The Tease Ch. 01

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I had been thinking of this day for too long. The expectation of being with her again was getting to me. Pacing around the room, the sweat was beginning to dampen my clothes, even in the air conditioned coolness of the hotel room. My mind raced, the images flashing through my head like a wild pornographic slide show. Scenes from our past mixed with pictures drawn from our long erotic phone conversations and on line chats. I was three quarters hard, and not at all as cool as I wanted to be when I first saw her again. My mind was concentrating on the time we were waiting for a ferry. We had left the car and strolled to the edge of the pier, where we looked down at the water for a few minutes, or more accurately she did…I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as usual. Her shape excited me, and she knew it. She moved back against me, her swaying body rubbing against mine. She looked back and leaned in to kiss me, and I nuzzled her as she pushed back against me. Her hands stole around to gently and discreetly brush against the front of my jeans and she moaned softly. That’s all it took for me to become hard as a rock…and she promptly skipped away back to the car. She sat on the hood, stretching and posing for me, and she laughed because I had to walk in front of those many people, with an obvious hard on tenting my pants. She was an imp.

My mind went to the car ride after leaving the ferry, where we stopped at every light and I had to kiss her. We were honked at every time, the impatient drivers behind us frustrated at my inability to keep my mouth from hers. Just as I saw us moving away from the well travelled beach to the pile of driftwood, where she urgently dropped her pants and held my face to her sex, I was startled by the knock on the door. Jumping to open the door I stepped back and there she was, smiling that impish smile at me, her eyes gleaming with that brightness I was drawn to.

She walked in, closing the door. Moving up to me she leaned in and kissed me. Our kisses were always electric, and this one was no different. What was different was what happened when our lips parted. Before we had always talked, smiled and laughed, and kissed some more, like any couple exploring a new relationship. This time it was different, and although we both knew it, it was she who proved it.

She dropped to her knees and grabbed quickly for my zipper, sliding it down. Because I was already hard she had to fish a bit to get my cock through the opening. I looked down as she took my hard shaft between her fingers and, looking up at me intently, opened her mouth and plunged down on it. I was mesmerized, watching her…she was on a mission and she sucked me like she had been craving my cum for a long time. She sucked hard and insistently, all the while staring up at me. Finally, taking her mouth away she whispered to me, “I have been thinking of drinking your cum for the last week…cum for me babe”. She then dropped back down, her lips forming a ring and her cheeks hollowing with the suction she was exerting. I had no control, as usual with her…as soon as I saw her or talked with her I could feel the semen starting to move within me. It had started earlier, with that slide show in my mind, and now that she was willing it to rise up and burst out of me it felt like a steam engine racing up from inside of me. Even though I resisted, not wanting this to end, I was powerless in her hands. Seeing those bright eyes shine up at me and her cheeks working, feeling her sucking me like I hadn’t ever been sucked before was too much, and all of a sudden my cum was boiling out of me. I felt spasms move through me again and again, bucking my hips as shot pulse after pulse into her mouth. All the while she was looking up at me, and I could see her cheeks hollow and her throat move as she swallowed every drop I gave her. She kept her lips wrapped around my softening cock until she felt me relax, whereupon she smiled and stood up.

I couldn’t keep my hands away. Leaping to take her in my arms I bent my mouth to hers. She teased me, softly kissing me for a moment before pulling away, then kissing me again, only to bite my tongue as it searched for hers. I looked at her and saw those shining eyes and that impish grin, laughing at my excitement. With my hands rubbing her hips, moving around to take that gorgeous ass in my hands, I laughed to myself as I nuzzled her neck and kissed her throat. Without looking I could see the imp’s smile as I began to lick her neck, moving to that hollow in her shoulder before wandering back up to her jaw. I thrilled to know, again without looking, that her impish smile was lost when I reached up and took her ear lobe between my lips, swirling my tongue around it as I sucked. I knew her like she knew me after all, and my hands were ready to take more of her weight as she swooned in response to her sexual trigger. My big hands cupped the cheeks of her ass as I lifted her into me, and turned to allow both of us to sink to a sitting position on the bed.

