The Shower , After

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We have just finished making love, very passionate love, and we are wet with perspiration. We remain wrapped in each other’s arms as we catch our breaths. Then I start to doze.

After a few minutes, I feel you move off of me and the bed. Thru my sleepy haze I see you enter the bathroom, your beautiful breasts swaying with every step.

Then I hear the water start and the shower door close. I close my eyes, wanting to sleep a bit, but then thoughts of fondling, licking, and sucking your tits and hard nipples causes my cock to harden again. So I slide out of bed and wander into the bathroom

I can see the shape of your body through the frosted glass, and my cock starts to rise again. I reach for the door handle and quietly open the door. Steam from the hot water billows out into the room, and I slip into the stall before any cool air invades the hot stall and you notice.

I quietly close the door, the sound of the running spray covering up any noise I might make. Then I stand back and look your wonderful body over in the steam and water.

You start to rinse the shampoo from your long hair, your head bent down to let the water clean the mass of hair free of soap. I step up behind you and slide my hand around your waist. You’re surprised at first, but when I slide my hands up your body and cup your magnificent breasts, you calm down and lay back against me.

My hard cock presses against your ass and you slide a hand behind you to stroke my shaft.

I fondle your breasts and heft their weight in my hands, then gently roll your nipples between my thumb and forefingers. I can feel them start to harden in my grasp. Getting hard, and long. I gently pinch the hard flesh of your nipples, alternating between the right and then the left, and then both at once. I hear you moan in pleasure.

Then while one hand fondles and squeezes one breast, my other hand slowly slides down your shapely body, stopping to insert a finger inside your belly button, and slowly finger-fucking your belly button.

Your hand continues to stroke my hard cock, your hand sliding all the way down the length of my cock and over the cockhead, and then back down the shaft.

My hand then slides down your tummy and comes in contact with your pubic patch. My fingers play with your curly patch for a moment, then my hand slowly slides down your patch, sliding between your legs. You spread your legs apart a bit so my canlı bahis hand can reach paradise.

My hand reaches your pussy lips and just rests there for a moment. Your grind your pussy into my hand. Then I slide a finger up between your pussy lips and into your hot, wet, pussy. Hotter than the water cascading over us.

My finger finds your clit. Your hard clit. My finger touches the tip ever so gently, then slowly starts to slide across the tip of your hard clit. Gently sliding across the tip. Then my finger starts to make small circles on the tip of your clit. Slow, gentle circles on that hard flesh.

Then I start to slide my finger across your clit a bit faster. Barely touching the hard flesh as my finger moves.

Then my finger slides down the length of your clit on one side. My finger reaches the base of your clit and slides back up to the tip on the other side. I feel you tremble against me as I massage your clit. I also feel your pussy getting wetter, and my hand getting drenched with your juices.

Then my finger slides down deeper inside your cunt. Deep into your pussy. Your pussy muscles grab my finger and don’t let go. I slowly finger fuck you and your pussy muscles alternate in grabbing my finger as I slide out, and releasing my finger as I slide in. As I continue to finger fuck you, I slide my thumb between your pussy lips and gently slide it across the tip of your ever-hardening clit.

You start to writhe against me as my actions drive you crazy and you get wetter and wetter.

Finally you break away from me and turn to face me, your breath coming fast.

We kiss, our tongues dancing and tasting each other. Our tongues go deep into each other’s mouths. When your tongue slides into my mouth, I suck on it. Suck it deep inside my mouth. My hands also moves to cup your breasts, your hard nipples against the palms of my hands. One of your hands drops to my cock and you slowly stroke me until I am even harder than before. Your hand feels so good on my hardness. Your other hand cups my balls that hang down. You moan that my balls feel so good in your hand.

We continue like that until I tell you I feel like I’m going to cum. So you stop stroking me and turn off the water.

We get out of the shower and dry each other off. But as I dry your tits off, I get the sudden urge to kiss them and suck on your nipples. I suck a nipple deep into my mouth, and though you protest bahis siteleri and try to break away, the feeling on your tit inside my mouth, sucking on it, makes you feel good, so you don’t try too hard to break away.

