The Couple Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Coming Home

Clarabelle drives home with a bit of a headache. She stops at a stoplight and closes her eyes for a moment. She tries to block out the day; the whining kids, the pathetic excuses, she just wants to get home. She opens her eyes just as the light turns green. After another block, she stops again at a red light. Trying not to let the frustration get to her, she tries to think of something happy to help her fend off the creeping pain in her head.

Looking out the driver’s side window, she remembers how good it felt the other night as she and Cameron made love. He had surprised her and bent her over their bed with her feet still on the floor. She tries to imagine him driving his hard cock deep inside of her, the wonderful feeling of being filled with him. A smile comes over her face at the thought of her orgasm.

When the car in front of her moves forward, she steps on the gas with a little more urgency. She begins to get a little exited at the thought of Cameron inside of her. As she slows to stop at another light however, she quickly remembers that despite working at home, Cameron was “home sick” with a cold. He called into his part-time teaching job in the morning to request a sub. With a sigh, she begins to think of the things they could still do.

Obviously they can’t kiss, not on the lips anyway, not if she wants to stay healthy herself. Biting her lower lip, her mind wanders. She wonders if he has even showered. Oh, she hopes he’s feeling better.

Pulling into the garage, she parks and gets out of the car. She feels the surprise of wetness between her legs and smiles as it turns her on.

Stepping inside, she’s greeted by Cameron coming down the stairs, still in the pajama pants and t-shirt she left him in that morning. “Hey honey…” Claire says, watching him take each step. “Did you get to take a shower today?”

“Of course, I just got back into my comfies since I wasn’t going anywhere.”

“How you feeling?” she puts her stuff down on the couch.

“I’m okay, still sneezing. But I’m on drugs, so I’m good. How are you?”

“I’ve got a bit of a headache.”

“I’m sorry. We’re pretty messed up aren’t we?”

“Yeah, but I did a little self-medicating on the way home, and I kinda thought, maybe…” A seductive look comes over her.

“You want a message?”

“Oh, that would be nice,” she smiles, “but no. I was thinking maybe you could read me a story…” she says biting her lower lip. “I’ll take a rain check on the message though, since you’re not feeling well.”

“Hmm…what kind of story?” Cameron asks, playing along with the game.

“A sexy story, something that will turn me on and help the pain to go away.”

“I see, you want that kind of medication. So what kind of ‘self medicating’ were you doing on the way home?”

Claire walks up closer, he looks down into her beautiful blue eyes. “I was just thinking about how you fucked me the other night…from behind.” When Claire’s words leave her mouth she immediately feels Cameron’s cock stir in his pants. She smiles and takes hold of his semi-erect cock through his pants and pumps it gently.

“I see,” Cameron says, “and did your thoughts get you wet?”

Claire licks her lip and nods in agreement, “Yeah. It really helped take the pain away for a little while.”

“And you want me to read you a story to help further ease the pain?”

“Yeah…will you? I know you’ve got something.”

“And then what? You know we can’t kiss…I don’t want to get you sick too.”

Claire smiles at him, “Well maybe we could do some other things. Maybe we could reenact parts of the story? We can do everything else but kiss.”

“Well, I might just have a story for you,” he says slyly.

“Good…well why don’t you print it out, and I’ll change my clothes and I’ll meet you in the bedroom in five…make it ten.”

Cameron smiles. “Okay, ten it is.”

A few minutes later, Claire lays on the bed wearing a small red thong and a tight, short, red t-shirt which reveals her pierced belly button and hard protruding nipples of her full size, naturally perky, C-cup breasts. Her shoulder length blonde-brown hair is pulled back in a pony tail.

Cameron sits crossed legged with a couple pieces of paper in hand. Claire isn’t a real thong fan, she only wears them for Cameron. She much prefers wearing nothing or for everyday wear, a simple cotton güvenilir bahis bikini cut. However, tonight she figures it would not only provide a good view, but easy access.

Cameron begins to read as Claire watches and listens. Soon Claire finds her eyes closed, her hands cupping her breasts and her breathing quickening. It’s not long before Claire begins to rub herself over her red thong, occasionally pulling it to one side to feel her wetness as it builds. Cameron steals glances between sentences, feeling his cock get harder as he watches Claire touch herself.

Towards the end of the story, Claire lets out loud moan as her legs tense and she begins to cum. Cameron pauses his reading to let her finish. A few moments later when her body relaxes, Cameron continues and concludes the story. Claire lays with her eyes closed and her hands on her mound keeping pressure applied. Cameron watches her lay blissfully with her legs spread wide. He slides his hand up her leg and back down. Slowly she opens her eyes. “That was fucking amazing,” Claire says. Cameron smiles at her admiringly.

“How’s your head?” Cameron asks.

With a grin on her face, Claire says, “I came three times.”

“I know I was watching.”

“Good story hon,” Claire sits up.

“Thanks, I figured that would do the trick.”

“Did it ever. We should do that more often, cheaper than medication, and much more fun!” She looks into Cameron’s eyes and then pushes him backwards onto the bed. “How can I ever thank you, kind sir?” Claire feigns as she readjusts on the bed. “I’m just a simple girl, and I don’t know how I could ever repay you for your generosity?” she quotes a line from the story then pulls the t-shirt over her head.

