The Secret Sessions Ch. 02

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Several days passed with conversation, drinks and the odd meal but no sex going on between us until that is Friday evening, just after 7pm I answered a knock at the door, to find Ria standing there in a tight pink mini dress covered on small white flowers, a ring of pearls around her neck and holding a matching pair of high heels. Ria’s make up was perfectly done to the point that it hardly showed and she looked stunning. She explained that she was going out to meet a couple of friends for dinner who were passing through town, but her shoes were new and she was having difficulty getting the pin through the buckle on the strap and could I help?

I motioned for her to come in and she went straight through and sat on the sofa, when I closed the door & walked in she had already put both shoes on, leaving the straps for me, I knelt in front of her left foot and began to fasten the shoe as required, the smell of her light perfume was gently catching my nose, I felt her watching me intently as I completed the first buckle, as I moved side ways to her right leg, Ria parted her legs enough for me to see all the way up her dress.

I could not help but be transfixed, at the junction of her thighs I could see her pussy, barely covered in what looked like sheer panties with small jewels decorating them, immediately a bulge appeared in my trousers in anticipation. After what seemed like an eternity she closed her legs snapping me back to the job in hand. I quickly completed the second shoe and just remained on my knees staring.

Ria stood up, my face was level with her crotch, I looked up to see her looking down,

“Get up,” she said

as I did so I brushed my nose along the front of her groin, signalling my intent to pick up where we had left off. Instead Ria said,

“My taxi is here, thank you,”and left.

I was in no doubt that I was being teased, like an expert angler Ria had thrown out the bait and I had bitten, I was hooked, I was desperate for more of her. Over the next couple of hours the image of her kept running through my mind I barely watched the game on TV that I has been eagerly awaiting all week. A few hours later I heard the unmistakeable sound of a car door, then a few seconds later a knock at my front door.

I flew off the sofa to the door and there was Ria, the object of my desire. Once inside she marched passed me towards the kitchen, Ria appeared to have had a few drinks but was far from drunk, in fact it was the most relaxed I had seen her, I asked if she would like a glass of wine, and then I got two glasses, I turned to open the wine and I heard Ria behind me put down her bag, I filled the two glasses güvenilir bahis and then turned to hand one to Ria, what greeted me was a sight that completely blew me away.

Ria had hitched up her dress over her waist, she was perched on the end of the table feet just over shoulder width apart, her right hand pulling her love cup open, gone was the Brazilian, replaced by a silk smooth hairless pussy and a clit clip with small pink jewels adoring it. Then it hit me like a sledgehammer, it wasn’t sheer panties with jewels I’d seen earlier, it was her pussy adorned by the clip.

I stood speechless for a full minute, taking in the view of those dark perfect inner lips and her brown clit swollen from where the clip was gripping it. Even from six feet I could see the sheen of moisture decorating her labia, the minx had been out all evening with a bare, smooth and decorated grotto, knowing full well that she had me on a string.

I dropped the wine glasses, in two strides I covered the distance between us, I reached out with my left hand grabbing her jaw in my hand, I forced my tongue into her month, kissing her roughly, in tandem I formed my index & middle finger into a pointer and with one swift movement shoved the two fingers right up inside her, my thumb pressing firmly on her clitoris. I hooked my fingers back inside her searching for her g-spot as I finger fucked her gently. Ria was grunting as she came, the pressure both inside her cunt and on her clitoris too much for her to take, I released her face and stopped working my fingers, in a hushed tone I whispered

“I’m going to give you the fucking of your life,” Ria’s face broke into a wicked smile and said

“Lets see you try.”

As I struggled to open my jeans to free my cock, Ria turned around and placed her hands on the table, pushing her hips backwards, inviting me to fill her from behind, as I placed my hands on her hips to position myself she rocked forwards placing her weight on her hands, she then lifted her legs onto the table at ninety degrees to her body, effectively doing the splits along the edge of the table, she leaned forward until her chest touched the table top, with both hands she reached back and spread her pussy wide open. I was so close to coming right there, but I knew that Ria wanted more, I knelt down to get a close up view of her vagina and could see the jewels gently resting on the table top, I extended my legs, grabbed her hips and drove my rod with huge force deep into her aching tunnel. Ria winced at the force with which she has been penetrated, but then let out a gasp of pleasure.

