The Hot Tub Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Alex. This is a personal story and quite different from my previous ones. For a start it’s not set in some sci-fi TV universe and secondly it’s told first-person. Because it is so different and personal I welcome comments and constructive feedback. The story is intended to be split among several chapters.

This chapter has been edited and re-submitted following feedback on the original story.

The story is when I was 18/19 and my mum Sarah was 42/43. I hope you take as much pleasure in reading it as I did in writing it.


It was just over year ago the first time I got an erection seeing my mother naked. I had not that long turned 18 and it was a hot night at the start of June and I just couldn’t sleep. It seems like so long ago now; it was before I’d gone to university and my sister Claire had only moved out to go to university in Bristol last summer.

Anyway I lay in bed tossing and turning but the heat was simply too much to bear, even with the window open as there was no breeze coming through. I looked at my clock and it was around 1am. I decided to get up and go for a wander, maybe get a cold drink to cool me down. I slipped quietly out my room not wanting to wake my mum up and headed down the landing to the top of the stairs in my boxer shorts. As I slowly walked down the stairs I noticed a faint light coming from the kitchen. Soon I was far enough down the staircase so I could see inside the kitchen and the sight I saw was one that will forever stay etched on my mind. My mum was standing in front of the open fridge bathed in the glow of its light drinking from a bottle of water completely nude.

My mum then was 42 and whist she worked very hard as an accountant for a big London firm she usually worked from home and she always worked hard to take care of me and my sister, as well as herself. Dad had left her 10 years ago for a younger woman when mum herself was only 32 for fucks sake and I’d only seen him twice since. She hadn’t really found another long-term man but I guess her work got in the way, along with bringing up my sister and me. Most days she would spend time on the cross-trainer machine in the garage and had an exercise mat in their too which she used for stretching. She also cooked and ate well, as we all did, so her body was in very fine shape and her blonde hair fell loosely onto her bare shoulders.

Because of the angle I was at I could only see her body side-ways on but it looked perfect and I kept looking at the profile of her breasts, but it was incredible and my dick went hard instantly. Now I appreciate as a young man having just turned 18 it didn’t take much to arouse myself, any old bit of porn or even a modest movie sex scene would do, but I had never seen anything like this in the flesh.

I never had a girlfriend while I was at school and although at sixth form college I had actually met up with girls and engaged in some kissing and fondling, this is as far as I had gotten so far in my life. I was and still am slim, 5ft 11 and have short-brown hair but I’m certain you don’t care about that, my awkwardness at school or the fact that while I didn’t consider myself ugly, I wasn’t in the same leagues as the schools’ footballers, athletes or the ‘too-cool-for-school’ kids who knew all the right bands and the girls seemed to get drawn to them.

After what seemed like an eternity I realised my mum was closing the fridge door and so I ran as quickly and quietly as I could back to my room to take care of myself. I made such a mess and it was over so quick but damn I needed that release. Of course every time I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night that summer after that moment I would head back down the stairs hopeful of a repeat sighting but it never came and the image and thoughts that went with it were consigned to my spank bank and that was that. A few months later I waved goodbye and headed off to university in Sheffield.

That was just over a year ago and how things had changed.

My mum still worked as an accountant, often from home, and was as fit as ever. I was still awkward around girls and we still had the same house.

OK so admittedly a lot was still the same, but I guess the main differences were that I had been at university for a year (my sister at Bristol for 2 years now), I had turned 19 a couple of months ago and I had at least seen someone other than a family member naked. It had been at a party in a flat at our student accommodation and as I had managed to make more friends at university than I had at school and sixth form it all culminated in me actually being a little less shy and being invited to a party.

