The Seduction

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It began with a shower.

Charlotte – known by pretty much everyone as Charlie – stood there, as the hot water cascaded down onto her body. Her hands roamed slowly, softly caressing her skin. Her smooth, silky skin. She had spent much of that morning at a local beauty salon and had been thoroughly waxed all over. There wasn’t a single hair to be found below her shoulders.

She got out and patted herself dry. Then she moved into her bedroom and sat in front of her dresser. After applying a little deodorant and some perfume, Charlie got to work on her makeup. A little blusher, some mascara and lipstick. Nothing too heavy; she wanted to look sexy, but not slutty.

Her clothing choices weren’t quite as subtle or discreet. White stockings and garter belt, a little g-string and a half-cup bra that showcased her large breasts, revealing her small pink nipples in all their glory. She put on a short silk robe, but didn’t bother tying it up. She dried her hair, brushing it out rhythmically, the dark red tresses, shimmering in the late afternoon sunlight.

Charlie güvenilir bahis looked at her watch. He’d be home soon. Not long to wait. It felt like a million butterflies had been let loose inside her stomach. She was nervous. She was anxious. She was excited.

The young woman stood up and wandered into her parents’ bedroom. Their king size bed was perfectly made, the cotton sheets pristine and untouched.

That’s where it’ll happen, she thought to herself, that’s where it’ll begin.

She picked up a family photograph and looked at it intently. It was all of them together; Charlie, her younger brother, her mother, her father. Dad. Daddy. She must have been about eight years old in that picture. A young girl with curly red hair and covered in freckles. He had his arms wrapped round her body. She could remember that moment, what it felt like when he held her. He was so big and she was so small. She could remember his heat, his presence, his strength.

Her body shivered momentarily and she set the photo down once more. türkçe bahis She sat on the end of the bed, the material so cool against her exposed skin. She closed her eyes for a moment; thinking about what she was going to say, what she was going to tell him. She thought about all the things they might do; all the things they had already done.

It had begun a few months ago, not long after she had turned eighteen. She had wanted him for a lot longer than that. She had wanted him for as long as she knew what wanting someone really meant. But nothing had happened before that night. The night they kissed.

She would always sit on the couch next to him; she had done so since she was little. Mom had her reclining chair, and Joey usually stayed in his room. Probably jerking off, if Charlie had to guess. Mom always went to bed early, and the two of them would stay up late, cuddling affectionately as they watched TV together.

And then they started making out.

It was almost a joke at first, like they were just fooling around. But soon enough, it güvenilir bahis siteleri became very serious. They didn’t talk about it. They didn’t acknowledge what they were doing. Then or any other time. They just did it. Almost as soon as Mom had walked out the room, heading upstairs, Charlie would clamber on top of him and they would kiss intently.

They kissed.

They caressed.

They fondled.

But, so far, nothing else.

Not yet.

Charlie heard the front door open. She knew it was him. Mom was visiting her sister. Joey was at camp. There would be only the two of them. Alone. Together.

She heard his footsteps on the stairs. She stood up, took off her robe, and sat down again, crossing her stockinged legs. Her body was tingling now. Her cunt was wet. Her nipples were hard. This was it. This was the moment of truth.

He walked into the room, suddenly stopping as he saw her. There was almost something comic about his double take.

“Charlie?” He said. “What’s going on? Why are you dressed like that?”

“Dad…Daddy,” She said, slowly caressing her breast with her hand. “We need to talk.”

There was a pause.

“No,” He replied, as he began unbuttoning his shirt. “I don’t think we have to talk at all.”

They both smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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