The Slutty Sisters

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This is a complete re-write of this classic narrative, especially the second half concerning Beth. It reflects the world we’re living in now.

The District Attorney’s Office in Santa Clara County employs over 600 people. It’s comprised of functional units, ranging from the Asset Forfeiture Unit to the Victims Services Unit. We have already met Lucy’s close friend, literally a bosom buddy, Marsha. Marsha is assigned to the Victim Services Unit.

Irene works in the Real Estate Fraud Unit. Irene has been a widow for 15 years, her husband having been killed in the Middle East. Irene holds an important position since home prices in Silicon Valley have skyrocketed. Moreover, fraud is rampant, especially with unscrupulous real estate brokers.

A senior citizen recently had her home up for sale and the home sold for $1.5 million in San Jose. The unscrupulous agent had the woman’s furniture destroyed — with a chain saw — so the woman could move out as quickly as possible. The 3000 sq. ft. home was literally torn apart. The buyers — an Indian couple — had made an offer but the seller had not accepted the offer. There was no contract. The broker clearly deserved to do some prison time. Irene was assisting in this travesty along with the woman’s attorneys.

When Irene told Lucy the lurid details, Lucy was shocked. Lucy is an attorney and works closely with the DA’s office. Her next question was, “How is Kevin?” Kevin is Irene’s nephew, staying with her while he attends San Jose State University. Kevin’s mother, Beth, lives in San Diego.

Irene was thirty-eight and her nephew, Kevin, was nineteen. She recognized that she was old enough to be his mother. She was, in fact, like a second mother to him while he attended the university.

Irene’s main interest, besides working for the DA in combatting corruption, was in seducing her nephew, Kevin. He was handsome, medium height with a muscular physique. He was on the wrestling team at State. For a fleeting moment she told herself it was a sin against nature. But fuck that, she wanted to get into his pants!

Irene felt she couldn’t help herself. She was caught up in the web of her own lust, and Kevin seemed the answer to a maiden’s prayer. She’d been a widow nearly eleven years, and during all that time she’d had no more than a few very brief and very unsatisfactory affairs. When Kevin had come to live with her a few months earlier, she had found herself attracted to him. She was wet all the time.

The hour was at hand, as they say. In the afternoon, Kevin would return home from class. She wanted to implement her devious plan of seduction and maybe mess up his life for good. She felt helpless, but the inevitability of it was clear. She suspected that from the first day he had arrived, Kevin had thought about fucking her. He didn’t deal in probabilities. He was going to fuck her.

She could see the look in his eyes, the way he eye-balled her body, and most times she could detect the outline of his swollen cock in the crotch of his tight pants.

She imagined him fucking some college girl, visualizing him doing it to some permissive sorority slut. Fuck that! She wanted his sausage up HER ass. You’re never too old for a butt fuck. He was looking at her like she was an ‘all you can eat’ whore. Would he think she was too old? Not from the way he stared at her tits and ass! She could hear him beating off at night.

Irene’s pussy quivered nostalgically when she thought of all the wonderful times she had with her husband. He had been good in bed. Philip had taught her all the joys of sucking and fucking. She was multi-orgasmic with Philip. Before he had been killed by a roadside bomb, she had worshipped his deliciously large cock. She suspected Kevin was as well-hung as Philip had been. She moaned softly as she pictured the boy’s cock and balls, an immense tube of flesh, just waiting for her to open her legs. She could almost taste his cock.

Kevin had already met a few girls. Irene knew that. What she hoped for was his interest in a woman in her 30’s. A woman at that age has been fucked hundreds of times, she’s used every conceivable trick to get herself off, from humping the bed post, to jamming dildoes, vibrators, and cucumbers up her snatch. Her pussy has been washed over and over, perfumed, and oiled with Bert’s Bees. It’s been fingered, teased, and diddled. Most important, a woman’s mind may pray to Jesus one hour a week; the rest of the time she’s orgasmic and as horny as fuck!

She opened her sheer nightgown and ran her hands over her heavy tits. Every man who had ever seen her naked told her she had a body built like a brick shithouse. It reminded her of that old Army expression. They all went wild over her tits. Her pear-shaped boobs were big and heavy, with long dark nipples and a slight droop that made them look like ripe mangoes. They were big enough so that when she was really turned on, playing with herself, she could lift a tit and suck a nipple into her mouth. She loved doing that. There güvenilir bahis was something terribly erotic about it. When her husband had been alive, she turned him on by sucking her tits. Besides his cock, that is …

Next to her tits, the part of her body Irene was most proud of was her ass. She had a gorgeous firm ass, big enough to attract a second look from any man, but not too big to look bad in clothes. Since her career as an paralegal required her to dress conservatively, the beauty of her luscious ass was usually hidden by a dress or skirt.

