to show her. The three of them then stood up and he and Marie followed the redhead through the door into the VIP room.

In the VIP room, the redhead directed them to a partitioned off chair that was somewhat more secluded from the other chairs. She then guided Marie into the plush chair while she instructed him to sit in the plain chair, which was meant for waiting, against the opposite wall. As a new song began playing through the speakers, the redhead began removing her dress. Soon she was dancing in front of Marie wearing only her g-string. She turned around and began wiggling her beautiful ass in front of the blonde’s face. She then rubbed her ass cheeks against the blonde’s breasts and stomach through the blouse she was wearing. As he watched the dance Marie was receiving, he could swear he saw her nipples get erect through her blouse. The redhead then poker oyna turned around and rubbed her 34D breasts in Marie’s face before slowly sliding down the front of the blonde. She then rubbed the top of her head against Marie’s lap. As she stood up, she again rubbed her ass in Marie’s lap. This time however, Marie reached out and tentatively put her hands on the redhead’s hips. The redhead took Marie’s hands and placed them firmly on her bare breasts. She held her hands there until she was certain that the blonde wasn’t going to pull them away. As the redhead continued to grind her ass into Marie’s lap, Marie continued to fondle her breasts. From his vantagepoint he had a wonderful view as the blonde’s skirt had ridden high up on her thighs giving him a glimpse of her pink panties. Sadly, the song came to an end and the redhead was called to the stage. After quickly pulling her dress back on, she kissed Marie on the cheek before heading out of the VIP room and onto the stage.

He escorted Marie back to their booth where they watched the redhead dance her set of three songs. When she was dancing on the stage nearest them, he gave the blonde a dollar bill and told her it was customary to tip the dancer when you enjoy their performance. When the redhead took the bill from her outstretched hand, she folded it into quarters (one fold each direction) and placed the end into Marie’s mouth. With one hand she pulled her g-string out from her waist as with her other hand she guided the blonde’s head down so she could place the bill in her g-string. After she released the bill from her teeth, she stood as the redhead gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and then she returned to their booth. Her face was now very red, but he noticed this was not the flush of embarrassment, but of excitement.

After freshening up, the redhead rejoined them. She asked Marie what she had thought of the lap dance and the blonde told her it was very nice. He kidded the redhead that if it was only “very nice” she must not have done a very good job. The redhead almost took this as a challenge as she told him that they hadn’t finished the lap dance yet. They all then got up and returned to the VIP room. This time she had Marie sit in the waiting chair where she could watch the dance she gave him. She had already removed her dress by the time the song started. She grabbed his legs and pulled him so his ass was just barely resting on the front edge of the chair. When the redhead straddled his lap, Marie correctly deduced that the adjustment before was to position his penis directly between her crotch and the chair. As she ground her crotch against his lap, he had his hands on her waist. The blonde watched intently as he gently ran his finger across the small of her back, even in the dark lighting, she could see a shiver run through the redhead’s body. The redhead then stood and rubbed her breasts against his face the same as she had done to her earlier. She then turned around and ground her ass against his pelvis. As the song ended the redhead instructed them to switch places and Marie was only too eager to comply.

He watched as the redhead danced for the blonde again. Her performance this time was similar to the last time, but she was much more overt with her touching of the blonde. He was excited when he saw Marie lick each of the redhead’s nipples as she rubbed her nipples against the blonde’s lips. As the redhead straddled the blonde’s lap, she kissed her ear and neck. As she slid down her body, she planted several kisses on Marie’s chest where her blouse was opened. She was even so bold as to quickly pull Marie’s blouse and bra aside and kiss her nipple. Marie seemed oblivious of the fact that her friend and coworker had just seen her naked breast. As the song ended, they all decided they needed to take a break.

When they returned to their booth, he excused himself to go to the restroom. When he returned, the two girls were sitting side by side chatting like lifelong friends. When the redhead left to freshen up, he asked Marie how she was enjoying her first trip to a strip club. She told him that she loved it. He also asked what they had been talking about while he was gone. She replied that they had been talking about him. When he asked if it was all good, she replied that it was if the redhead wasn’t lying. When he inquired further, she told him that the redhead had been commenting on how big his dick is. When he said that he’s always known the redhead to be very truthful, Marie smiled. She told him that the redhead had also briefly mentioned something about a chair that they had built. He told the blonde that he wasn’t sure she was ready to hear about The Chair.

