The Witch and The Snake Charmer

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Hello all! A Halloween story for you this time! Probably my “nicest” story so far, but still contains my usual themes. Male on female, huge/hyper sizes, cum inflation, etc. As always, you’ve been warned.

Comments and feedback are always welcome! I do read all of the comments you folks read, and I very much appreciate all the compliments and constructive criticism. I just don’t reply because I don’t care for this site’s comment system. For those of you who leave less than intelligent comments, well, why even bother?

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A lurid cacophony blared through the small car. Grinding, heavy guitars, accompanied by what sounded like the crazed screams of an insane asylum inmate, blasted from the numerous speakers that littered the dashboard. The sounds of a loud, screeching engine could be heard and felt as it vibrated through the vehicle. Thick fingers drummed on the steering wheel rapidly, doing their best to mimic the blast-beat style percussion of the song. Accompanying these numerous noises was a comically bad impression of the vocals of the song coming from the driver. All of these different sounds clashed together in a way that few would find pleasant. As the song ended, a new voice rang out from the speakers, this one of a much more pleasant, professional variety.

“This is Solid Metal XM! Tonight we’re playing only the spookiest, most wretched songs we can get our hands on! It’s Halloween listeners, so that means it’s gonna be a night full of brutal music that never stops. It’s a full moon tonight and a Saturday, the perfect recipe for some weird shit to go down. I hope all you listeners out there have a great night, and a safe one! Next up is…”

The radio announcer’s voice faded away as another song kicked into rotation. The driver of the small car started drumming once more, but stuck to humming along rather than singing this time. The streets passed endlessly before him as the sun set in the distance. He shifted anxiously in his seat, eager to get home after a long shift at the restaurant. A dirty black apron sat next to him in the passenger’s seat along with a black hat with the company’s logo emblazoned on it. The driver pressed his foot down harder onto the gas as he merged onto the freeway, an indicator that his commute was soon coming to an end. Familiar ringing cut off the loud sounds of music, and the man reached over and pressed a button on the center console, accepting the call.

“Yo Isaac, you offa work yet man?” a male questioned on the other end of the line, his voice coming out from the car speakers .

“Yeah man, I’m almost home already,” the driver, Isaac, answered back, speaking out loud due to the wonder of hands-free technology, “thank God the owners had enough sense to close early, I barely cooked shit all day.”

“Man no one goes out to eat on Halloween,” the voice answered back, “so are you still coming tonight?”

“Yeah Josh you know it. What time is the party starting?”

“Told people to come by around 9,” the voice, Josh, answered, “but you can stop by earlier. We’re just gonna be chillin’ and playin’ some fighting games before people start showing up.”

“Cool cool, if I get ready early I’ll head over.”

“Don’t forget to bring some drinks. Beer or some shit. We got food covered.”

“Oh you know I’ll be bringin’ some bottles!” Isaac laughed.

“Nice, I’ll see you soon then man.”

With this, the call ended and the metal music started up once again. Isaac pulled off the freeway, slowing down slightly despite the fact that he would rather do well over the speed limit if he could. He looked at his digital clock on the dash and noted that he still had a couple hours before he needed to head over to Josh’s. After several side streets, Isaac pulled up to his apartment complex and parked right in front of his building; even though it was early the parking lot was still fairly empty due to everyone out partying or trick-or-treating. Turning off the car, the young man hopped out and headed into his building, a skip clear in his step.

Isaac threw open the door to this apartment, waltzed in, and slammed it behind him. Kicking off his work shoes of the non-slip variety, he threw his keys onto a small table next to the entrance and walked into the living room. He began to undress as he walked through the room, tossing his clothes wherever he pleased. Isaac did make sure to toss his phone on the couch, though, so he wouldn’t forget it before he left. Reaching the bedroom, he slipped out of his jeans, nearly tripping in his haste, and kicked them to the side. Regardless of how busy work was, he always ended up greasy and smelling like bacon, so a shower was always required as soon as he got home. As he took off his boxers, he looked at the Halloween outfit he had laid out on his bed this morning and smiled to himself; tonight would be fun.