Kevin was really the only male in a long time to see her ass in a pair of tight short-shorts she wore around the house. Short enough to barely cover the cheeks of her butt. The thought of Kevin’s hands on her firm semiglobes made her shiver.

Opening her legs, she ran both hands along the insides of her thighs and up to her pussy. She could see how her thick cunt lips were swollen. She teased herself by touching the hairy labia of her pussy with her fingertips. Just a touch, no more! She did not want to masturbate too much — she wanted to save something for Kevin. Fuck, she’s not kidding anyone. She could masturbate all day long and still be horny!

If her plan succeeded, they would have the whole weekend together. Not to mention the distant future. She wondered if she ought to dress up for him. Why not? she thought. He was like a lover, wasn’t he? She should try on some of the frilly things she had, some of the sexy lingerie she hadn’t worn in years. Her size was about the same.

She’d seen some of the magazines Kevin had in his room — the women wore thigh-high stockings and garter belts. Kevin’s eyes would pop out when he saw her dressed up like that. She’d be discreet, of course. She’d have her sexy under things covered up by her semi-transparent robe; she could pretend to be little Miss Innocence.

Moving quickly to her bedroom, Irene fished out a black see-through bra and panty set, a black garter belt, and sheer black stockings. She giggled to herself as she laid them out on the bed. She wondered if Kevin ever imagined her dressed up like those women in his magazines. Her husband had been a garter-belt freak. She had always enjoyed turning him on with vintage underwear. She even owned a corset.

Removing her robe, she slipped into her sexy black underwear. Just having the filmy things on her body made her feel slutty. The bra, in particular, had a special construction that made her tits look deliciously lewd. The bikini panties did no more than hide her pubic bush and the crack of her ass. The under swells of her ass-cheeks were clearly visible. The sheer black stockings turned her legs into lovely erotic pillars.

When she stepped into a pair of mules with three-inch heels, the seductive ensemble was complete. She thought she should wear tan stockings, which provided more of a 60’s look. It was definitely more erotic. Black made her look cheap. Too whorish. She wanted a bit of innocence. She liked that. It made her look like someone out of a 40’s peep show.

Putting on her robe again, she returned to the living room just in time to hear Kevin’s key in the door.

She quickly arranged herself on the sofa, taking a few deep breaths, with her robe parted to show the white skin of one creamy thigh above the top of her stocking. There was a magazine — Scientific American — lying on the coffee table. She picked it up and pretended to read it.

“Hi, Aunt Irene ,” Kevin said. He noticed what she was reading, hardly matching what she was wearing. He usually regarded his aunt as a bit slutty, but reminded himself not to be too critical. He tried not to smile at the contrast — a slutty vixen reading Scientific American.

“Hello, darling,” Irene replied. She caught his hot glance at the opening of her robe and blushed. For a moment she wondered if she’d be able to go through with her plan to seduce him. She imagined his thick young cock angled up from his groin; it gave her incentive not to give up. She was going to have Kevin.

He went off to his room, but then returned a few minutes later. Maybe he jerked off. Maybe he got a condom. There was a glint in his eyes. Her thigh was still uncovered, and now he stared at it boldly. Pretending she did not notice his glance, she seductively crossed her legs to let him see more. She had chucked the magazine under the sofa.

Although only nineteen, Kevin had an eye for beauty. He had a small stack of girlie magazines. Not like Cosmopolitan; that wasn’t a girlie magazine. You don’t whack off to Cosmo, unless you’ve slipped a few beaver shots between the pages. When he’d first came to live with her, he’d been thrilled to see how sexy she was. He hadn’t seen her since he’d been in middle school. Now he was involved in band practice and working out at the gym. Masturbation for him was only to keep the edge off. That’s for middle aged guys whose wives are shrills. You could drink Viagra cocktails all you want, but if your wife is a nag, forget türkçe bahis it.

It’s said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He found himself dazzled by her ripe beauty; he thought about how he was going to fuck her. After all, she was his mother’s sister. He had to show her some respect. For the past few days, however, the way she talked and looked at him made him think she might be conducive to fooling around a bit. He had never fucked a woman Irene’s age, but women in their 30’s are in their sexual peak; they own an impressive array of sex toys. Some of the vibrators and dildoes are intimidating to the average male. Checking out the Amazon reviews is enough to make any real man cringe.