It probably helped that I had drank a lot of alcohol there which should take some credit for the fact I ended up being led in to one of the bedrooms, being stripped down güvenilir bahis and having a condom put on me by this redhead who clearly knew what she was doing. Thankfully I was already hard by the time we got into the room and after putting the rubber on me she sat me down on the bed and proceeded to unbutton her jeans and pull them and her panties down and off in one go. She was so cute and although I beer goggles on, she seemed well out of my league. I of course had no idea what I was doing but thankfully she was more than happy to lead and soon she was on my lap riding my cock still wearing her top and taking my virginity.

It was an amazing experience and while I knew she must be fairly drunk she bounced up and down on me like a pro (well like girls I’d only ever previously seen in pornos). She seemed to enjoy it too as she moaned loudly before grinding down against my cock as it was completely engulfed my her snatch.

It was however over far quicker than I would have liked but she seemed happy with the performance and even though I did say I was about to cum she just grinder into me harder as I shot my load inside her. She stayed on top of me for a few seconds after before falling into the bed and laying alongside me. She then kissed me and took my hand and guided it towards her wet entrance and used my fingers to finish herself off. Not having felt a girl’s pussy before, again I wasn’t in a position to mind too much and it wasn’t long before she was bringing herself to orgasm and bucking against my fingers. We then kissed some more before she got up and pulled her jeans and panties back on and left. I just lay there still smiling and giddy at what had just happened even though I was probably just a human dildo to her.

Four weeks after the party I was back at home having finished my first year at university. I now had nearly three months at home before I returned and I was getting used to having dinner with mum as usual. Claire wouldn’t be back for another few weeks so it was a bit like how it was the year before I left. Mum and I had sat down to dinner as usual at the kitchen table and I was eating it like I hadn’t eaten in weeks. The last week for me had been mostly playing on the PlayStation, looking at porn and meeting my few remaining friends from school in town. I knew my mum wasn’t happy at the fact that I was literally flittering away the summer now that I had no more university work until the Autumn. She was fairly quiet during dinner and I knew that she was going to say something to me and figured it would be something along the lines of it being about time I got off my arse and did something useful.

After a little while the conversation began.



I looked at her with a blank face, waiting for her to continue and get it out of the way.

“I’ve been thinking, now you are home for the next few months you must be getting quite bored just being around the house. I know you go out occasionally to meet your friends but I’m worried that you need something else to stimulate your mind during the summer”

“Yes Mum.”

“Maybe you should get a part-time job? It would give you some spending money and maybe even some to save for next year at uni to go towards your student house and first year debt.”

“Maybe your right Mum but I dunno if I’ll get something for just the summer”

“Well how about I pay you to do some chores around the house in the meantime? You could wash the car and work in the garden for a start. Also I was thinking of adding something to it you might like. You could consider it a sweetener for all the work you’re gonna do!”

Now she knew she had my full attention.

“What do you mean?”

“Well as it’s getting nice again outside I was thinking how we could enjoy more time outside and so I decided to buy us a hot tub. I know some friends who have one and they speak very highly about it. Plus you might want to invite some of your friends over to try it sometime”

I couldn’t believe it, it sounded so cool to have our own hot tub. Then I thought about Mum being in it and I felt my dick getting harder at the image that had entered into my head of my mum in the water wearing something revealing.

“That sounds great mum. Ok you, erm, have a deal. I’ll start tomorrow.”

Thanks to mum’s job we lived in a nice 3 bed detached house in a village on the coast near Brighton which made it convenient having the beauty of the countryside and the sea while being close to the large town and the speedy rail links to London. The garden was enclosed and not really overlooked. It was a good size and mostly lawn with a small decked area. The first thing I did was cut the grass as it was the quickest and easiest job. I then set about getting rid of the weeds from the borders and clearing the rubbish and moss from the decking which went alongside the house and would türkçe bahis be where the hot tub would sit.

After two weeks the garden looked great. I hadn’t really bothered applying for any jobs in the village or nearby as I really wanted things to look good. Plus mum was paying me £30 a day and I was too greedy and lazy to change that.

It was now Tuesday and delivery day for the hot tub and I was very much looking forward to seeing it all in place and trying it out. The guys who delivered it were pretty quick and it didn’t take long for it to be installed and ready to go.

