The Erikson Twins Big Summer Pt. 03

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Chapter Eight

When the Erikson twins had finished with Jackie’s lawn that Friday, they came up on the porch to get paid, expecting to be told that she didn’t have the cash and to come back that night. They were surprised when she handed them their money immediately. Jackie noticed the disappointed look on their faces and smiled.

“Boys,” she said, you still have to do Gail Reinhardt’s and Lana Manacek’s lawns this afternoon, right?”

Dan and Don nodded.

“I think they may not have the cash for you and you’ll have to come back tonight to collect.” Jackie paused to make sure Dan and Don understood what she was telling them. From the happy looks on their faces she knew they did. “However,” Jackie paused, thinking of how to put what she wanted to say discreetly. “Neither one of them will need you both to show up to collect your money, if you know what I mean. But I’m sure you’ll be able to figure that out for yourselves.”

Dan looked at Don. Don looked at Dan. They gave each other a big grin. Dan turned to look at Jackie. “I think we can handle that, Jackie. But, then, you don’t need us?” It was more of a plea than a question.

Jackie gave both boys a sweet smile. “To be blunt, I will never need you, but I shall always want you. But no, to answer what you were asking me, Rachel and I won’t need you tonight. But soon, very soon, we will all get together. Okay?”

The look of pure delightful lust in the Erikson twins’ eyes almost made Jackie laugh.

“Yes, Jackie,” Don said. “That will be just fine.

As they were driving away from Jackie’s house, Dan asked Don, “Okay, so which of the cougars do you want?”

“Cougars?” Don asked. “Is that why this town is called Cougarville; so many cougars, so little time?”

Dan laughed. “Yeah, but Mrs. Reinhardt or Mrs. Manacek, which one do you want to, uh, collect from?”

“Well, Mrs. Manacek is cute as hell and so petite I could pick her up and fuck her. But, if you would prefer to collect from her, I wouldn’t have a problem with Mrs. Reinhardt. She damned hot, too, in a taller, blonde way, and I do like blondes.”

Dan laughed again. “Oh, this is fantastic,” he said. “My dick is hard already just thinking about all the fucking we’re going to do this summer. But, no, I’ll collect from Mrs. Reinhardt and you can collect from Mrs. Manacek. They’re both damned attractive women and, yeah, I think Mrs. Manacek is cute as hell, too, but I imagine that I’m going to get to fuck her also, maybe even next week.”

“Hey, this is going to get complicated,” Don said.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked.

“Well, we mow Jackie’s lawn, as well as Mrs. Reinhardt and Mrs. Manacek, on Fridays. We can’t, you know, collect from all of them on Friday nights, when their husbands are off playing poker. Well, I guess we could, but that would make for a very busy Friday night. And it might cut it close as to when their husbands get home, too.”

“And you don’t think,” Dan said, “after what we experienced with both Jackie and Rachel that we also might just run out of steam, so to speak?”

Don laughed. “Well, yeah, there is that,” he said. “To tell you the truth, my first loyalty is to Jackie, and then to Rachel. So, if push comes to shove… .”

“Yeah,” Dan said. “You know, I think we need to have a talk with Jackie about this.”

“Sure,” Don said. “But we might be getting ahead of ourselves. What if Mrs. Manacek and Mrs. Reinhardt only want a onetime fling and not regular weekly sex…, which I think Jackie and Rachel do.”

“You’re right, of course,” Dan said. “We’ll just go tonight and see what happens after that.”

Chapter Nine

There was a light tapping at her back door at five minutes to nine. Lana Manacek’s heart leaped in her chest. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she approached the door. She couldn’t believe she was going through with this. She’d never cheated on the Judge in all the years of their marriage, although she’d thought about it many times. This was a small town and nearly impossible to keep people from gossiping. She knew she was taking a chance by doing this provocatively wicked thing. But Jackie had assured her that the Erikson twins could be trusted to keep their mouths shut. And it was exciting, so exciting to think that soon she was going to be in the strong arms of one of the twins, feeling his hard muscular body working on top of her.

Lana opened the door and, well, she wasn’t sure if it was Don or Dan standing there smiling sweetly at her.

“Come in, come in, uh… ,” she said.

“Don, Mrs. Manacek, I’m Don.”

Lana smile up at the handsome young six-footer and felt a shiver of desire run through her body. “Yes, Don, and do call me Lana, okay.”

“Sure, Lana,” Don said.