She spreads the opening of Cameron’s pajama pants and reaches her hand inside grabbing his quickly hardening cock. Pulling it out, she swallows it whole. Cameron sighs with pleasure. “I think you need to seriously think about it long and hard before you decide,” he says.

“Oh I do…” Claire says and then licks slowly up the bottom of his erect shaft. She darts her tongue in and out over his hole at the top of his penis and then swirls her tongue around the tip driving him crazy. “I think you’re a little over dressed here,” Claire says, pulling at his pants. Cameron raises his hips and let’s his pants slide down and off.

Cameron sits up and pulls his shirt over his head. Claire moves in close to his lips and then moves down and takes a nipple into her mouth. Cameron throws his shirt to the ground and lays back. She runs her hands up the inside of his thigh, feeling the hair on his leg as she moves to cup his balls. The softness of his fleshy sack and the smoothness of his shave send her arousal through the roof. Cameron likes to shave everything for Claire. She never complained about his hair but she does like him shaven, it’s less for her to deal with when she blows him.

“Very nice shave,” Claire says.

“You like it?”

“Love it…” she says, taking his right testicle into her mouth, she strokes his cock. “You’re so soft.” Claire backs away and asks, “How you doing? You’re not going to cum yet, are ya?”

“I’m good, real good. Don’t stop.”

“I thought I would.”


Claire smiles, “Just kidding. I want you to control what goes in my mouth,” she says, laying down with her head at the edge of the bed. “I want you to stand up and come over to this side of the bed, so I’m underneath you.”

Cameron stands up and moves to the side of the bed with his cock and balls above Claire’s mouth. She sticks her tongue out in wanting, Cameron lowers his balls to her mouth. Licking them one by one, she swirls her tongue around each, coating them with her saliva. “You’re so soft, hmm…” she says as she takes his entire testicle into her mouth.

Letting his testicle out of her mouth, she leans her head back and licks between his balls and his anus. Cameron moans. “You like that, huh?”

“Yeah, that’s nice,” he says, moving his balls across her face. She lets out a slight moan as his soft fleshy sack moves over her closed eyes and forehead.

“I want that cock,” Claire demands.

“I thought I got to control what goes in your mouth.”

“You do, but a girl can want can’t she?”

“I suppose,” Cameron says as he dips his cock down to Claire’s outstretched tongue. He allows her to lick the tip, getting some of türkçe bahis his pre-cum on her tongue before he pulls back and smiles. “How’s that taste?”

“Hmm…very good, can I have more?” He dips his cock down again as Claire takes it into her mouth. Cameron’s balls brush against Claire’s cheek. She moves her hand underneath and cups both in one hand and pulls gently.

“You want more, huh?” Cameron asks, pulling out his wet cock from her mouth.

“Yes sir,” Claire says sheepishly as if she’s been caught doing something dirty.

“How would you like it served?”

“Well, that depends,” she runs her hand lightly down his hard shaft.

“On what?”

“How many times you think you can cum tonight.”

“Well, do you still have more in you?” Cameron asks.

“I always have more in me, baby. But if you can cum more than once I have one answer. If you can only cum once, I have another. But whatever you say, I’m gonna hold you to it. And I understand, you’re not feeling well, so don’t push yourself,” she says mischievously.

Cameron smiles, “Well I don’t want to seem presumptuous or anything. But I think you’ve got the talent to bring me back around as much as you’d like. I’m gonna say two, maybe three, definitely two times though, on account being under the weather and all.”

“Twice huh? Well now where getting somewhere. Now, I have another question for you. You want to take a shower afterwards with me?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, how you answer that question affects my answer. You see if you don’t want to take a shower then there’s no point in getting all messy with your cum all over me. If you do want to take a shower, then it’s all fair game.”

“I always love taking a shower with you. Why would I ever turn that invite down? So back to the original question, how would you like my cock served?” Cameron asks with a naughty smile.

Claire bites her lower lip and thinks. “Well…I’d like it served in a way that you haven’t served it in a while. I want you to cum all over me.”

“You want a facial?” Cameron asks, his cock getting excited again. He has always loved cumming all over her, he likes to see his cum land on her glorious body.

“Not just a facial, I want you to come all over me, my face, my chest my breasts…everywhere. I want your hot cum all over me.” His cock now stiff as a board at the sound of her words. “But then…I want it served up from behind, I want you to pound me and fuck me like you did the other night. But, only after you finger fuck my nice softly shaved pussy as I lay here with your cum all over me. I want to cum with your fingers inside of me. Then once you’ve had time to rest a bit, I want you to bend me over, pull my hair, and pound your hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.”

Wow, she can really talk dirty, Cameron thinks.

“Think you’re up for that serving, big boy?”

Cameron smiles, “Absolute…” Before he can finish the word, she has her mouth around his hard cock licking and sucking it, coaxing his cum out. He lets her move her head back and deep throat him, the tip of his cock going all the way to the back of her throat. This really gets him going.

