The Flavor of My Neighbor

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As Paul was made the turn onto his street he noticed a large moving van parked blocking his drive way. “Well looks like I am getting some new neighbors,” he thought out loud.

He parked his car on the street and walked toward his house, looking around a bit at the piles of items laying around the moving van, he tried to get a sense of what type of family he would have next door. As he was reaching his door he saw a young lady coming out of the truck carrying a fairly large box. She looked to be struggling with the size of it, so he went over to help.

“Here, let me take that for you,” I said reaching for the box. “My name is Paul, I live next door.” As he put one hand under the box to steady it, he reached around with his other hand to grasp the side of it, in doing so his hand brushed lightly on the side of her breast. “Oh, excuse me, I am sorry,” Paul said sheepishly.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, “accidents happen, by the way, my name is Shelly, nice to meet you Paul.”

And so the weekend of helping her move in began for Paul.

They talked and got to know a bit about each other during the two days of unloading the van. Paul found out that she was newly divorced, just 6 months ago, had no children, was starting a new business venture opening a thrift shop and was 29 years old.

Shelly learned that Paul had divorced 6 years ago, he lived alone because his children had grown and moved away, he was a retired business owner, having a small hardware store in town, but still liked to put in a day or two at the store.

Sunday afternoon as they were finally pulling the last of Shelly’s belongings from the truck, both sweating from the warm day, Shelly said, “Paul, why don’t we take a little break, I made some fresh lemonade last night, let’s go inside and relax a bit.”

“That sounds like a great idea to me little lady,” Paul replied with a smile, “I don’t think I’ve had a glass of lemonade in years.”

They went into her house Paul sat down at the table while Shelly walked into the kitchen to get the drinks for them, they continued to chat through the breakfast counter that separated the rooms, Paul watched as Shelly got some glasses from the cupboard and turned to get the ice and lemonade from the fridge. Paul could see her only from her neck to the waist due to the cabinets above the breakfast nook. He was watching very intently as she first put some ice in their glasses, then took a couple pieces and began to rub them over her neck and upper chest letting the coldness refresh her body the melting water trailing down into her shirt.

Watching Shelly, Paul was starting to get aroused, which surprised him because he was never attracted to younger women in the least, but the sight of her breasts rising and falling with her breaths and the ice water running down into her top brought up some very long lost desires.

Shelly tossed the melting ice into the sink, poured their lemonade and brought the glasses to the table, setting Paul’s down in front of him their eyes met for an instant, she was quite certain he had the look of desire but pushed the thought out of her mind and sat down in the other chair. As she looked up to speak, once more their eyes lock, his deep blue eyes seemed to penetrate her soul.

“Paul,” Shelly finally said, “I can’t thank you enough for all your help this weekend, I know I could never have done it alone in just two days.”

Paul finally blinked and replied quietly, “Hey little lady, that’s what neighbors do, help each other.” He squirmed a bit in his chair as he realized that he had just spent the last few minutes picturing her curvy body naked. “One more thing,” Paul added, “I have these for you.” Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a ring with three keys on it. “The realtor gave them to me in case of any emergency while the house was empty, it’s been close to 6 months now.”

Shelly reached her hand across the table, as Paul laid the keys into her open hand she closed her hand around his sending a small shock wave thru Paul’s body at her touch.

“I think I would really like you to keep them Paul,” Shelly said almost whispering. “I am on the last of my prescribed sleeping pills, and they do know me out most nights, especially with the work out of moving lately, I think I would feel safer knowing that, if, there was a problem I could count on you to take care of it for me.”

She released her hold on his hand, and Paul put the keys back into his pocket telling her, “well little lady, you can count on me to rescue you.”

They finished their lemonade, carrying on with small talk then returned to the van to finally get the last few items removed.

Setting the last box down in the living room, Paul asked, “well this is the last box, is there anything you need help with?”

“Well there is one thing Paul, if you don’t mind,” Shelly said, “I could really use some help putting my bed and dresser in place, it would be nice to sleep in my own bed and not the sofa bahis firmaları tonight.”

“Of course.” said Paul, “you should get a good night’s rest after all of this, lead the way little lady.”