Never having done anything like this before, Lana hadn’t been sure what she should wear. But, since she was going to be very naughty, she thought wearing some of the naughty lingerie that she had bought over the years, but had never worn, might be appropriate. She was wearing güvenilir bahis a short black satin robe with white piping, high heeled bedroom slippers, white stocking with a lacy white garter belt, no panties, and a white lacy push-up bra that exposed her nipples and showed off her 34C breasts very nicely. The robe was closed, of course, and tied off with a white satin sash.

“You look beautiful, Mrs.—uh, I mean, Lana,” Don said.

Lana blushed. “Thank you, Don. You look,” she paused then mentally shrugged and went all in, “good enough to eat,” she said with a wicked smile.

Don’s cock twitched at the thought of this hot little woman sucking his cock and what else they might do tonight.

“So you and Jackie had a talk, I take it,” Don said.

“Oh yes. She told me what happened with you and your brother, so did Rachel, as a matter of fact.” She hesitated, not knowing exactly how to say what she wanted to say next. “I, uh, I didn’t want to make love to you and your brother at the same time. That just seemed like a bit too much. And, uh, I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t do anal.” Lana looked up at Don with a look of concern on her pretty face.

Don smiled. He stepped up to Lana and embraced her. Her heart started beating hard again. He bent down and she tilted her head up. Don’s lips brushed hers as he spoke. “Anal is not a requirement, Lana. I will be happy to make love to you as you wish, more than happy.” Don couldn’t believe what was coming out of this mouth. Too many English mystery videos and novels that both Dan and he liked watch and read he guessed; that and the fact that this was now the third woman in this small town who accepted him as a viable lover and who he was going to make love to. He guessed he was just getting more relaxed with how he spoke and acted.

Don pressed his lips to Lana’s. She opened her mouth to him. Their tongues darted around each other, tasting each other’s saliva and deciding if they liked it, even though they weren’t consciously aware of it.

It was a delightful and delicious kiss and Lana moaned deep in her throat. It’s really going to happen, she thought, this handsome young man is going to make love to me. She moaned again.

Don’s hand slid inside Lana’s robe and captured her right breast, feeling how it was pushed up in her bra. He gently squeezed it several times while still kissing her. She moaned again. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. Don pulled his lips from Lana’s and took a step back as he undid the sash to her robe. He opened the robe and his eyes scanned over this good-looking older woman’s trim, petite body, with the large tits. She was wearing a garter belt, which he’d never seen before, except when watching porn, but rather liked it. It was lacy, white, almost see through, and it was holding up her white stockings. She wasn’t wearing any panties and while she, unlike Jackie and Rachel, had pubic hair, it was very well trimmed.

“My God, Lana, you’re beautiful,” Don whispered, meaning what he said.

Lana blushed but was quite pleased and then she gasped as Don went to his knees and began kissing all around on her flat stomach. The judge had never done anything remotely like this in all the years of their marriage. Lana’s sexual excitement was increasing by the second and her pussy, she feared, might start dripping, she felt so wet there.

Lana gasped again as Don hunched down even further and then his tongue was lapping at her wetness and his lips were kissing her pussy. “Oh Don,” Lana said. Her hands went automatically to his head. Her body was trembling with lust and excitement now.

“Wait a minute,” Don said, as he suddenly stood up. He leaned down and kissed Lana fully on the mouth and, for the first time in her life she tasted her own pussy juice. Don then swept her robe off and tossed it onto the kitchen island before picking her up like she weighed nothing. He gently set her ass on the edge of the island on top of her robe. “Lay back, Lana,” Don said and held her hands as she reclined back onto the top of the island.

Lana knew exactly what Don was about to do, right here in her kitchen, with only the night light of the stove on. She really didn’t know what she had expected tonight; that this young man would come in, they would go to the bedroom, he would get undressed, they would fuck, and then he would give her a kiss and leave. Obviously, it was going to be anything but such a mundane experience and Lana was now super excited about what was happening and looking forward to what more they might do.

Lana was holding her legs up and spread wide, exposing her nakedness shamelessly to this beautiful young man. Don bent his body at the hips, bracing himself on the countertop with his forearms on either side of Lana’s hips.

“Put your feet on my shoulders,” Don said, “it will be more comfortable for you.”

Lana did as Don suggested and let her legs splay out wide. Now her pussy was as open and exposed to him as it could be. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out softly, wanting to cry türkçe bahis out loudly, as Don brought his mouth to her pussy and began seriously licking and sucking and nibbling on it.

