The Morning After The Night Before

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This story is semi autobiographically. The names have been changed to save a marriage. All characters engaged in sex acts are at least 18 years old.


The morning sun streaming in his bedroom window was like a knife stabbing Joel Vincent’s eyes. It sent shooting pains through his head. He groaned and brought his hands to his throbbing head. It felt like a brass band was playing the Anvil Chorus. His mouth was gummy. His body felt hot and sticky.

He swore to drink less. He swore that each morning he awoke with a hangover. In fact, he, his wife Theodora and his sister in law, Hermione, were boozers. They drank from the early evening to late at night. Last night was no different.

His eyes were sticky with sleep, blurring his vision. He rubbed them trying to clear his vision. On one side his wife was sleeping on her stomach. Her face was turned away with her dishwater blonde hair hung dankly about it. She was naked. Her legs were spread with one knee slightly bent. Between them, her unruly greying pubic thatch covered her meaty pussy. It was surrounded by her plump jiggly thighs.

He was momentarily confused when he looked to the other side of the bed. His sister in law, Hermione was asleep on her back with one arm covering her eyes. Her large breasts flopped to either side of her chest. Her nipples were like wrinkled pink raisins. A spider web of wrinkles covered her pronounced belly pooch. A matted thatch of greying black pubic hair sprouted between thighs that were noticeably thinner than her sister’s.

“What the fuck?

How had he ended up in bed between his wife and her sister? What had they done? He struggled to recall the previous night.


Yesterday was another blistering hot day, typical of the Mississippi Delta in August. The heat lay on the land like a steaming hot towel from a Turkish bath. The ground shimmered as waves of heat rose from it.

The evening started like most evenings. On his way home from work, he picked up a 24 pack of beer and a fifth of Christian Brothers brandy. One of the guys at work had given him a joint. Unbeknownst to Joel, the reefer was laced with molly.

When he arrived home, his wife was sitting on the screened porch in a lawn chair. She wore one of his old Carharrt shirts, some cloth slippers and nothing else. He saw between her legs as he climbed the stairs.

Hermione sat next to her. She recently separated from her husband. She and her two kids were staying with them until she got back on her feet. She wore a shapeless print button up the front housedress. The way her breasts sagged meant she was not wearing a bra.

“Is that for me?” Joel nodded at his wife’s open legs.

“Baby, it’s too hot to fuck! Give me one of those beers.”

“Me too,” her younger sister Hermione chimed in, reaching for a beer.

“Give me a beaver shot like your sister and no problem!”

“Joel Vincent! Give me a gawd damn beer!”

Joel chuckled as he handed each of them a cold one.

The sisters were big girls, what Southerners called big boned. At 5′ 6″, 200 pounds, Hermione was a smaller version by one inch and twenty pounds of her older sister.

Joel saw her in panties and bra more times than he could remember. Three adults and two pre-teens living in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house made for a forced familiarity. He even saw her naked a few times, her big jugs swinging, as she sprinted from the bathroom to the room where she and the kids slept.

“I’ll get glasses for the brandy.” Joel glanced at his sister in law’s fat thighs as he passed her on his way into the kitchen. She was the more sensual of the sisters. He suspected that given the opportunity they could do the horizontal mambo.

It was, however, nothing more than fantasy. Theo warned him that if anything happened between him and her sister, what Lorena Bobbitt did to John Wayne Bobbitt would merely be a preliminary.

He retrieved three plastic glasses from the kitchen cupboard, filled them with ice and brandy. Despite Theo’s threat, he and Hermione occasionally play grab ass. It was nothing serious and usually happened after one of their drinking sessions.

He offered them to his wife and her sister. They accepted the drunks gratefully, washing the brandy down with big gulps of cold beer.

They smiled appreciatively when he produced and fired up the joint. They passed the joint around toking between gulps of beer and brandy. The potent combination of beer, brandy, and the molly laced reefer gave them intense high characterized by giddiness and euphoria.

Joel grasped his wife’s thigh. It felt warm and moist. She giggled and made a half-hearted attempt to slap it away. She covered his hand with hers.

“I told you it’s too hot to fuck!”

“Baby, it ain’t never too hot for that.”

His hand pushed the shirt up exposing her pussy as he stroked up and down her thigh. She squeezed his thigh. Her legs opened.

“Would you two stop that shit? I ain’t had no dick since I left güvenilir bahis my husband. Watching ya’ll play footsie just makes me realize what I been missing.”

Hermione unabashedly watched them. She felt out of body. Her world was in soft focus. She flapped the hem of her dress trying to cool off. Her sensitive fingertips traced the threads in her dress.