Following her down the short hallway Paul’s eyes are drawn to the curves of her body, not a big girl, but just curvy with a very well rounded butt, again his arousal surprised him.

“Here we are,” Shelly said, “this is my escape reality room.”

Looking around Paul noticed that she had already placed most of the furniture, he also noticed that as he looked out the large bedroom window, he could see the window to his home office just a few feet away.

Reaching for the head board that was leaning against the wall, Paul asked, “Where would you like this set up?”

“Right where it is,” Shelly responded. “I like to have the bed in the center of the room, I have the furniture where I want it, it’s just that the bed and frame are too big and heavy for me to set up alone.”

Together they got the bed put together and placed where she wanted it. Paul then moved to the dresser, pulled a bit from the wall and asked, “ok now what about this dresser?”

“I want it pretty much where it is, but I need help attaching the mirror.” Shelly said.

“Well, I can see why,” Paul exclaimed, “this mirror is just as big as the dresser, must be five foot.”

When the dresser was put together they pushed it back to the wall and Shelly picked up a large lamp to place on top. “I’m still a big baby,” she said as she plugged it the lamp, “this has a night light base, I still can’t sleep in total darkness.” She turned on the lamp to show him the light glow it put out.

“Well, little lady, if there is nothing else I can help you with, I think I should head home and leave you to your own devises in setting up your sanctuary.”

Shelly was setting a box on the bed and asked, “Paul, would you please set that box on the bed for me, I would like to get my things put into the dresser tonight?”

Paul lifted the box she had pointed at and as he carried it to the bed, the bottom popped open spilling clothes on the floor and bed.

“Oh crap!” Paul said , “the bottom fell out.” Looking down he noticed that everything that fell was lingerie, bending, he scooped them up and tossed them on the bed.

“Ok Shelly,” he said, this is definitely all your to deal with, I will see you tomorrow and we can finish getting the other rooms done.”

Paul was heading down the hall as Shelly thanked him for his help, she then walked over and began putting her clothes into the dresser. As she began sorting and putting things away, she came across her sheer black nightgown that she had purchased for her honeymoon, the set included a matching bra and panties with a very short camisole, strange she thought, the panties seem to be missing.

As Paul was walking into his own bedroom he pulled the panties from his pocket, thinking “what am I some crazed old pervert, what possessed me to steal her panties?” Holding them up he could see right through them, his mind imagined how sexy Shelly must have looked in them. Paul laid them on his bed as he undressed for his shower, then a strange urge hit him, he got on his knees, leaned forward over his bed and kissed the crotch of the panties. Taking his shower Paul’s mind was on Shelly and her panties, thinking how beautiful her ass would look wearing them, stroking himself, Paul closed his eyes and let this new fantasy fill his mind, soon he was spraying his load along with the water from the shower head. He finished his shower and put on his robe, heading to his office he flipped the light switch planning to look up his favorite porn site on the computer. Walking to the window to let in some fresh evening air he saw Shelly as she walked from her bathroom with a towel over her head, and nothing else. Quickly he turned the light off and closed the curtains. Pulling aside very carefully the end of the curtain, he watched Shelly as she stood naked basking in the glow of the lamp’s night light, her back was to him so he had a perfect view of her bare ass, it was even more beautiful than he had imagined, nice and round and still looking quite firm. He was also able to see her reflection in the mirror, “oh my god,” he thought, “what a perfect body.”

As Shelly stood in front of her mirror drying her hair, she stared at her own reflection thinking to herself, “I do still have my shape, but maybe a little toning up will help.” She reached for her sleeping pills and swallowed one with a drink of water, setting the glass back down she ran her hands over her breasts and stomach and down to her freshly trimmed pussy, “I don’t know why I bother with grooming anymore, it’s not like there is anyone to appreciate it.” Reaching into a drawer she pulled out the shirt she likes to sleep in, pulling it over her head she noticed a movement in the mirror from the window of Paul’s house, turning she looked toward the window, “I guess Paul likes the kaçak iddaa fresh air as well,” she thought. Walking around the bed Shelly bent down to fluff her pillows a bit and to roll the comforter down, choosing to sleep with just a sheet.

Watching Shelly as she bent forward over the bed, her beautiful bare ass pointing right at him, Paul shot his second load of the night.

