The Niece Ch. 02

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I slept through the night. I guess the sun shining through the window shades is what woke me. I looked over at the form sleeping beside me and for just a moment, a twinge of guilt passed through me. As that passed, the emotion was just love and happiness. It was nice waking up to a young, warm, sexy woman in my bed. That hadn’t happened in years. I relived what had transpired the night before in my mind as I looked down on the sleeping form of my niece.

We had been living together for a while and had become quite comfortable with each other. We were talking and sipping some wine when the asked me about an evening that had happened at a club a few months earlier. I had had a few drinks and had dragged her out on the dance floor. As we danced, I kept checking her out and imagining what it would be like to be the lucky guy that was bedding her. I knew it was wrong, she’s my niece, but she’s super attractive to me and I just couldn’t help myself. I was pretty sure I got caught but wasn’t sure of it. Until last night.

She caught me totally off guard when she asked me if I was indeed checking her out that night. I stammered to answer and she floored me by telling me she thought I had been and it really turned her on. I explained my side and told her she was super sexy, turned me on and I couldn’t help myself, but she was my niece and the age difference and all that. She stopped me and floored me when she said she had had the hots for me for a long time and that the age difference and our being related didn’t mean all that much to her! That she even masturbated to the thoughts of us being together!

Well, one thing led to another and we wound up kissing and then going into the bedroom and making love for quite a while and then we fell asleep. As I looked down on her I just couldn’t believe my luck, if you can call it that. My niece and I were now lovers! I had fantasized about making love to her for months but never wanted to act on my fantasies for all the logical reasons. Age difference, societal norms and the fact she was my niece. But, after talking with her last night and both of us revealing our thoughts, we decided that that really didn’t matter and finally took the plunge. So, here we lay.

With one final look at her as she lay sleeping, I slowly got out of bed trying hard not to wake her. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and get ready for a new day and decided to take a shower. I turned the water on and climbed in letting the hot water wash away all my cares and worries, along with the remnants of our combined excretions from last night. All of a sudden, I heard the toilet flush and for a second the hot water turned scalding and I backed against the shower wall. “Shit!” I screamed. The shower curtain slid sideways and there stood Cary, naked as a baby with a smile from ear to ear on her face.

Giggling at me, she stepped into the shower. “Sorry about that. Mind if I join you?” She stepped in, pulled the curtain closed, faced me and tilted her head back letting the water splash down on her head. She lifted her arms to run her fingers through her hair to get it all wet which caused her breasts to be forced out towards me. Her eyes were closed. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned foreward and sucked a nipple into my mouth and bit down lightly on it. “Ahhh!” she squealed and stepped back laughing. “Stop that, you dirty old man! Taking advantage of a young woman while she washes her hair!” she smiled.

“Well, you started it! I responded. “How could I resist such a beautiful breast being presented to me in such a sexy manner! It looked like it was just begging for attention and I just couldn’t resist!” We kissed for a moment and then took turns washing each other. We spent a little more time than what is usual to take our showers making sure to wash every square centimeter of each other spending a little more time cleaning each other’s sensitive areas. When we were done, we were both more than a little aroused. I got out first and dried off. When she came out I wrapped her in a big towel and hugged her, kissing her gently. “Thank you, Cary for last night. It was more than I had fantasized about. You rocked this old man’s world!”

She looked up at me and with a smile on her face said; “Well, you were pretty good yourself, for an old man. I haven’t cum that hard or that often in a long time. I guess we both had our fantasies fulfilled.” We each leaned in and began a slow, sensuous kiss. I reached up and held her face and she draped her hands over my shoulders causing the towel to drop to the floor. “Well, now what do you want to do today?” she asked me.

I dropped my hands to her sides and pulled her close, trapping my cock, which had become hard, between us. “I have an idea.” I told her. “Why don’t we grab a quick bite to eat, of food, and then continue where we left off last night?”

She smiled up at me and turned her body from side to side, rubbing her groin against me, causing a very nice friction to be felt across my hard cock. “Are you sure you want to get something güvenilir bahis to eat first?” she, coyly asked with an impish smile.

