The Transaction

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Sasha cried out as the older man entered her. He was more than twice her own twenty-years of age, but he was still fit, his cock long and thick as it pushed deep into her womb. His hair was gray and receding slightly, but he was still full of strength and power.

Despite hardly knowing him, Sasha wanted to kiss Richard. To feel his lips on hers as they made rough, hard love in her small bed. His body was arched back, his green eyes closed as he thrust inside her cunt.

The thin blond spread herself open wide to allow the man deeper into her body. She wasn’t an experienced lover, but she knew enough of men from her days as a gangster’s girlfriend back in her native Russia.

To her surprise, an orgasm broke over her body quickly. She let out a moan of pleasure. Richard opened his eyes and smiled at her, never stopping his rhythm. For several more minutes, he fucked her quietly and quickly. To her surprise, he pulled out of her. With expert care and strong arms, he flipped Sasha over. With a gasp, she felt him penetrate her again. From this angle, he felt even bigger than before.

His hands on her hips, Richard worked even harder now. He was grunting and thrusting. Sweat dripped off of him and onto her back and ass. Sasha felt another stirring inside her. Richard’s strength and command of her body was intense.

The second orgasm made her cry out his name. Richard said nothing, but a few thrusts later, he buried himself deep inside her and held it there. Sasha gasped as the hot fluid filled her body. The older man definitely wasn’t impotent casino oyna and managed to dump a very large load within her womb. Richard pulled out and Sasha rolled onto her back, breathing hard.

There was movement to Sasha’s left and she looked over to see Anna, Richard’s wife setting a wad of bills on the nightstand. The woman, nearly Richard’s age, actually had a smile on her face as she helped her husband off the bed. Anna was gorgeous. A classic beauty like you’d seen in an old black and white movie.

Anna nodded to the cash on the nightstand, “Half now. And half when you deliver the…product.” Anna patted the younger woman’s belly where Richard’s seed was spreading. Richard kissed his wife and pulled her to him.

Laughing, the two left Sasha alone to continue their play in their room down the hall. All Sasha could do was count the money and mark the date on the calendar. Richard would probably be back later that night. And probably again tomorrow and the day after.

The money was good, though. Good for nine months of work.

Sasha stood and slipped on a robe. It was fine satin. Everything in Richard and Anna’s home was fine. The room was spacious. She could fit her old apartment from Russia inside the room. And that didn’t even cover the bathroom or walk-in closet.

Patting her belly, Sasha walked around, stretching her legs. Realizing she was sweaty, she decided to clean off. The shower itself was a huge space with multiple shower heads. She got it good and hot and let the water blast away the sweat from her lovemaking with slot oyna Richard.

Thinking of Richard made her antsy and soon she was playing with herself, leaned against the glass of the shower stall. The sex was good, but the freedom she felt here was the biggest turn-on. Sasha was tweaking one small breast and her clit when she got her release.

Stepping out of the shower, she toweled off and looked at her naked body in the mirror. Twenty-years-old and in her prime, Sasha knew what she was. Her breasts were small, but firm. She wondered how big they’d get after Richard’s seed took.

The thought of being pregnant with Richard’s baby thrilled her. And it wasn’t just the money. Something about him. She wanted to have his baby. Wanted to be fucked by him.

Putting her robe back on, Sasha padded out into the hallway. The mansion was massive, but her room was only a few doors down from Richard and Anna. Quietly, she walked down to find the door to their suite ajar.

Peeking inside, Sasha found Richard standing beside his big bed. Naked and gorgeous, the faint light of the moon showed every ripple of muscle on his body.

Equally naked was his wife, Anna. She was kneeling before him, working his long, hard cock in her mouth. For a women of class and elegance, she knew how to deep throat a cock. No small feat with Richard’s manhood. Anna had a trim body with large breasts. They were firm and bounced with how hard she was taking Richard. Her brown hair was long and streaked with gray. Anna’s hand was between her muscled legs, playing with canlı casino siteleri herself.

Sasha was horny again. She knew she shouldn’t be, but she was.

“My love,” Richard said. “We have a visitor.”

Anna slid Richard out of her mouth and turned to smile at Sasha. “Just in time, my dear.”

Sasha was moving forward and dropping to her knees. Next to his wife, Sasha took her turn, sucking Richard’s cock.

“It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” Anna asked. “You want it, don’t you?”

Not taking her mouth off the large cock, Sasha just nodded.

“You want to be fucked by my husband? Fucked hard?”

Sasha nodded again.

“You want to be bred by him? Feel his seed?”

Sasha nodded even more emphatically.

“Good girl,” Anna said. “I think it’s time for another…deposit.”

Reluctantly, Sasha stopped sucking and stood up.

Anna kissed Sasha’s cheek then whispered, “Grab those ankles, my dear. Show my husband how flexible you are.”

Sasha smiled and bent over, grabbing an ankle with each hand. In her teens, she was training to be a gymnast, but was pulled out of the program at eighteen when a high-ranking official took a liking to her.

From behind, Sasha felt Richard’s hands on her again. Once more, she felt him inside her. Where he belongs, she told herself.

Completely submitting, Sasha let Richard use her. This wasn’t about the money, right now. It was about the power. She lost herself in the moment. She was just his. Controlled and dominated. There were no worries. No other thoughts than of just this moment. A man taking her while his wife watched it.

He was deep inside her when he came for the second time that night. Sasha let out a long moan of pleasure when she felt it fill her.

“Thank you,” she said. “Thank you…sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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