Time and Again Ch. 02 – Lust

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“Come on in,” Dave waved to the woman standing at the door.

Dr. Bradner stepped into the lodge nodding to Ella who was getting ready to leave for another morning session of sunning on the lanai.

The management had yet to replace the clothing they had taken from them on arrival meaning that both Dave and Ella remained naked. They had been that way for a week and had gotten used to being naked around clothed people, but Dave still missed carrying his pocket knife. In their location in the Bahamas clothing seemed unnecessary anyway. Which was why the woman carrying a brief case and wearing a business suit looked so out of place.

“Are you ready for your testing?” she asked Dave as she set the briefcase on the table, opened it and pawed through the contents.

“How long this time?”

“If we keep at it,” the woman looked up and smiled at him, “it should take no more than a couple of hours.” She gave Dave a bland professional smile.

Ella kissed Dave on the cheek. “I’ll be out on the veranda.” Dave watched her walk out the door. It was fun watching her walk.

“Shall we begin?” the woman settled into the dining room chair and gestured for Dave to join her.

Dave grudgingly settled into his chair opposite her and hid his grimace. The testing was repetitive and boring as Hell, and the results so far had been negative. He could not levitate, he could not see remotely, he could not predict the future, or cast a spell, or create fire, manipulate water or do anything practical. This confounded current theory that soul mates gained magical powers once they had found each other.

Since they had met and made love, Ella’s witching powers had surged turning her from a house witch into an earth mage which meant she could manipulate electricity and most matter other than water or air. Dave’s talents remained missing or at least undiscovered. That was why he was spending yet another day in paradise with the good doctor. He sighed as she pulled a thick deck of cards from her valise.

She was a psychologist, and not a bad looking woman in her mid forties. She had managed to keep her figure and took care to look polished and professional. And she was driving Dave up the wall.

“What are we exploring today?” Dave asked, “by the way, would you like something to drink?”

She smiled at him. “It’s going to get warm today. I would love an ice tea if you have one.”

Dave grabbed a bottle from the refrigerator and handed it to her.

“You know, you could always get out of those clothes.” he gestured at himself, “everyone else around here is stark naked. I promise to tell no one if you want to get comfortable.”

Without saying a word, the woman stood and undressed folding each item and placing them in a neat pile on a chair. Dave watched not quite understanding what was happening. Up to this point, she had worn her professionalism like a badge of honor.

She was too old for him, but she had a really nice toned body. What surprised him was the kitten tattoo below her bikini line on her stomach above her mons veneris and her hairless sex. The woman had a wild side, or at least she had once.

She sat down, “Let’s begin, shall we? I’m testing you for enhanced ESP today.”

She didn’t even realize that she was naked. Had he done this somehow? All he did was mention that she could take off her clothes.

“Dr. Bradner, please try to touch your elbows together behind you.” It was an old trick to get women to display their breasts.

Without acknowledging him, she leaned forward in her chair and pushed her arms back trying to touch her elbows putting her breasts on display.

She had very nice breasts. They were modest, but they were also the kind that would never sag. Then guilt washed over him. He had a God given gift, and he was using it for lechery.

The woman continued on oblivious to his control over her. She held up a blank card to him. “What’s on the back, a star, a triangle, or wavy lines?”

“Tell me what it is,” Dave demanded.


“I think it’s a triangle.”

The woman recorded his response then held up another card.

“What’s on the back?” Dave asked the woman.

“Wavy lines.”

“That card has wavy lines.”

When the woman recorded his response, she frowned for a second.

She was really quite attractive and he was definitely attracted to her, but he had a great relationship going with Ella and he wasn’t about to screw that up for a quickie.

The process continued with the woman reactions getting stronger with each right answer. Dave wondered how long it would take for the woman to know she had been tricked. That moment never came. The behavior was permanent until he decided to change it.

Dave watched her very kissable breasts. It would be fun to play with them. He allowed himself a little flight of fantasy. They were in bed and he was stroking her into a sexual frenzy.

Make love to me right now, he imagined saying to her.

When they were done with the deck, güvenilir bahis she sat back. “I’ve never seen a person get everything right on this test. There are a hundred test cards in the deck and you got every single one right. Your ability to predict each card is phenomenal. That makes me want you.”