My smile came out as I released her earlobe from between my lips, for now her eyes were closed and bahis firmaları she had a half smile, half nervous frown on her face as she clung to my arms. My face licked down her neck again, nuzzling the top of her chest. I unbuttoned her blouse and my lips kissed down her chest and I licked the top swell of her breasts. I opened my mouth to take in much of her breast through the cup of her bra, then releasing it to tongue both mounds through the sheer fabric. As I unclasped her bra I whispered to her, “Remember what you told me once? You said ‘Herman, the only man who can make a nipple feel like a clitoris'”

I felt her sigh as she leaned back and gave herself over to enjoying the feeling of my mouth worshipping her nipples. My hands stroked her sides and her thighs as I sucked and nibbled her breasts. I felt like a starving man who had stumbled into a feast as I tasted her. I couldn’t stop from exploring her with my mouth, first licking all around the swell of her breast, then sucking a nipple into my mouth. After nibbling gently I would suck hard, pulling it out away from her body, stretching her skin away from her chest as I swirled my tongue around that little point, I lost myself in her breasts, thrilling in her response as she moaned and grabbed my hair, pulling my head harder into her chest. My hands kept moving as well, rubbing her thighs. Urging her legs apart I massaged the insides of her strong lean thighs, moving higher and higher. I could feel the heat from her as I got closer and closer to the tops of them. When my fingers first brushed over the strip of fabric that separates her two legs I heard her gasp, and I released a nipple from between my lips and started licking the bottom swell of her breasts.

I leaned into her a bit, gently urging her to lie back onto the bed. My mouth moved down over her taut belly as my fingers unbuttoned her jeans. I was still stroking the insides of her thighs when my mouth got to the gap left by her opened jeans. I could feel her body tense as my tongue ran under the fabric of her panties, brushing the top of her pubic mound, running through the light covering of hair. Already tense with excitement I felt a thrill shoot through me as I tugged downward on her jeans, for she showed me how much she wanted me by the eagerness with which she lifted her hips, urging me to pull her pants down and off her. I ran my tongue all over the fabric covering her mound, feeling the heat rising from her and beginning to see the fabric become transparent as it became saturated with her wetness. I pushed my tongue under the edge of her panties, licking just the edges of her sex, brushing the outside edge of her swelling lips. She moaned and arched her back.

I raised up and brought my mouth once more to her neck, my hands sought out hers. Holding her hands in mind I raised them above her head as I once again took her ear in my mouth. As she shivered almost uncontrollably in response to this, my one hand stole away and came back up with the cuff of a restraint which I fastened on her delicate wrist. I kept my mouth sucking her earlobe, and she was so distracted I’m not certain she was instantly aware that both wrists were now securely in cuffs which led to each corner of the bed. As I lay her back though her eyes opened and she looked at me.

“I want to have you for my pleasure now Katie…you are just along for the ride now. I need to taste you now, and I want to be able to enjoy my feast…you will just have to lie back and feel now. I am in control of your body now, and I want to enjoy you for a long while now.” With that said I began to lick my way down her body again, pausing to suck her nipples back into little rock hard points before trailing down once more to her panties. I licked all around the edges of the now wet patch of fabric before beginning to lick the insides of her thighs slowly and leisurely, moving steadily higher and higher until I was one again pushing my tongue beneath the edge of the fabric. Katie moaned as pulled the wet panties down her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy, for the first time. As I pulled them off of her I held each leg firmly, fastening the cuff of another restraint around each ankle, spreading her legs wide apart. I lay between her thighs, looking up at her as she stared down at me.

“I love your beautiful pussy,” I said. “I love how it looks, especially now when you are excited, for your lips are all swollen, and those beautiful pink inner lips are poking out now, showing me how excited you are, how you want me as much as I want you. And I do want you sexy Katie…I want you like I have never wanted another woman before. I am already hard again with wanting you…my cock wants to have you again…but you know what I need first. I need to taste you again. I want to drink you, I have been dreaming of your taste, it has been in my mind since the first time I pushed my tongue into you…sweet, yet not.”