Shelly crawled into bed and pulled the sheet over her, letting her body relax and the sleeping pill take over.

Paul continued to watch for 2 hours as Shelly fell asleep.

This went on for the next 3 days and nights, days Paul would be over at Shelly’s house helping her arrange furniture, nights he would watch her as she showered, took her pill and slept. Paul noted that the pills seemed to take effect rather quickly, most nights within an hour of getting into bed Shelly seemed to be fast asleep.

On the fourth night, about an hour or so after Shelly had fallen asleep Paul herd her phone ring, watching intently he noticed that she did not stir at all, even though the phone was right next to her bed. “She did say those pills made her sleep pretty heavily,” Paul remembered.

Paul continued to watch her for the next hour, then just as he was about to call it a night and go to bed himself, she rolled over onto her stomach, as she rolled the sheet moved with her and exposed part of her ass. Paul’s mind went a little wild at seeing her bared round ass again, he quickly took off his robe and put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. Not really knowing what he was doing, Paul picked up the keys to her house, walked over and let himself in.

Standing in the dining room, the thought, “what am I doing, this is wrong.” But he was no longer in control of himself, he had to see Shelly’s naked body up close, “yes,” he told himself, “I will just look in on her, make sure she is alright.”

Walking down the hall he could see the glow from her night light, walking quietly into her room he stood over her bed gazing down at the perfect roundness of her ass. He whispered her name a couple times to see if she would stir, nothing at all, she was sound asleep.

Paul reached with a shaking hand until his fingers touched her ass, stopping, he watched, still no movement. Paul placed his hand on her butt cheek, nice he thought, round, yet firm and so smooth. He began caressing her ass, always watching for movement from her. Feeling bolder Paul leaned down and placed a light kiss on her butt cheek, inhaling the sweet smell of her body. Paul slowly let his tongue lick between her ass cheeks, while he reached lower with his hand to her pussy, letting his finger slip between the lips. At this Shelly moaned very lightly and her legs parted slightly. Paul stopped and waited to see if he had woken her. Realizing that her breathing had not changed and that she was still sound asleep but her body was reacting, he continued his movement. His finger was sliding up and down inside of her pussy lips, he could feel her getting moist and hear occasional soft moans from her.

As Shelly became more wet from his finger play Paul got more bold, slipping his finger slowly into her pussy he began to gently fuck her with it, at the same time he was beginning to lick her tight asshole, pushing his tongue into her. He continues finger fucking her pussy while his tongue fucked her ass, her body reacting in its sleep by pushing back into him slightly. All of a sudden he felt it, he began to cum in his pants, just by touching Shelly’s body he had his own orgasm, as he came, his tongue went deep into her ass, he felt a muscle twitch as he had his face buried between her ass cheeks, then he felt her wetness coat his hand as Shelly groaned lightly.

“Wow,” he thought, “I think she just came in her sleep.”

Paul removed his hand and tongue from her holes, lifting his fingers to his mouth he tasted the sweet juices from her pussy, savoring the taste and aroma. Pulling her comforter from the foot of the bed, he covered her body and headed back home.

For the next 3 nights Paul waited for Shelly to fall asleep then made his way into her bedroom, depending on the position she slept in he was able to enjoy the flavors of all of her body. On night 3, as he was staring down at her once again exposed ass, he decided to push things farther, after he had tongues her ass hole for a while, and two fingers in her pussy, he stopped, stood and removed his pants, climbing on the bed very gently he straddled her ass and let his hard dick slide between her cheeks, rubbing his dick down over her pussy he let her juices mingle with the saliva that he had already left on her ass hole. Slowly he let the head of his dick rest on the tiny opening of her ass, knowing that he was going way to far this time, he slowly pushed down, feeling the head of his dick force open her asshole, “god she is tight”, Paul thought as he pushed slowly. When he had the head fully imbedded in her ass he felt her muscles relax and he slid all the kaçak bahis way inside, at this point Shelly set out a groan, Paul began to slowly pump her ass, the feeling was incredible, he had never fucked a woman’s ass before, and Shelly had by far the most perfect ass he could imagine. Feeling the buildup of his orgasm Paul knew he should pull out and shot his load on a towel or his pants, but the feeling was just to incredible, Paul took a few more strokes and buried himself fully into her ass and unloaded. As his orgasm subsided and his dick began to slide out of the warm tight hole, Paul was thinking, “now I’ve done it, no way to hide this.” His dick slipped completely out of Shelly’s ass and he saw the beginnings of his cum trickle out. Climbing off of her, Paul went to the bathroom and grabbed the wash cloth from the shower, rinsing it in warm water he returned to her and tried to clean up the mess he had made. Paul put his pants back on and covered her nakedness again with the comforter that was folded at the foot of the bed. Took another look at Shelly and went back home.

