To Bask in Breastford Ch. 22

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After his last encounter with the duo, Coach Daniel Dick had had to use an icepack to calm his raging manhood. While the icepack had indeed stopped him from making a mess of himself, what it couldn’t do was halt his…rage.

He had had to find an outlet to release himself; the only problem was that there was no one besides the busty duo he had deemed worthy enough to receive his seed. Brooke and Brittany were beginning to spoil him rotten with their gorgeous bodies. Deciding that he would have them soon enough, he had opted to go home and relieve himself there.

He had managed to keep himself calm all throughout the evening and into the next part of the day; and even as he got into his car and began driving to the school for work. But on the ride over his calmness began to dissipate as he neared the school. Subconsciously that school housed much more than what was generally perceived; like some sort of Heaven on Earth…at least for him.

He began to calculate a gameplan in his mind’s eye. He knew that the girls would be expecting him to ravish them…and to grope their huge tits. The struggle was going to be not to; a task which was already proving to be difficult despite not being in the same room with them. He had to try and sustain himself; it was the only way he was going to succeed in his plans. By introducing the girls to the pleasures sex first he would be able to truly enjoy the busty fruits of their gorgeous bodies later; something he was certain Coach Blue had not done.

Luckily for him he had managed to succeed where his predecessor had failed by performing little subtle actions that made the biggest of differences. He had managed to show Brooke and Brittany understanding, confidence, sympathy, and compassion for friends all while asserting his stance as a man; and although there had been an occasion or two where he had faltered he had still managed to rise from the ashes anew.

He felt certain he had dropped the ball when the girls had opted to finally show him their breasts, but fortunately a later turn of events had shown the girls to be both underhanded, and very sneaky. Those little spying sessions the girls had had on him with their mothers had turned out to be the greatest weapon in his arsenal. Not only had it familiarized the girls with his naked body and sexual tendencies in a context that was acceptable to them, but he had a growing suspicion that they also felt somewhat guilty for letting their eyes wander and for committing those acts in the first place. He had managed to use their own emotions against them in an effort to goad them into making their current deal. It was a thing of beauty.

The day was finally over, and he now waited in his office for his busty prize to show up. His gameplay remained fresh in his mind; but the execution itself was going to prove difficult. He was almost certain it would be Brooke who was entering his office, and how would he manage to keep his hands idle and away from her perfect globes of flesh? Both Brooke and Brittany had the racks of angels. Their massive balloons just screamed to be prodded and squeezed, fondled and sucked…motorboated and fucked.

The upside was that he would only be dealing with one busty girl at a time. This would make it much easier for him to maintain himself if he didn’t have an extra pair of heaving breasts begging him for attention. This was only a temporary upside, however. He fully intended to have both girls to himself in a busty threesome in the future, but before he could ensure he had the strength to endure their big-boob assault he had to put in some training hours. One girl at a time would be perfect for that.

He heard noises on the other side of the door. Soon he could see the doorknob turning in slow motion, and he could feel blood coursing through his veins every waking second. His blood eventually made its way to his cock, and it instantly throbbed and rose in anticipation of the busty glory that awaited him. All day long he had managed to keep himself composed, but now it seemed it was all for naught.

The doorknob’s motion seemed to take an eternity, and by the time it clicked into place and the door swung open he was sweating as though he had just run a marathon. His cock instantly erected itself as he watched the figure of the busty Brooke Biguns step into his office slowly. He felt his dick being scraped by his shorts as he viewed Brooke’s luscious rear while she turned to close the door. When she turned back around he did not even bother to hide his erection; he knew she knew it was there, and there was no mistaking the giant tent in his shorts anyway.

“Brooke…Biguns…” he said as she turned to face him.

Brooke did not bother to respond. The aura in the office was everything she had expected. Coach Dick was standing in front of his desk, and there was a giant arrow emanating from his shorts that pointed directly at her. She pulled her eyes away from it, but found that it was difficult to avert them. canlı bahis şirketleri It was so big!

The eager coach immediately forgot what was on his mind before she walked in. The only thing on his mind at that moment was Brooke’s tight body…her tight blue gym shorts, her tight fitting gym shirt, the amount of smooth legs she had on display…

He quickly stepped forward, and Brooke could see his massive erection heading right for her like a missile. Her mind told her to back away, but at the same time it told her to stand still and hold her ground. She did exactly that, knowing full well that this was the deal she had agreed to.