“You’re so wet, Lana, and you taste so good, too,” he said before resuming his eating of her pussy.

Lana gave out a loud gasp. Her hips arched up and she pressed her pussy rhythmically against Don’s hungry mouth as she came and came hard. She had never had an orgasm this quickly and such an intense one, too. Then she was sobbing, mixed with laughter. Her orgasm left her trembling and feeling oh so damned good.

She sat up and pulled Don up to give him a hard, deep, passionate kiss, this time, reveling in the taste if her pussy on his lips and in his mouth. “Oh Don,” she said as she pulled her lips from his. “That was wonderful, so wonderful. Thank you,” she paused, “sweetie. You don’t mind me calling you sweetie, do you?” she added.

Don grinned. “Not at all…lover,” he said. “In fact, I like it.” He also liked the fact that he had given this delightful little cougar a great orgasm. He liked the fact that her pussy had been so wet and tasty.

“Lover? I like that,” Lana said then kissed Don deeply again.

When they broke the kiss, Don made Lana squeal as he swept her off the kitchen island and held her across his body. “Which way to the bedroom, lover,” he said. She told him and he carried her there.

Don set Lana down gently on the bed, gave her a quick kiss, and then began getting undressed. Lana took off her bra and tossed it aside, then massaged her breast, pinching her nipples. As more and more of Don’s clothes came off, Lana’s eyes were devouring his body. It was lean, yet muscular, supple and tanned. His cock was very hard with the veins bulging with blood. It looked wonderful to Lana. In the light from the lamp on the bedside stand she could she a glistening drop of something on the end of his cock.

She got off the bed and kneeled before Don. She looked up at him, smiling, as she grabbed his cock and stroked it a couple time. “What’s this drop of liquid here, cum?” she paused, startled as that drop and some more of the clear liquid came oozing out of Don’s cock.

“We call it pre-cum. It kind of prepares the, uh, urethra,” he hoped he pronounced that correctly, for the, uh, you know, the major event,” he finished lamely.

Lana laughed a sweet lilting sound. “The major event, eh?” she said. “I like that. So, does it taste bad?” she asked. She wasn’t particularly enamored with the taste of semen from the few times she had let the Judge come in her mouth. But then the Judge seldom went down on her and never as enthusiastically as Don had. She thought she might be willing to try letting him come in her mouth. That thought thrilled her.

“Uh, no,” Don said. And then by way of explanation he continued. “I, uh, well, I have tasted it. I was curious. But it doesn’t have a taste that I could tell.”

“Oh,” Lana said and began licking up the pre-cum that had leaked out of Don’s cock and onto the webbing between her thumb and forefinger. “Mm, you’re right,” she said, “no taste at all. Then she slid her hand down on his shaft and slipped her mouth over his cock and began bobbing her head up and down.

“Ah, Lana, that feels so good,” Don said.

Lana pulled her mouth off Don’s cock and looked up at him with a mischievous look in her eyes. “I don’t usually do this, sweetie, but I want you to come in my mouth. But then I also want you to, uh, you know, go down on me again.”

“Not a problem, lover.”

Lana began sucking Don’s cock again, taking it as deep in her mouth as she could without choking. She was highly aroused now, having told Don that he could come in her mouth. She hoped she could take it and, yes, swallow it without gagging. She’d never swallowed semen before but she was going to give a good try tonight. And then the thought of this lovely young man going down on her again sent a shiver of delight through her body. She so loved feeling his tongue and mouth on her pussy when they were in the kitchen but she’d come too soon to fully enjoy the pleasure of it.

Still feeling mischievous, Lana looked up at Don with her big green eyes to see him looking down at her, his face all serious with the pleasure she was giving him. She winked at him and was pleased to see him smile, then grin back at her. Lana was now truly happy that she had decided to make love to this young man and she was truly enjoying his rather large and very hard cock. She really didn’t know about cock sizes, she just knew that Don’s was bigger than her husband’s, and that was just fine with her. It would still be a while but she was anticipating how it would feel when Don slid his cock into her pussy and filled it up while he fucked her.

The night was quiet, except for the sound of a car or two going by on the street. The house was completely dark, except for the lamp on the night stand and the stove night light in the kitchen. Lana was kneeling on deep, thick carpeting and was quite comfortable. güvenilir bahis siteleri A few minutes went by when the only sound was her mouth sucking on Don’s cock, the occasional sigh and “ah” from Don and an unintentional moan from Lana who was enjoying sucking a cock for the first time in her life.