The woman stood, walked over to him, and sat in his lap. “Take me,” she breathed into his ear sending goosebumps up his arm and down his leg.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him forward for a kiss, her tongue eagerly sought his. Before he could object, she straddled him grabbing his shoulders and pulling his face into her breasts. His erection grew, and she humped against it.

Dave tried to push her away, but she held on tight. “I’m sorry, I think my fantasizing about you turned into a command.”

The woman rose off his lap and then settled on him impaling herself on his shaft.

“Oh, now that feels so good,” she purred as she began rocking her hips, “it’s been a long time.” Dave gave into his lust and began thrusting up to meet her down stroke. It didn’t take long. The woman wrapped herself around him and went rigid as an orgasm shot through her. Dave wasn’t far behind. When it was done, they sat with their arms wrapped around each other.

“Wow, you were amazing!” Dave gasped between breaths.

The woman went rigid pushing away from him with a surprised look on her face.

“What have I done? I’m terribly sorry. This isn’t professional at all. I don’t know what came over me. I’ll have myself taken off your case immediately.”

She stumbled to her feet trying to cover herself. Dave knew he had to fix this fast.

“You don’t remember our love making. When you leave here, you’ll remember this as being a normal day in your life as a psychologist.”

Dave grinned. “You’ve helped me find my talent, now go outside and sun yourself on the chaise next to Ella.”

Once again, without comment or reaction, the woman got up and padded across the floor and out onto the lanai. Ella spoke a few very surprised words, then things got quiet again. A few moments later Ella strolled through the door.

“Why is there a stark raving naked psychologist with a freshly fucked look laying next to me on the lanai?”

“I’ve discovered my talent, and it’s an unusual one. All I do is make a suggestion and people seemed compelled to do whatever I ask. The weird part is that they don’t seem to remember me commanding them.”

“So you decided to seduce your psychologist? You know I can tell when you make love to another person. I didn’t know what was happening at first, but I know now. There’s an energy flow from you to me.”

She frowned at him with hands on hips. “So why are you cheating on me while I’m out on the porch?”

Dave held up his hands. “First of all, I had no intention of cheating on you. She said that it was hot and I jokingly said that she would be cooler nude. It totally amazed me when she proceeded to take her clothes off. I have no idea why she thrust herself on me. It wasn’t because I ordered her to. She jumped into my lap and began humping me.”

A skeptical frown replaced her questioning stare. “Show me how you can control people.”

“Ella, please lay on the floor.”

Dave watched amazed as she complied. He waited until she was sprawled in front of him.

“Why are you laying on the floor?”

Ella sat up and frowned at him. “I don’t know why I did that.” She rubbed her forehead, “I think the sun has fried my brain.”

Dave shook his head. “No, your brain is fine. You did what I asked you to do.”

“You didn’t order me to do anything.”

“I did, but the person never remembers that I made the request.”

Ella stood and frowned at him. “Do it again, this time make it something I would never do.”

Dave thought a moment. “Ella, please dress in the psychologist’s clothes.”

He watched Ella try to fit her larger frame into the bra and panties followed by the scarlet blouse, the gray pencil skirt and finally the matching jacket. When she was done, Dave took her by the hand and led her to the mirror in the bathroom.

“Why are you dressed in the psychologist’s clothing?” Dave held her gently by the shoulders so she would have to look at herself.

“I don’t know why I’m wearing her clothes. None of them fit.” Again she looked troubled.

Dave spun her around so she could look at him. “You did it because I asked you to. Do you remember asking me to have you do something that you would never do? Well now you’re wearing another woman’s clothing.”

He watched the implications slowly sink into her mind. “I’m wearing her panties, ew-w-w.”

Ella removed the woman’s clothing folding each item neatly as she did so.

She looked up as she removed the bra. “Two things…that is the most amazing and subtle power that I have ever heard of, and never use that command voice on me without my permission.”

Dave held up his hand in the scouting salute. “I promise to never use türkçe bahis my command voice on you.”

Ella nodded. “Good. I have enough trouble resisting you without you laying a compulsion on me.” She gave him a shy smile at that admission.

