The Darkness Yields a Question Pt. 05

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“Sanity is a cozy lie.”

Susan Sontag

Chapter 5

As if possessed, Grace repeatedly slammed her face against Augustin’s crotch, burying his long dick in her throat each time. Tears wept from her tightly closed eyes and mingled with the sweat and other juices covering her flushed face. Strands of spit dripped and flowed from the corners of her mouth. Augustin’s cock vanished and appeared, over and over, pistoning in and out of grace’s mouth.

Augustin shut his eyes and lolled his head back.

Rex, on the other hand, leaned forward thoughtfully, narrowed his eyes, and drank in the lovely object of his desires: Grace’s flushed and supple backside, presented for his delectation. He fisted his giant cock with one hand, applied some more oil with the other, and gave Grace a squirt for good measure, striping her ass with a few lines of oil that immediately began to drip down her cheeks and thighs. Dropping the bottle, he rubbed the oil around her ass and thighs, spiraling in to her crotch and then pushed two of his long fingers into her pussy, pressing down against her g-spot.

“Unnhh…” Grace paused her pistoning face for just a moment, murmured her appreciation. Even Rex’s fingers were huge, and felt wonderful stretching her pussy, first two, then three, gently exploring, stretching. Grace returned Augustin’s dick to her mouth, gobbling it down hungrily.

Rex’s dick hardened noticeably at the sound of Grace’s moan and he slid his fingers in and out a few times more before pressing his pinkie alongside the others. “Yessssss…” Grace hissed. Rex fucked most of his hand into Grace’s cunt while fisting his own dick. Sliding them out, he experimentally moved the index finger up to her other hole, quickly pressing the first segment of his index digit into the tight wrinkly ring of Grace’s anus.

Grace shivered at the thought of taking Rex up her ass, and Gordon smirked and gave her head a slight shake. “Maybe later,” she said to Rex in a playfully admonishing tone. “Don’t be so greedy.”

Rex smiled wryly, removed the finger, and placed the head of his cock against Grace’s cunt. The dark black skin against the flushed pink of Grace’s pussy. Easily bigger than Gordon’s fist, it eclipsed Grace’s cunt and butt-hole together. He pressed, wiggling it up and down and side to side. Grace thrilled as it pressed against her and throat-fucked Augustin even harder. And Rex pressed a little harder, too, pushing his dick down between her legs, rubbing it back up again, realigning it with her hungry hole, and shoving ever so gently… and then the tip slipped in.

“Mmmmm…” Grace paused again, letting the realization of what was about to happen sink in.

Rex pushed slightly harder.

Grace took Augustin’s dick out of her mouth and lay her face alongside it, eyes closed. She concentrated on the feel of Rex’s great cock burrowing its way inside of her, spreading her wide. She projected the thought of her cunt swallowing güvenilir bahis the giant dick over the frankly frightening tightness in her crotch, and willed herself to relax. She wanted this cock, and her anatomy would yield to her desires.

Rex’s eyes widened a bit as he watched his dick slide into Grace. It was rock hard and slowly inching its way into Grace’s widely stretched hole, almost squeaking despite the liberally applied oils. It took minutes of patient but steady pushing, but more of his cock disappeared than he could usually fuck into even the hungriest of vaginas. And he hadn’t hit bottom yet.

Grace gasped and panted into Augustin’s cum and spit-saturated pubic hair as Rex’s dick burrowed its way inside of her. Seeming to vaguely remember whose lap she was face-down in, she jacked Augustin a bit and nuzzled the base of his cock even as she began to push back against Rex. Harder she pressed, eyes closed, jacking the hard cock in her hand. And the cock in her cunt delved deeper and deeper, stretching her, exploring untouched parts of her.

In it slid, inch by inch. But just as she was gaining confidence that she would soon absorb its entire length, it stopped, bumped up against some unseen barrier, and would go no further. Grace’s insides wrapped the invading monster so tightly, and progress had been slow the whole way, but now it seemed she was full and could take no more.

Grace felt Gordon’s hands on her shoulders and then her lips by her ear, “Querida, you are doing magnificently.” And she began to gently massage Grace’s neck and shoulders, caressing her torso, easing whatever tension those supernatural fingers could find.

Grace wanted that dick, that big fucking black dick, and she wanted all of it deep inside of her.

With two or three inches of his dick still visible, Rex believed he was done. His dick was more deeply buried in vagina than he could remember it being in a very long time, maybe ever. He was about to pull back and start fucking properly when the tiniest, barely audible grunt told Gordon that Grace was not done. Gordon cast a single glance at Rex and he knew instantly to hold still.

Grace, currently filled with more cock than most porn stars will ever see, shifted her hips ever-so-slightly to one side, experimentally changing the angle, looking for a way forward. Her whole lower body stretched tight as a drum, she moved this way, and that way, up, down, back, forth, straining to take the rest of the cock, trying every conceivable configuration until, finally, she found she could take it.

A beatific smile beamed from her face as she pressed back once more. Gordon smiled approvingly. Rex’s eyes widened as he watched the last of his dick disappear inside Grace’s amazing body. Even Augustin rolled his head forward to watch as Grace pressed herself against Rex’s crotch, completely burying his giant cock inside her voracious cunt, grinding herself up against it, feeling his kinky pubic türkçe bahis hair tickling the cheeks of her ass. Rex’s huge dick filled her up like she had never been filled before, and she liked it. She really fucking liked it.

