The Hotel

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I waited in the hotel room for you to come up in the elevator and when you knocked on the door I stood behind the door and opened it. The lights were out and the room was only lit by one candle. I locked the door and without saying a word pushed you up against the wall and started to kiss you. The feel of your lips on mine finally was indescribable. It was as if I had kissed for the first time.

All that I was wearing was a pink negligee, with a matching sheer ribbon in my hair, a one piece that was lace and sheer and snapped at the crotch. As we kissed I did everything but rip your clothes off of you, my hands exploring your body as your hands caressed and roamed over mine. Your skin was so soft, your muscles firm and your body warm.

If we had stethoscopes on our hearts with amplifiers, the beating and pounding of both our hearts would have woken all the guests in the hotel. I turned on some romantic music and we began to slow dance, your eyes sparkled and glistened in the candlelight. We held each other close and swayed with the sound of the music so slow we were almost standing still. The kissing and exploring continued, your hands combing through my hair, your lips leaving moist kisses on my neck and chest.

I could not stop exploring your mouth with my tongue and lips, biting softly, nibbling and sucking on your tongue. Our bodies were molded together and I could feel your hard cock against canlı bahis me throbbing. I took it in one hand and began to stroke it slowly and with the other hand began to caress each of your balls.

As I kissed you, I could hear low moans of pleasure as you pulled me even closer to you. You tried to pick me up so that my hot wet pussy would be accessible but I refused, and pushed you back up against the wall. I held your arms up over your head, my mouth traveling along the side of your neck, kissing it, and made my way up to your ear. It was so soft, I flicked my tongue along the outline and gently exhaled my excited breath into your ear as I kissed it and nibbled on your earlobe and then back down the side of your neck.

I finally relented and pulled you to the bed and pushed you down on your back. Your body rippled in the candlelight, you squirmed as if trying to roll away from me, and I got on my knees and straddled you, my pussy brushing against your lower stomach and your hard manhood. My breasts every so slightly brushed against your chest and I could feel the excitement in your body, it shuddered and shivered so I decided to not let you go but to still keep you as my prisoner.

My body brushed lightly over yours in this slow and steady tease, your hands were busy at work, skimming my body, squeezing a breast for a second, then the other, squeezing the cheeks of my ass. I pulled a sheer pink bahis siteleri scarf from my hair and grabbed your hands up over your head and tied them together, you protested and to silence you I kissed you deep again. I slowly moved downward with my wet tongue, nibbling, licking and sucking on your chest and made my way down the front of your torso.

You writhed in ecstasy, your heart pounding, I went even further down, you eagerly spread your legs open for me, I took your hard cock in my mouth, you almost screamed, I began to stroke it with my tongue, using my tongue around the rim, up and down, the whole thing in my wet mouth, sucking on each ball as I fondled the other with my hand, flickering my tongue on that sweet spot below your balls. The moans coming from you excited me, I began to fondle myself with one hand as I resumed the tongue stroking of your hard cock. My pussy was throbbing; I knew that once I sat down on your cock it would not take long. I prolonged it for both of us, my hands running all over your body, as I worked us both up, both breathing hard, our bodies moist with sweat.

I kissed you again real deep this time and it seemed to last forever, the whole time, my finger was going in and out of my pussy and the other hand quickly stroked your pulsating cock, and then I reached up and let your hands free, you grabbed me as I was about to sit down and face you to ride your hard member bahis şirketleri but you flipped me over and pulled me to my knees and entered me from behind.

Oh it felt so good as you plunged into me, you went hard and deep, I gasped out in ecstasy, grabbing the pillows to hold onto as you pulled in and out of me, the feeling was so intense, my pussy about to explode, your arms wrapped around me fondling my breast never missing a beat and your breath on the back of my neck told me it was close.

As I felt myself start to cum, I pulled away from you and turned around and grabbed your cock with my mouth and continued to stroke it with my tongue, I wanted to taste you, I wanted you to let it loose in my warm wet mouth, you were crying out my name and holding your hands on your hips, looking down at me deep into my eyes and then I could start to taste you, sweet and good, your hands moved to my head, grabbing my head, pounding your cock into my mouth, I could not get enough and then I felt you shudder, and the warmth of your juices filled the back of my throat, you moaned with pleasure as you thrust your hips back and forth, you wouldn’t stop coming and I kept sucking it down, stroking with my tongue as I teased and fondled your balls once again and then with one last hard movement, I could tell that you were finished.

You pulled out of my mouth and looked down at me, I was smiling, and you said “thank you green eyed dreamer” and collapsed back onto the bed into a deep satisfied slumber with your arms wrapped around me, our legs entwined with each others, and we drifted off to sleep.

Michelle Crisco – 2006

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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