She reached up and gave him a kiss. Her soft breasts crushed against his chest stimulated him causing certain parts to rise. “I’m still mad at you, and I don’t understand why she attacked you if you didn’t ask, but we can talk about that later. Right now, let’s get the nice lady back into her clothes before she and the world labels you a perv,” Ella added.

“A perv? I’m not the one with a cat tattooed above my mons veneris, or the one who’s clean shaved from the waist down. Why is it always the quiet ones?”

“And don’t embarrass her, she’s a nice person,” Ella added tapping her pointer finger on his chest.

A few minutes later, the woman had dressed and stood ready to leave oblivious to what had happened to her. Later that evening, when she discovered her reddened skin from unknowingly lying out in the sun, she decided that she had become sensitized to her laundry soap.

As they watched the woman pull away in her golf cart, a thought hit Dave. Did he have to speak in order to compel people to obey him? Certainly he had never ordered the psychologist to make love to him, but he might have mentally. It was time to try an experiment.

Ella, please scratch your left knee with your right hand.

Ella bent over and scratched her left knee with her right hand.

He was tempted, oh so tempted to demand that she be sexually aggressive toward him, but he held back because of the promise he had made.

“Let’s see if my power works at a distance.”

He walked out on the lanai and down the path to the beach. A couple hundred yards away from the house he found shade and made his request. He then sat in the sand looking out to sea.

Ella, please bring me a beer.

He watched the waves break upon the shore. They were perhaps a foot high and the steady rhythm lulled him into a relaxed state. Ella appeared down the beach after a few minutes and steadily made her way toward him carrying a beer in her hand. She was beautiful, tall and tan and shaped like a woman. What seemed incredible was that in such a short time she was totally devoted to him, and he had a hard time thinking of life without her.

Ella, please put on a bit of a show as you walk toward me.

She really got her hips rocking as she walked toward him. Ella could be sexy when she wanted to.

“I thought you might like this,” she handed him his beer, “and I wanted to remind you that I’m going to be gone most of the afternoon. I’m getting more tutoring in my new skills. So, I guess I’ll see you at dinner. Then you and I need to have a long talk about what happened.”

Dave nodded. “In the meantime, please tell no one of my powers. I want a little time to get used to them before I spend a week getting poked and prodded by doctors and psychologists.”

With that she turned and retreated down the beach totally aware that he was watching her. It was fun watching her go. How did women learn how to walk like that? Was there a school somewhere? Not many women looked that good nude, and he wanted to enjoy every minute of their time together because sooner or later, they would have to go back to the sucky world of clothing, jobs, and obligations.

He wasn’t sure where they were as a couple right now. They had only known each other for a week. It was far too early to talk of love; exclusivity appeared be to on the table though. The psychologist having her way with him had upset Ella. Still the pull was there. They had spent the week in each other’s arms, and it had changed the both of them. He was beginning to think of them as an ‘us’.

Their location had changed them too. The tropical sun had bleached her hair to a strawberry blond and scattered the most adorable freckles across her face and breasts. That same sun had darkened him all over without a tan line to be seen anywhere.

As he sat there, he watched a figure make his way along the beach. He and Ella weren’t the only people on the island, so they did encounter beachcombers from time to time. Conservative men wore a pair of shorts as they hiked the beach, most wore nothing at all. The women preferred a bikini bottom. Tops were optional beachwear. The stranger was overdressed. The suit and tie seemed a bit excessive considering the sand, the surf, and the heat.

Even from a distance, Dave could see he was a solidly built man similar to Dave in height and shoulder span. As he got closer, he appeared to be a man in his early fifties. He had somehow managed to avoid the paunch that most men got by that age. Mirrored aviator sunglasses hid his eyes, but the shaved head and the square jaw gave him the look of a retired military man, or maybe even Lex Luthor from Superman comics.

“Abaddon, it’s good to see you again. The face has changed, but I’d recognize that aura anywhere,” güvenilir bahis siteleri he growled in a rich bass voice.

The man sat on the sand beside him.

“You got the wrong guy. My name is Dave.”

“I see they haven’t hypnotically regressed you yet. Well, I can help with that.”