“Look.” I said. “It’s a hard choice at this moment, pun intended! But I am and old man and need my energy to keep up with a young thing like you. But trust me, you’ll be grateful I had the energy to do what I’m thinking about when we’re done. “I smiled at her and watched here eyebrows raise with a look of interest and wonder. As I grabbed her hand and waked towards the kitchen, she had a pouty look of disappointment on her face. I hoped to wipe that away with what I was thinking about.

We sat naked across from each other eating our breakfast. We weren’t saying much. I was lost in my thoughts of what I might like to try with her in the bedroom. She had that impish look on her face that I find so sexy. Then I felt her foot travel up my leg and work its way higher. She rubbed me slowly across my thigh, pulling her foot higher with her toes. Caught me with my cereal spoon halfway to my mouth! Then I saw her slide a little lower in her chair, smiling coyly at me and felt her other foot travel up my other leg. Being half hard with the thoughts of what I had planned with her, by the time I felt her feet join at the apex of my legs, I was rock hard. She gently fondled my erection with her feet. Smiling at me she said; “Done eating yet?”

I dropped my spoon into my cereal bowl, slid my chair back abruptly and stood up. Her feet suddenly dropped to the floor. “Oh!” she squealed, laughing. I quickly walked around the table and took her hand pulling her to her feet and virtually dragged her to the bedroom as she chuckled the whole way. Spinning her around I pretty much threw her down on the bed and she laughed. Here laughter caused me to become enraged, in a loving way, and I climbed on the bed with here. As she scooted up towards the headboard, laughing, I crawled up with her smiling back at her.

“So, you think this is funny, do you?” I said in mock rage. “Well, we’ll see how funny you think this is when I’m done with you. You won’t be able to walk!” I told her. She reached back and grabbed the headboard with her hands, thrusting her breasts out at me. I could already see her nipples were as hard as rocks and stood out stiffly from her areola. Her legs were splayed open and her pussy lips were slightly open and had a sheen to them. As I crawled up between her open thighs my hard cock swayed from side to side. I dropped down onto her and felt her legs get wider and took a breast into my mouth. I sucked on it for a second and then bit down fairly hard on her nipple. She squealed at the sudden shock of pain.

When I looked up at her, her expression had changed from impish glee to wanton lust. I bit down on her other breast and pushed her legs back with my hands. Reaching up I kissed her and forcefully stabbed my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues dueled and I began to slide my hard cock through the lips of her dripping sex. As I did this I could feel it being coated with her secretions and I could also feel the crown slide hard against her little clit. I sat back a bit, still rubbing my cock through her gash. “Pull your legs back and hold them open for me!” I commanded. She immediately grabbed her legs behind her knees and spread herself open for me. She was almost doubled over, bent in half. I pushed myself lower, my hands covering hers and looked down at her openness.

In this position I could see that her vulva was soaked, her lips splayed open and below that was the rosy ring of her asshole. I was filled with lust for this beautiful creature. She had obeyed my every command to this point and I began to wonder just how much she would obey me in the future. “Wider!” I hissed. “Pull your legs wider! I want to see deep into that pussy of yours!” I could see her pull back harder and her legs were stretched out as wide as she was able. I kept sliding my cock across the lips of her sex, pushing it hard against her. It was almost dripping with her wetness.

Gasping for breath, she moaned to me; “Don! Don’t tease me. Please fuck meeeeeee!” she screamed as I rammed my cock into her. I was halfway in and pulled out. On the second stroke I bottomed out deep inside her womb. I stayed there for just a moment to allow her to become accustomed to the intrusion and then began to fuck her for all I was worth. I’d pull almost all the way out and then slam back into her, hard! She would gasp as my cock filled her cunt and almost whimper when I pulled out. I continued like this for about fifteen strokes and then pulled all the way out. She immediately got a pouty look on her face. Her pussy literally gaping open.

I pushed down on my hard cock and kept it lined up with the gaping hole and rammed it back in, only to pull it completely back out again and again. Then I began to fuck her hard again, going deep and changing the angle of penetration and pulling out until the tip was the only part connecting us. She began to moan. “Yes! Yes! Fuck my little pussy Don! Fuck me!”

I smacked türkçe bahis her ass hard and she squealed. “Who owns this tight little pussy you little slut! Who owns it?” I smacked her ass again, hard.