A few seconds later she suddenly felt his hands on her smooth arms, and he leaned down ever so slightly toward her face. She saw his eyes close as he went in for a kiss. She could feel his hot breath; the warmth of his lips. Soon his lips were touching hers, and she felt as though she were having an out-of-body experience. Her eyes opened wide for a moment as she felt slightly taken aback, but she eventually closed them and pressed her lips back against his. She felt his erection poking her leg through his gym shorts, and she was all of a sudden made completely aware of it.

Coach Dick breathed hard as he pulled his lips away from hers. He then leaned down further and planted a kiss on her neck. He moved his face from side to side ever so slightly, planting kisses on her sensuous neck every step of the way. He could feel that Brooke was still not giving in; he wanted nothing more than for her to arch her neck and look toward the ceiling in pleasure but that did not seem to be happening. Either way, he decided that he really didn’t care.

He could smell the aroma of Brooke’s big breasts just a few inches below him. It was intoxicating; and he used every ounce of willpower he had to leave them be. Instead he pulled away from her and held her around the waist. For the first time Brooke opened her mouth to speak, but she was practically ignored as he paid her words no attention. He quickly stepped around her and switched his hands’ positions on her waist. Brooke could feel his strong hands around her tiny middle section. She looked down and saw his fingers on either side of her flat abdomen. He had such warm fingers…

Coach Dick reached down and placed his hand around one of her soft buns from outside her gym shorts, and he soon felt his fingers being overwhelmed by the soft warmth of her flesh.

Brooke could hear him breathing as he began squeezing and fondling her soft buns. After a while one of her small fears was realized as she felt something poking into her from behind, and she knew exactly what it was.

“Uhhh!” she moaned.

Coach Dick felt his dick accidentally brush up against her butt. It had grown in size a bit more and he had not been aware of how much. Brooke heard him moan next to her ear as he stepped forward and pressed his crotch up against her behind. She felt his hard tent rest on the crevice of her buns, and soon she felt it applying pressure against her…hard.

Coach Dick’s hands gripped her waist harder and pulled her into him as he thrust his crotch against her butt. He could feel his boner sliding against the fabric of her shorts smoothly and easily, and that encouraged him to thrust even harder. He started to plow into her faster, and soon he could make out her soft buns rippling below him as they crashed against his crotch.

Brooke raised her arm up and rested it across the side of his face as he rammed into her from behind. She could feel his lips on her neck and hear him breathing…his hard cock throbbing…

“Fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes!” Coach Dick moaned. Brooke’s flawless rear was giving his cock a run for his money. He looked down over her shoulder and noticed her big melons blocking the view of her feet. Her big orbs were pressing against the inside of her shirt, straining against her bra cups and begging to be freed…

“Ahhhhhhh….” Coach Dick moaned as he bucked into her as hard and fast as he could.

Brooke could feel a wet sensation hitting her from behind as though her shorts were wet. She could still feel his tent trying to force its way into her butt; trying to tear a hole through her tight blue gym shorts.

“Uhhhhhhh…” Coach Dick moaned. “You’re so sexy, Brooke…”

He reached down to his tent, which was damp with precum, and gripped it. He was able to think just a little more clearly as he had gotten that initial humping out of the way. He now focused on her smooth model-like legs. Coach Dick moaned as he rubbed his hands up and down her lovely limbs, feeling how warm and smooth her skin was. His fingers dove into the inner portions of her legs and made their way up and down her smooth highways of flesh.

Brooke winced as she felt his hand dart between her legs, but the motion only caused her butt to press into his dick; coaxing a moan from her new coach. She closed her eyes tight and let a small squeal canlı kaçak iddaa escape her lips as she turned her head to the side and tried to keep herself from losing her composure.

His hand trailed all the way up her leg until it reached her skin-tight shorts. She felt it dancing along the fabric until it stopped at her crotch. He pressed his fingers into the fabric tight, and she felt them slightly prodding her tight hole. She winced again, and again Coach Dick moaned as he felt her ass press up against his dick.

“Yeah…yeah, Brooke, yeah…” Coach Dick moaned. “You’re so fucking sexy, baby…”

“Coach…uh!” Brooke said. “I…I…uh!”

