The Red Hot Sports Car

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It was an early wake up for Bobbie. She had an appointment to keep. Her backpack was completely packed and things that she would need outside of that had already been mailed to her friend. She was out to make love. In this time it was not going to be a gentle love but a fuck. They were going to fuck for their lives.

Bobbie climbed out of her bed and crossed her bedroom to the bath and turned on the lights. She looked in the mirror and saw there a sensuous blonde who knew that soon her time would be spent with her soldier boy.

Quickly she put on her face adding the points of color that made her feel good. She brushed her hair and put on her clothes. Today it would be as sexy as she could think and not be tacky. On went a pair of pantyhose with nothing beneath. She knew this pair would not last the day. Her breast she dressed with a soft nearly silky bra. It was black and you could see her nipples through the material. Over all of this she put on a dress. It was a royal purple soft and silky as well. The chest was low cut and the tops of her curvy breasts showed.

She had just bought this dress for this trip. She was as she knew heading out for an erotic adventure. Never until she had met her loving soldier boy did she feel the eroticism that made her body quiver.

Quickly she glanced at the clock she saw that she needed to make her way out of the house and on the way to an airport just about an hour a way. The flight would take her to her fantasy and her one true love.

In the car she drove she thought of the smile she would receive when she stepped out of the terminal of her soldier, her deepest thought brought in the sharpest detail of a handsome man she would be seeing. His broad shoulders and short cut hair and he looked like a soldier. He has a smile that is broad and clean. He also has a face that showed strength and love in abundance.

She knew what would happen when she arrived. They both had talked about it many times. She was certainly ready for this adventure. They were going to fuck and fuck hard.

She arrived in plenty of time and in the short wait for the boarding of the plane she thought some more of the next two days where she knew her soldier boy had planned an erotic adventure that she had wanted all her life.

They both had a connection that seemed wonderful from the start. They had met in a way that could only mean that they were meant for each other. In her darkest despair he had found her and brought her strength. She could feel it even though they had not met before. After the beginnings of this relationship they both snuck away to see if it were really true that both felt that they belonged together. They made love and though it were tentative it was still passionate. It was then she knew that this soldier boy had love for her and she would love him back.

In the plane she could not sleep. Her mind continued to race yet she found time to rest. She remembered a time not long ago the second of their meetings they made love again. Her soldier boy knew how to make love and she wanted more. He took her to tops of mountains and then up even higher. His cock felt good in her mouth and in her pussy. He made love in such a way that she knew that it was supposed to be like this.

Her plane kept bringing her closer and she kept thinking of that time in May just after her birthday when she found out more about herself and her lover. He had turned her around and let something liquid drip to her ass. There was a scent of strawberries as she felt the liquid drip slowly over her ass. Then she felt him pull out of her pussy and press against her other hole. Slowly he entered. It went in easily because now she knows what that liquid bahis firmaları was.

It had stung a little for she had never been taken there before. Bob was now in her virgin hole. He was gentle and waited for her to get accustomed to the feeling. It still felt a little painful but she knew that it was going to feel better and it did.

They had not been dirty in their talk and she asked him what he was doing to her. She knew but wanted to hear him say it. He told her that he was going to fuck her ass. She then exploded in a new climax that had never had before.

He flipped her on her back and on his stomach as he laid back. His prick went deeper as she sat then laid back on him. Her hands found his nipples and his hand found her clitoris and she came again as he shot his seed in her bowels.

All of this went through her mind as she passed the time. Her pussy made her heart flutter as she knew that this time they would let the sex bring her the memories that she wanted.

The flight was short and a non stop one that took her to her love. At touch down her heart began to race. Her breathing was short and a bit of sweat beaded up on her forehead. She wiped it with her hand and grabbed her bag. It was all she carried not needing much on this short trip. It was for her an adventure that kept her moist between her legs and all she would need are the bare essentials and only a few items to keep her self clean.