With that I looked up at her. Seeing her stare down at me, a tense look of expectation on her face was incredibly thrilling, and as I made my tongue into a point and pushed kaçak iddaa it in between her pussy lips I felt a surge run through me and I felt my cock swell to a point that it throbbed with wanting her. My tongue went deep inside of her, making a funnel which channeled her sweet tasting fluid into my mouth. I drank what I could before again making the end hard and slowly moving it upward, spreading her swollen folds as it wagged back and forth up her slit. As I rolled it over the hard little nub of her clit I could hear her intake of breath. My tongue kept journeying up and down her dripping slit, pausing each time it passed her hard and swollen clit. I slid one finger slowly into her, stroking her inner wall as my lips nibbled on her swollen pink tissue. I could feel her tensing up more and more as I got to her more sensitive parts, and so my tongue went right to her pleasure center, twirling around and around as I pushed a second finger deep inside her. She was approaching orgasm when I pulled my mouth away from her and moved my fingers to her inner thighs, where they fluttered up and down, occasionally brushing between her lips to cause her to moan slightly.

“Damn I love your taste, I love the way your pussy looks…I don’t ever want to lose the taste that’s in my mouth right now. I can’t describe how good it is. It’s not sweet, yet it is…it is like an understated yet very fragrant flower, but one that has a scent more musky than cloying…like a viburnum or a lily rather than honeysuckle. It’s heavenly. Your body turns me on so much, you make me hotter than I have ever been. I want to spend all day and night experiencing you, and I want to have you completely. All of you is mine today, and I am going to take every bit of pleasure I can from you.”

My tongue began roaming up and down her slit once more, my fingers probed deep within her again. As I ran my tongue up her slit I could feel her engorged clit, even bigger and harder than it had been. She was moaning a lot now, a soft moan, but filled with wanting. As my tongue would approach her clit she began to twitch and her hips would thrust as if they had a mind of their own. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could, lapping at her inside walls, my nose pushed between her swollen lips and massaging her clit more. Then it was back to licking her softly, pausing to nibble on her inner lips, flicking my tongue between them, then seeking out her clit once more and lightly flicking my tongue over it again and again until I could feel her trembling and her moaning got more urgent. Just before she began to go over the top I pulled back yet again, my fingers massaging her thighs, her belly, moving up to pinch her hard nipples and rolling them between my fingertips.

“I want you to come harder than you ever have before. So I don’t think its time yet, you need to want it more than you ever have before too. Not to mention how much fun I am having playing with your beautiful pussy. So later my love…not yet. In fact, I think you will need to tell me when you can’t stand it anymore. I cant imagine that you have done much begging in your life, my smart and capable imp…you always seem to have such a firm grasp of things. But right now you don’t do you? You cant move, and you are spread out before me to use as I will, and I am having such a good time. I am soooo hot for you it cant be put into words, but I already came once, I can wait yet to feed you what I have for you. I am thinking, as a matter of fact, how I want you to take my next load of come. I will have all of you tonight, every hole, but there’s lots of time. For a long time now I have wanted to have you below me again. I haven’t ever had your sweet ass you know. When I think of how tight and hot your sweet pussy is I can’t imagine how good it would feel to push my cock into your ass. I want to watch you as I rub the head of my cock around that little hole…you will feel me wanting in. Oh yeah, maybe that’s how I will have you next. Do you want me to fuck that hot little ass of yours?”

I again ran my tongue up her slit, feeling her shiver as I ran it over her clit. Trailing back down, it once more pushed deep into her for a moment. Pulling it out, it moved downward this time, licking below her pussy and running around her pink ass. I twirled it around her hole, faster and faster until it centered on that little entrance, pushing into her just a bit. As I once more returned to licking upwards over her clit I found the vibrator I had saved and clicked it on. I began to lightly rub it all over her inflamed pussy, teasing her clit with it as my tongue went back to pushing her puckered little rear hole. Then the vibrating toy pushed slowly into her. I put a finger at her ass and rubbed as I slowly slid the toy in and out of her. As the toy was drawn out, I pressed a little harder and the end of my finger slid into her ass.

“Oh yeah, the thought of fucking your sweet ass is turning me on. I bet you want to feel my big cock in that tight ass.”

I pushed the toy into her again as I also worked my finger deeper into her rear. I stared up kaçak bahis at her. She was biting her lower lip, looking down at me.

“Tell me Katie, do you want my big cock in that sweet ass?” I smiled at her, and thrilled to see her head nod.