Grace vibrated with accomplishment and tingled with delight. With the confidence of an athlete who had just dominated her field, Grace began once again to fuck. Like a demon, Grace began to fuck herself against the giant, black cock and she was loving every brutal inch. She was so turned on, her cunt was awash with pussy juice and it ran in rivulets down the inside of her thighs, splashed against Rex’s ebony legs.

Gordon backed away, two fingers in her cunt, a hand playing with one of her pierced nipples, and watched amazed at Grace’s magnificent show.

Grace once again remembered Augustin and began to suck his cock some more, even as she continued to fuck the great cock in her cunt. She was like a machine, a very turned-on machine that showed no sign of slowing. The men, for their part, were mainly just holding on. Grace had become so energized, fucking her body back and forth between them, that neither had to do a thing but hold still and enjoy, and enjoy they did.

It wasn’t long before their enjoyment was approaching climax. Grace’s gyrations and manipulations were unending, she seemed positively indefatigable, insatiable.

Augustin was the first to lose it. His load took Grace by surprise and she reflexively closed her eyes and pulled his shooting cock from her mouth, inadvertently spraying his cum all over her face. Ropes of thick jizz covered her beautiful, flushed features, mingling with the other juices and sweat already there. Still pistoning herself against Rex, she snuck her tongue out and licked a few strands of jizz from her lips, opened her eyes and smiled with several drops of cum dangling from her eyelashes, her emerald eyes flashing.

Rex was not far behind. He could feel his own climax approaching and began to fuck into Grace, matching her stroke for stroke. Grace felt it, too. Something was building inside of her. Her thoughts began to swirl, synapses were misfiring, she was entering an elevated state of existence, losing control. She liked the feel of Rex fucking her, the feeling of his cock smashing up into her with each thrust, banging her face against Augustin’s crotch, filling her up again and again.

She began to relax. Sensations of euphoria washed over her. Grace surrendered to the effects of this epic fucking and allowed the pleasure to build up within her; each collision of Rex’s hips against hers, pounding her cunt ferociously, pushed her to ever greater plateaus of nirvana. She could feel it, could feel something was coming, building up inside, she felt the need to pee, she felt she knew what was coming and she wanted it, she was letting go, relaxing, letting it happen…

Rex’s orgasm also took her by surprise. Frustratingly, it slightly derailed her ecstasy, güvenilir bahis siteleri but did not diminish her ardure as he began to pull out. Rex could feel that the constricting tightness of Grace’s pussy would not allow a drop of his cum to escape from his tightly squeezed cock, so he stopped his enthusiastic pounding of her hungry cunt and began to extract his dick, one inch at a time, from Grace’s greedy cunt which squeezed its prize as tightly as a fist. Rex’s impending explosion pressurized with every millimeter of friction. After what seemed an agonizingly long time the head of Rex’s impressive cock slipped out of Grace’s grasping cunt with a wet, sloppy pop.

Before the first rope of his cum launched, Grace spun around on the bench and lay back, pulling Rex by his dick to straddle her torso. She wanted to hold that monster in both of her hands as it shot its prodigious load across her tits and all over her face. She cradled it between her breasts and jacked it vigorously with both hands as it shot again and again all over her. Mouth open, Grace eagerly lapped up rope after rope of Rex’s seemingly endless cum. The volume of his ejaculation was nearly as impressive as the size of his cock, and after liberally covering our beautiful heroin, he pulled back ever so slightly, and pressed his diminishing dick, once again, against Grace’s pussy.

Face and body dripping with cum, Grace licked her lips and fingers, smiling as she saw Rex pressing his dick against her pussy. She felt the head rub against her extremely swollen clit, push down between the still wide lips of her pussy, and press against her still hungry hole. She grabbed her own jizz-soaked breasts, rubbing and tweaking her pierced nipples, licking her lips and anticipating more fucking.

But it was not to be. Rex was done. And his cock was getting softer by the second. Not altogether dejectedly, he withdrew and sat himself down next to Thorn, whose quiet snoring only now became audible to the rest of the room. Augustin sat similarly deflated against the other wall.

Grace surveyed her surroundings. Three strapping men, vanquished. Only Gordon remained compos mentis.

“Mmmm…, that was fun.” Grace said to Gordon with a giggle, smiling and feeling naughty, and a little bit proud of herself, too.

“Amazing!” Gordon replied with a smile. She kissed Grace passionately on cum-stained lips, slipping her amazing tongue practically down Grace’s throat and cupping one of her jizzed-up boobs. “You are amazing!”

“Maude was so right about you, Querida. She always knows.” One of Gordon’s hands slid down to Grace’s freshly fucked cunt and her entire fist slid easily up inside. She fist-fucked Grace gently, eliciting a soft gasp. “But soon it will be time for dinner, so we must get you cleaned up. Come, shower with me.” Gordon removed her hand, licked her fingers, and then helped Grace to her feet. “Cuidado, the tile floor is very slippery. Hold me.”

And the two naked ladies walked in each others arms to the showers, one of them dripping with cum and wondering what dinner would be like, both of them smiling with self-satisfaction, while the three men rested and slept with smiles on their faces.

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