“Arrgggh! You do, Don. It’s your pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m going to cum! Cummminnnngggg!” I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and was flooded with her cum. With her orgasm taking hold, she lost the grip on her legs and they fell to our sides. I grabbed them, lifted them back up and kept pummeling her pussy, pounding her into the mattress. She came a second time just as I felt my balls tighten. As she screamed out in her second orgasm I began to shoot ropes of cum deep into her womb. I stopped fucking and pushed deep into her with my head thrown back in ecstasy as my balls contracted again and again.

“Oh, shit! I’m cumming too!” I moaned. “Fuck! So good! So good.” When my last contraction sent the small dribble of cum into her I collapsed on top of her, dropping her legs. I lay there with my head near her breasts gasping for air. She was breathing as hard as I was, her orgasms seemingly taking her breath away. “Damn, girl. When I came that time I thought my heart had stopped beating! It felt like my whole insides were being pumped into you.” I panted to her. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard!” She just lay there still trying to catch her breath. As her breathing slowed a bit she smiled up at me. I could feel my cock shrinking and begin to slide out of her well used pussy. I sat up and looked down at where we were just joined. Her vulva was a deep red, the lips of her sex gaping open where my cock had just been and a whitish mixture of her cum and mine began to slowly ooze out of her. “Don’t move a muscle. I’ll be right back!” I told her.

I quickly hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom and was wetting a facecloth to help clean her up. On my way back to the bedroom I saw my camera sitting on the end table and picked it up. When I got back into the bedroom I saw that Cary had obeyed me and hadn’t moved. “Cary, reach up and grab the headboard like when we started.” I told her. She obeyed immediately grabbing the headboard just above her head, her eyes still closed.

She looked so damned sexy laying there. Her arms above her head, pushing her breasts out, her legs splayed wide and her pussy open and oozing cum. I just had to take a picture! I snapped a couple of pictures and she opened her eyes in shock. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed. She immediately puller her arms down and covered her breasts and snapped her legs together in shocked embarrassment.

“I’m taking pictures of the sexiest woman I know.” I told her. “You are so beautiful and you looked so sexy laying there like that. You looked so relaxed, so at peace. Your legs spread wide apart, your arms pushing your teats out and cum dripping from your pussy. I wanted to take some pictures of you to remember this special moment in our lives. You looked like a woman who had just been well fucked!” Putting my camera down, I took the warm washcloth and pushed her legs apart and began to gently wipe her vulva to clean up the mess our fucking had made. While cleaning her up I started to kiss the inside of her thighs, working my way towards her sex.

She relaxed a little, dropping her arms to her sides. “Well, I was! But, you should have let me know first! What if someone sees the pictures?”

“Nobody except us will ever see these pictures, I promise.” I told her lifting my head to look at her. “They are going into a special album only you and I will have access to. Besides, you might as well get used to me taking pictures of you. I plan on doing it a lot when we are together and maybe some video’s too!” I kissed a little higher on her thigh, mere inches from her pussy. “Now open up! I’m hungry and this little pussy of yours is on the menu!” With that I threw the washcloth on the floor and dove right in spearing my tongue as deep into her folds as nature would allow.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed as she clamped her legs together trapping my head. With my lips sealed against hers I began to lap at the wetness that had been trapped inside her. I could taste myself mixed with her essence and it really turned me on. I could feel my cock begin to harden again.

After the initial shock of my attack on her pussy, she started to moan and her legs loosened their grip while her hands still held me in place. “Oh, fuck Don. Go easy on me! I’m a little tender down there.” She begged. I eased up some on her and pushed up on her legs again, raising her hips and giving me total access to her. I began to lick all around her clit, which at this point was sticking out slightly from her folds. I sucked on it for a moment and then started to lick down on her lips and deep inside. I wiggled my tongue in her and she grabbed her legs to hold herself open for me, all the while she was starting to breath a little deeper and moan a bit.

With my hands freed up because she was holding her own legs now, I spread her lips and gently continued güvenilir bahis siteleri my onslaught licking her from the bottom of her opening and up across her hard-little clit. Each time I started at the bottom I was going lower until I felt the tight ring of her anus. “Mmmmmm. Ohhh! You sexy man you! That feels so damn good. Eat that ass. I love the feel of your tongue on my ass. It’s so hot, so nasty!”

