The Swimming Pool

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It was a bitterly cold evening in January, and I’d decided to visit our local swimming pool after a hard day at the office. I’m a solicitor in a City law firm and after eight hours dictating letters and attending endless meetings, I always found the feeling of the cold water surging all around me both stimulating and relaxing.

That evening, unsurprisingly, the pool was almost empty. Like my wife and two teenage sons, most people had decided to stay in their cosy centrally heated homes than venture out into the darkness. There were perhaps five or six people swimming, plus a young male attendant sitting in a chair watching us. I swam up and down the pool, enjoying the motion of water across my body, feeling the aches of the day slowly fading away.

I stood up to rest after twenty lengths and noticed a woman in her thirties with short orange hair climbing out of the water. She was wearing a red micro-bikini and I couldn’t help noticing that she had a fantastic figure. As she turned, I realised that I knew her – it was Amy, the mother of a boy who went to the same secondary school as my children. I waved to her, and she smiled and waved back. I watched her as she walked over to the deep end, stood on tiptoe with her arms raised above her head, and executed a perfect dive into the water. There was scarcely a splash.

I plunged back into the water myself, vaguely, and slightly guiltily, wondering what she would look like naked. Her bikini left little to the imagination, and even from this distance I could see the distinct mound of her pussy and the telltale dark shadows caused by her nipples. Then the sensation of the clear, flowing liquid overwhelmed these idle thoughts, and I surrendered myself to the water for another twenty lengths.

When I eventually got out, my pores tingling all over in the cold air, there was no-one else in the pool. Amy had gone, and even the attendant had disappeared. I collected my clothes and towel from the locker and went into to the men’s changing rooms. There was no-one there either.

I took off my swimming trunks and discovered, to my surprise, that my penis was semi-erect. Normally, the cold water would keep me soft, despite the proximity of bare female flesh that would often be on display. I’d never really found swimming sexually exciting anyway, but tonight my cock obviously thought differently. Perhaps it was the presence of Amy…

I cupped my balls in my hand. They were as hard as rocks. I glanced at the clock on the wall – the pool was closing in a few minutes so no-one else would be arriving. I suddenly decided to do something I’d never, ever done before. I grabbed my bottle of shampoo and walked to the shower unit in the corner of the changing room. free spin I pressing the button and a stream of searing hot water cascaded over my body, causing me to gasp with shock and pleasure. I squeezed a big dollop of shampoo onto my hand and, turning my back on the spray, I began rubbing it onto my cock, sliding my hand up and down its length and over the tip with one hand, smoothing it over and around my pubic hair and squeezing and kneading my hard balls with the other. I had never been as hard as this, all eight inches of dark veined flesh slapping solidly against my stomach. As I slipped the foreskin back from my helmet, I saw it was bright purple and glistening – I could almost see my reflection in it. Every touch of my fingers was making me shudder now.

The hot water flowed over my back and down my arms, and I began pumping at my penis, gripping it so tightly the shampoo suds spurted from my fingers every time I slid my foreskin up. I was thinking of Amy, imagining her walking up to me, loosening the top of her bikini, letting me cup her two beautiful breasts in my hands. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the moment. A warm glow began moving out from my groin as both hands worked away. I had never masturbated anywhere except my home before, and although the feeling was fantastic, I was also conscious that I should ejaculate as quickly as possible before anyone caught me.

I felt the familiar pulsing sensation in my cock of an impending orgasm and I pumped even faster. The shampoo was dribbling down my arms and legs, frothing in the water at my feet. I was about to come.

Then – a noise!

I opened my eyes and froze. A shadow was moving across the changing room wall, by the entrance to the pool. I whirled around in a panic, trying to hide my erection. My heart banged away in my chest and my breathing was fast and ragged.

“Oh – hello!” came a voice. A soft, slightly husky voice.


I turned my head. She was standing there in her bikini, bold as brass, her eyes on the ceiling.

I tried to look affronted. “What on earth are you doing here?” I asked. I was aware that my voice had risen several octaves.

“Hello, Bill,” she said, with a knowing smile. “Did you have a nice swim?”

“I – well..” I stammered.

She shifted onto one foot. “Thing is, Bill, there’s no hot water in the ladies’ changing rooms, and I was told everyone had gone from here so I come in and use it for myself.”

I stared at her breasts. The bikini top hid nothing. Her nipples were huge and hard, pushing the thin material up into two perfectly symmetrical points, like tiny wide-open eyes.

“Any chance of waiting till I’m finished?” I asked, still clutching my erect bonus veren siteler cock.

She shivered. “Oh, Bill, I’m all cold out here,” she said mock-plaintively. “I promise I won’t look.”