Out of the plane she strode and down the ramp that would lead her to her soldier boy. Her heart began to pound now and her breathing was labored. Her moist pussy sent steam up her dress and she could feel it seep just a bit. Her pussy would soon be let loose and she knew when it would happen.

There he stood just outside the one and only gate looking as handsome as ever. His hair showed just a hint of gray and his smile lit up the room. Quickly she walked right up to him dropping her backpack and wrapped her arms around him and planted her lips on his and drove her tongue deep in his mouth. He accepted it gratefully and pushed his in her mouth as well.

They stayed like that kissing deeply unaware of the eyes that took in the scene. Their hands held each other close. Her hand grabbed his ass as his hand grabbed hers. They didn’t care that anyone saw. They were just two people in love and missed each other and they did not matter in anyway.

They walked away hand in hand towards the sports car that was their erotic adventure. The car was a fast one red and shiny. It was parked in the lot waiting and they both knew it would carry them to a thunderous climax. They needed it badly. Their talks of this day stoked the fires within and only this car would satisfy this itch.

In the bus to the car they sat and talked casually about the flight and how each was feeling at the moment. They both said in no uncertain terms that they were ready to make love in absolute passion.

In the car Bobbie sat smiling as her soldier boy slipped their ring high up her leg. This was their wedding ring. Not the usual ring, since both were already married and had spouses that were unaware of the connection of these two lovers. Bob her soldier boy’s name touched her hot pussy and felt the wetness that had soaked the pantyhose. With his other hand he pushed her back on to the seat and she let him. He was kneeling by the car and his hand pressed hard on her pussy. Quietly he lifted the handle that let the seat lean back and she opened her legs even more.

Her dress was high up her legs and still she let him rub her more. His mouth found one of her breasts and breath a hot breath sending signals of the sex that would soon come.

In the pocket of the kaçak iddaa car door Bob found the Swiss army knife that was left there. Opening the scissors to cut open the pantyhose that both knew would be thrown away soon and snipped the seams that would be difficult to break and her pussy felt the air as the hose was cut away.

Dropping the knife on the floor of the car Bob thrust a finger in her pussy that was wet beyond her memory. Never in her married life had anyone been able to make her so wet.

At first it was just one then a second found the opening and they wiggled and she could not help but let out a low moan. Her legs wide open let his hand do what he wanted. It let his hand do what she wanted.

They knew they could not stay here and reluctantly closed the doors of the car they sped off the airport lot and south to a destination they both saw in dreams. It was a secluded section of land that they had never been.

The drive was also filled with touching and love. Bobbie raised her legs having dropped her shoes to the floor and rested them on the dashboard. Her legs also were open to allow Bob access to her wet pussy some more. Bob loved the feel of her wet pussy hairless and ready for his prick to enter.

Bobbie did not want to let her chance get away. In the plane she thought of how she wanted to take him in her mouth as they drove on the highway. Dropping her legs she shifted in her seat and reached over the console to unbutton his pants. She knew under his jeans he wore no underwear. They had been planning this and clearly she knew that she could only take his stiff member in her mouth for only a little while.

The stiff prick popped out of his unbuttoned jeans and she took it in her hand. Cars passed on the left going faster then the red sports car went yet there were also cars being passed. She didn’t care and unbuckled her seat belt and bent down to take him in her mouth.

She loved the feel of his stiff prick in her mouth. It filled her mouth and touched the back where her tongue started the curve down. The feeling made her heart pound. She knew that she was driving Bob crazy and his body let loose a loud moan knowing that he too felt the hot sex that they were about to have come closer.

A short trip on the highway and they made an exit towards a quiet out of the way place. It was mid-day and still they knew that just a few miles away they would find themselves alone and in deep full throated sex.

In the woods they parked and they both stepped out of the car. They walked to the back of the car and lightly Bob picked up Bobbie and placed her gently on the trunk of the car. It was short and could take the weight of her body. No she was not heavy but she did have hips that drove Bob to wanting her.

