The Spa

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I was both nervous and excited about the new Intimate Massage offered at the spa. The description was teasingly ambiguous, simply stating “An experience to bring you to new heights of pleasure and relaxation”.

The session started just as any other massage session. The massage therapist met me in the lobby and guided me back to a private room. In the room, I could see what looked like a standard massage table, a chair, and a work area for the therapist. The lighting was low. He asked me to undress completely, lie down on the table on my back and cover myself with the paper sheet provided. Then he left.

I started undressing with a flutter as this was the first time I had ever undressed completely for a massage. I slipped out of my bra and thong and ran my hands over my supple body. I had recently started going to the gym and I enjoyed the feel of my lightly muscled stomach stretching down to my well-groomed pussy. I sat up on the table and laid back, noticing immediately the table was rather short. Instead of resting fully on the table, my legs hung down over the edge at the knee. I covered up with the paper sheet and waited for the therapist to return.

With a soft knock, he asked if I was ready. I said I was. He came in, dimmed the lights further, and started playing some soft music. He moved behind me and asked me to close my eyes.

I felt some rustling in the paper sheet above my breasts and realized he was parting the paper sheet exposing my nipples and part of my breasts. As the cool air hit my nipples, I felt them stiffen. He gently fondled each breast, and then began to firmly massage my nipples, poker oyna pulling and squeezing, alternating from a soft touch to a definitive pinch. My breathing quickened as I enjoyed the attention. He squeezed some warm oil onto each nipple and rubbed it in. I could feel the heat spreading within my body, radiating from my nipples down between my legs. This continued for a long while and I began to slightly rub my legs together, trying to indirectly stimulate myself further.

Noticing my movements, he moved to the foot of the table. It sounded like some equipment was being moved around, but I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the warm feeling in my body. Suddenly, he was lifting my legs up and when I opened my eyes, I saw he had connected stirrups to the end of the table. The paper sheet fell back to my stomach as he placed my feet into the stirrups. He then asked me to scoot my behind down to the end of the table fully exposing myself to him.

At first I was embarrassed. I pulled my knees inward, trying to limit what he could see. He placed his warm hands on the insides of my thighs and gently pressed them apart asking me to relax and enjoy. As I thought about the great feelings he had already brought me, I dropped my knees to the sides and once again closed my eyes.

It seemed like an eternity I laid there with his eyes searching my most private area when I felt a warm liquid gliding over my clitoris and labia. His fingers soon followed, expertly rubbing the oil in circles over my smooth skin. His touch moved over my labia, then centered on my clit, slowly, gently rubbing. He was so close to me, I could feel his canlı poker oyna hot breath blowing across my skin. I could imagine him breathing in the scent of my arousal. I moaned and began to rock my hips slightly as I became lost in the pleasurable sensations he was creating.

After several minutes, he stopped touching me and I was initially disappointed; however, I realized he was only getting something from a drawer beneath the table. I felt his hand on me again, spreading my lips. I could feel something large pressing against and then entering my pussy. Oh, this is what had been missing. I so needed to feel full. He continued to push the large dildo into me until it couldn’t go any further. He pulled it out just a little, then pushed it back in, moving faster and further with each stroke. His other hand resumed the gentle circles on my clit and I thought I would explode. This intimate massage was worth every fucking penny I spent on it!

So many times I reached the pinnacle of an orgasm and every time he would immediately stop his movements. Each time the orgasm was eluded, my sensitivity jumped up a notch and new levels of pleasure were attained. I never imagined I could feel this good.

Again, his touch left me. I could hear him getting in the drawer once more. What could he be getting now? There could be no way of making this feel any better. I took inventory of my current state realizing just how horny I was and how I must look. My nipples still poked through the slits in the sheet. They were hard as pebbles and tingling with sexual excitement. My body was glistening with a fine perspiration from my exertion internet casino of almost reaching orgasm but then holding back. Although I couldn’t see it, I knew my clit was engorged with blood from being played with for so long with no release.

His hands were back. He was pouring more warm oil over me and rubbing it in across my clit, down my pussy, and around my asshole. His fingers lingered there and I felt pressure forcing my asshole to open and accept. I gasped as I had never experienced anal play before and I couldn’t imagine the feeling that was sweeping over me. He asked me if he had hurt me and should he stop. I told him no and to continue. One of his hands moved back up to my clit, continuing with the relentless rubbing while his other hand continued to apply pressure. With a soft pop, I felt my asshole open then close. This feeling was soon followed by more pressure and another feeling of opening and closing. I knew enough to know that he was placing anal beads inside me.

He slowed and quickened his rubbing as each bead was gently pushed in. I was once again climbing that mountain toward a majorly intense orgasm. I moaned loudly as I felt the dildo enter my pussy. God, this guy had to have three hands as he worked the dildo, continued rubbing my clit and had one hand on the anal beads! The heat was rising inside me and about to break over when I felt the anal beads being pulled from me. I was immediately over the edge and wailing as the most powerful orgasm I ever had rocked my body from head to toe. The orgasm seemed to last several minutes before I collapsed in a heap on the table. He quietly cleaned up, removed my feet from the stirrups and placed them on the floor, then covered me with a soft cloth sheet replacing the paper one. He whispered in my ear to rest as long as I needed and that I was exceptional.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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