The Woods Ch. 1

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He grabs her, picks her up and throws her over his shoulders, he then proceeds to carry her off to a secluded cabin out in the wilderness where no one can find them. He gently places her down on the bed. As he looks down at her, he notices the buttons on her blouse have been pulled off, exposing ample cleavage of her breast. His eyes open wide and thoughts run through his mind as to what she would look like completely nude, other thoughts bother him as to whether he should be doing this. If only she would give a sign and at that precise moment. She utters, “I’m cold.”

That was all he needed, that was the sign he was looking for. He immediately began tearing at her clothes, he removed every piece of garment from her body. He stood back, his mouth agape, his eyes amazed. He was totally Be-wildered. There she was, the most perfect woman GOD could ever have created and here she was in his presence.

She seemed to be uncomfortable with his eyes gazing down at her and she tries to cover her private area. It was too late, he had come this far and he would not be denied from having her. He removed all of his clothing as well. He lowered himself, grabbed her ankles and gently spread her legs. He looked in awe at the beauty that lay between them. He looked deep into her eyes and whispered, “I will love you as you have never been loved before.”

He then lowers his head between her legs, gently at first flickering his tongue with lightening strokes on the outside of the lips of her cunt. The sensual side of her becomes aroused as she pushes her body forward and grabs his head and pulls him deep into her body. His hardened tongue pushes into her, wiggling casino oyna from side to side, touching the walls of her warm and now moist vagina. Excitement starts to mount within her as she pushes upward and pulls him deeper into her. His tongue now finds her clit and he slides his tongue up against it gently, then harder and harder.

She begins to shiver and he now tastes her precum, tension is building in side of her, he shoves deeper, she begins to grind her cunt into his face, he slithers into her, she pulls even harder, the feeling is over taking her, she wants to explode, into his mouth, his hands blindly find her breast and he gropes them and kneads them, pinching her nipples, he is now grabbing her tits to the point of hurting her. His mouth is now sucking on her pussy, she is grinding and moaning, He knows she is close; he can taste her juices now, deeper, harder he buries his face into her, She must have release soon, he begins biting the lips of her pussy, she wants it rough, she begins pulling his hair, he starts sucking her pussy harder, harder she yells, his tongue is now slapping inside her now cum filled cunt, she must give in now, she can no longer hold back.

She begins screaming, “I am cumming, oh my GOD I am cumming”. His tongue starts pulling from her cunt, everything she is releasing, he sucks her cum from her pussy, he grabs her tits, she is hollering, she cant stop cumming, the more she cums the harder he sucks, now he has a mouth full, he loves this lady so much, he swallows all of her love juices and wants all of her. His tongue begins circling inside of her, swirling, pulling all she has, she is exhausted, she is spent, slot oyna and she is relieved she has orgasmed beyond belief. He then lies down next to her, gently stroking her hair, kissing her cheek and whispers in Her ear,” let me love you forever”.

He then takes her hand and places it on his manhood, Her eyes open wide as she sees the size of his erection. He lifts her up and places her on top of him; he must prepare her to be impaled on his monstrous cock. He holds her under her arms and slowly eases her down on the now swollen throbbing head of his shaft. As she gently lowers herself onto him, she feels a slight pain, however, still wet and moist from the oral sex she just received, the entry is most pleasurable. As she slowly slides down his member, a feeling of gratification fills her mind.

She knows he will pleasure her, as she has never been before. She bends forward placing her succulent breast right over his now open mouth. His tongue finds her now hardened nipples and he gently bites and pulls back on them. His hands grab her buttocks and he pulls her up and down on his cock.

He is now plunging deep into her magnificent cunt. He begins pumping into her harder and harder, then slowly pulls her up right to the point of non-entry, he then pulls her down hard forcing his cock to penetrate her to her maximum depth, she bites down on her lip, trying to hold back, she does not want to cum so soon, she wants that feeling of ecstasy to last as long as possible. He sucks her breast with a wanton lust, his fingers dig into her buttocks, pulling her harder, ramming his cock deep inside her, she works with him grinding and pumping his cock, canlı casino siteleri her precum is starting to slide down his shaft, their mouths meet, their tongues intertwine. Lust has over taken them, they fuck wildly, and he digs his fingers deeper in to her ass, she works his cock, she pumps his cock, she grinds his cock, she begins to feel his warm precum against her inner walls, she grabs his hair and pulls it and hollers, “fuck me you motherfucker”.

He then knows he is pleasuring her, he knows she is getting close to that special moment. He then begins to fuck her with savage force, faster, harder, deeper, he looks into her eyes, he sees she is fighting the feeling, she wants to cum so bad yet continues to hold back, waiting for his time to come, her pussy is so fucking wet now. His ass is now lifting off the bed, he is pounding into her, her body is in rhythm with his, as he strokes upward, she is forcing her body downward, the impact of the two motions is driving them to utter disbelief that they are fucking each other with animal instinct.

Her moment has arrived, she can no longer hold back, she is out of control, she bites down into his neck, hollering,” I’m cumming, fuck me baby”, he pumps into her for all he is worth, his cock slamming into her in piston like motion, he explodes into her, hot scalding cum filling her insides, hot jism flowing inside her body, her orgasm is so great, she can’t stop the feeling, she is losing her mind, she is shaking, quivering, hollering, they both grab each other and squeeze tightly as he drains what body fluids he has left. Both their juices mixed and leaking down his cock, he grabs her behind the head and pulls her down to meet his lips and kisses her with such force and screams,” I love you my lady, I love you.” With his cock still inside her, she looks into his glowing eyes and with an Evil Wicked Grin, whispers,” let’s do it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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