The Pool

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My wife Mary and I live in a normal middle class house and lead a normal middle class life with a few hidden twists. We are swingers and enjoy the life style. This story is not as much about that as it is my wife’s sister Cindy. We are 47 years old and Cindy is 42. She just got divorced about a year ago and has just focused on her kids and getting her life back together. Mary and I have a pool in our yard and Cindy likes to come over and use it during the day to relax and unwind while we are at work.

One day I came home from work before lunch since I had my meetings cancelled and there was not much to do. I noticed Cindy’s car in the drive so I parked on the street and went inside. I went in the kitchen to get something to drink and looked out through the window. I could not see Cindy since she was not in the pool so I walked out to see if she wanted something to drink or a bite to eat. When I went out she was in one of the lounge chairs sun bathing topless. I told her sorry I did not mean to interrupt her but just wanted to see if she needed anything.

She said it was alright and a cold drink would be nice. I went in to get her some tea and when I returned she was still topless.

Cindy is mildly attractive with a few extra pounds and nice breasts with large nipples. I brought her over her drink and handed it to her.

She asked me to sit down and give her some company for a while. We started talking and she asked me about the lifestyle and what I thought of it. I never realized Mary had told her about us.

I told how I enjoyed the socializing and flirting with the other couple and watching Mary suck on another man’s cock then hearing him moan as he explodes. I enjoy giving the female oral pleasure and the great sex Mary and I have afterwards. I noticed Cindy moving around a little as I explained the different things we had done but really did not give it any thought.

She asked me if I would rub some lotion on her because she did not want to get burnt and I said sure. I grabbed the lotion squirted it in my hand and rubbed it together to warm it up first then started rubbing her legs. She had nice legs and I was starting to enjoy ataşehir escort bayan it. I worked my way up to her swim suit bottoms and then back down. She opened her legs some more so I could get the insides too and I noticed her breathing started to quicken slightly. As I finished her legs I put the bottle down and started to wipe off my hands.

Cindy stopped me and asked if I was going to just let her top half burn. I said no and grabbed the lotion again.

This time I squirted it on her belly and she jumped and her nipples got very hard. I started rubbing her stomach and worked my way to just under her tits then back down. Her nipples were getting harder and harder. I finally reached up and started to work the lotion into her tits and pinch her nipples. She let out a loud moan and reached her hand down inside her bottoms. I massaged her left tit as I leaned over and took her right nipple in my mouth. She started rubbing faster as I licked and sucked her tit and nipple.

Cindy then reached over and started rubbing my hardening cock through my pants. I stood up and started undoing my pants and let them fall to the deck. I moved over closer to her chair and reached my hand into her bottoms pushing hers aside. At first Cindy seemed surprised and unsure of what was going on, and then she started to rub and pull on her hardening nipples. I took my free hand and pulled my hard cock out and put it towards her mouth. Cindy just sat there and stared at my dick trying to figure if she really wanted to do this. I plunged two fingers into her wet pussy and started finger fucking her hard and fast. She started moaning and opened her legs wider.

I told her to pull her bottoms off and she did. I grabbed her head and started shoving my dick in her mouth. The faster and harder I fucked her with my fingers the harder she sucked my dick. I felt her start to tense up and let out a big moan around my hard cock. She started to cum hard and soaked my fingers. I could not take it any longer I had to taste that pussy. I moved down between her legs and put them on my shoulders then stuck my tongue deep inside her wet hole. She tasted so good. escort kadıöy She let out a loud cry and grabbed my head and started moving her hips up and down fucking my tongue and face. I sucked her clit in my mouth and nibbled on it as she yelled at me to eat her pussy.

As I sucked and licked her clit I shoved two fingers back in her and started to really fuck her hard with them. She moved her hips to match the rhythm of my fingers and told me to fuck her pussy harder. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started lightly biting it and she screamed with pleasure and pain. I then inserted a third finger in her tight pussy, since it was so wet it slide right in. Finally she came hard again and her whole body started shaking and her pussy tightened around my fingers. She told me to bring my dick up there she needed to suck on it now. I told her she needed to beg me like the cum slut she was. She kept trying to pull me up there and I told her to beg. She started asking to please put my hard dick in her cum slut mouth as she started to finger her pussy. I went to her mouth and grabbed her head and shoved my dick down her throat. She started to gag then swallowed my dick right down. She had a great mouth for fucking and swirled her tongue around my dick. I started fucking her mouth faster as she started to finger her pussy hard and fast. I could feel my load start to build and she knew it. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep in her throat.

Her warm mouth and swirling tongue sent me over the top and I moaned as I emptied my load down her throat. She swallowed every drop and sucked hard for more. My legs felt weak and I fell back on the lounge chair. She was not done though. She got off her chair and on her knees grabbing my softening dick.

She told me she needed a hard dick in her pussy and I was going to give it to her. She started sliding her tongue up and down my cock and licking around the head then sliding it in her mouth.

At 47 I did not think I had the bounce back power I once did but she was going to show me different. She sucked and jerked on my dick and told me she needed it in her wet pussy now and she was going to ride maltepe escort me hard and fast.

My cock started to respond to her actions and talk and before long was hard again. She jumped up and straddled my legs and lowered her wet pussy on my hardening shaft. Her pussy felt so good as it milked my cock. She started moving slowly at first then picked up the pace. She was riding my dick hard as she said she would while she pinched and pulled on her nipples. She told me to fuck her pussy harder and harder. I was pushing up in her as she pushed down driving my shaft as far as it would go. She told me to fill her pussy up with my hot cum, she wanted it and needed it. I was giving her everything I had then decided to change things up.

I pushed her off of me and told her to get on her knees in the chair. She had her hot ass in the air as I stood behind her. I started pushing my cock in her wet cunt and she pushed back. I sunk all the way in and started fucking her as hard as I could. I smacked her ass and called her a cum slut. She started to moan and fuck me back harder. I smacked her ass again and asked her what she wanted. “I want your cum inside my pussy now” she growled. “Why” I asked. Because I am a cum slut she said. I fucked her harder wanting to fill that pussy with my cum.

“You would like a dick to suck on right now wouldn’t you cum slut?” I said. She shook her head no and I smacked her ass hard. Don’t lie you want one don’t you? She shook her head no again and I smacked her ass again. You know you do don’t you?

Yes, she moaned. I want one in my mouth while you pound my pussy so I can suck on it and lick it. I want to jerk on it and lick his balls and feel it grow in my mouth. I want to make him cum all over my face and in my mouth while you fuck my pussy from behind then have you trade places so I can lick my pussy juice off your cock. I have always wanted to suck a hard cock and get fucked at the same time because I am a cum slut. When she told me this I could not take any more groaned and shot my load in her pussy. She felt it and started to shake as she came then.

When I was done and pulled out she spun around and grabbed my dick and started to suck it clean. As I looked down at her she looked up at me pulled my dick out of her mouth and told me I really did want to suck my juice off your dick. Now if I only had a hard dick in me while I was doing it. I could feel my cock start to stir again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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