The Samantha Trilogy Ch. 1

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On a rainy night Samantha was sitting home alone when the phone rang. It was her old boyfriend Darrin. He wanted to know if she wanted to get together tonight for a drink. Samantha didn’t have anything to do that night so she told him she would meet him in a couple of hours at “Down the Hatch” a neighbor bar. She went upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. As she showered she thought to herself that she was glad to see Darrin. She was so horny just thinking about it. It was a good thing that she and Darrin had remained friends and have even slept together since breaking up. They decided that since they both liked sex and their sex life was always good there was no sense giving up a good thing. Especially since either one of them was seeing anyone right now.

So, as Samantha was showering she thought about Darrin and his hard cock and how good if felt going up inside of her. Or how she loved sucking on his soft cock until it became hard in her mouth. She started to wash between her legs and discovered how wet she was and couldn’t wait to met Darrin. She decided to stop herself from coming knowing how much better it would be if she waited. She got out of the shower and dried herself off and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She decided to wear her sexiest outfit. She was proud of her body. She had nice big tits that very seldom ever seen a bra. She hated the things and thank god Darrin hated them too and liked her to go without a bra. She put on a white see through blouse with a low neckline and a tight black skirt. She slipped on thigh high nylons with garters and high heels. She was ready to go and headed out of the door to catch a cab.

Just running from the house to the cab she got soaked it was raining so hard. The cab driver was good-looking and not the type of man you usually see driving a cab. He eyed her when she got in the cab. She looked down and discovered that the rain had soaked through her blouse and you could see all of her tits. No wonder the cab driver was staring at her. He kept looking at her in rear view mirror. She was starting to get a little uncomfortable and a little horny at the same time. She wondered what he would do if she touched her tits. She started to squirm in the backseat and rubbed her legs together. She was so wet that she thought I could probably come right there just rubbing bahis firmaları her legs together with the cab driver watching her and he never has even said a word to her. She noticed that they had slowed down and wondered how they could have gotten to the bar that fast. It was at least a 45 minutes drive from her house and with the rain it would probably take an hour. She looked out the window and noticed that they were on a dark street she couldn’t recognize. She looked back into the mirror and saw that the driver was still watching her as if waiting for her to do something. She now noticed that the driver was not sitting so still and she bet he was touching his dick. Before she even knew what she was doing her hand reached up and touched her left tit and rubbed it. She pinched her nipple between her fingers and closed her eyes. She leaned her head back against the seat and let out a little moan. Oh my god what was she doing and right in the back of the cab. She opened her eyes and seen the driver looking at her, watching every move she was making and she rubbed and pinched her nipples. She was getting so turned on. She has never done anything like this before. She has always enjoyed sex, but has always been a little reluctant to engage in anything in public. Darrin wanted to have sex one time in a Laundromat when they were dating, but she had been too afraid they would get caught and here she was playing with herself in front of a stranger. She must really be horny that she is not bothered that a stranger is watching every move she is making. She reached up and grabbed her other tit and began squeezing her nipple and again moaned. With her other hand she felt her way down her stomach to the top of her legs and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Her panties were so wet they were beginning to feel uncomfortable. She wanted to take them off, so she did. She put them in her purse and started playing with her pussy again. The more she rubbed her pussy the more the wet she got. Between rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits she was close to coming. As she kept it up she opened her eyes again and saw that the driver was still watching her. She almost forgot about him. He winked at her and she knew right there that she wanted to see his cock and right now. She stopped touching herself and bent over and looked over the front kaçak iddaa seat and sure enough he his pants open and he was stroking his cock. His cock was rock hard and his hand was moving up and down so fast she could barely see it. He reached over and squeezed her left tit never missing a stroke on his cock. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She felt herself being pulled into the front seat.

The next thing she knew she felt a warm wet mouth on her tits. She opened her eyes and watched him sucking on her tit. She grabbed his head and held in place just in case he was thinking of stopping. He grabbed her other hand and pushed it down to his cock. His cock felt smooth and very hot. So, while she was playing with her pussy and his cock, he was sucking on her nipples and she was in heaven. Now Darrin would say that he is God and could always make her see heaven, but how could this stranger that she never met make her see heaven. He was swirling his tongue around her tit and pinching her other nipple in a way that had her squirming in the seat. Before she knew it he had her on the verge of coming again. He started pushing her hand down below his balls and to his ass. She and Darrin had experimented with anal sex before and she knew that most guys liked it, but was a little reluctant to do it with someone she had never been with. But what the hell she already went this far already. She started touching around his ass and heard him groan. It was a little hard to hear him with his mouth full of her tit. He started moving his ass in a way that told her that he liked what she was doing to him. He pulled her hand away from his ass and took her finger and stuck it in his mouth and got it all wet and then pushed her hand back down to his ass. She got the message and started to push her finger into his ass. As she was doing this he moved one of his hands down to her pussy and was shoving his finger in with hers. So here they were, her finger stuck up his ass, his finger and hers in her pussy and his mouth on one of her tits. With the fingers of his other hand pinching her nipples. And then she came just like that and he has never said a word yet.

After she came she thought that would be the end, but instead he kept sucking her tit like he couldn’t get enough of it. He still had his finger with hers in her pussy and before kaçak bahis too long she was starting to get turn on again. He moved and started pushing her head down to his cock. Before she knew what was going on she has his cock in her mouth. Now she liked sucking a dick almost as much as being fucked by one, but this was going to fast for her. This is all started out with her only wanting to tease him a little. If only Darrin could see her now. He would never think she could do something like this. Maybe if he was nice to her later she will tell him all about this. This is almost as bad as when her older brother caught her masturbating when she was 12 and threaten to tell their Dad if she didn’t touch his cock. Well she did that and a lot more. Dad never did find out that she liked to go into the bathroom and masturbate. But, that is another story. She was sucking this stranger’s cock and fingering his ass and was really starting to get into it when he pulled her mouth off his cock and turned her around on the seat. All of a sudden she was on her knees facing the back seat with him behind her. He took his big hard cock in his hand and aimed it at her pussy and pushed it in her pussy in one shove. She moaned so loud she thought for sure that people a block a way could hear her. He started shoving his cock in and out of her slowly at first. He would pull almost all the way out, just leaving the head of his cock in her and then push forward again burying his cock all the way. If he kept this up she was going to come again. While he was fucking her he reached around her and grabbed her tits in both hands and was squeezing her nipples. He was also biting the side of her neck in way that was driving her crazy. She reached around both of them and stuck her finger up his ass in one move that caused him to shove his cock even deeper in her. Every time she pushed her finger in his ass he pushed his cock in deeper. As his cock was going in and out if her she thought to herself that she doesn’t think she was ever as turn on as she was right now. Then just like that she came again all over his cock. About 10 seconds later he came. He pulled out of her, put his cock back into his pants and jumped out of the car.

When she looked up she seen that they were in front of the bar and Darrin was standing at the side of the curb watching her and talking to cab driver. Darrin opened the door and helped her out of car. He looked at her and said, “Hell of a cab ride you had there”. “I want you to me my friend Larry from work”, but I believe you too already met”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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