The Hard Pard

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My father was a notorious sex educator. He taught sex ed at my high school, and was know as “The Hard ‘Pard”. We live in Texas, in case your wondering. I would often stumble across catches of his material. Let me tell you, that was usually some pretty explicit stuff.

Now let me tell you that in my family, masturbation was, shall we say, hell. I was watching one of the videos in my room on day when my father walked in. Luckily, my mom and 18-year old sister, Katie (the same age as I), were out shopping. I had to first endure the agonizing silence as my father gaped at me with my stiff rod in hand. Then I had to endure a half-hour lecture from him. I never whacked off when he was home again.

Then one day I found a video that I hadn’t see before. It didn’t have any labels, but I put it in the VCR anyway. What I saw made my gag. It was a videotape of my parents! I sat, memorized, while I watched my dad fuck my mom doggy style. Then he flipped her over, and ate her out. I could feel my balls begin to tingle, and I reached for my cock. Then I heard a knock on my door. “What is it?” I asked through the door as I pulled up my pants and muted the volume on the movie. “What are you watching?” I heard my sister ask. Damnit, my sister! “Uh, nothing Katie, nothing at all!” I responded. “Yeah right! I heard something coming from that room and I’m curious. I want in!” she said. “No!” I yelled, throwing my hands up.

Big mistake. The door flew open, and my sister flew in. She ran over to the VCR, and looked at the screen. Her mouth hung open. “Jesus, that’s mom! And there’s dad! Brad, were you taping them?!” Katie demanded. “No! I found it in dad’s movie stash!” I defended, grabbing her around the waist, and picking her up. “Holy shit, your hard as hell!” she yelled. Luckily, our parents we not home. They were at a meeting. If they heard this repertoire, they would most likely kick güvenilir bahis us out of the house. “So what? Your in my room!” I said. Suddenly, she shifted her weight, and my right hand slipped to her crotch. She was wearing a skirt, and my hand went right under it. She was dripping! “Holy shit!” I yelled, and dropped her. “So what? Your hand was on me,” Katie said.

My cock was raging. I uneasily helped her up, then went over and closed my door, then my windows, along with the shades. “What do you want to do about it? I was on you, you were in my room. What’s the part that we can agree upon?” I asked.

“Oh be quiet. Your always trying to be poetic,” Her voice suddenly lowered. “I know what you want. You want me.” My cock took over as my brain shut down. I moved over to Katie, then slid my hands under her plaid skirt. I noticed that she was wearing silk panties. “Oohh, that feels so good,” she moaned. I moved to her neck with my lips, licking her chin lightly. Her hands moved to undo her white blouse. “God, you are so hot,” she moaned. Her creamy white tits gleamed under the light that broke through the shades on my window. Her tits were like rockets. I sucked on each, flicking the one that I was not sucking on. We quit with the words for a while, just enjoying each others bodies. Our hands moved over each others bodies, exploring and stimulating.

Then I took charge. I slid off Katie’s shirt, then her panties. I was met with a perfect cunt. It took a bit to find the lips. She laughed at me. “Hey, so I’m not that good at it,” I said. I moved between her lips with my tongue, probing her wetness. Her cunt gripped my tongue, and she took my hand to make me play with her clit. I was met with groans of pleasure. It wasn’t long until she washed my face with her juices. I looked up at her, and we kissed, long and deep. I reached for the remote, and un muted the tape, which had türkçe bahis rewound by itself, then I hit play.

We got up off the floor, and moved to the bed. I laid down on the bed, and Katie sat on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her, my hands caressing her tits. While we watched our parents go at it like there was no tomorrow, I bent down to kiss Katie’s neck, back, and tits. Then we got to a very raunchy part.

Our mom rolled on top, and practically impaled herself on our dad, then grabbed his head. Propping himself up, he grabbed a can of whipped cream, sprayed it over her tits, then licked it off. I could feel a trickle of cream dribbling down the inside of my thigh, coming from Katie.

I decided to see just how wet my sister really was. I slipped my right hand between Katie’s legs, rubbed her clit, then stuck a finger inside. She was flooded! I poked my head around her side, and saw that she had come down her thighs, all over her bush, and up to her navel. My cock began to ache with lust. She looked back at me, her eyes open in a gaze that asked “do you?”. I nodded my approval. “I’ll get the whipped cream if you make your self look even younger,” I said. “Ok,” she replied. I ran to the kitchen.

When I came back, Katie had put her hair back in pony tails, pinned up the hem on her already short skirt, and, as I would find out, shaved her cunt clean. “My God you work fast,” I said. “Not this time. I’m going to make this last until Mom and Dad come home,” she said.

She suddenly sprang upon me, pushing me to the bed. Before I could do anything, I was tied to the bed. Then Katie produced a razor and shaving cream. “No. Don’t you dare,” I warned. “And what are you going to do about it? Your all tied up. Anyway, we’ll be alike. See?” she said, flipping up her skirt and pulling down the front of her skirt to expose a hairless pussy. She then proceeded to lick güvenilir bahis siteleri my balls and the rest of my hair, spread the shaving cream, and slowly shave off all my hair. After each stroke, she would kiss the area. I was going wild. “I’m going to fuck you blind after this,” said. “No your not. I’m controlling this now,” Katie said. No your not, I thought.

After she was done, she untied me. The mistake she made was to turn her back to me. I grabbed her around the waist, threw her to the bed, and proceeded to fuck her doggy style, popping her cherry in the process. I heard her cry out when that happened. I could hear her breaths snap out of her as I forcefully fucked my way to a juicy come. “Now then, who’s in charge? Could it be…you?” I said as we regained our composure. Katie turned her head and smiled at me, sticking her tongue out at me. I bent down and sucked only her tongue into my mouth, the suction eventually drawing our mouths together.

While we were kissing, my hands wandered about Katie’s body, undressing her. Her hands explored the same way. We moved back to the bed, my hands finding the whipped cream bottle. I broke the kiss, and laid Katie out on her back, spraying her tits and freshly shaved cunt with the cream. I then licked off the cream, in a way enough to stimulate her, not enough to make her come. Katie then pushed me back, and raised her figure over my prone body. As she lowered her cunt over my cock, I felt the sensitivity of my freshly shaved genitals jump into action. I was in heaven.

After a few minutes of fucking, I raised my self to Katie’s chest. She grabbed my head to keep my up. After a few botched attempts, she finally got a firm grip on my head. I began to lick off the cream on her right tit, evoking moans from her. The moans got louder as I progressed and finished her right tit, and started on her left tit. As I finished on her tit, she pushed my back down, and placed her hands on my chest. After a few firm, connecting thrusts by us, my came in a come that we never thought would end. We laid together until we heard our parents car coming down the driveway.

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