When the redhead returned, she again sat next to Marie. As they all sat together talking and drinking, Marie’s mind wandered back to The Chair. She asked them both in a pleading tone to tell her about it. The redhead briefly described it as a padded chair with cuffs. She added that The Chair could recline and move into many different positions. Seeing that Marie was still interested, she then added that it had many different attachments for stimulating the occupant.

After canlı poker oyna observing Marie’s reaction to the redhead’s description, he chimed in that a mere description didn’t do it justice, you had to experience it to really appreciate it. There was a long silence at the table and then Marie said, “So when could I experience it?”

They decided that there was no time like the present, so as soon as the redhead got off work, they would head for the apartment. They then returned to the VIP room for several more dances.

This time, the redhead seated him in the plush chair but then she had Marie sit on his lap. As the redhead removed her dress, Marie could feel his semi-hard dick wedged in the crack of her ass through her skirt. As the redhead squatted in front of them, she spread his legs out to both walls of the small booth. She then spread Marie’s legs out so they were touching his. The redhead then rubbed her head in Marie’s crotch. This forced her ass down against his dick even harder now. She could feel his dick twitching between her ass cheeks as the redhead was grinding her ass into Marie’s lap. Looking down over the blonde’s shoulder, he could see as the dancer ran her hands up the blonde’s legs until her skirt was pulled up so there was only about 2 inches of material hiding her panties from his view. If anyone had been lucky enough to be seated in the chair across from them, they would have been treated to a wonderful view.

The dancer then turned around and was again rubbing her breasts in the blonde’s face. As she brushed her lips with her nipple, the blonde stuck her tongue out to lick it. The redhead then shifted so her other nipple could receive the same treatment. The redhead then reached around Marie’s body and unbuttoned the first 4 buttons of his shirt. The blonde then leaned to one side as the redhead leaned forward and took one of his nipples into her mouth and gently licked it with the tip of her tongue. As Marie continued to watch, the redhead then took his nipple between her teeth and it appeared to the blonde as if she was biting quite hard. As she started to quietly ask him if he liked that, she felt his dick swell beneath her. The dancer then released his nipple from her teeth and took Marie’s far hand in hers. She pulled her hand across her and placed it on his chest. She positioned her fingers on his nipple and instructed the blonde to pinch it. At first she tentatively applied a little pressure, but the dancer urged her to squeeze harder. As she did, she could again feel his dick surge under her ass.

The dancer had now bent down in front of them and was rubbing her head in both of their crotches simultaneously. He could feel her hot breath on his balls as it blew through the thin material of his pants. The blonde sitting on his lap had continued to twist and pull at his nipple, no longer afraid of hurting him. She too felt the redhead’s breath on her pussy. As the dancer continued to massage them with her head, she reached up and grabbed both of Marie’s breasts. When the redhead grabbed the blonde’s breasts, her nipples popped out over the top edge of her bra. As her blouse had become partially unbuttoned earlier during their dance, her nipples were clearly visible to him, the redhead, and anyone else who happened to be nearby. As the fading music signaled the end of this dance, the redhead slid up Marie’s body and quickly licked each of her nipples before tucking them back inside her bra and buttoning up her blouse. He and Marie returned to their booth as the dancer went to freshen up again.

The redhead finished her shift by dancing for several other guys that had been waiting patiently for her. As she did, he and Marie watched the other dancers. Marie commented on the various styles. Some girls would merely walk back and forth across the stage as the music played where others, like the redhead, really put a lot of effort and talent into their routines. Some girls used the poles more where others would slither and writhe on the stage floor. After what seemed like an eternity, the redhead’s shift ended and they headed for the apartment where they could demonstrate The Chair on Marie.

As they lead Marie into the room in which The Chair now permanently resides, she didn’t think it looked all that special, for it was now in the normal chair position with all of the added features concealed (except the cuffs). They instructed Marie to undress and be seated, but she was reluctant to do so. They told her she would have to follow their instructions in order to experience The Chair and if she wasn’t willing, she could leave now without ever seeing it in operation. Her curiosity finally got the better of her and she began to slowly strip out of her clothes. When she was down to her matching pink bra and panties she hesitated, wondering if they expected her to strip completely nude in front of them. Knowing what she was thinking, they told her that either she could remove them, or they would. As exciting as the prospect of them finishing to undress her sounded, she opted to undress herself. As soon as she dropped her undergarments on the pile with the rest of her internet casino clothes, she quickly climbed into The Chair, hoping that it would somehow hide her naked body to some extent. As she was now seated, they both approached The Chair and began fastening the cuffs. She had forgotten that they would have to be so close in order to secure her, so the chair didn’t conceal her at all. She found it strangely erotic being completely naked while the other two were fully dressed as they moved around her, securing her.