If you’re going to romance a woman, you need to assume she’s ready. Irene was wet all the time. She was wet typing a deposition, she was wet when she read the Bible, and if she heard there was a 6.3 earthquake in Los Angeles, she was wet. If Irene was sitting on a sofa wearing slutty underwear you knew she wasn’t really interested in the Scientific American — unless there was a piece describing how Aztecs fucked monkeys.

Smiling as they chatted about his work at school, he sat down beside Irene on the sofa.

“You look very pretty today, Aunt Irene.” You can assume he meant ‘hot’.

Irene blushed. She wondered if he could smell the wetness oozing out of her pulsing pussy. God, she was sizzling! She felt like tearing his pants off and stuffing his cock in her mouth!

“It must be this robe,” she said. “I always look good in blue.”

“And I like your 60’s look. The tan stockings and the garter belt. “

“Oh, Kevin, that’s private!” she cooed softly. “Am I forgetting to keep my robe closed?”

“I wish you’d open it more,” he teased. “I’d like to see more of you …” Her thighs were mouth watering.

“Kevin, I’m your aunt!” she huffed.

“Jesus, Aunt Irene, I can see you’ve got underwear on. It’s not as though you’re naked. I bet I saw more of you in a bathing suit last week.” They had a small pool in the back yard.

“Let me see more,” he said. “Open your legs …” He wanted to see her groin.

“Oh, Kevin, I couldn’t! I’m too embarrassed!”

“Oh, come on, Aunt Irene . It’s just the two of us here. Why can’t a guy see his aunt in her underwear? It’s too damn hot in the house, anyway, so you can just peel off the robe and make yourself comfortable. Is that something terrible?”

A stripper ‘peels off’ her clothes. A lady undresses. His choice of words was deliberate, not too bad for a 19 year-old.

No, it’s not something terrible, she thought. God knows it’s what I want to do! She wanted to drop to her knees and blow him. She could not bring herself to do it all at once. Instead, she loosened her robe and let it slip off her white shoulders.

“It IS hot in here,” she said quietly. “Call me Irene. You make me feel old …”

Kevin gazed hungrily at the swell of her lush tits encased in her sheer bra. He could clearly see the thrust of her big nipples. The shape of her tits in the white bra was enough to make his mouth water.

“Shit, you ought to be in Playboy!” he whispered.

Conscious of her creaming pussy, Irene squirmed on the sofa cushion. Her heart rate was elevated, and her anal pucker itched. Years had passed since she’d had a chance to show off her body like this to a man. Since the bra was practically transparent, Kevin could certainly see more of her boobs than he had when they’d been laying out in the sun. Her large stiff nipples were making her self conscious.

Her blood raced when she glanced down at Kevin’s crotch and saw the gorgeous lump between his legs. It was huge!

She realized what she had been dreaming about for weeks was finally coming to pass. She was stimulated by his overt ogling, maybe leering would be a better word, at her heaving breasts. When a guy leers, he’s got a stiffy. She wanted him sucking on her fat nipples.

“I really ought to cover up,” she said weakly, “It isn’t proper for me, your aunt, to be exposing myself like a common slut.” Not that there’s anything wrong with being a common slut.

“Christ, no!” Kevin groaned. “Open your robe all the way, Irene. Let me see all of you!”

Irene giggled. She told herself she really wasn’t showing him that much. It wasn’t as though she’d be naked. It was true her sexy under things were a bit lewd, but he could see more any time he wanted to in one of his girlie magazines. Even though the women might have a finger or two jammed in their pussy, it was not quite the same. With her robe off she’d still be more dressed than if she wore a skimpy bikini.

Don’t be a hypocrite, she thought. You’re dying to show him everything! With trembling fingers, she opened her robe slowly all the way and peeled it completely off her body.

Kevin’s exhaled enough air to blow out 100 candles. “Jesus Christ!” he rasped.

She flushed with pleasure at the lust in his young eyes. Pulling back her shoulders to emphasize güvenilir bahis siteleri her large titties, she opened her legs a bit to reveal her panty-covered crotch. Her creamy thighs were thicker and bulged over the top of her stockings.

“Do you find your old aunt sexy?” she said in a throaty voice.

