The Holiday Cottage Pt. 01

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Joe could not prevent his dirty mind getting carried away as he fantasised about his next guest. Lea looked stunning in her profile photo on the booking app: erotic platinum blonde hair, alluring facial features, wicked smile and a look of naughtiness in her eyes. He could be wrong and she might well have zero interest in him, but he had a hunch that she was going to be as wild as she looked. He felt that familiar stirring of his libido as he anticipated her visit.

She reminded him of a woman he had met and had wine-fuelled sex with at a travel industry networking event the year before, which took place at a remote old country house that had been adapted as a conference centre. Gabriella was a rep from a tour operator who had been seated next to Joe at the welcome lunch. They had chatted and flirted increasingly shamelessly over endless champagne. She was in her late forties, at least, he guessed. Slim, long straight natural blonde hair, pert boobs, seductive smile and the most luscious pink lips (which she was expert at licking in the most erotic manner). By the mid-afternoon they were tipsy and horny as hell.

She had made the first move while they were still at the table. Sliding her arm under the linen tablecloth so that no one else would notice, she had run her fingers up his leg, caressing his inner thighs through the tight trousers of his bespoke suit. As usual he wasn’t wearing underwear, so when her fingertips reached his crotch she could easily feel his cock, swollen and pulsing against the tight fabric as she stroked him.

She leaned towards him to whisper, ‘You’re a big boy, aren’t you?’

To this he had gasped and replied, ‘That’s the effect you have on me!’

She rubbed harder. He tried not to moan out loud.

She whispered again, ‘Let’s take this to the cocktail bar.’ He grinned at the way she stressed the syllable “COCK”.

Joe followed Gabriella out of the dining room to the lounge bar, trying to be discreet by following a few steps behind her, not that he really cared whether anyone else noticed them slipping off to have a drink together. Truth was he wanted to check her out from behind. She wore elegant black heels, a short black skirt (legs bare) and a cobalt blue silk blouse, which during the lunch had been unbuttoned enough to show her generous cleavage- she had seen him ogling and grinned at him. From behind she looked stunning, striding like a catwalk model, flicking her long hair, swishing her waist and showing off her tight buttocks as they strained against the tight material of the obscenely short skirt (no visible panty line, he was pleased to see). Was he mistaken or could he smell her too? Was she wearing knickers? He determined eryaman bayan escort to find out.

They sat at high stools in the far corner of the candlelit bar. As she wiggled her way up onto the stool, turning it to face his, her legs parted and he could almost see up her skirt. He could definitely smell her cunt now: a rich aroma of pure sexuality wafting his way. She ordered a gin martini; he had a negroni, served by a discreet barman who knew Joe from a previous visit when Joe had been hosting an event there. At that moment he had an unbidden moment of fantasy, imagining inviting the guy to join him and Gabriella in his room, suspecting (correctly, as he would discover later) that she loved threesomes.

Meanwhile, he raised his glass to her and they toasted: ‘To pleasure!’ As she knocked back her drink he saw her legs part again, revealing a brief glimpse of a tiny white triangle of material — so she was wearing panties.

They were as close as they could be, sitting on separate stools. He considered suggesting they move to one of the sofas, but for now they were content to be facing each other, legs touching, eyes locked, smiles hinting the kisses they both yearned to give and receive. How to get her up to his room, or hers? She took the next step again.

She looked him right in the eye and said, ‘Here’s a game. We each guess whether the other is wearing underwear. You go first.’

He didn’t let on that he had already glimpsed hers. He replied, ‘What do I get if I guess correctly?’

She gave him her wicked grin, ‘If I’m not, I’ll lift my skirt and prove it. If I am, I’ll take them off and give them to you.’

He smiled. ‘And what do you get if you guess correctly?’

She licked her lips. ‘If you’re wearing any, go to the gents, take them off and throw them in the bin. If you’re not wearing any, unzip your fly and show me here!’

He nodded.

‘Go on then, you first,’ she said.

He pretended to try to see up her skirt so she edged her legs together, giggling. He smiled, made a gesture of pondering his guess, then whispered, ‘I know by now you’re a very naughty girl. I don’t think you’re knickerless but I bet you’re only wearing a tiny thong?’

She grinned. ‘Good guess. Now I suppose I’ll have to take it off and give you a souvenir. But first it’s my turn. Are you going commando, I wonder? Hmmm… Yes, I bet you are, you wicked man!’

He nodded, ‘Correct.’

She looked at his crotch, ‘Go on then, show me!’