Walking into his bedroom-connected bathroom, he flipped both switches on the wall, güvenilir bahis turning on the light and the fan. Isaac walked over to the shower, reached in, and turned the water on. He stepped back and walked to the mirror, knowing it would take a few minutes for the water to heat up to the temperature he wanted. Starting at himself in the mirror, he ran a hand over his dark, black beard, giving it a good feel. Isaac grabbed the electric razor next to the sink and gave his beard a once over, making sure it was nice and trimmed for the party. He used the razor on the edges of his similarly dark, black hair, giving it the slightest touch up. Leaning over and staring at his own reflection in the mirror once more, his brown eyes staring back at themselves, he double-checked his appearance once more. Satisfied with the trim he gave himself, he stood up straight and walked to the shower.

Stepping into the hot water, Isaac gave a small moan of appreciation at the warmth that overtook his body. He grabbed the shampoo off the side of the tub and squirted some into his hands. As he began to lather his hair, he thought of the party tonight. Plain and simple, Isaac was looking to get laid. Thanks to the ease that social media made in planning a party, Isaac had a good look at everyone who was planning to show up, and it looked like there would be plenty of ladies he didn’t know; something that was expected from his friend group. As he rinsed his hair in the water, suds of soap and trickles of water streaming down his face, he snickered to himself; he had quite the reputation in his social circle.

Isaac moved on to soaping himself up with body wash. He always had to be extra thorough here as he was quite the hairy guy. The hair on his chest and arms especially seemed to trap sweat and smells, so he made sure to give them an extra scrub for tonight. His genitals also got a good scrubbing – he couldn’t be smelling bad down south for the night’s festivities. Isaac dumped some conditioner in his hair and rubbed it in before grabbing a washcloth and bringing it to his face. Much like his body, the hair on his face was thick, so they also needed an involved cleaning. Isaac also made sure to get around his larger, pointed nose – it always seemed to get grime on it when he worked. Standing under the water for a few more minutes to get fully un-soaped, Isaac relished his last few moments of true warmth.

Turning off the water, Isaac stepped out of the shower and grabbed the two towels that hung on the rack. Throwing one onto his head, he wrapped the other around his waist. Isaac walked to the sink once again and started to brush his teeth as he inspected himself in the mirror. He grimaced to himself around his toothbrush as he noted he was getting a bit flabby: too much snacking on the job while he was cooking. Making a mental note to hit the gym more often after work, he rinsed his mouth out and walked out of the bathroom, grabbing his deodorant as he went.

After applying it to his underarms, he threw it onto his bed along with the now-wet towels. While normally he would go into his bedroom closet to get dressed for going out, he had everything he needed laid out on his bed already. Lying on the bed was his costume for tonight, one he had picked out carefully. It was actually a cheap, mass-produced costume but one he had made special modifications too. The outfit lying on his bed was one of a stereotypical “snake charmer” getup. A turban-esque hat that was easy to put on sat on top of the ensemble, followed by a baggy red shirt and a tan open-chested kind of jacket. Below that was a pair of baggy brown cloth pants, and a pair of cheap tan sandals. The so-called-joke of the costume was that a green cloth snake hung out of the crotch – hence the “snake charmer” theme. Isaac wouldn’t have worn such a dumb, offensive costume if it wasn’t something vaguely from his own cultural background, and for what he had planned for it.

The modification that Isaac had made to it concerned the snake coming from the crotch. Before his altering, the snake had hung down 7, maybe 8 inches, and was on the thin side; it looked like something akin to a garden snake. It was also a pretty flimsy material, owing no doubt to its mass-produced nature. Now, the snake looked more like an anaconda. It hung down more than a foot and a half, and was thicker than a can of pop. Isaac had also prettied it up a bit, and gave it a more menacing looking head by adding non-googly prop eyes and some fake teeth to the mouth. It looked pretty good if he did say so himself; pretty good and pretty functional.