“Girl, your husband got the kids for the weekend. Go find you some dick!”

Saying the word made Theo’s mouth watered. She loved sucking Joel’s big thick cock. She fumbled with his fly, found the zipper and pulled it down.

“Theo, you make it sound like all I got to do is walk out there and raise my dress. That ain’t me!”

Hermione watched wide-eyed as her sister pulled Joel’s cock through his fly. Her tongue moistened her lips. Like a lot of sisters, they talked about their husband’s sexual prowess. Theo had not lied about Joel’s cock. It was a thoroughbred!

She imagined how that monster would feel in her mouth. In her altered state, she puckered her lips, pantomiming sucking a cock. The porch spun slowly. She closed her eyes to stop the spinning and lay back on the lounger. Her hands moved languidly up and down her inner thigh. She groaned when her finger slid across her swollen cunt lips.

Theo drained her beer. She pointed at the carton for Joel to give her another. Her hand pumped idly on his hardening tool. She turned on her side, resting her head on her hand. Her sister looked delicious with her dress up and her fingers playing with her pussy.

“Hermione, with all that ass and them big ass jugs, that’s all you go to do. Maybe smile a little!” Joel smiled wickedly watching Hermione finger her pussy. Her labia gleamed with wetness. He recalled the times he saw her naked going from the shower to her bedroom. Her tits weren’t as lovely as Theo’s. Her ass was just as jiggly.

“You worse than your sister! I just can’t go out there and fuck anybody.”

Her thighs were moist with perspiration. Her matted pubic hair gleamed with wetness. Joel watched as she stretched a thin strand of juice from her index finger to her pussy.

“Baby, get me another beer.”

Joel struggled to sit up on the lounger. His cock bobbed in the air.

Hermione giggled. “If you can’t stand on your own, maybe I should grab your dick and pull you up!”

Theodora wagged a precum moistened finger at her sister. “Don’t you dare! I don’t share!” The sun glinting off Joel’s precum on her fingers caught her attention. She held her fingers up, turning them slowly fascinated by the sunlight gleaming on his precum. Slowly, languidly, she sucked each finger clean.

Joel grabbed three beers from the case. As he retrieved the beers, he glanced over at his sister in law. Her dress was high on her luscious thighs. She smiled at him when she caught him looking. She spread her legs wider.

He handed one to Theo and raised an eyebrow at Hermione. She nodded and took the proffered beer. She popped the top and took a long swing. Her sweat moistened dress pulled tight across her bosom. Her hard nipples poked up like two diamond tips.

“Baby, would you get more of that brandy too.” Theo held her glass up jiggling it. The melting ice hitting the sides of the glass sounded like kettle drums.

Joel was disoriented. The evening sun seemed to edge everything in reds and ambers. It was unbelievably beautiful.

His cock protruding from his pants seemed out of place. He took Theo’s glass and cocked an eye at Hermione. Her eyes were fixed on his bobbing cock. When he reached for her glass, she leaned in and kissed the head of his cock.

“Naughty! Naughty!” Theo giggled and wagged a finger at her sister.

Hermione covered her mouth with her hand and tittered. It all seemed so silly and so fun! Joel’s pre-cum tasted like ambrosia!

Joel squatted as he sat the three glasses of brandy on the serving table between the lounge chairs. Theo lay in her lounger, her eyes closed, her fingers caressing her Mons. Hermione’s legs were spread and bent at the knee. Her cupped hand massaged her pussy. She watched Joel sloe-eyed smiling as he sat the glasses down. When he stared between her legs, she smiled and blew him a kiss. He’s so cute, she thought.

Joel looked from his apparently dozing wife to his wantonly masturbating sister in law. He sidled over, lay on her lounger between her legs and kissed her pussy.

“My ex-husband never did that,” she giggled. She groaned as Joel’s tongue slipped into her cleft.

“Really?” Theo rose on one elbow. She watched with detachment as her husband French kissed her sister’s pussy. She loved them both so much! She was glad she could help her sister. She was also happy her husband accepted her. “Joel does it to me all of the time! Right, baby?”

He sat back on the wooden porch, balancing himself with his hands behind him. His mouth gleamed with his saliva and Hermione’s pussy juices. He nodded his head. For a moment he thought his head was going to pop off and roll across the türkçe bahis porch.

“Come here you!” Theo beckoned for her husband. He crawled to her on all fours. She lay back and pointed at her pussy. “Show her!”

Joel lay across the foot of Theo’s lounger between her spread legs. He inhaled filling his nostrils with her aromatic scent. He leaned forward and rubbed his nose through her slit bumping her clit on the upstroke.