We had dinner as usual and then mum went back to work in the armchair. It wasn’t until around 8pm when mum had finally put her laptop away.

“So do you fancy testing it out then Mister?”

I’d been sitting on the sofa watching crap on TV and was taken aback.


“Do you fancy testing out the hot tub?”

I looked at mum and inside was thinking I couldn’t wait.

“Yeh can do. Sounds good.”

“Don’t sound too enthusiastic! Go on then, why don’t you get changed and get in?”


I went upstairs to my room, got changed into a pair of swimming shorts and managed to find a towel. I then headed back down and outside to the hot tub and turned it on. It didn’t take long to start coming to life and soon I was getting in and relaxing in the hot bubbly water. I then noticed my mum coming out of the patio door and was stunned. She was wearing a purple bikini that seemed to mould itself onto her amazing body. Her breasts bounced happily in her bikini top and I thought they must have been easily a DD cup (I later found out they were 32E). Her blonde hair hung loose down over her shoulders falling just below and over her straps. She walked over holding her towel down by her side.

“Well it’s nice to think I can make a young man’s jaw drop still!”

“Erm, I, erm, sorry mum, you just took me by surprise! I didn’t mean to stare.”

“That’s OK, how’s the water?”

“It feels amazing! You should get in.”

My mum then left her towel on the side of the hot tub and gracefully got in one leg at a time, slipping into the bubbly water directly opposite me. My cock was hard as steel but thankfully the bubbles created were managing to mask it fairly well. Once she was in our feet met and it sent a buzz through my body even though it only lasted a second as we moved our feet so we could stretch them alongside each other’s legs. The water level was just below her boobs which seemed to jiggle on the surface.

“So what did you want to do?”

The question took me by surprise. I just replied that ‘I wasn’t sure. Talk I guess’. I don’t know why I said it but perhaps subconsciously I knew I had to get my mind off my mum’s amazing bikini body. Unfortunately mums first topic didn’t help.

“So Alex, have you been seeing anyone in Sheffield?”

“Erm, not really, no.”

“No cute girls where you’re staying or on your course?”

“Some, I guess…” I began to fidget. “What about you, you met any guys?”

“No I haven’t. I guess with work and raising children I haven’t had the opportunity. Plus I’m older now…”

She seemed a little down and I felt so guilty for asking. It wasn’t that it was a terrible question, just that I only really asked it to shift the focus from me. That might be why I blurted out the next line.

“Don’t be silly, you’re gorgeous Mum! Any guy would be lucky to be with you.”

I then felt myself blushing as soon as I said it. I couldn’t believe it, this was my mum. Why would I say that? Luckily she took it all in her stride.

“That’s very sweet of you. You really know how to make a woman feel special. Pretending to eye me up when I came out and saying all the right things.”

“Erm, I guess.”

“It’s nice to make your old mum feel sexy.”

She smiled and laughed, clearly feeling happier again. That’s when it all went a bit pear-shaped. She held her breasts in her top and squeezed them together and began to pout and make flirty looks.

“Haha… you made your mum feel sexy! Your mates would laugh at that! You like what you see, huh??”

She kept laughing and then our legs touched under the water and I jumped up. I couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly she stopped laughing and just stared. I was stood up in the middle of the hot tub and the water was now a little above my knees which meant mum had a perfect view of my swimming shorts which clung to me and my erection.

We both froze and I didn’t know what to do or say. In the end I slowly got back in and sat back down.

After what seemed like so long we both ended up trying to speak at the same time.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK darling.”

“It’s just I couldn’t control it, I tried.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s only natural.

Before we could continue güvenilir bahis siteleri talking at the same time my mum leant over and took my hand.

“I said it’s OK. It’s my fault really, you’re only 19 and it was unfair to mock you by being suggestive with my body. I’m flattered by your reaction and I know you can’t control it.”