All of a sudden Don sucked in some air. “Ahhhh!” he gasped. “That’s it. Oh yes, Lana, I’m going to come,” he managed to get out through clenched teeth. Seconds later the building pressure of orgasm finally exploded and he began coming.

Lana heard Don, felt his cock pulse and twitch between her lips and in her mouth, and then she felt the first of several splashes of his thick semen it hit the back of her mouth. She began swallowing while still sucking on his cock, swallowing and sucking, feeling his cum being ejaculated into her mouth until there was no more.

Lana was so happy with herself. She had swallowed cum and not gagged and, in fact, she thought Don’s cum tasted much better than the Judge’s cum. She realized that might just be in her mind but she didn’t care. She would gladly do this again with…and then she also realized that she would do it again, and not just with Don, but his brother, Dan, also. Oh my, she thought, I’m turning into a delightfully wicked woman.

As she pulled her mouth off of Don’s cock she looked up and him. “That was wonderful,” she said.

Don dropped to his knees and surprised her when he embraced her and gave her a big, wet kiss with lots and lots of tongue. “You think that was wonderful? You should have felt it from my end.”

Lana laughed and kissed Don. “If I weren’t old enough to be your mother, I think I could fall in love with you,” she said.

The rest of the night was like a dream for Lana. Don picked her up and set her down on the bed then went down on her again. This time it lasted for many, many minutes and when Lana finally came she thought she might pass out. After that Don fucked her pussy, eventually bringing her to another wonderful orgasm before dumping a big load of cum deep inside her. He totally shocked her and ultimately pleased her when, after a few seconds of post-orgasmic kissing, he went down on her and licked and slurped his cum out of her pussy and then continued making oral love to her until she had yet another orgasm from his hungry mouth. They made love three more times that night and Lana lost count of how many orgasms she had.

When Lana was seeing Don out the back door, they stopped and embraced and kissed again, a sweet, affectionate kiss. “I don’t suppose you would like to do this another time?” she asked.

Don grinned and pulled Lana’s petite body to his and gave her a big hug. He bent his head down and gave her another kiss. “Yes, Lana, I would love that,” he said.

Lana beamed up at him. “Well then, how about Monday night. The Judge has a brother up in Osceola who’s gotten himself into a bit of a legal pickle. He wants to discuss a few things with the Judge personally before deciding how he should proceed. The Judge will be leaving Monday after court hours and driving straight up there. He’ll spend the night there and will be coming back Tuesday afternoon. So…?”

“Yeah, Monday would be perfect. Same time?” Don asked.

“Yes, just like tonight, Don,” Lana said then pulled him down for another kiss. “Until Monday night then,” she said.

Don had to walk home as Dan had the truck, but that wasn’t a problem their home was less than a mile away and it was a fine summer night. He was wondering how Dan was getting on with Mrs. Reinhardt. He was also wondering how many more sexually frustrated cougars there were in Cougarville. He started whistling as he walked briskly home, happy as he could be.

Chapter Ten

The Reinhardt house was bright with lights as Dan pulled into the driveway. The house sat on the edge of town off a county road. It was an old farm house that had been remodeled and modernized. The nearest neighbor was more than 100 yards away on the town side and was screened from the Reinhardt house by a dense grove of trees. On the other side it was a half-mile to the nearest house.

There was a detached double-car garage behind the house. Dan realized that sneaking up to the back door wasn’t necessary here so he stopped the truck beside the house and walked up to the front door and rang the bell. “Coming,” he heard immediately.

A few seconds later, Gail Reinhardt flung the door open. She had a martini glass, half-full, in her hand. “Come in. Come in, uh… .”

“Dan,” Dan said taking in the very lovely sight of Mrs. Reinhardt. She was wearing a sheer, see-through black top with spaghetti straps. The top ended a few inches below her breasts, nice sized breasts that seemed perfect for her tall, lean frame. He could see her areolas and her nipples through the sheer material, nipples that were erect. She was wearing a matching pair of sheer black lounging pants and, again, Dan could see through it and that, like Jackie and Rachel, she shaved or waxed or whatever a woman did to remove her pubic hair. Her long blonde hair was put up on her head in an artistic and stylish pile, with several strands hanging down around her ears and neck. Dan was instantly in lust and his cock began to react.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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