“You just tell me when, and I’ll take care of the rest,” she says, licking his balls as she strokes his cock. Then she takes her tongue and puts into his hole lapping at the pre-cum. A strand of cum connects the tip of his cock to her tongue. She wipes her mouth and runs her tongue once again up and down his already wet cock.

Cameron lets out a grunt of ecstasy and manages to mutter words that sound like “I’m gonna cum.” Claire takes his cock and pumps him slowly, she aims it at her chest as he ejaculates all over her. Then, knowing it would really turn him on, she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue like a porn star as she points his cock at her mouth in hopes of catching his next load. Cameron cums and it lands on her chin, then on the tip of her tongue. She keeps her tongue held out as he continues to unload his creaminess onto her neck and chest. With continued massaging of his cock, she pumps it slowly. He watches as she sits up and takes him, once again, into her mouth. When she pulls out she licks at his head again, swirling her tongue around and around.

“You like that serving?” Claire asks.

Cameron cannot muster words. He falls down on the bed with his head at her feet then closes his eyes and rests. güvenilir bahis siteleri A moment later he opens his eyes to find Claire’s legs spread, her thong hanging loosely around her left ankle, and her beautifully shaved pussy waiting for him. Smiling, he sits up, bends down and runs his tongue over her moist soft lips and kisses her thighs. Parting her lips with his hand, he gently licks at her hole, moving slowly to her clit. With swirls of his tongue around her clit, she closes her eyes and sighs with pleasure. He takes his time, enjoying every sensation, her smell, her touch, her taste, all of it intoxicating.

Cameron sucks her clit into his mouth and laps at it with his tongue, then plunges two fingers inside her sex. Her juices pour out over his hand. Claire’s body moves in time to his pushing in and out of her pussy. It doesn’t take long this time before she begins to moan, her body tensing.

“Don’t stop, oh…don’t stop…” she says, squeezing tightly around his fingers. “Oh…oh!” Claire’s body trembles and she gives into wave after wave of beautiful orgasms. She grabs at her breasts and runs her fingers through Cameron’s cum, wiping it all over her aureolas and her nipples. She licks her fingers seductively. Cameron watches her as he works her twat with his fingers. “That’s it baby, fuck me…fuck me.” Cameron breaks from his finger fucking to ease up and get a closer look at Claire’s cum covered breasts. She eyes him with a devilish look of expectancy. Without a word, he lowers his head and licks at her right nipple licking off his own cum. Claire moans and smiles, sliding two fingers into her pussy. Cameron takes her entire nipple into his mouth and sucks it clean. “You like how you taste on me?”

“Hmm, mmm,” he says without removing his mouth from her.

When he finishes cleaning her right nipple, he moves to her left and does the same thing. “That’s so fucking hot! Watching you lick your own cum off my nipple.” She plunges her fingers into herself further and because of the combination of watching Cameron and her own touch, she cums quickly.

When he’s finished, Cameron licks his way down her stomach to the top of her slit. Claire’s body relaxes as he leans down and smells her beautiful scent and licks her clit slowly. Claire starts to laugh, “Wait, you have to wait…” Cameron smiles and sits up again.

After a couple of minutes just laying next to each other, Claire sits up and wraps her hand around Cameron’s half erect penis. She leans down and licks from his balls all the way to the tip, then tugs gently at his cock getting it to it’s upright position again. “That’s my favorite size,” she says going all the way down on him and slowly drawing up.

Cameron rolls over onto his back as Claire rolls onto her side, he smacks her ass playfully. “Hmm…I like that…you wanna tap that?” she asks, rolling over onto her knees then standing at the side of the bed. “You ready to fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours?”

“Of course.”

Cameron rolls off the bed and stands behind Claire, cupping her breasts with both hands. She can feel his cock move up and down the crack of her ass. Cameron takes one hand and pulls Claire’s hair and pushes her forward onto the bed. She spreads her legs while still standing on the floor. Cameron takes his cock and smacks it against her asshole, she laughs. He then slides it down and finds her pussy still very warm and very wet. Sliding the head of his cock inside her, she moans then whimpers as he pulls it out. “All the way…please.”

Again he takes his cock and rubs it up and down her crack and outside her lips before slipping inside halfway. “Don’t tease me baby…fuck me,” she pleads as he pulls it out once again. But before she can say anything he thrusts it back inside her parting her lips and pushing all the way up into her. With a quick gasp of excitement and astonishment, she relaxes her body feeling his full eight inches inside her. He pulls his penis out and thrusts it in again, then pumps her hard as their bodies move in perfect rhythm.

“Yes, Cameron, oh, yes!” He slaps her ass in playful fun. She turns and watches in the mirror as his hard cock slides in and out of her desiring hole. She loves the feel of him inside her.

Finally, after the rigorous dance of fucking and pumping, both of them cum together, something they rarely do. Both let out cries of ecstasy as they collapse onto the bed out of breath.

After a few blissful moments, Claire looks at Cameron, “I love you, husband.”

Cameron smiles back at her with sheer delight and says, “I love you too, baby. How about that shower now?”

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