The stranger placed a hand on each of Dave’s temples, and memory after memory surged forward into his consciousness. His life in Scotland came back first, then he remembered his life as a woman in Carcasonne and her escape from the Pope’s forces surrounding the city. There were other lives, too. He had been a centurion from Gaul in the army of Caesar Augustus pacifying Jerusalem. It had been miserable work. Before that he lived as a priestess in the Temple of Diana in Greece, and before that a farmer’s wife along the shores of the Tigris River outside of Babylon. In Egypt, he had been a scribe in the temple of Amun, and before that a tin miner in Wales during the time when Stonehenge was being built. In each life, Ella had been there in different forms always as a lover and always the same great soul.

Life after life flashed before his mind going back to the time of the great rebellion.

Dave turned to the man sitting beside him, “I was an angel banished from Heaven?”

“If you remember that, then you remember me, too,” he gave Dave an expectant look.

“You’re Baalzebub?”

The stranger nodded and smiled. “That’s right, Lucifer’s representative on Earth.”

Dave frowned. “I should be terrified in the face of evil, but I’m not. Why is that?”

“We’ve known each other for tens of thousands of years both in Heaven and here on Earth. I was the one who persuaded you to join Lucifer’s rebellion, and I was the one charged with hunting you down when you turned against Lucifer claiming you had been deceived and demanded that you be let into Heaven again.”

“I suppose resistance is useless?”

Baalzebub nodded. “Now that I know the form you’ve taken in this life, I can summon you from anywhere on Earth with the snap of my fingers,” he arched his back like it was beginning to get stiff, “I’m getting tired of sitting in the sand. Shall we find a place more comfortable?”

“We could go up on the lan…”

The reality around them drained away as if someone had pulled a plug in a bath tub. Reality peeled away and dropped to the floor in chunks as if it were wet papier mache. From there the chunks flowed like majestic little ice bergs of here and now toward a void in the ground where they disappeared from sight. The reality behind it was an English pub.

“I don’t know if I should be disgusted for fascinated,” Dave said as he grabbed a table to steady himself. The change of scene had disturbed his senses.

“Have a seat, what are you drinking?” Baalzebub stood and motioned the proprietor over.

“I’m a little under dressed, don’t you think?” Dave pointed at his very nude body.

“Don’t worry about that, I got you covered,” he gestured at the dark wood booth. “Now slide right in and tell me what you want. Anyone else looking at you will see an English plumber in coveralls enjoying a proper beer at day’s end.”

“I’ll have a red ale.”

Baalzebub turned to the proprietor, “one red ale, and one oatmeal stout.”

The demon returned with a mug in each hand. He slid into the booth across the table from Dave.

“Are you wondering why I kidnapped you?”

“It crossed my mind,” Dave replied after a pull off the mug, “I knew eventually you would get around to it.”

“I need you and Puriel…sorry I mean Ella so I can save my demons.”

“How have I and Ella got anything to do with that?” He waited until Baalzebub set down the oatmeal stout he was sipping.

“I really like that oatmeal stout. There’s a creaminess and a sweetness to it that you don’t expect in a beer,” he paused a moment to collect his thoughts. “My demons are as old as you and Ella are. While you’ve managed to retain your intelligence throughout the ages, alas my demons have not. I sent the best of the best I have to kidnap you, and they didn’t have the intelligence to snatch you while you were in the cafe where it would have been done so easily. Instead, I have to do it myself and bend reality to kidnap you.”

He sat back and pointed at Dave.

“You and Ella die and are reborn every four hundred years or so and you’re smarter and more powerful each time. How do you do it?”

Dave shrugged, “I really don’t know. Maybe your goons wear out brains by occupying the bodies too long.”

“It’s not that, I’ve pulled the spirit from a few of my stupider demons and slid them into fresh bodies. Trust me when I say they grew no smarter.”

Dave shook his head. “That’s all I’ve got. I’m not even sure that I should be helping you. You tortured me to death on more than one occasion.”

Baalzebub looked sincere, “For that I am truly sorry. All I can say is that it was a different time and attitudes about the preciousness of life were very different. Besides, it took me a while to realize that every time I killed you, it meant that I would have to spend years trying to locate your reincarnated form. Why not keep you around in your current form where I know who you are and what you’re doing?

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