He now went to the computer and started The Chair. The blonde was slightly startled when The Chair began to tip backwards, but it stopped when her torso was parallel to the floor. She was now in the “rocket launch” position as they had come to refer to it. While she was in this position and could not see the base under her feet, the redhead switched the attachments on the thrusting units. They didn’t feel that she should be exposed to the larger units on her first ‘ride’. As she was near The Chair anyway, the redhead figured this would be as good a time as any to attach the sucking nipple cups to the blonde’s breasts. As the mild vacuum seated the cups around her nipples, she moaned softly. Once the redhead stepped away from The Chair, he restarted the program. Marie’s legs were brought down level with her body, then her arms were also brought level. Then her arms were swung out from her sides until she was forming a perfect T shape. She now felt her legs beginning to be slowly spread apart. As The Chair was forcing her legs further and further open, he told her that she should tell him if it got to be too much. The Chair had almost reached the preset maximum angle before she told him to stop.

Looking at Marie they could see beads of sweat forming on her forehead and her chest. They let her remain in this position for a short time to become accustomed to the position, as this was the position she would be in for a while. She had almost become complacent when the cups began sucking her nipples more intensely and alternating back and forth between the two. After letting her experience this for a short period, they decreased the sucking intensity to the minimum required to hold the cups in place. Through the clear glass of the cups, they could plainly see her nipples were very erect and had taken on a nice rosy blush as the blood had rushed to the surface. They had decreased the sucking action so that she could more completely experience what was to come next.

The primary thrusting unit was now beginning to rise up between her outstretched legs. She couldn’t raise her head far enough to see what was happening, but she soon felt the warm mist of lubricant that the thrusting unit had begun to spray on her blonde pussy. As it got closer to her pussy, the mist turned to a spray. Marie gasped loudly when the tip of the vibrator first contacted her vaginal lips. Her gasps now turned to moans as the unit began to nudge its way into her warm, wet, vagina. When the unit was inside her to a depth of 5 inches, it stopped. The nubs that circled the surface of the vibrator then began to slowly spiral around its axis. This brought a loud scream from Marie as she experienced her first orgasm from The Chair.

The nubs continued to spiral the entire time she was recovering from her climax. Her body was beginning to respond again to the stimulation that her pussy was already receiving when the unit began to vibrate also. She had resumed her moaning now, but when the vibrations jumped an intensity level, she screamed again as another orgasm ripped through her body.

This time they gave her body no time to rest before they resumed the assault. They turned the nipple cups up two intensity levels. This brought forth a small scream from her lips. The primary thrusting unit then began slowly thrusting in and out of the blonde’s wet pussy. It began by making short thrusts, gradually increasing the length until the entire five-inch length was almost exiting her love canal. When the vibration intensity increased to its maximum level, she screamed as her third orgasm overcame her. This was the most intense of her orgasms and they could see her body tremble as it continued to ripple through her for two whole minutes.

When they approached her to release her from The Chair, she was lying there blissfully with her eyes closed. After they undid the cuffs, she went to stand up but her legs would not move. They had fallen asleep from being bound so tightly. He picked up her small body and carried her to the sofa. He and the redhead then each began massaging her legs to return the circulation. As Marie lay there completely naked being massaged by one complete stranger and one passing acquaintance, she felt very self-conscious. Yet at the same time it was strangely erotic and exciting. As the feeling returned to her legs, the massage she was receiving began to feel even better. As if they had a will of their own, her legs spread apart slightly. She then felt the redhead’s hands moving further up her thigh, toward her pussy. When the redhead’s fingers reached the blonde’s pussy, she wanted her to stop. But at the same time she didn’t want her to. When she felt the girl’s finger enter her pussy, any thoughts of having her stop were gone. Consciously this time, she spread her legs to give the redhead even better access.

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