The reason Isaac had made the snake bigger, besides just to add some flare to the fairly lame costume, was for a more perverse reason. See, Isaac took the joke of the costume to heart and had modified the fake snake to better fit his own flesh and blood “snake”. Isaac had, as far as he knew, the biggest penis ever. Even flaccid it hung down to his knees and was thicker than his wrist türkçe bahis all the way down to head, which flared out slightly thicker than the rest of it. Isaac was also happy that the pants that came with the costume were very baggy, because his balls were of a similar league to his dick; they looked like softballs resting in their huge sack. Fitting them into a normal pair of pants was already a chore, and involved a lot of careful tucking and wrapping, so not having to worry about that tonight was a nice change.

Isaac smiled to himself as he started to get changed. He put the red shirt on first, noting that it was also pretty baggy itself. He grabbed the pants and started to pull them up his legs, but stopped right as they came under the root of his swaying, limp shaft. This would be the moment of truth. Sitting on the bed, tucking the back of the pants under his round butt, he grabbed the fake snake and held it out. Using his other hand, he reached out, grabbed his penis just under the head and brought it towards himself. His cock coiled as he did this until it was bunched up around his groin. Holding both snakes in his hands, he carefully aimed his glans at the hole of the pants where the snake started and began to insert it into the opening. To his relief, it fit, albeit a bit snuggly. While it did take several minutes, Isaac managed to get all his cock into the cloth snake, his head resting right below the head of the fake reptile. Success.

Standing up, Isaac quickly threw on the rest of the garb. It also came with a cheap plastic bead necklace, which he put around his neck, and plastic fake instrument for “charming.” Isaac had taken the initiative to modify this little piece as well, and it now operated as a mostly-functional flask. Isaac placed the hat on his head to finish the ensemble and walked over the full-length mirror that leaned up against the wall opposite his bed. Studying himself, he looked, well, dumb, but that was kind of the point. He did give a satisfying glance at his crotch, noting that the snake covered his appendage perfectly. No one would be any the wiser at the party. Smiling at himself once more, he walked out of the room.

Now that he was back in the living room, he walked over to the couch where he had thrown his phone and checked the time: he still had about an hour before the party officially began. He might as well head over early. Shooting off a couple texts, he walked over to the kitchen. Isaac grabbed a paper shopping bag from under his sink and started to load it with some alcohol and mixers from his fridge. A bottle of vodka here, a 6-pack of beer there; top it off with a 2 liter of clear soda and you had yourself a good time. Once the bag was nice and full he headed to the entrance, grabbed his keys and wallet from their table, and walked out of his apartment.

Isaac pulled his phone out once more as he strolled to his car, sending a text to Josh to let him know he was on his way over. Unlocking his small car, he threw the bag of alcohol into the passenger seat and carefully maneuvered into the driver’s seat; since his dick was basically hanging out in the open, he had to make sure not to bang it on anything or sit on it. The black-haired man turned on the car, backed out of the parking spot, and zoomed off into the night. Isaac of course turned the radio back on, letting his favorite type of music, metal, blast into his car. He drove off into the night, excited for what this fun Holiday had in store for him.

The drive to Josh’s was predictably uneventful. There were few cars out tonight, and Isaac saw more trick-or-treaters walking down the sides of the streets than vehicles on the road. Isaac had to smile at the myriad of different costumes he saw, ranging from classics like vampires and mummies, to characters he could only assume were from video games or cartoons that he didn’t recognize. Man he was getting old. Shaking thoughts of age from his mind, Isaac focused back on the road as he realized he was slowly coming up to Josh’s house. As he turned onto the street, he found a lucky parking spot in front of the sidewalk in front of his friend’s house, and pulled up to it.

Isaac turned off his car and got out, grabbing his bag of alcohol from the passenger seat. He winced slightly as his penis hit the edge of the inside of his car. He needed to be more careful. Slamming the door of his vehicle shut, Isaac stared up at Josh’s house. It was a large suburban domicile in a well-to-do neighborhood, like something out of a magazine from the 50’s, white-picket fence and all. Isaac had always been a bit jealous of Josh: his father had paid his way through law school and had gotten him a job at the firm he was partnered at straight out of graduation. Lucky bastard. Even though they had been both more like class clowns than honor students in school, Josh had landed the cushy life. Nepotism goes along away, Isaac supposed. But the one thing that hadn’t changed was that they were still close friends, güvenilir bahis siteleri something Isaac was thankful for.