“Thank you Mum. I am sorry though. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I know you were looking forward to getting this hot tub and I hope I didn’t put you off it.”

“Not all darling. As I said I’m flattered and do you not think it’s difficult for me getting into a hot tub with a handsome young man?”

It was then that I noticed her nipples were poking through her top. I’d never considered it from her point of view. Of course she hadn’t been with anyone for a long time and I suppose we were both in revealing clothing. Also she knew I was turned on and I guess if I had of seen her turned on like that before than I would have found it tough not to want to have a wank straight away. Of course now I did know she was a bit turned on and I did find it tough but I breathed deeply and tried not to think about how much it hurt.

I think the fact I was breathing deeply and not responding to her gave my position away.

“Are you uncomfortable darling?”

I responded with a nod

“I know what you need to do and it’s OK, you can do it now. I’ll turn away if you want but if you are keeping under the bubbles I won’t see anyway.”

I couldn’t believe what she was suggesting but it was painful with my dick desperate to be free and desperate for release.

“It’s OK”, I said. I stayed seated and undid the tie on my shorts moving them down over my erection. It was hard in more ways than one as I struggled to get them down over it but eventually I was free. I took it in my right hand and began to slowly work up and down my shaft. My mum was watching me but I knew she couldn’t see what I was doing to myself, although the thought of her knowing what I was doing was arousing but off-putting in equal measure.

I gasped as I felt myself getting close and I then noticed my mum had placed one of her hands under the water and was moaning quietly. I was almost in agony as I was so close to coming but the thought of her seeing. It still took up some of my mind, it felt wrong but I needed to cum so badly.

My mum seemed to notice me struggling. She shuffled herself round the hot tub so she was sitting next to me. She then whispered in my ear “It’s OK, cum. Cum for me”.

She then moved my head round and kissed me like we’d never kissed before. Like lovers. As we kissed I felt my orgasm running through me and soon I was cumming. Sperm was now floating in the water and some had even broken through the surface from the initial release and was strung on top of the bubbles.

I was so relieved and felt so much better for it that I almost didn’t notice my mum scoot back around and her hand going back under the water. I felt so selfish when I realised that she too needed release.

“Do you mind me watching?” I asked.

“It’s OK darling. How do you feel now? Does my baby feel better?”

“Yes Mum. I feel amazing, thank you. Can I do anything to help you?”

“Yes darling. Tell me how I make you feel. Tell me I’m sexy.”

I watched her hand moving inside her bikini bottoms as she rubbed her clit, her back arched and her face showing how much she was enjoying her own touch.

“Mum you are the sexiest woman I know. Your body is so hot and makes me so hard. I have thought about you naked so many times and I cum every time. Please cum for me.”

I then went next to her and kissed her as she had me. I then felt her body spasm next to me and a loud moan filled the air. I knew then that she had cum too.

“Thank you.”

“That’s OK Mum, anytime.”

We sat there for a good 10 minutes before she spoke.

“You know that can never happen again Alex.”

“I guess Mum but we didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not like we touched each other or even saw what each other was doing.”

“OK but it is still wrong-ish. How long have you felt this way about me?”

I told her about the incident last year when I had seen her naked at the fridge in the middle of the night.

“I remember. Do you know, I wondered if someone had seen me as I felt sure I had heard someone on the staircase? I wasn’t 100% sure but I suspected you had seen me. Mostly because of the sounds coming from your room when I walked past and went back to bed.”

“I’m sorry Mum. I have tried not to think about your body since and to be honest; I was doing well until today.”

“I’m the one who should be sorry. I was the one that teased you.”

“But I was the one who enjoyed it.”

“You think I didn’t?”

I was stunned. I didn’t really know to say. She then suggested it was time to leave the hot tub so we got up, adjusted ourselves, dried our feet and wrapped ourselves in our towels before heading back into the house.

Once inside I began to head upstairs when Mum spoke to me.

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