The Cul-de-sac of Virgins – Finale

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Anne-Marie was bouncing on my cock in the reverse cowgirl position. I spanked her sexy ass on her downward trajectory to make sure she had the encouragement to go right up my mast and bounce down again at a quick speed.

Anne-Marie was built for sex, tall agile and athletic. She was happy for me to take her virginity and wanted it on film. Her half-sister and mother were around the bed as I penetrated her for the first time in the missionary position. They had two camera’s each, so they didn’t miss a thing. One-shot my entrance into her moist pussy while the other watched her face of ecstasy as my cock travelled up into her silken slit. “Farewell virginity she gasped,” as my cock started to pump her.

I sucked her small pert tits with a camera on each. “I can’t wait to do the edit,” exclaimed Bella in excitement, “Fuck I want to join in.”

“No,” interrupted Mother, Its Anne-Marie’s deflowering, and she deserves all his cock can give her!”

Anne-Marie was no mouse town virgin; she screamed out her orgasm with little embarrassment as her voice reverberated off the bedroom walls. The camera’s captured her in full cry and my cum face as I gave her the best fuck possible for making her wait.

It may as well have been her first real cock fucking her, but it wasn’t her first orgasm. Anne-Marie had been playing other sexual games, spanking being one of them.

That was the first fuck; we were now on the third, and I was beginning to worry she would demand more. Anne-Marie loved to be spanked and riding my cock reverse cowgirl was perfect for her and me as I quickly reddened her white ass with stingy sharp spanks.

“Oh, you bastard! I love it!” she squealed, causing me to spank her harder as Anne-Marie bounced on my cock more vigorously. Her long blonde hair was swinging everywhere as she shook her head lost in her approaching orgasm. Anne-Marie had been the quiet one of the pack, but in bed, she was a ravenous tigress. “Yes, Oh yes!” she cried, “spank my ass, spank it harder, harder!” She shrieked out with her orgasm.

Anne-Marie drained my balls and then hungrily cleaned me up with her electric eel tongue! She giggled as she lay beside me deliriously happy, grabbing me by the balls at the same time! “Hope there’s more spunk in there for one more go?” she joked.

“My god Anne-Marie you’re insatiable,” I gasped on the verge of sleep.

“Its only fair I get my share, after all, it was my idea to film wanking off your cock!” she merrily revealed.

“Your Idea?”

“Yes, I planned it with your sister.”

“You only had to ask; I’d have fucked you in a heartbeat.”

“Sure you would,” she mocked.

“It’s true; there was no need to go and see Old man Jacob.”

Anne-Marie’s head snapped back on the pillow laughing, “you really do believe he can’t get it up, don’t you?”

“Yes, it’s not something you boast about, is it?”

“We went to see him for a spanking, nothing else.”

“Sally and you wanted to be spanked by him?”

“He’s outstanding; I’ll have you know, he got Sally and me off by spanking us and a little fondling,” Anne-Marie enthused.

“And he didn’t fuck you?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course not, Old man Jacobs gay!” Anne-Marie laughed.

“Gay! So why pick him?” I asked in confusion.

“He’s safe darling, and that’s a big plus when you want a good spanking!”

“Oh god, I was hoping he’d take Sally’s virginity, shes’ becoming distraught especially now all her friends have lost their learner plates.”

“I’m still a virgin as far as she knows,” Anne-Marie submitted.

“No, she thought I’d done you along with your sister and mother.”


“Yea, she wouldn’t believe I was on my way to fuck your brains out this afternoon.” I bragged.

“Pig!” laughed Anne-Marie hitting me in the face with a pillow!

We started a little tussle before I pinned her down, cruelly by gripping her nipples!

“I submit!” she yelled.

I rolled onto my back while Anne-Marie soothed her sore nips.

“I’ve got to find someone to fuck Sally; she’s practically suicidal.”

“Why don’t you ask Jane’s brother, Peter,” Anne-Marie mused.

“Good idea, but why didn’t any of you try him?” I asked in puzzlement.

“He’s a bit weird. You must have heard the rumour he screwed his sister Jane?”

“No, God, there must be someone?” I let out in frustration.

“There is one available cock I know of, which she really wants,” teased Anne-Marie.

“Oh Yeah, whose is that?”


I had never talked that much to Janes’ brother. He was a very diligent type who rarely engaged in small talk. The only truthful thing I knew about him was that his sister Jane had wanked him off, so he had an interest in sex at least.