The next morning, Paul feeling a bit worried and nervous knocked on Shelly’s door, holding a box of doughnuts and some fresh coffee from the local shop he said, “good morning little lady, how about some breakfast before we move more furniture?’

“That would be lovely,” Shelly replied, “you sure know how to treat a girl special.”

Hearing those words, Paul blushed a bit, and stammered, “well it’s been a long time since I had anyone to treat special.”

Shelly smiled as they sat to drink coffee and eat the doughnuts. “So Paul,” she said, “is there a lady friend in your life?”

“Oh god no,” Paul replied very quickly, “I’m 57 years old, I doubt that I have much left to offer any lady.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” Shelly said grinning, “you seem to be holding your own pretty well.”

Paul choked on the doughnut he was eating as he heard that, then knocked over his coffee, reaching for some napkins he tried to clean up the spill.

“Let me get that Paul,” Shelly said with a laugh, “sometimes it is better to let others clean up after you.”

Paul’s face was turning a bright red as Shelly came over with a damp towel and started cleaning the coffee spill.

“Don’t worry Paul,” Shelly said, “it’s just a little wetness, easily cleaned.”

“Well,” Paul stammered, “are we ready to finish putting things in place around here?”

“Yep, I have only a couple of place left to fill.” Shelly said with a wink.

They finished moving the furniture around at about 3pm.

“Well little lady, looks pretty good, are you satisfied with it?” Paul asked.

“Very satisfied,” Shelly whispered, “very satisfied.”

“How about I take you out for an early dinner to celebrate the final touches being completed?” Paul asked her.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, let me change into something a little more presentable,” she said, adding, “I certainly hope all the touches aren’t final yet.” Turning, Shelly headed to her room to change, leaving Paul standing there wondering.

As they sat eating, Shelly looked into Paul’s eyes and said, “I really want to thank you for everything you have done for me this last week, you have truly been amazing.”

Reaching for her hands, Paul said, “Little lady, it has been my pleasure.”

“And mine,” Shelly whispered grasping Paul’s hands as she stared deep into his eyes.

Pulling into Shelly’s driveway, Paul stopped his car and went around to open her door. As Shelly stood, she leaned over and kissed Paul lightly on the lips, then said, “Paul, when you come over tonight, bring the panties with you and you can see how the full ensemble looks together.”

“um, well, I, um,” Paul stuttered, trying to formulate his thoughts and words, “how did you know, or when, I though you said your pills knocked you out?”

“Paul, I haven’t taken any sleeping pills since the first night you came over, I had to think about how my comforter ended up unfolded and over me, I never use it,” Shelly told him.

“Um, oh god, Shelly I am sorry, can you forgive me?” Paul stammered.

“Really Paul, there is nothing to forgive you for, after your first visit and my confused state when I woke, I started putting things together,” Shelly told him, ” thought I saw you watching me that night, and I noticed my panties missing right away. I must say, I have never in my live felt such tenderness and love from a man as I did from you. Though I was there for your pleasure, you never once denied my pleasure. I will admit to being just a little nervous last night, no man has ever entered my ass, let alone loved it like you seem to. I wasn’t sure if I could go through with my fake sleep, but you were so tender, so gentle, and when you came inside of me, I cried tears of pure joy.”

When Shelly finished speaking, Paul was without words, all he could do was to reach for her, take her in his arms and kiss her tender lips passionately.

As they broke their kiss, Shelly looked at Paul and pleaded, “please, stay with me tonight, let’s explore and discover each other completely, I want to really know what it feels like to be loved by a man.”

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