The Colonial House

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Treasuring the last vestiges of our High School careers is something we can only do in retrospect. At the time the incredible intensity of new discoveries while still safely under the wings of our parents is lost on us. Eighteen years old breaking free in the smallest way and learning the joy of sexual tension can’t be relived but is often remembered.

It was that time of year again, our family trip to the colonial house. A One hundred year old mansion on the shore of diamond lake that we had been visiting for as long as I could remember. My parents my little brother and I have built a network of friends who share a similar destination year after year. We only saw each other that one week but our friendships were as tight as any could be. This year held a first for me, with a few great strokes of luck my girlfriend and I had both managed to sway permission from our parents for her to join us. Nothing could have put a bigger smile on my face then that one.

Looking up into the rear view mirror, I had been promoted to “driver” for the ride up. Not so much a promotion for me as an excuse for dad to pass out dead asleep 15 minutes into the drive in the front passenger seat. Erica had found herself pushed all the way back to the third row of the SUV behind my mom and brother. As far from me as she could be and still be in the same car. As the drive wore on, and the realization struck that I was the only one with a clear view without turning around, the ride got more interesting. Erica’s long curly black hair had captivated me from the first time I had seen her. Normally I wouldn’t consider dark hair “My thing” but the intense shine of it was pure sex. It stirred something in me like a freshly polished black sports car.

“Nothing more beautiful and nothing more difficult to maintain” I thought to myself as my eyes drifted from black curls to black eyes.

Watching her smile at me through the mirror was distraction enough but the slight change in her expression escaped me at first. I struggled to share time between watching the road and watching the mirror as her eyes fluttered lightly. The blood drained from my brain to between my legs at the realization that she was letting her hands wander. I tipped the mirror, watching her hands scoop up her pert b cup squeezing tight through her tank, raking her flesh. My brain was screaming to touch that skin, the top of her breast bulging up from the tank tops lacy fringe.

Taking a deep breath concentrating on the road struggling desperately to keep my heart from pounding through my chest, my cock pressed uncomfortably into my shorts, the seatbelt knifing into my flesh. Another deep breath, another tilt of the mirror and her hands had drifted lower. Kneading the firm muscles of her inner thighs, Glowing Latin skin stretched taught by her pressing hands.

RRROOOOOAAARRR of rumble strips and a yank bahis firmaları of the wheel bringing the car back to its lane.

“mmmpph, ready for me to take over eh…” my dad said as he was brought abruptly awake.

Trying desperately to calm flushed skin, one more glance to the mirror at a giggling Erica. I concentrated completely on the road until the next exit. Willing the obvious excitement between my legs to subside.

Part II

My worst fears materialized when we got to the Colonial House. Two bedrooms on the first floor either side of long narrow hallways with those terrible creaking groaning hardwood floors. My parents settling in one room, Erica directed to the room opposite theirs. No chance of sneaking in or out of that hall in the middle of the night. There was just no way to do it without waking the whole house. A few of those trips bringing in luggage trying either side of the hall, straddling the baseboards, right down the center, nothing worked. My hopes for long nights stolen away sharing the bed were dashed completely.

On the bright side, the weather was stunning. Mid eighties bright blue sky dark blue water powdery sand on the beach and all we had to do was get settled in before walking out the back door, a few steps and it would be ours to enjoy. My brother, dad and I were already on the beach enjoying the heat of the day when mom and Erica strolled out. Barely a second glance until Erica let her sundress slip off her shoulders. The beach seemed to go suddenly quiet. The bikini was striking not so much in color but coverage. The satin black material set off against her smooth Latin skin, my jaw dropped, she was stunning the silence cast a vote of agreement from everyone within view.

Dropping her beach towel alongside mine my eyes were locked on her, taking in every curve, the smoothness of her skin where it disappeared beneath each edge of her suit had me completely overwhelmed. The bottle of suntan lotion being pushed into my hand only partially retrieved my wandering mind from the day dream. As she pulled her long black hair over her shoulder exposing her shoulders it finally struck me, this was no day dream. Watching a small pool of the lotion collect on her shoulders before massaging it in… adding a second puddle a little lower on her back repeating the long slow spreading, massaging it well into her skin before looking down at her lower back, knowing that this time my hands would be running along the edge of her bikini bottoms my heart skipped a beat.

Erica leaned forward so her chest was resting on her knees, her hips splayed beneath her… her bottom rotated with her hips drawing down her backside giving me a stunning view between her cheeks. My throat choked up, she didn’t have a hint of hair down the back of her bikini… we had joked about Brazilian waxes, this was definitely no joke. Running the kaçak iddaa lotion along the edge of her suit, nudging it a bit lower still, blocking out the fact that the rest of my family was sitting around us. Mom clearing her throat shook my mind free from the fantasy of dipping my hands into her bottoms.