“Stop teasing me,” Theo giggled.

“You know how much I love your aroma when you’re aroused!”

“How does she smell,” Hermie asked?

“It’s hard to describe. Come smell for yourself!”

Hermie tried to stand. Her legs wouldn’t support her. She dropped to her knees. When she tried to crawl, her knees got caught in her dress. With fingers that felt like unresponsive sausages, she fumbled the buttons open. She shrugged off the dress and crawled naked to where Joel lay between Theodora’s legs.

“Now that’s an idea!” Theo sat up on the lounger. She unbuttoned and took off the shirt. Her humongous breasts hung on her chest gleaming with sweat. Her nipples were hard and full.

“Move over so I can smell her!” Hermie pushed Joel off the lounger. He landed on the wooden porch floor with a thud. He sat up and watched as Hermione took his place between her sister’s legs.

“Hey! You don’t have to be so pushy!” Joel raised his hand above his head and brought it down hard on her ass. The meaty sound echoed across the screen porch.

“Ouch!” She fell forward, face down, rubbing her ass with both hands.

“Serves you right for being so pushy!” Theo was having trouble focusing her eyes. The brilliant interplay of light and shadow as the sun set captivated her. She was only dimly aware of her sister, scooting forward to smell her pussy.

She really loved her sister. They were close all of there lives. Theo watched as her sister sniffed at her pussy. She grinned at Joel when he walked on his knees and got behind Hermie.

“Sure you’re right!” Joel smacked Hermione’s ass twice in quick succession. The porch spun. He grasped her ass to keep from falling over.

“Mmmm! My husband spanks me like that when we fuck! I love it!” The sting in Hermie’s ass was accentuated by the combination of the alcohol and the molly laced reefer. She rotated her ass, relishing the pain/pleasure.

“Do you need help finding her pussy,” Theo giggled, watching her husband trying to push his cock into her sister’s pussy. She groaned and fell back on the lounger when Hermione kissed her cunt.

“Fuck, you’re tight!” Joel watched his cock slide into his sister in law’s pussy. Her pussy lips pulled in as he sank his length in her hole. He was fascinated at how they spread open when he pulled back.

“Sweet Jesus! You gonna split me in half!” For the second time in her 39 years, Hermie felt pain as Joel pumped slowly in and out of her pussy. The first time was when she lost her virginity in the truck bed of some guy’s pickup truck.

“Stop complaining and keep licking!” Theodora simultaneously scooted forward on the lounger and pulled her sister’s head tighter to her pussy. Her thick hips pumped slowly as Hermione ate her out.

“Baby, She much tighter than you!” Joel leaned across Hermione’s back. He and his wife kissed over Hermione’s back as he thrust into Hermie’s pussy.

“Ya’ll stop talking! Joel’s stops fucking me when ya’ll kiss and talk! Joel! Smack my ass again! Keep slapping it until your hands hurt so bad you can’t stand it!”

Theo pressed her sister’s face into her cunt. Her hips pumped hard. She was cumming. The feeling started in her hole and radiated through h.her body. It was so intense she couldn’t breathe. She thought she was going to die; the feeling was so intense. Her mouth gaped open. Saliva ran from the corners of her mouth. She gasped and caught her breath.

“Fuck! FFFUUUUCCCKKK! You bitch! You pussy eating bitch! I’m cumming! I’m CCUUUMMMIINNGGG!”

“OH Jesus! SWEET JESUS! You’re going to drown me! Harder! Fuck me harder, Joel! Knock the bottom out of my pussy!”

“OH FUCK! Oh, gawddammit! I’m cumming! Oh shit!”

Joel’s back undulated as he pumped his seed into his sister in law’s birth canal. It was the most intense feeling he ever felt. He collapsed on her back. Pushing her to her belly.

Theodora fell back on the lounger. She gasped for air as she came down. Her hand rested on her little sister’s sweaty head.

Joel pushed up and rolled to the floor. The cool wood felt good on his back. His breath came in harsh wheezes. He was surprised to see he was still hard.

“Bitch! You fucked my husband!” Her voice was halting, punctuated by deep breaths.

“And it was some good dick too!” Hermione raised up. She grinned at her sister over her belly pooch. “My ass and pink cookie so sore, I probably won’t be able to sit right for a week!”

“Come on, Joel! Fuck me now!”

“You sluts will wear a man out!” He sat up. “And you, Hermie! Has your pussy got teeth? It felt like that motherfucker güvenilir bahis siteleri was biting down on my cock!”

“My husband says I’m close built! No matter how much he fucked me, I never got loose! WHEW! I need to go lay down!” When she stood, Joel’s load ran from her pussy and down her thighs.