“Shh…” Coach Dick said. “Don’t talk. Just feel.”

“Uh!” Brooke moaned as Coach Dick prodded her between her legs. “Uh! But…I…I uh!!”

It was difficult for her to talk with Coach Dick fingering her through her shorts. She had felt those sensations before, but never because a man had created them. This was all somewhat new to her.

“Would you rather I do this…” Coach Dick asked, coaxing another moan from the busty blonde teen as he gave her womanhood a particularly hard throb. “Or would you rather…”

Brooke breathed as she felt the coach’s other hand sliding up her body, and she knew all too well where it was headed. She could feel him getting worked up behind her as his hand made a beeline for one of her big, busty boobs. His hand slid over the swell of her huge melon and rested its fingers across and around the big orb; his index finger resting atop the big, mountainous jug through her shirt.

“Uh!” she moaned. “No! Uh!”

Coach Dick couldn’t help but smile as he halted his hand’s motion. He knew full well what the answer would be, but he had secretly hoped she would have said yes. He took his time taking his hand off her big, busty boob. He sunk his fingers into the big orb slowly and lustfully. He stretched his palm out as far as it would go in an effort to properly squeeze Brooke’s huge jug…but to no avail. Her bust was simply too big to squeeze with a single hand.

The horny coach moaned as his hand basked in the warmth of her titflesh. He had his eyes closed in lusty ecstasy as he applied small and slow bursts of pressure to Brooke’s big jug, squeezing the big orb slowly but roughly and filling his hands with her warm, soft boob meat.

“Uh! Uh!!! Uh…Coach? Uhh!” Brooke moaned.

Coach Dick opened his eyes as he remembered his gameplan. Brooke’s giant boobs were really starting to deter him. He squeezed Brooke’s massive melon a little faster for just a little bit longer, enjoying the savory feeling of her warm hooter filling his palm…her nipple pressed into the center.

He pushed his dick into her from behind in an effort to try and take her mind off his hand on her big beautiful breast. He squeezed the huge jug in his hand four or five more times rapid fire as he pressed against her; trying to squeeze in as many boob-squeezes as he possible could. He moaned again in pleasurable bliss.

“Uh!” The blonde teen moan, obviously not distracted from his hand. “COACH!”

“Oh. Okay.” Coach Dick said, giving her busty funbag one long, final squeeze. He squeezed it so hard that her titmeat began spilling through his fingers. It looked as though his hand had ten fingers as her titflesh appeared between them in rolls. He let out a long breath as he loosened his grip on her giant jug and her titflesh ballooned out into his open palm. His fingers slowly slid along the inner portion of her big globe and pressed against her shirt into her cleavage. He forced his hand into busty cleavage sideways and felt both of her huge tits jiggling around his entire hand. He moaned very audibly, and that caused Brooke to let out a short little outburst.

“Coach DICK!” Brooke yelled.

“What?” Coach Dick said. “Oh…um…yeah…sorry.”

He quickly pulled his hand from her cleavage reluctantly and guided it back to her waist. He switched hands between her legs as his other one was getting a little tired. He looked over her shoulder once more at her large, heaving rack. She was still moaning as he tried to finger her through her clothes. His eyes trailed to her other big breast, and he found his other hand was sliding its way up her body towards it.

“Uh! COACH!” Brooke yelled again. “Uh!”

“Sorry!” Coach Dick said, Brooke growing angry. “I just…er…I saw something on your…er…your other…big, juicy…”

Brooke then felt his hand brushing the top of her breast on its side, as though sweeping something off her big melon. She decided to give the coach another warning.

“Coach….” She said in warning.

“I just thought I’d clean it off.” Coach Dick said. “That’s all.”

Brooke let out a frustrated moan. Meanwhile, Coach Dick was brushing her huge tit as innoocently as he could.

“It’s just…there’s something on there.” He said. “I don’t know what it is. Looks like dust. Let me just…”

His hand now stretched canlı kaçak bahis out once more over her massive boob. His fingers sank into the abundant titflesh underneath her shirt and bra and he started squeezing her huge funbag just as he had done the other. His lip quivered as her busty boobflesh flowed through his fingers like a sponge and he squeezed and kneaded the big orb. His cock was more than at full attention. It was ready to burst. He pushed forward into Brooke as he felt up her busty boob and resumed fucking her ass simultaneously.