I started to concentrate on her puckered little ring. I kept swirling my tongue around her opening and then zeroing in on it, pushing gently each time. My hands began to rub across her clit, strumming it as my tongue pushed against her. I felt her anal muscles relax and my tongue entered her secret passage. It had a musty smell and taste, not dirty because we had just come from the shower, but different. I started to stab at her anal opening, pushing in and out each time getting a little deeper as she relaxed more. I felt my fingers getting wet as she became more and more turned on, her pussy beginning to flood.

“Give me a pillow.” I told her. She did and raised her hips as I folded it and put it under her. With her hips as a comfortable angle and her hands free I told her; “Play with your teats!” She began to squeeze them and pull on her nipples as I bent down and continued my anal onslaught. I used my thumb and speared her pussy as my fingers kept rubbing across her clit. My tongue kept stabbing into her ass. She started to moan more and more. When I felt the time was right I began to leave a little spit around her anal area which began to mix with the fluid leaking from her pussy.

I started to lick just above her anal ring and kept depositing more and more spit. I started to rub around her sphincter with my other hand and pressed in. She was so relaxed my finger slipped in to the first knuckle. “Oh, Don. That feels sooo good.” She moaned. I began to spit more and more on her open ass and was pushing my finger in and out until she was fairly loose. I put another finger in and kept up my attack. I could feel her muscle loosen up more as I slid in and out of her until I finally added a third finger. Although I couldn’t go as deep with three fingers in her, I felt she was relaxed enough for what I now had in mind. Her head was tilted back and she was constantly moaning now. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” Each time my fingers were pushing in.

I licked up over her clit and slid up her body and kissed her on the lips. “Cary, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you in your sexy ass. I promise I’ll go slow, take my time. If I start to hurt you I’ll stop. I promise. Will you let me? Will you grant me the ability to fulfill another of my fantasies?” I whispered to her.

“Oh Don. I don’t know. It feels so good, what you’re doing to my ass, but I’ve never had that done before and I’m nervous. You’re so big!”

“Relax baby. You know I’d never intentionally hurt you. I think you’ll like it once we get started. I’ve watched this sexy ass wiggle from side to side as you walk for a long time and have fantasized about it forever.” I told her. When I slid up to talk to her I took my fingers from her ass and started to slide my cock back and forth across her lips. Each pass coated my shaft with more of her natural lubrication.

Cary looked at my face with a dreamy expression, searching to see if I were telling her the truth. I was. Her expression changed. She bit her lower lip and then said; “O-kay Don. I’ll try it if you promise to stop if I tell you to.”

I could tell she was nervous as I lovingly smiled down on her. Leaning in I kissed her deeply while pressing my cock harder between her folds. Reaching over to the nightstand, I opened the drawer and took out the lubrication I kept there. She looked over and saw it and asked; “What’s that?”

“It’s lubrication. It’ll help me slide my cock into you with less difficulty and less pain for you. I use it when I masturbate thinking about you.” I opened the top and poured a some on my finger then spread it around her sphincter. She tensed a bit, probably due to the coldness of it. I added more and pushed it into her rectum, sliding my finger in and out. Then I put a large amount on my cock and spread it around before adding an additional drop on the tip of my mushroomed head. I was shaking with excitement. She shivered a bit in what I knew was fear.

“Relax Baby.” I told her. I kissed her again. “You’re going to like this. Now I want you to grab your legs behind the knees and pull them up.” I rubbed her sphincter with my thumb to spread the lubricant evenly over the area. She did. Looking down I lined myself up with her puckered ring and placed the tip against her opening. “That’s right baby. Just like that. Now try and relax a bit. You’re going to feel some pressure. Don’t fight it. Think of how good it’s going to feel. Maybe push back a bit as I add more pressure.”

I grabbed my cock to hold it in position and began to push against that puckered ring. I could see her open up slightly and when I was just about to go past the crown I looked up at her. She was staring at me with a look of concentration and fear. “Relax Sweetheart. I’m almost in.” I told her, smiling at her. With a gentle shifting of my hips my cockhead penetrated her anal ring. She was so tight it almost hurt!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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