“Christ, you’re not old, Irene! You’re a walking wet dream!”

Her heart pounded as she watched his eyes rake over her body and finally come to rest on the mound of her crotch. She wondered how much he could see through the thin material of her bottom. She had a lot of cunt hair stuffed under that flimsy patch! Could he make out the impression of her swollen cunt lips? Was he aware of how wet she was? She flared her nostrils, knowing that she could smell herself, and realized that Kevin could also smell her. A cunt has a distinctive musky odor, even with lilac water.

He leaned close to her ear, and whispered, “You’re beautiful, Irene!”

“A woman always likes to hear that,” she smiled. Then she added: “I don’t feel uncomfortable any more having you see me like this. It’s not as though I’m completely naked, is it? We could have a cozy dinner at home, Kevin. We’ll order a pizza, if you’re in the mood.” Was she dressed for a pizza? He didn’t want her to dress, just take everything off. He actually wanted her laid out naked on the kitchen table. That’s what he wanted to eat.

She rose up, leaving the robe behind on the sofa, and walked on her high-heeled mules to the stereo system against the wall. Now, for the first time, Kevin saw how lovely her nylon-clad legs looked in high heels. He also drank in the sight of her firm, beautiful ass, in her flimsy bikini panties, so lewdly framed by the straps of her white garter belt. With a groan he slipped his hand into his crotch to re-position his swelling weapon.

Irene turned just in time to see Kevin pull his hand out of his jeans.

His cock is stiff, she thought. I’ve given him a hard-on! She had a lewd image of his thick tube of flesh springing out of his pants, long and hard and leaking precum. God, how I’d love to suck him now! she thought.

Soft music flooded the room, and her hips swayed to the music. Her heart pounding, her eyes fixed on Kevin, she raised her hands to her tits and rolled her stiff nipples through the thin material of her bra.

“I think we ought to have some wine,” she said. “You’re old enough for that, aren’t you, Kevin?”

Chapter 2

Beth, Irene’s sister, was concerned that Kevin might be a burden on Irene. Kevin liked to party and he usually came home late. She wanted to call Irene, just to get an update.

Irene was both happy and surprised to hear from her sister. Beth was a pastry chef at the Addison, a 5-star French restaurant in San Diego. She spoke French fluently and loved food. No, she wasn’t fat, she just loved food.

“Beth!!” Irene almost screamed when she saw the name on her caller ID. “How’s life in San Diego?”

“Excellent, ma Cherie …” she responded. “How are you? And how’s Kevin?”

“He’s behaving himself. Actually he’s standing right here …”

“Ohhh? OK, the reason I called is, I’ll be coming up to San Francisco next weekend to talk to a new foodie group. They’re like entrepreneurs, trying to start their own business — and I’ll be —“

“Never mind, I get it, Beth . Make sure you let me know where you’ll be staying.”

“Actually I thought I’d come by and visit … I have seen you in a couple of years …”

“That would be fine…” she was beginning to breath erratically. Kevin was standing behind her, massaging her ass globes.

“OK, Irene. I’ll be in touch soon …” Beth terminated the call. Irene put her phone back on the stereo shelf.

“Kevin, that was close. I don’t want Beth to think something’s going on.”

“OK, sorry, Irene. You have a luscious ass, and I couldn’t wait …”

Irene gave him a fake scowl and moved back towards the long sofa. She had to re-focus her mind on Kevin’s affair. An easy thing to do.

Irene brought out some chilled white wine, filled two glasses, and smiled as she handed one to Kevin.

She gasped. He had his cock out. When her back had been turned, he’d opened his pants and fished out his thick tool. She stared at it transfixed, the look in her eyes quickly changing from shock to lust.

“Oh, my,” she said at last. “That’s a beauty, Kevin!” She didn’t expect him to expose himself.

He grinned. He seemed very much at ease with himself, and she wondered how many girls he’d shown his cock to like this. It’s not something a guy would typically do. Usually he’d let the lady fish it out. He must have felt very sure of himself, enough to make her beg for it. It was a magnificent weapon, long and very thick and capped by a purple mushroom dome. Any comparison with her ex-husband was irrelevant. Kevin’s was much heavier. She stared at Kevin’s impressive shaft and her pussy quivered. Her panties were soaked.

“You really turn me on,” he said. “You really do, Irene …”

“That’s painfully obvious,” she laughed. “I think it works both ways…” Then she added: “I don’t think we ought to be doing this, but I’m afraid I can’t help myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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