I thought for a second. What harm was there? We’re both adults. She’ll keep her bikini on, and I’ll be out in a second.

“Well, okay,” I said, and began washing away the shampoo round my cock.

In a second, she was standing next to me at the other showerhead. I saw her hand reach out and turn the shower on and she screamed. “It’s boiling!” she laughed.

“I know. Always is.”

I looked at her bare shoulders out of the corner of my eye, trying to keep my mind on more mundane matters.

“How’s your son?” I asked.

“Tom? Oh, he’s fine,” she said, turning languidly so that the water surged through her hair and down her body in shiny rivulets. Her eyes were closed, a smile of pleasure on her lips.

My cock had lost most of its rigidity, but it was still semi-erect. I knew I’d better leave, but the combination of the pulsatingly hot water and the presence of this woman next to me kept me there, as if rooted to the spot.

“I don’t suppose I could borrow your shampoo, could I?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said. Her hand brushed across mine as I passed it to her, and a thrill went through my body. My cock jerked, as if pulled by an invisible wire.

I watched her pour some of the creamy liquid onto her hair and rub it in. Then she began rubbing it into her shoulders and across the top of her chest. Her hands rubbed lower, lower, and then disappeared into each cup of the bikini, massaging her tits with the shampoo.

I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. But my penis could. It was back at attention, the helmet glistening under the flowing water.

She was murmuring under her breath, something wordless. She crossed her arms and pulled the bikini up above her head in one fluid motion. Then she looked straight at me, and reached out and took my balls in the palm of her left hand. Just like that.

I gasped with surprise. “Amy!”

She took one step towards me. “No-one will know. If you don’t tell anyone.”

I’d never noticed her bright green eyes before. She opened her mouth and pressed herself against me, pushing her lips onto mine. I felt the points of her nipples digging into my chest, the soft mound of her cunt thrusting against my thigh. I groaned. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and ran both hands through my hair and down my back. Then I felt them grab hungrily for my cock, which had rammed itself up against her hipbone. She began pulling the foreskin up and down, slowly and measuredly under the cascading water.

My nose deneme bonusu veren siteler was pressed against hers so tightly I could barely breathe. Her mouth tasted of peaches. My hands, at first held loosely by my sides, began exploring her neck, her shoulders, running them down her back, bumping my fingers against the bones of her spine. They had a life of their own. She leant against me still more, bringing my head down with her, and her back became arched, her skin tight over her ribs. My hands rested on each of her soft, plump buttocks. I began squeezing them, almost involuntarily, every time she pulled at my engorged cock.

Eventually she stopped kissing me and ran her mouth over my face, her tongue caressing my nose, my eyes, across my forehead. With one hand she was pulling at my scrotum, cupping each ball in turn and gently squeezing, while with the other she was wanking me harder and faster, my helmet banging against her stomach. There wasn’t much room to move.

I pushed her back so her face was under the shower and put one nipple into my mouth. It was soft at the bottom, hard at the tip, and tasted – like her mouth – like peaches. I took as much of her tit in my mouth as I could, sucking it in, rubbing my teeth gently across it, flicking at her nipple with my tongue. She gave a high-pitched groan and almost lost her balance, taking her hands off my cock and grabbing tightly onto my buttocks. I put one arm around her, twisted her slightly, and took her other wet nipple into my mouth. Saliva and water mingled in my mouth as I ate her beautiful breast, forcing it right into the back of my mouth so that I almost gagged.

Her hands were back on my penis now, and I could feel once more the growing sensation of an explosive orgasm. As if sensing this, she pushed away from me and planted her feet either side of mine, bending back so that her head was once more right under the showerhead. Clumsily, she grabbed my hard cock with one hand and pulled it to her chest.

I got the idea. Straddling her, I laid my cock against her, bent my legs and pushed her breasts together with both hands so they held it tightly between them. Her tits were red and shiny and I could see tiny teeth-marks around her nipples. I pushed against her slowly and carefully, watching intently as my helmet rose up and down between her breasts. Water cascaded down us both. She’d braced herself against the wall, but with one hand she’d somehow managed to reach the shampoo bottle and she squirted it over my cock. The frothy liquid ran down her bulging orbs and over my hands, easing the path of my rock-hard penis once, twice…and then my body jolted, my eyes snapped shut and I shot a huge, stringy load of cum all over her mouth, her eyes, her cheeks. My hands clenched her breasts even more, until she cried out in pain.

I opened my eyes. Her mouth, eyes and cheeks were covered in spunk. She was smiling languidly up at me. Through the hissing water, I heard her say, “So, Bill, when do you go swimming again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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