Joe glanced around the bar. There was nobody watching. Maintaining eye contact with Gabriella, he unzipped his fly, reached one hand in and pulled out his cock, enough for her to see the bare tip and top of the shaft. escort etimesgut He was sure she would smell him now, knowing he gave off a strong natural sexual aroma. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips. She felt her wetness increase, thinking, My knickers must be soaked!

He squeezed his cock back into his pants. ‘Your turn.’

She nodded. ‘Sure, I’ll just go to the ladies’.

He watched her ass again as she slid from the high stool and sidled off across the room. While she was gone he ordered a bottle of champagne and said to his barman friend to hold it on ice for a few minutes because they might need it sent to his room, or hers. He slipped his friend a generous cash tip as he signed for the order.

Moments later Gabriella returned to his side. Before going to her stool she put her hand in his, transferring the tiny sliver of sodden silk to his grip. He felt the wet thong in his palm, glanced down at it and put it in his trouser pocket, then sniffed his fingers approvingly as she watched and giggled.

Before she could sit down again he asked, ‘Shall we go somewhere more private? I’ve ordered us some more bubbly, if that’s ok?’

She grinned and kissed him on the cheek. ‘Great idea. Have it sent to my room.’

And so, after a mostly liquid lunch and their stimulating fun and games in the public bar, they found themselves in her suite. She immediately pushed him against the wall and kissed him passionately on the mouth. He pulled her close, reaching down to grasp her athletic buttocks which were straining against the tight skirt. Her hands went to his waist, unbuckled his belt. His hands slid up her thighs to clasp her bare cheeks. He felt her hard nipples as her body pressed against his chest. She felt his cock pressed against her lower tummy. His hands squeezed her buttocks and his fingertips slid between them, feeling the wetness oozing from her. Her fingers deftly undid his fly and pulled out his cock as his trousers fell to the floor. He slid a finger inside her lips, into the pink wetness…

Moments later, clothing scattered across the lush carpet, they were on the bed, nude. He lay on top of her, pinning her down with his muscular body. His cock was pressed against her stomach. He felt so turned on he could imagine rubbing it against her and quickly coming all over her stomach and breasts, but he knew she would expect more than that and anyway he wanted to fuck her properly. She parted her legs and wrapped them up round his waist. This of course spread her pussy wide open. He looked down, across her flat tummy and smooth mound with its downy triangle above bare lips, split by her wet slit. It was time! He edged his cock elvankent escort down between her thighs and pressed the tip against her lips and up across her clit, which was swollen and ready.

She gasped, ‘Fuck me!’

And then he was in, plunging deep into her slender body, the full length of his shaft easily sliding into her. He moved his head down to kiss her breasts, licking and gently biting her nipples as she moaned and pulled him further into her, grabbing his waist as he plunged deeper.

‘Come in me!’ she ordered.

He felt her body bucking, arching up against him as she gripped his throbbing cock with her powerful cunt muscles, as if she was desperate to cause him to climax. He obeyed, thrusting… hard, soft, in and almost out, then deep again… until he felt that familiar wave of lust, riding through his body and let himself go. With a groan of delight he came deep inside her, spurting powerfully into her willing cunt until he was done, then collapsing onto her, still kissing her breasts, neck, mouth.

‘Now lie on your back,’ she told him.

As he did so, she moved around into the 69 position, kneeling over him, lowering her rear end down over his face and taking his cock between her lips. She licked his cum and her juices from his shaft and lowered herself further. His tongue flicked out to lick her soaking wet slit, tasting her sweet juices and his own cum as it seeped from her. He ran his tongue all along her slit and rimmed her rear hole, causing her to wiggle and push herself further onto his face.

Meanwhile she continued sucking his cock dry and playing with his balls, so that before long he was getting hard again. He continued kissing her cunt, sliding his tongue in a figure of eight across her pussy lips, before flicking the tip against her swollen clit, varying the pace and direction. She gasped and shuddered as he continued to stimulate her, sensing the first wave through her body. And then, with a final few licks, he brought her to orgasm. She moaned as she came, juices pouring out of her, into his eager mouth. He lapped greedily. At the same moment she had his cock down her throat, taking the entire stiff shaft and sucking, feeling it swell and throb. Inevitably he came too, shooting into her eager mouth as she swallowed greedily.

They didn’t leave the room until the next morning, spending the night exploring each other’s bodies and trying all manner of positions and techniques. They even fucked in the shower. And when he was spent, they invited the barman to join in, when he delivered another bottle, to feed her appetite for cock and being fucked. She didn’t rest until both men had fucked her and left her a trembling wreck on the messy sheets. And that was only the first night.

That, Joe had thought, is what I call networking! And now, as he prepared Orchard Cottage, he wondered how this ‘Lea’ would behave and whether she would be so willing and hungry for sex. He would soon find out…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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