“Yeah…yeah…” The coach moaned.

Brooke was frustrated. This horny coach was no more brushing the dirt off her rack than he was giving her a lesson in basketball right now.

“Uh!” she moaned. “Coooaccch…Diiiiick!”

But her words were lost to him as he squeezed her big tit. Below, his dick was throbbing hard in anticipation of an impending explosion, and his hand now removed itself from her now wet cunt and started sliding up her body. He licked his lips as he drooled over her shoulder and stared down at her huge rack; his horniness growing as the other half of her beautiful rack slowly came into his reach…

Coach Dick was drooling as his mind assured him that his hand wouldn’t be wiping her tits off so much as it would be groping and squeezing once it reached its destination.

“COOOAAAACH!” Brooke whined.

But the overly eager coach was too far lost in his thoughts of her chesty glory. He paid her no heed as his eyes and mind filled themselves with her mammoth-sized mammaries; just as his hands soon would be. His heart raced, his breathing intensified, and some drool escaped his lips and landed on Brooke’s shoulder as his hand was so near he could feel the warmth radiating from her big, juicy melons; the busty fruits of her magnificent body.

Soon his other hand was traversing the curvature of her other swelling bosom from bottom to top, until her nipple was pressing softly into his palm.

“Let me just…er…clean them off…”He pressed his dick into the crevice of her buns so that the bottom lay flat against her. He could feel her buns pressing into either side of his cock as he lightly slid it up and down her ass-crack. Meanwhile, his hands were busy up front; they were rested comfortably atop both of her busty melons — completely idle. He could feel the warmth of her huge jugs emanating through her shirt and bra underneath…

“Uh!” Brooke whined again. “COACH! DICK!”

“Oh fuck…goddamn you have a nice rack, Brooke…” Coach Dick said in response. “I can feel those huge bazongas jiggling underneath my palms…fuck yeah…it’s tough to clean off jugs of this size. Maybe if I squeeze them both…”

“Uh! Coach!” Brooke yelped as Coach Dick seized her breasts and started squeezing them in his hands simultaneously. She could hear him moaning into her ear from behind as his strong hands kneaded and squeezed her big jugs. The sudden motion of his hands clamping down on her chest had caused her to arch her back. Her big boobs pressed into his hands harder, and her ass had pressed up against his crotch harder as well.

“That’s it, Brooke!” Coach Dick said as the busty blonde unknowingly offered more of her huge tits to him. He eagerly accepted the busty mounds of flesh and happily squeezed them to his heart’s content. The huge orbs pressed into his hands as he squeezed them, and soon he had rolls of titflesh emanating from between his fingers as they basked in the warmth of her heavy hooters. “Yeah, give me those HUGE jugs, baby!! I’ve got both of your big, busty hooters in my hands right now! Fuck yes…those big tits are overflowing in my hands! They’re almost clean!!”

“Uh!” Brooke squealed. Her rack was being felt up and her beautiful ass was being prodded and rubbed by Coach Dick’s member.

” I’ve almost got it, Brooke…just a little bit more…!!”

Coach Dick grabbed her titties hard and pulled her against him even harder. He began using her tits to pull her against him over and over again. He stopped bucking as he pulled her ass against his crotch repeatedly pulled her into him by her big jugs. His hands clamped down on them as though they were squeak toys. His head once again rested on her shoulder, and he spoke to her as he humped her from behind.

“Cleaning those huge tits, Brooke! Huge, beautiful, jiggling TITS! Fuck…your boobs are so big, you are one big-titted babe! Those massive jugs are filling my hands! Big, beautiful 34DDD’s fuck yeah!!! Your HUGE gazongas are gonna make me cum!!!

“Uh!” Brooke moaned. “Uh! Uh!”

Coach Dick pressed into her harder as he jiggled and bounced her huge tits around his hands. His penis throbbed and pulsed as he pushed it against her ass and leaked precum into his shorts.

“Almost…finished…!” he said. “ARE YOU READY?!”

A moment later Brooke felt his fingers dig into her soft flesh roughly as his strong hands gave her boobs one hard, final squeeze. Her tit-flesh spilled between his fingertips. She felt his cock tense up behind her, and a second later she heard him grunting, and could feel that her shorts were about to get blasted. The coach bellowed and grunted behind her as he finally fired off his load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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