Walking up the door, Isaac could hear the tell-tale signs of the guys heatedly playing games and yelling at each other. Smiling, Isaac knocked loudly on the white door and waited for an answer. He could hear the pitter-patter of feet walk up to it, before turning the knob and opening the door. The person who answered the door wasn’t Josh, it was his girlfriend Clarissa. She was a blonde, busty thing, the type that Josh had always chased throughout high school and college, and right now she was wearing a Wonder Woman outfit. Isaac caught himself staring at her for a moment, her costume doing a good job of displaying her best features, before remembering he needed to look her in the eyes.

“Hey Clarissa,” Isaac said, meeting her eyes and leaning in for a one-armed hug, “I like your costume.”

“Yeah I can tell Isaac,” Clarissa replied, rolling her eyes but smiling as she leaned in in return, “and what exactly are you supposed to be?”

“Well, I’m a snake charmer of course,” Isaac laughed, grabbing his disguised cock and giving it a shake, “can’t you tell?”

Clarissa laughed and rolled her eyes once more before turning around, her blonde hair swaying behind her, and announcing loudly that Isaac was here. Isaac followed her in, closing the door quietly behind him, and walked through the large house. Entering the living room, staring at Clarissa’s barely hidden behind the entire time, he viewed the scene in front of him. On the couch were a group of guys, most of whom Isaac recognized, all intently staring at the game being played on the big screen, taking swigs of beers. Closer to the kitchen was a slightly-smaller group of women, all chatting and drinking as well. Clarissa joined the group of women before turning back to Isaac.

“You can set your booze on the table over there with the food.”

Isaac smiled, nodded at the attractive blonde, and walked over to the kitchen table which was currently host to snacks, pizza, and paper and plastic eating utensils. Setting the bag on the table, Isaac took the alcohol out and set it to the side, before cracking open one of his beers for himself. Before joining the guys, he took a minute to admire the group of girls. Each of the women were very pretty in their own right, and while he didn’t know many of them as well as he did Clarissa, he knew that a couple of them were the girlfriends of his friends – aka they were off-limits. Even though Isaac would have liked nothing more to make them scream on his cock all night, he didn’t want to be a homewrecker; he had gotten several bruises that way before.

“Alright assholes!” Isaac shouted, turning to the group of guys, “what are we playing and who’s tryna get their ass kicked?”

The group of guys laughed and jeered at him, welcoming him over. He took his place on the end of the couch. Sitting on the edge of it meant several inches of his snake-covered cock were resting at his feet on the ground, a weird feeling to be sure. Isaac laughed and joked with the other men, making a couple introductions and laughing at people’s choices of costumes as well as his own. At one point he was handed a controller, and as he mashed buttons, the ultimate strategy when playing a fighting game you were unfamiliar with, Isaac became very aware at how almost-exposed he was to everyone around him. Accompanying this feeling of exhibitionism, Isaac became aware of how weird his cock felt encased in the tight cloth; he wondered if this was what it felt like to wear a condom, having never worn one himself due to his immense size, amongst other reasons.

Minutes passed as the guys played games and the girl’s continued to chat. A new knock on the door signaled that people were starting to show up for the actual party. As the newcomers walked in, Isaac and the guys finished up their game and got up to mingle. Clarissa turned on some music in the background, a mix of current radio hits and some Halloween classics. People started to stroll in – just on time Isaac found as he checked his phone for the first time since arriving, and the house was slowly filled with new bodies. Isaac walked around making jokes and introductions, while also seeing people he hadn’t seen since high school. While he was talking to a former classmate, he noted that none of the guests were people he had relations with before. Probably for the best.

The party quickly began to liven up. People were doing shots, having chugging contests, and playing drinking games; Isaac found himself involved in the latter. Despite the fact that everyone at the party was in their mid-20’s at the least, a night like this made everyone act like they were still care-free teenagers. Isaac sunk another ping pong ball into a half-filled red cup, instantly receiving a high-five from Josh; the two had been each other’s choice partner at beer pong for over a decade now. They laughed as the other team chugged from the cup, they had this game in the bag. The game continued to go back and forth, the 2 men making shot after shot. As Isaac lined up the ball with his eye and prepared to sink another, something caught his eye.

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