“I’m worried about my sister,” I said quickly getting onto the subject in hand as Jane’s brother Peter made me feel a little uneasy. As ever he was dressed a Goth in black with the obligatory make-up and spiked black güvenilir bahis hair.

“So how can I help you?” he slovenly replied barley dragging the words out of his mouth.

“She desperately wants to lose her virginity, and as her birthday party’s coming up, I thought you’d be the perfect present for her.”

Peter grinned and mused a while before answering, “Why don’t you all chip in and get Old man Jacob to give her a good spanking?”

“How do you know about that?” I inquired.

“Because I helped with the spanking and the filming,” he informed.

An index of possibilities ran through my head in confusion, “I’ve seen just how turned on those girls were, they were begging for some cock, why didn’t you fuck them?”

Peter smiled once again, a smile that was beginning to irritate me.

“Jacob and I are lovers, dear,” he informed as camp as possible.

I was stopped dead in my tracks as it looked as if I would have to find someone else to make my sister a woman.

“Oh well, I thought it was a good idea,” I mussed, “sorry to have wasted your time.”

“Wait, I think we can arrange something,” quickly interjected Peter.

“Oh yes, what do you have in mind.

Peter smiled yet again. “I’ll screw your sister on her birthday on one condition,” Peter said.

“And what’s that?”

“I get to fuck your ass beforehand.”

My ass bounced as I winced at Gemma’s tooth grazing blow job. Gemma was a good fuck as she’s practised on dildos before taking a real one, but her inexperience was painfully evident as she sucked my cock!

“Gemma!” I painfully winched as she scrapped my cock head once more with her perfect enamel’s.

“Sorry!” she quickly said before engulfing my dick once more. I decided urgent action was needed and reached up and grabbed her by the ears. I then push my cock as deep in her throat as possible with-out her gagging.

I throat fucked her much to her mumbling discontent. Her eyes bulged as I let go of one ear and playfully squeezed her nostrils together. She thumped my balls, and I quickly got the message. My hands went to my freshly busted orbs which Gemma moved up, grabbed my cock and placed it in her cleavage for me to titty fuck. I quickly shot my cum into my face causing Gemma to laugh aloud as my face was pebble-dashed with sperm while I groaned with every thrust through my throbbing balls.

Later we lay side by side in post-sex bliss, my balls still humming.

“So I hear you’ve got Peter to take Sally’s virginity on her birthday,” casually mentioned Gemma staring absent-mindedly at the ceiling.

I sighed that the news was already out. “Yeah but you know what I’ve got to do for that favour?”


“Oh, that’s good as I haven’t decided yet,” I said, wondering what Gemma would think, “Peter wants my ass before he’ll screw my sister!”

Gemma howled in laugher!

As she did so, my phone went off beside the bed. I took the phone and listened to a voice. It was the police.

Sally had been caught by the police flashing to motorway terrific, and it was easy to know why. I spoke to my tearful sister and assured her everything would be okay.

I immediately phoned Peter. “Okay, you’ve got a deal,” I said, “please try and be gentle and give her a good time.” I requested.

“That will be no problem a nice long slow screw especially as I’ll have already shot my first bolt in your ass.”

“Yeah, okay, don’t rub it in.”

“Oh but I like to do that, I’ll rub all my leaking cum into your ass,” he went on, turning up the screw of my humiliation.

“See you at the party.”

The party was in full swing, and Sally looked cute in her velvet boob tube and white stockings. She knew she was in for a surprise but didn’t push too hard on what it would be. All the deflowered virgins were there along with Anne-Marie’s mother. All my and Sally’s workmates were there with their partners. I scanned the room finding it incredulous there was no one there to deflower my sister.

I saw Peter grinning away in the far corner, and I smiled back at him in surrender. I went upstairs and locked myself in my bedroom and lowered my trousers. I got some lube and spread my cheeks, ready to squirt it. The only advice I had read about anal sex was to apply lots of lube and then some more. I pushed the plunger down on the bottle and felt my ass fill with the cold lube. ‘The things I do for my sister,’ I thought and pulled up my trousers. Another virginity was going to be lost tonight, mine!

I started to walk downstairs as Jane and Gemma ascended them both of them giggling. “Where are you off too?” I inquired, confident they knew about my deal.

“We were looking for you,” explained Gemma, her heavenly boobs bouncing in her tight leopard skin top.

“What for?”

“We just wanted to have a quick nibble before the fun starts,” smirked Jane as ever in red.

“What fun?”