On her perch she sat as Bob dropped her shoes and pushed her back on the car lifting her legs at the same time. She felt her legs being opened and Bob’s head squeeze between her thighs. Her pussy was dripping and the scent pulled him closer. Her pantyhose opened more and with her legs bent and feet firmly planted on the spoiler of the car.

Deeper he pushed his tongue and his face into her pussy. She was moaning and saying to tongue fuck her. She was not caring about the words she spoke. Today she would just be a love doll for him. She wanted to be fucked and done royally. Now she knew it was happening. She was going to get fucked hard and she loved it.

After she had climaxed several times each time sending a shower to Bob’s face she got up and he lifted her off the car. His pants showed a stiff member that Bobbie knew wanted to be let loose.

With a smile that said to him that it was now his turn to be driven crazy. kaçak bahis She wanted to taste him. To taste his cum in her mouth and in her tummy but for this she would wait. They had many hours left to this adventure and she would suck him clean. Now she would only drive him crazy because he was going to take her right here on the car.

She was going to be bent over the car and he would drive right up her pussy but now it was only to be her mouth. She would fuck him with her mouth. Slowly she unbuttoned his pants again and let them drop in front of her. His stiff prick jutted out red and ready for her. She dropped to her knees and took his stiff pole in her hand and stroked it gently. She looked up slyly knowing that he looked back down to her. With a sensuous smile she let her tongue touch it’s tip. There she found the taste of the cum she loved. She had tasted it before but this was just a bit of pre-cum.

Her tongue went lower to the base and trailed up again to the tip. Her hand kept it from moving away from her mouth and again she did that same as if she were licking an ice cream.

She went lower this time pulling his balls in her mouth and Bob moaned and his knees weakened a bit. She loved the feel and took the other as well. She licked his balls until they glistened with her spit.

It was a warm day and thankfully they had parked in the shade. Bobbie then took Bob’s prick in her mouth and it went deep. It did not gag her. No not yet for she still had a little ways to go for that. Bob’s knees went weak again and he had to lean heavily on the car.

Bobbie then beginning fucking her head up and down going just a little deeper as she did. Soon she fucked herself so deep that it began the first of her gag reflexes. Only once had she gotten to this point and she wanted to see just how far she could go. His prick was long and had a girth that felt very comfortable for her and she wanted more.

Just as quickly as she went up she went right back down and suddenly she found that her lips touched the thatch of hair at the base of his cock. There she stopped and pressed back the gag and just held it there. His hands were in her hair and a reflex in him pulled her the rest of the way down. She felt her nose pressed hard to his skin and knew that he was loving the fucking she was giving him.

Bob regained his senses and pulled her by the ears to her feet. Deeply his kissed her and put his hands to her ass and pulled her dress up to feel her nearly naked buttocks in his hands. After kissing her lips he kissed her neck and ear. He whispered in her ear that he was now going to fuck her senseless. She replied that she too wanted to have him fuck her brains out.

Roughly he pushed her away and turned her away from him and pressed her to the hood of his red car. Her outstretched hands reaching out as he flipped her dress over her ass. His wet cock found her opening and he drove it deep. She was wet from her own juices and her spit on is prick made it easier to enter her.

In and out he drove into her cunt and she had another climax. She had so many so far that she could not count them. He was so good for her. He knew this and knew she was so good for him. They made love and loved each other without end.

He grabbed her hips as he fucked her hard. The sound of their bodies slapped loudly and they both were grunting as loud as they dared. Then suddenly Bob could not hold back any longer. He looked down and saw her ass and knew that later he would bury his prick there, but for now he was going to fill her pussy with his cum and he did and she came too. It went on for what seemed for hours and it dripped down and out of her cunt and down her leg.

They stayed like that and let their breathing return to normal. This was only the beginning and there were more fantasies to live but here they stood against the car knowing that they had just fucked each other silly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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