“Slut, you owe me! I ain’t never shared Joel’s dick!” Theo eyed Hermione standing wide leg with Joel and her juices streaming from her pussy. “Come here!”

“Why I got to be all of those names?” Hermie moved closer to her sister. She gulped when her sister wrapped her arms around her ass and pulled her to her.

“I wish the fuck I knew how good this tasted! We’d have been doing this a lot!” Theo’s mouth covered her sister’s honey hole. She sucked the combined juices of Joel and Hermie’s cum from Hermie’s box.

Joel struggled to his feet. He watched Hermione hold Theo’s head as Theo ate her pussy. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. He squeezed her tit as he walked into the house.

He was exhausted. The beer, brandy, reefer, and Molly had driven him to new heights of physical exertion. He was coming down and beginning to feel the after effects. He dozed off.

He awoke to Hermie on one side and Theo on the other. They were taking turns sucking his cock. They would lick either side then kiss when they met at his cockhead.

“He’s woke, Theo!”

“Told you! A good blowjob will wake a man up. Two women sucking his cock will wake him from the dead!”

“What do ya’ll want?”

“You fucked Hermie and not me,” Theo said.

“And I want some more of your dick!” Hermie ran her tongue through the dripping slit of Joel’s cock.

“I ain’t no one and done type of dude! But three nuts in one night might be stretching it!”

“I saw porno once that might work!” Theo grinned at the questioning look on her husband and sister’s face.

“Lay on your belly, Hermie! I’ll lay on top of you. And Joel, you fuck us both, moving from one pussy to the other!”

“You a kinky bitch,” Hermie grinned, laying on her belly.

“When did you see a porn film like that?” Joel eyed his wife suspiciously.

“Never mind,” Theo said coyly. “Do you think you can handle two pussies? She crawled on top of her sister.

“You whores gonna be the death of me!” He looked at the two sisters. Hermie’s butt was raised slightly from the mattress. Theo was on all fours over her. He walked on his knees. He slipped his cock in Theo’s creaming hole.

“FUCK YEA! That’s right! Fuck me!”

Joel stroked hard several times into his wife’s pink cookie. It convulsed around his shaft. He pulled out, scooted down and plunged into Hermione’s box.

“Gawd yes!” She groaned pumping her ass back to meet his dick.

“This shit ain’t half bad!” Joel marveled at how different the sisters’ pussies felt. Hermione’s was tighter than Theo, but Theo’s spasmed more.

“Don’t forget about me, motherfucker!” Theo wrapped one arm around her sister’s chest. She pulled hard on Hermie’s nipple. “YES!!” She screamed when he entered her.

“Harder, Theo! Pull my nipple harder! Make me feel some pain!” She was coming down. Hermie was more aware of what was happening.

“Move your ass!” Joel slapped his wife’s ass! The feeling of moving from one pussy to the other was incredible. He wondered if Theo only saw a porn video of this position.

“How much control you got, Joel? Can you cum in both of us?” Theo felt her husband swelling in her. She knew he was close.

“Watch me,” Joel said through clenched teeth. He pumped hard, feeing the first ropes of his jizz fire into his wife’s pussy. He pulled out and jammed his spurting tool into Hermie’s hole.

“OH FUCK YEA!” The sisters screamed in unison as Joel went from one pussy to the other sharing his seed as he came. He rolled onto his back, exhausted and spent.

“You okay, baby?” Theodora lay down next to her sister. Her chest heaved as she gulped air. Her hand caressed Hermie’s ass.

“More okay than I have been in years! That was fucking amazing!” Her head lay on her folded arms. She smiled at her sister.

“Whatcha smiling about?”

“Thank you, Big Sister! I needed that!” Hermie leaned over and kissed her sister on the mouth.

“Hey! We ain’t going to turn into a couple of dykes! I don’t know what happened tonight. But we ain’t going to be doing this on no regular basis!” She pulled Hermie on top of her as they kissed. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

“The night ain’t over yet! I want to see how your box tastes full of cum!” Hermie turned head to toe with Theo. She buried her face between her thighs.

“FUCK BABY FUCK! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” Theo pushed Hermie’s legs apart. She buried her face in her fragrant cum filled cunt.

“You ask too many questions! Eat my pussy and shut up!”


Theo woke up. Her head felt like it expanding and contracting. Her mouth felt like it was full of cotton. There was another taste she was not sure of.

“Get over, Joel! It’s too fucking hot to be this close!”

“I can’t! Hermie is over here!”

“Hermie!” Theodora popped up in bed and instantly regretted it. She grabbed her head. Her tits swung on her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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