“Old man Jacobs here to give Sally a spanking as a birthday treat.”

“Jacob’s türkçe bahis here?” I spluttered in astonishment feeling uneasy if he knew about Peter and our deal.

“of course he is, he’s with Peter,” told Jane, “so can we?” her words trailed off as they both looked at me with pleading eyes. I laughed, “Yes, but only a quick nibble. I’m going to need my room later on.”

Both girls burst out laughing, “We know!” They howled and pushed past me with their hands already all over each other.

I made my way downstairs and into the living room, sneaking in at the back. They were playing pass the parcel with Sally. A ring of chairs with a boy seated on each. Sally was blindfolded with her hands tied in front of her back. She giggled as she was twisted around in time to the music. The seated boys started by twisting her at the waist and got progressively more daring with their touch. Some at the top of her thighs, exposing her stocking tops.

The music stopped, and she plonked down on a lap! “Oh, a stiffy,” she teased as her human seat looked nervously over to his girlfriend to see if he was in the dog house. I became aware of a body sliding in beside me in the darkness, and then a hand started stroking my ass.

“Down tiger,” I lightly admonished, guessing the hand was Peters.

“Can’t I feel the goods before I screw it?” he whispered.

“Sure, but I’m worried about Jacob.”

“Don’t worry about him,” he assured, as he watched Sally lifted in the circle and spun around to the music. Hands wandered, and occasionally her boob tube slipped, revealing her pert little boobs.

Sally squealed in mock horror at her exposure and quickly pushed her dress back up. The boys in the circle soon twigged this and exposed her and then held her hands to stop her covering up again.

She cried out as there were a few sneaky gropes of her boobs and then came a scolding voice from the girlfriend of the perpetrator.

Once more, she was twisted around to the music. Sally quickly went up on her toes and cried out as inevitably she was poked between her legs.

Old man Jacob entered the room, and immediately all the guest sniggered.

“What?” cried Sally as she sat topless perched on a hard-on, her eyes still blindfolded.

Jacob made his way to the sofa, got himself comfortable.

“It’s your birthday surprise!” cried out Ann-Marie as Jacob patted his lap. Sally was lead to him and then hoisted over his lap, and in an instant, he expertly raised her dress and whipped down her white cotton panties!

“My bare ass!” cried Sally knowing what was coming.

“Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank,” rhythmically chanted the guests.

Jacob made several false starts at swotting Sally’s bare ass, and her cheeks clenched in fearful anticipation.

“Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank,” continued the chant joined with the clapping of their hands, and then the cries from Sally as Jacob’s hand smashed into her ass.

She kicked her legs and cried out as she desperately tried to pull her boob tube top back over her tits.

The chant of, “Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank” became louder and faster as Sally’s ass quickly reddened.

Suddenly Jacob changed pace to a slow hard spanking, and immediately the crowd followed his tempo. The spankings were harder now, and Sally’s cries louder. She had lost what little control she had and submitted her cries randomly between the sting snaps across her ass.

“Your sister looks quite cute,” expressed Peter as Jacobs administrations to Sally’s butt reverberated around the room, “I’m going to enjoy screwing her more than I thought. After I’ve had you, of course,” he smirked, letting his hand roam over my ass again. “Let’s see if you’re as keen,” he inquired, and with that, his hand felt the front of my trousers.

“Wow, that’s quite a hard-on you’ve got there,” Peter congratulated, “I’m always happy when I get a stud like you hard!”

He rubbed my hard penis through my jeans. “Yes, I am hard, but sorry, Peter, not for you.” With that, I pushed his hands away and walked towards Sally.

Her ass was bright red now as Jacob alternated his spanks to each cheek. I reached down and grabbed Sally’s legs and twisted her over on Jacobs lap. The chanting and clapping stopped in confusion and Sally groaned at the end of her spanking pleasure.

I pushed her knees wide and undid my belt.

“Oh, Hello!” confusingly gasped Sally.

I reached down and grabbed her lowered panties and pulled them hard upwards.

“Oh! Hello!” Cried Sally in excitement as the cotton material slowly started to tear.

I ripped them clear off her exposing her sparsely trimmed bush and knelt between her legs. Sally panicked as I rubbed my hard cock on her gash, ready to penetrate, she pushed her blindfold off and instantly smiled.

“Oh, yes, Hello!!!!”

“Happy birthday Sally,” I greeted and pushed into her.

“Oh, yes!” She cried out happily, “Halleluja!” She croaked as I took her to the hilt. Sally punched güvenilir bahis siteleri the air in her prone position, “Womanhood here I come!”