Between the water, jet ski rentals and wandering the beach, Erica was never short on sun tan lotion. The highlights of course included making sure the back of her legs were well covered… the watchful eyes of my family making sure that nothing to invasive occurred… my mind reeled with all the attention I was giving and not quite enough to satisfy the desires I had. Not to mention all the time I had to spend sitting on my towel waiting for the physical evidence of my excitement to subside.

In a moment of poor supervision I found my way to applying yet another coating of the thick white lotion to her thighs. Pushing thick beads up along her thighs, working along the outer skin, then the smooth inner. My mind filled with the look in her eyes while she rubbed her own legs in the back of the car. Erica spread her legs ever so slightly as my hands pushed steadily higher. Stretching her skin beneath my palms, I swear I could hear her lips part beneath her suit. Her deep breathing into crossed arms spurring me on, thumbs either side of the crotch of her suit. Pulling her skin firmly away, watching those tender folds just come into view as I circled my fingers together just grazing that puffy skin. The folds disappearing again. Repeating over and over, surely she wouldn’t burn here, her hips ground down into the sand in rhythm with my circling hands. Pressing her hips firmly into the beach towel each time around.

The rotating grew steadily more intense, the grinding more firm. Her perfect olive skin darkening with a twinge of red just as I felt her tense and gasp. Hands balled tight in the corner of her towel a shake travelled up and down her body as her breathing stopped. Hands sliding down her legs, caressing gently, her breath slowly returning to normal. Her gaze over her shoulder at me said it all. It was one intense orgasm, one like I had never given her before. We both looked around the beach to see if anyone was watching.

Part III

Erica recovered before I did. The excitement of feeling her body tremor through that intense orgasm below me almost had me filling my own shorts with cum. A lot of deep breaths and avoiding staring at the glistening skin between her legs was all I could do to help that throbbing erection subside. Erica didn’t make it easy. She was well aware of the difficulties I was having and tried her best to keep me going.

I still wasn’t quite ready when she dashed for the Colonial House to make a pit stop. The trail of giggling was non-stop. I could only hope the running would make the erection less apparent. The kaçak bahis two of us crashed through the door into the kitchen separated by barely a step. Pinning her to the fridge just inside the door our faces mashed together, teeth brushing as hungry tongues found their way past wanting lips. We searched each other’s mouths with a passion that only days of pent up frustration could manage.

“Were gonna get caught” she laughed pushing me back, dashing for the bathroom. The original intent of coming up here to begin with.

Chasing her through the partially closed door before she could close the latch. Pinning her again, this time over the bathroom vanity, her face just inches from the mirror. Hands reaching back to push me away I grabbed them both pinning them to the center of her back with one hand.

“nuh uh”, Was about all I could manage as I wiggled my swim trunks down over a cock so swollen it was sore from the pressure.

Finally free, of my shorts, there was only one thing left in the way, her suit bottoms put up little resistance being yanked roughly to the side. Finally seeing that smooth pussy, glistening swollen and red. The lips so puffy they parted on their own revealing just a hint of the pink walls, begging for attention. Guiding my cock to her folds as she squirmed still giggling beneath me. A light gasp interrupting the humor when she realized my aim was just right. A long drawn guttural groan as my cock plunged to the hilt in one hard thrust. The view of her eyes going wide in the reflection of the mirror stealing my attention.

Her eyes were mesmerizing her body suddenly stuffed full, the release of that intense passion, the fulfillment of the desire to fuck with abandon suddenly fulfilled. All of it said with that one look in the mirror where my eyes met hers.

Drawing out to just the tip, eyes wandering down her back, black hair scattered over sweat beaded suntan oiled shoulders. Rippled muscles drawn tight by the awkward crossing of her arms. Her ribs rising and falling with each passioned gasp. The small of her back, just barely obscured behind her clenched fists. Ass giving way to her pussy lips, just barely clinging to the tip of my cock. Just barely clinging until my hips drove forward again filling her, lifting her feet to her toes with the intensity of our hips hitting. The grinding bringing her toes completely up so her face nearly brushed the mirror. Pulling back and doing it again and again, the sounds of fucking mixed with grunts and whimpers too much for my senses.

The intensity of my orgasm nearly caused me to fall over backwards. Gripping her arms even tighter, pulling myself back, collapsing on top of her. Cum spurting in wave after wave, hips locked tight, unable to manage even the slightest move.

“Oh my god was that an orgasm” whispered Erica.

“Sorry you didn’t get one too” I chuckled…

“I was talking about mine you dummy” she laughed.

We stood there together, stick with lotion and sand and every fluid we had to contribute running between our legs…

“…I still have to pee”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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