I withdrew and then slammed into her again, this time türkçe bahis forcing her juices to squeeze out over her clit and onto the table top, again I drove into her, a cry of pleasure, I began to pound away at her helpless pussy, she removed her hands in order to steady herself on the table, it seemed that any second I would split her in half with the force of the pounding she was getting, but the harder I fucked the more she came and the more she came the harder she wanted to be fucked.

By now Ria was giggling as I pummelled her pussy, I was going to teach her a lesson she would never forget, I withdrew my member and pressed the end at her starfish, immediately her head spun around in shock, I waited as smile spread across her face, and as she turned away I plunged my dick deep into her arse. This was virgin territory for Ria and her anus tried resist my thrust, Ria let out a yell as my 7 inches drilled deep, if I though her pussy was tight, her arse was even tighter, all that was about to change as for the second time I drove my cock deep into her.

Ria didn’t know what to do, implied on my member she began to rub her pussy as I thundered into her arse, time after time she came, the table top awash with juice, finally just as I was approaching peak I slipped out of her arse and drove once more into her pussy, as I hit the hilt of her tunnel my end exploded filling her with come. In my fervour I hadn’t noticed that Ria had become fully submissive, she was lying on the table, legs split wide having been fucked in both holes, oozing juice and helpless to prevent the waves of orgasm shuddering through her. After a few seconds I helped her from the table, scooping her up in my arms I carried the exhausted Ria upstairs and laid her on the bed.

I left Ria on the bed for a few minutes while a ran a hot deep bath filled with soothing oils and bubbles, I returned to the bedroom and told her what was waiting for her, Ria rose up and began to slip out of her dress and I undid her shoes, her face still flushed I led her to the bathroom and she slipped into the water. As she lay there every now and again I caught a glimpse of her breast as they floated free of the bubbles.

“Ria,” I said

“I’m sorry if I went too far”

“Oh no you did just fine, I’m ashamed to say it but what I needed was a fucking and I knew you would give me that if I made you.”

As she said it a smile spread across her face,

“Here.” she said

as she raised her arm our of the water towards me with her fist closed, as I reached forward she dropped a little pink set of jewels into the palm of my hand, her clit clip. All I could do was say

“Wow güvenilir bahis siteleri that certainly worked.”

“I know.” she replied

with a very cheeky smile.

Ria went onto explain that she had been web shopping for the clip and had stayed away from sex with me for a few days in order for her waxing to be a surprise and that with the clip attached she hoped that I would stir me into giving her a good seeing to, it had worked, Ria it turned out had left the my house after our first encounter and immediately began planning this evening. As we spoke I laughing said,

“Is there anything else I should know about?”

“Of course there is.” came the reply

“Ok you want to fill me in?”

Ria thought for a moment and said,

“If I tell you one thing I would like to try, then you have to tell me one, deal?”

“Deal,you first.” I replied.

Ria was silent for a moment and then admitted that she had seen bondage gear while shopping on the web and that she liked the idea of being tied gently with nothing too extreme happening to her. This obviously appealed to me the thought of Ria being restrained was an image all too easily conjured up in my mind. When it came to my turn I thought for a moment and said that I would love to have a woman in her sexiest get up do a naked photo shoot with me as the photographer, access all areas. Ria giggled at my admission and asked which one was it to be, hers or mine? I reached up to the bathroom tidy and unscrewed the top of a toothpaste tube, hid my hands behind my back, switched the top between my hands a number of times and then held both my arms outstretched.

“If you pick the top, it’s your fantasy, if the hand is empty it’s mine”

Ria agreed, she touched my left hand which I opened to reveal an empty palm, the photo shoot it was to be.

“I need to shop.”Ria said

before slipping entirely into the bath, the words so do I came to mind.

After her bath Ria and I finalised our plans, she was to pick her outfit and tell me when she was ready and I would plan the shoot, but it looked like the following weekend would be a good bet. I mentioned at the start of re-telling of this story that I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy women full time, this is because 2 years ago I won a substantial amount of money on the lottery, millions in fact, and a fact that I had told no-one.

I already ran my own successful business making items for the aerospace industry, so the acquisition of a couple of other medium sized businesses only looked like expansion, for the three I employed managers which allowed me to stay away from the day to day running. I already had two homes and several cars of a nice but understated nature, but last year I had bought a house about 30 miles from the beach side house, this was my retreat, where I brought no-one, but this is where I would hold the photo shoot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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