“You are going to have to ask me to fuck your ass Katie…but you need to know something. I will try and be gentle with you, but I am awfully turned on. I don’t know if I can hold back. Are you ready to have me fuck that sweet ass as hard as I can?”

I began to rub my finger over the toy inside of her. She began to tremble as I continued.

“That would feel good, to have that rubbing my cock while I was buried in your tight ass. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have two cocks in you at once Katie?”

I stared up at her looking down at me. “Tell me the truth Katie, you would love to know what that feels like right? I know you think of those things, I know what kind of a hot slut you are deep inside. You will start to know soon Katie, for when I fuck your sweet ass I will be pushing this in and out of your pussy too. You never know, I like the thought of seeing you wild with lust, maybe before we are done tonight I will find another cock so you wont have to wonder anymore. But that would be later, I am so hot right now I cant hardly stand it. I want to push my cock into your ass so bad…almost as bad as you want it”.

I once more went back to licking her slit, very slowly moving the toy and my finger inside her. I put my tongue right on top of her clit and as I stared up at her began to shake my head back and forth, making my tongue vibrate on her clit. She was twitching now, I could feel her thigh muscles tighten and spasm as if she was suffering a cramp. Her hips began to thrust harder and harder, she let out a sound that was unlike anything I had ever from her, almost a half moan that was turning into a shriek. All of a sudden I pulled all away from her again.

“You want it don’t you Katie? You really want to come I can tell. And you know, I won’t push my cock into your ass until you beg me to make you cum…you have to beg first. You’re tougher than I thought I have to admit, and I am so hot I cant stand it very much longer. But you know what? I don’t have to…I can use you anyway I want to. I am going to show you how much I want you now.”

With that I moved up and straddled her chest. My cock was unbelievably swollen and leaking a lot of fluid. I moved up and reached down to hold the sides of her head and moved my hips so that my cock bobbed right in front of her face.

“Look at how much I want you Katie. Look at how much I am leaking…its like you pull the cum out of me.”

I rubbed the leaking head around her face a bit, thrilling to see her mouth open and try to capture it to taste. “You know, this is going to be wasted if I have to give it to you before you ask me to fuck your ass. Wouldn’t all this juice make it nice and slippery for when I shoved it into that tight little ass of yours? I can’t believe how much your ass grabs my one finger, think about how it will feel when I push this into it. Wouldn’t you like to have it nice and slippery?”

With that I moved back down and again turned on the vibrator. Raising her hips I put several pillows under her rear, pushing her high into the air. As I lightly ran the buzzing wand up and down her slit I pushed the dripping head of my cock against her ass. As I slowly slid the toy into her pussy I rubbed the head around her ass, pushing just a bit.

“Oh yeah…I can tell you want it in your ass. Do you feel that little hole wanting to open? But you need to ask me first.”

I stared up at her grinning with delight at seeing her desire. I nodded a bit to her and she whispered, “Plase fuck my ass…i want your cock in my ass so bad.”

I pulled back and bent my head down, again finding her clit with my tongue and working it until her hips thrust involuntarily, and again, before she surrendered to orgasm I pulled away.

“You know you need to cum first Katie, and I can’t let you come until I hear you beg me. But I don’t know if I can wait any more…I can feel the cum rising up my cock.. It wants you Katie, and I can’t wait much more. Maybe I will fuck your face if you arent ready to beg yet. Do you remember how I fucked your face that one night babe?” I looked down and grinned. “You remember. You liked it too. It was soooo hot, I would love to cum like that again. It would be even better this time, I didn’t have you tied up then.”

I straddled her chest again, and took the sides of her face between my hands. She opened her mouth and I pushed my red and swollen cock in a little ways. “Damn I remember how hot that was. You started to gag a bit but you took it all the way down didn’t you, you hot little cocksucker?” With that I pushed deeper until I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. “You’ll take it again if that’s how I decide to have you this time too.” I pushed against her throat, ignoring the strangling sounds until my long cock was completely buried in her mouth. “Damn babe, that feels soooo freaking good…I can feel your throat muscles work the end of my cock.” I pulled out and thrust again, once more burying it in her throat, stopping her gagging sounds as if I had plugged her voice up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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