I slowly started to hump her, and immediately the crowd began to chant.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! ” They cried slowly in time to my probing, hitting the word, ‘fuck’ as it hit her cervix in her tight little pussy. My balls swung and bounced on her ass as I gathered speed. Sally must have inserted anything remotely phallic into her tight little cunt but the elasticity of her young skin still made her a tight fuck.

I gathered speed, gripping her hips, pushing my thumbs down towards her black pubic V. All the audience accelerated their cries of “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” and I went with the flow. Sally writhed on my cock but not enough to put her off joining in joyously as she punched the air and chanted “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! ” along with them.

I leant back and grabbed her by her white stocking covered thighs, putting each leg over my shoulders to give her an extra deep thrust.

The chant and clap of “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” speeded up yet again, so I was sawing painfully at her tight snatch feeling as if I was about to have my foreskin ripped off.

The intensity of Sally’s moistened grip on my cock and the speed of my fucking soon had my balls hardened and smacking into her pussy lips

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Sally screamed at the top of her voice as her body shuddered to my cock administrations.

The crowd could hear me groaning as my seed gathered to shoot, their chant of “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” changed to “Cum! Cum! Cum!” With that sort of encouragement, it was challenging to hold back as so I hammered Sally’s pussy as hard as possible. Sawing her gash at vibrato speed, I quickly passed the point of no return. “Cum! Cum! Cum!”They hollered louder, and I shot hard deep into sisters wet cunt. “Hooray!” they all cheered as they saw my cum face soften and my balls pull up with each release of my cum. “Many happy returns of the day Sis,” I croaked each word between ejaculations. Sally lifted and grabbed me around the neck.

“Thanks, bro a perfect gift gratefully received,” she declared with a big smile before kissing me hard on the mouth.

“No more flashing at traffic, If you ever get too horny come to me, and I’ll give you a good stiff talking too.”

I got off my knees, and they all cheered, and I held my arms aloft to accept the applause. The girls studied my spent cock as I slowly put it away. They burst into song.

“For he’s a jolly good fucker!”

“For he’s a jolly good fucker!”

“With a cock, no pussy can deny!”

“no pussy can deny!”

“no pussy can deny!”

Music rang from the speakers again, and everyone began to dance, none more so exuberantly than Sis who was happily punching the air as she twisted and shouted in her new freedom.

I pushed through the crowd receiving congratulatory backslaps as I went to the kitchen. I was feeling euphoric having just fucked and made Sally so happy. I entered into the bright antiseptic light in the sanctuary of my kitchen. In the corner, a forlorn Peter leant back against the washing machine.

“Congratulations,” he congratulated disingenuously, ” It surprises me you’d screw your sister just to keep your ass intact.”

I walked over to him.

“We had a deal,” he moaned.

“And I intend to honour it,” I replied.

Peters face lit up.

“This way.”

I opened the door to my bedroom, and surprisingly there was Peter’s sister Jane in her sexy red silk chemise and white stockings.

“Welcome to the incest club,” she greeted as she removed her white panties and got on the bed.

She lay back and pulled her sexy red silk chemise up, and patted her pussy.

“You can start by licking me out until you recover,” she instructed as Peter started to undo and lower my trousers and pants as I stood at the foot of the bed.

“So you were telling the truth about your knowledge of cocks to the other girls?” I asked as I crawled onto the bed with my head above Janes Pussy and my ass in the air.

“Of course, Peters been fucking me for ages,” Jane confirmed as I felt the tip of Peters cock at my A-hole.

“But your pussy was impossibly tight!” I managed to tell just as Peter pushed into me, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands.

“That’s because it was a virgin pussy,” she happily declared.

“But?” was all I could grunt as Peter began to roger me.

“What Peter? No, I’d only let him fuck me in the ass, not my pussy, what do you think I am, a pervert or something?”

I didn’t answer as Peter was slamming into me hard. Another virginity in our Cul-de-sac was falling.

“Now eat!” Instructed Jane spreading her pussy, “I want an excellent fucking afterwards!”

Months later and all the deflowered girls were in and out of relationships fucking boys down to their knees making up for the lost time. Sally never bothered the traffic police again, and Jane and Gemma worked in tandem on any boy they could get their claws on.

Ann-Marie had the pick of the bunch, and I made do with her Mum and her exotic half-sister. I knew that after that summer, my life would never be the same again! (lol)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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