And as I suck on your tit, I slide a hand between your legs and begin to rub your pussy. You spread your legs apart so I can continue.

Then a finger is slowly sliding between your pussy lips and into your pussy. You are still so wet my hand gets drenched with your juices immediately. And I start to finger fuck you. You start to grind your hips against my hand, riding my finger like crazy. In. Out. In. Out.

Finally you gain control of yourself and break away. You dry my hand off and then toss the towel aside.

You next grab my still-hard cock and lead me into the bedroom.

We lie on the bed and kiss. While we are kissing, your hand slides down my body and cups my balls. You gently, ever so gently, fondle them. I moan in pleasure at your touch.

Then we break and you moan, “Fuck me……” You roll onto your back and spread your legs, letting me see the beautiful pussy I will soon. . . be . . . fucking.

I then move between your legs and grab hold of my hard cock, and then I slowly slide the head of my cock up and down your slit. Slowly sliding it over your wet pussy lips thru your pubic patch. The head of my cock comes away drenched in your juices.

This is too much for you and you moan while thrusting your hips towards me.

I move close to you and guide my stiff cock towards your pussy.

I gently press the head of my cock into your bush, and it meets your pussy lips; they are wet and warm.

Then I add a bit more pressure and the head of my cock slides between your pussy lips, sliding between those lips into the hot, wet, velvety softness of your cunt. I can feel your pussy lips on my flesh as it slides between your lips and deep into you.

Finally my hips meet yours and I stop, letting you get used to me being inside you. Letting your pussy muscles grab and release me, preparing themselves for the fucking to come.

Then I start to slide my cock out of your pussy. Your muscles grab my hard flesh as I go.

Your pussy muscles release me and the head of my cock almost slides out of your pussy, but then stops and starts to slide slowly back inside you. Back into the wetness of your pussy. My cock head sliding against one of your wet, smooth bahis şirketleri pussy walls.

I moan in pleasure at the feel of your naked pussy against my hard cock. Nothing in the world feels like a pussy does.

Finally I am deep inside you and our hips meet once again.

Then I start to slide back out again, and your pussy once again grabs hold, not wanting to let me go.

Your pussy muscles release me and my cock is almost out of your pussy, but then I slide my stiff cock back into your wet pussy.

I am all the way in and now I start to fuck you. Slowly at first. Your pussy muscles grabbing my cock as I slide out, and release me as I slide back in.

Soon we are in rhythm. Out. Pussy grabbing.

In. Pussy releasing.

Out. In.

A bit faster now.

Your pussy feels almost alive. It doesn’t want to let my cock go. Your pussy wants to devour my hard cock.

I start to fuck you faster. I look down and see your tits wiggling and bouncing with each thrust of my cock. I reach down and grab a nipple. Gently pinch in time with my thrusts. Your eyes glaze over, and you moan loudly.

And your breath starts coming faster.

My balls, which hang low in their sack, slap your ass as I thrust in and out.

Now I lean forward and rest on my hands placed on either side of you so I can really start to fuck you.

Finally I find a position in your pussy where I can feel the friction on my cockhead, and my thrusts start coming faster. Your pussy getting wetter and wetter. Your moans of pleasure getting louder.

Your pussy so delicious. So hot. So wet. So velvety smooth.

The friction on my cockhead almost unbearable now. I continue thrusting. Your pussy continues to eat my cock.

Finally the sensation of wanting to cum flows through my body. I feel my cock stiffen even more as I continue to thrust into your pussy.

Then I feel the need to cum drive through me.

I cum. Spurting inside your pussy. It seems to go on and on and on…

I hear you moan, “yes…yes…”

And then I feel you cum. Your pussy grasping my cock tight, then releasing it as the spasms of orgasm wash over you.

I continue to thrust into you until I can no longer feel myself cumming inside you, but I can feel your pussy trembling with the aftermath of orgasm. Your pussy is alive with sensation around my cock as you slow to catch your breath. Your tits still jiggle as your trembling body slows down and relaxes.

I bend down and kiss you, then I lie down beside you, my limp cock sliding out of your pussy, drenched in cum and pussy juice. I hold you close and we doze off, satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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